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1 cemetery found

Condobolin Sacred ParkCnr Molong & Station Streets, Condobolin NSW 287755

54 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?1 May 186755?Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
BowmanAgnes Isabelle2 Jul 18720dau/John & ElizabethCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
BowmanFrederick1809?24 Nov 187768Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
BurtEllen1866?31 Jan 187710dau/SophiaCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
CarterJohn Gordon1800?8 Feb 186160Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
CasseyThomasOct 187730 Mar 18780son/Thomas & Elizabeth CassyCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
ChildNorman William1873?13 Mar 18773son/William & LilyCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
ChineseUnknown1852?15 Oct 187725?Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
ClerkWilliam1828?7 Dec 186335Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
CorcoranPatrick1784?10 Apr 186480Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
DresserJames31?Mar 187528 Apr 18750son/William & CatherineCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
DresserWilliamFeb 187125 Jul 18710son/William & CatherineCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
FortuneWilliam18 Feb 1878Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
FosterFlorenceMar 187520 Feb 18760dau/Alfred & HannahCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
FraserRobina HallsMay 186914 Feb 18700dau/Alexander & MargaretCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
GrimmondGeorge WilliamJul?18734 May 18751son/William & Mary ACondobolin Sacred Park NSW
HepburnRobert1820?31 Oct 186848son/David & MargaretCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
JohnsonJames1833?15 Feb 187844Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
JohnsonMary Jane1877?11 May 18781dau/John & EllenCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
JonesFrederick James1876?25 Nov 18771son/Richard D & LucyCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
KlanckleMarian Mervyl1864?17 Nov 187410dau/Henry & Annie KlancheCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
LewisFanny HagarOct?186113 Feb 18631dau/Henry & Sarah ACondobolin Sacred Park NSW
LittleHenry John1828?21 Mar 187142Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
MayJohn StanleyFeb?18761 Jun 18771son/John & ElizaCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
MayMary Sabina1873?21 Jun 18774dau/John & ElizaCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
McCuskerMargaret1836?13 May 186832dau/Francis & ElizabethCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
McNashThomas1820?22 Jan 187150Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
MeadJames1837?23 Jun 187740son/James & AnnCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
MeadWilliam1846?19 Feb 187528son/James & AnnCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
MortonAnnie BerthaMar 187211 Jun 18723mdau/Robert & Elizabeth (Day); b. Forbes, NSWCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
MortonEleanorNov 186823 Nov 18688ddau/Robert & Elizabeth (Day); b. Forbes, NSWCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
MortonElizabeth1866?17 Feb 187710dau/Robert & ElizabethCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
MortonJames18632 Jan 18706son/Robert & Elizabeth (Day); b. Forbes, NSWCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
MortonJemima7?Jan 187011 Feb 18705wCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
MortonJohnApr 187331 Oct 18736mson/Robert & Elizabeth (Day); b. Forbes, NSWCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
MortonMargaret186825 Nov 186810ddau/Robert & Elizabeth (Day); b. Forbes, NSWCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
MortonRobert1865?29 Nov 18655dson/Robert & ElizabethCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
MullenMaria1874?9 Apr 18773Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
NewellJohn1834?30 May 187844son/David & MarthaCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
O'ConnorAnisthue1872?26 Aug 18764Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
PatmanCharles Edward1864?25 Mar 18661son/William H & Elizabeth (Mitchell)Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
PatmanSarah Esther186630 Mar 187710dau/William H & Elizabeth (Mitchell); b. Forbes, NSWCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
RogersSarah1833?13 Dec 186835dau/Thomas & Sarah; w/HenryCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
RogersSarah1856?5 May 18615dau/Henry & SarahCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
RogersWilliam14 Sep 18700son/Henry & EmilyCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
ShirlawWilliam Henry17?Apr 187329 May 18730son/William & ElizabethCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
SmithMary Jane1867?23 Oct 187710dau/Thomas & AngelinaCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
SpinksSophia1835?11 Aug 187237dau/James & AnneCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
StoneAnn18 Aug 18610dau/Thomas & HarriettCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
ToddUnnamed male12?Nov 187714 Jan 18780son/AgnesCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
TurnerWilliam1807?23 Dec 187467Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
UllinJames Sylvester1868?12 Mar 18778Condobolin Sacred Park NSW
WallerJohn1810?27 Dec 187060son/BenjaminCondobolin Sacred Park NSW
WebbThomas1810?13 Feb 186352Condobolin Sacred Park NSW

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