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1 cemetery found

ThirlmereStation St, Thirlmere NSW 257245

25 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Shoobridge (Turner)Margaret4 May 183431 Jan 192388dau/James & Margaret (Wholohan); b. Bong Bong, NSW, Australia; w/WilliamThirlmere NSW
LeitchHenry1850?26 Nov 1932son/Thomas & Nellie; h/Mary (McDonald)Thirlmere NSWPres
Leitch (McDonald)Mary1853?4 Sep 1931w/HenryThirlmere NSW
Rutter (Priest)Jane185329 Aug 192875b. Druitt Town, NSW; w/George JosephThirlmere NSW
RutterGeorge Joseph185718 Jan 193577b. Parramatta, NSW, Australia; h/Jane (Priest)Thirlmere NSW
Armitage (Byrnes)Aimee18709 Mar 193867dau/William Samuel & Louisa (Phillips); b. Hotham, Victoria, Australia; w/Thomas RamsayThirlmere NSWAnglican
ChiddyWilliam Andrew16 Mar 189029 Dec 196373son/Andrew & Elizabeth Miriam (Rideout); b. Rockbarton, NSW, Australia; h/Ivy Bernice (Catt)Thirlmere NSW
Davis (Ellis)Isabel Jane1892?11 Jan 1986w/Albert Edward JosephThirlmere NSW
Chiddy (Catt)Ivy Bernice189317 Feb 198390dau/John & Thirza (Morris); b. Burragorang, NSW; w/William AndrewThirlmere NSW
AshfordJames Lindsay Roy27 Oct 18992 May 197676son/Robert & Sarah Ann (Shoobridge); b. Picton, NSW, Australia; h/Dorothy Mabel (Dowdell)Thirlmere NSW
Ashford (Dowdell)Dorothy Mabel15 Oct 190420 May 198378dau/Selina (Dowdell); b. Paddington, NSW, Australia; w/James Lindsay RoyThirlmere NSW
Chiddy (Small)Hazel26 May 19058 Oct 198681dau/Leslie William Australia & Zilphie (East); b. Picton, NSW, Australia; w/Andrew John CliveThirlmere NSW
Channell (Train)Phyllis Maria19094 Nov 198273dau/Archibald & Minnie Lucy (Channell); b. Burwood, NSW, Australia; w/Bert AndrewThirlmere NSWChurch of England
Channell (Davis)Dorothy May23 Jul 191225 Aug 196957dau/James & Edith Dorothy (Dowling); b. Picton, NSW, Australia; w/William ArthurThirlmere NSWAnglican
ChannellWilliam Arthur10 Oct 191316 Jul 199177son/Oswald Burt & Clara May (Chiddy); b. Picton, NSW, Australia; h/Dorothy May (Davis)Thirlmere NSW
ChannellGeorge Wilfred17 Jul 19152 Aug 198267son/Oswald Burt & Clara May (Chiddy); b. Picton, NSW, Australia; h/Marjorie Doris (Sherrett)Thirlmere NSW
McFarlandGordon Rupert29 Jul 191911 Aug 198465son/Thomas Alexander & Lilly Ruperta (Wood); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; h/Linda May (Rideout); NX14390Thirlmere NSW
ChiddyAndrew John Clive13 Jul 192114 Mar 197957son/William Andrew & Ivy Bernice (Catt); b. Camden, NSW, Australia; h/Hazel (Small); NX172192Thirlmere NSW
JenningsNoel Montgomery8 Apr 192122 Nov 197049son/William Robert & Ivy Jane (Montgomery); b. Malvern, Vic, Australia; h/Myrtle Amelia (Channell)Thirlmere NSW
ChiddyDarrell Ross19261 Nov 197953son/William Andrew & Ivy Bernice (Catt); b. Camden, NSW, AustraliaThirlmere NSW
Harris (Chiddy)Leila Iris192926 Jul 198960dau/William Andrew & Ivy Bernice (Catt); b. Picton, NSW, Australia; w/Keith RichardThirlmere NSW
Davidson (Chiddy)Aileen Thirza193219 May 199259dau/William Andrew & Ivy Bernice (Catt); w/Henry DockrayThirlmere NSW
ChannellHelen1935?31 Jul 19393y 9mdau/Bert Andrew & Phyllis Maria (Train)Thirlmere NSWC 16
Hayward (Channell)Audrey23 Apr 193531 Jul 200772dau/William Arthur & Dorothy May (Davis); b. NSW, Australia; w/Herbert FrankThirlmere NSW
ChannellFrederick Robert7 Aug 194031 May 198241son/Bert Andrew & Phyllis Maria (Train); h/Robyn Maree (Cullen)Thirlmere NSW

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