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1 cemetery found

TocumwalBarooga Rd, Tocumwal NSW 271457

48 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Unreadable HeadstoneTocumwal NSW
BeasleyEnoch4 Apr 18698 Jun 191950Tocumwal NSW
BeasleyEthel Elizabeth10 Apr 192326 Aug 201390w/JohnTocumwal NSW
BeasleyFanny1858?15 Jul 192567w/FrederickTocumwal NSW
BeasleyFrederick1862?14 Jul 194280h/FannyTocumwal NSW
BeasleyFrederick William1887?9 Feb 194659son/Frederick & FannyTocumwal NSW
BeasleyJohn3 Nov 186117 Jun 191957Tocumwal NSW
BeasleyJohn5 Jan 191826 Apr 200183h/Ethel ElizabethTocumwal NSW
BeasleyMary Jane (Doll)1884?17 Jan 196581Tocumwal NSW
CoghillAlexander1849?4 Jan 190758son/Hellen; b. Ulupna WestTocumwal NSW
CoghillHellen1807?22 Mar 188578b. Ulupna WestTocumwal NSW
EddyBertha Joyce1907?24 Sep 198073w/Roy JamesTocumwal NSW
EddyEdwin Ernest21 Jul 19193727Tocumwal NSW
EddyElizabeth1859?16 Apr 193273w/ThomasTocumwal NSW
EddyErnest187120 Jul 191745son/Andrew & Elizabeth Jane (Trezise); b. Victoria; h/Matilda Aloysia (Martin)Tocumwal NSW
EddyJohn T1871?20 Jul 195382h/Margaret AnnTocumwal NSW
EddyMargaret Ann1880?4 Aug 196282w/John TTocumwal NSW
Eddy (Martin)Matilda Aloysia28 Jul 187716 Mar 196890b. Victoria; w/ErnestTocumwal NSW
EddyRoy James1907?3 Oct 197871h/Bertha JoyceTocumwal NSW
EddyThomas1855?29 Jun 192368h/ElizabethTocumwal NSW
EddyVictor1906?16 Jul 197973Tocumwal NSW
FloodNorma Margaret24 Aug 19282 Nov 201284w/Patrick LawrenceTocumwal NSW
FloodPatrick Lawrence14 Mar 192721 May 201285h/Norma MargaretTocumwal NSW
HarperJohn Edward15 Mar 1960h/Mabel BeaumuntTocumwal NSW
HarperMabel Beaumunt21 Oct 1934w/John EdwardTocumwal NSW
HarrisonClaude1908?29 Jan 197163h/Lillian MayTocumwal NSW
HarrisonLillian May1904?26 Apr 198379w/ClaudeTocumwal NSW
HarrisonRebecca1875?10 Feb 188712dau/James & BridgetTocumwal NSW
HaynesCecil James1924?7 Jun 197046h/MargaretTocumwal NSW
HaynesClarence Bertram26 Jan 19132 Jan 201197h/DorothyTocumwal NSW
HaynesGertrude Julia25 May 191215 Oct 200290w/Norman HaroldTocumwal NSW
HaynesJoyce Margaret1924197854w/Ronald HamiltonTocumwal NSW
HaynesMargaret1928?29 Dec 200779w/Cecil JamesTocumwal NSW
HaynesNorman Harold12 Nov 19111 Feb 199078h/Gertrude JuliaTocumwal NSW
HaynesRonald Hamilton1915198065h/Joyce MargaretTocumwal NSW
Haynes (Morrison)Sarah Ann7 Mar 189324 Apr 196774w/Thomas PatrickTocumwal NSW
HaynesThomas Edward18 Jun 192721 Jun 197750Tocumwal NSW
HaynesThomas Patrick189211 Nov 196674son/William & Annie (Mullavey); h/Morrison & Sarah Ann (Morrison); V395402Tocumwal NSW
HaynesWilliam16 Jul 186427 Sep 193672son/Thomas & Mary Ann (Burr); b. Pentridge, Victoria, Australia; h/Annie (Mullavey)Tocumwal NSW
McIntoshKaren Jenette11 Nov 195513 Sep 19582dau/William & YvonneTocumwal NSW
MullarveyMargaret Ellen1881?8 Jun 196281w/MichaelTocumwal NSW
MullarveyMichael1871?28 Oct 193564h/Margaret EllenTocumwal NSW
SeamerJean Helena17 Jul 192128 Jan 201189w/BillTocumwal NSW
SeamerKaren Faye4 Jul 196712 Sep 196710wTocumwal NSW
Seamer (Sea)Lorna Ellen1911?11 Aug 196049w/WilliamTocumwal NSW
SeamerWilliam1908?22 Jul 199183h/Jean & Lorna EllenTocumwal NSW
SuttonAlma May6 Feb 190925 Aug 199485w/RichardTocumwal NSW
SuttonRichard1907?5 Aug 197972h/Alma MayTocumwal NSW

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