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1 cemetery found

TooloomUpper Tooloom Raod, Tooloom NSW 247541

41 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
??Tooloom NSW
??1892Tooloom NSW
?C. M. L.1873Tooloom NSW
BrownHenry1844?18 Mar 187228Tooloom NSW
EversonGeorge Frederick1893?Apr 18963son/William Frederick & Elizabeth Hester (Ferry)Tooloom NSW
GrahamWilliam1810186050Tooloom NSW
HungAh1874Tooloom NSW
IversonFinley25 Apr 1892b. Urangan, AustraliaTooloom NSW
KerryJames P1831?190877b. Stafford, EnglandTooloom NSW
LeeElizabeth King1859193576w/SamualTooloom NSW
LeeSamual1831191483h/ElizabethTooloom NSW
Lehymary A1857Tooloom NSW
LehyRobert1858Tooloom NSW
LewisThomas1850?14 Jul 192373Tooloom NSW
MartinJohn Richardson1831?16 Feb 189059b. Yorkshire, EnglandTooloom NSW
Martinjohn T1913son/John & ElizabethTooloom NSW
MatherJames1836186327Tooloom NSW
MayWilliam1815?30 Jun 190792Tooloom NSW
Mclean (Ross)Catherine Ann1815?6 Nov 187358dau/Donald & Ann (Matheson); b. scotland; w/DonaldTooloom NSW
McleanDonald24 Oct 181216 Jan 190289son/John & Mary (Morrison); b. barride, inverness, scotland; h/Catherine Ann (Ross)Tooloom NSW
McleanJohn1891son/JohnTooloom NSW
MillsAlexander1835188045Tooloom NSW
MulcahyDonald18783 May 18790son/John & Mary (Mclean)Tooloom NSW
MulcahyJohn1877Tooloom NSW
PayneBertram Viller1899191314son/john E & mary ATooloom NSW
PayneJohn Thomas18 Dec 184321 May 191066son/Edward & Ann Hannah (Hanratty)Tooloom NSW
PayneMaud189518950dau/john E & mary ATooloom NSW
PayneMay1895192530dau/john E & mary ATooloom NSW
PaynePercival Edward191319130son/john E & mary ATooloom NSW
PayneViolet Agnes190719136dau/John E & Mary ATooloom NSW
PayneWilliam1894191319son/john E & mary ATooloom NSW
RalstonKeith Jardine189919012Tooloom NSW
ScottHenry Ross186018633Tooloom NSW
ScottJessie186118632Tooloom NSW
SladeJohn1876?2 Oct 190327son/William James & Florence Elizabeth (Gammon)Tooloom NSW
StubbingsUnnamed18 Jul 190723 Jul 19070son/George Edward & Ellen (Iverson); b. TooloomTooloom NSW
Urben (Waddingham)Ellen1909Tooloom NSW
UrbenFanny1858Tooloom NSW
UrbenWilliam1824187854Tooloom NSW
Waldron (Allen)Ellen1828187244formerly Mulcahy; w/MulcahyTooloom NSW
WaldronWilliam1833187643Tooloom NSW

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