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1 cemetery found

TemoraThom St, Temora NSW 266677

17 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
GordonJohn1881?19 Nov 195574son/George & AgnesTemora NSW
GordonLucy Mary1894?14 Aug 193339dau/Page & AliceTemora NSW
Harris (Jackson)Elsie1901?5 Oct 198887dau/Jane; w/WilliamTemora NSW
HarrisWilliam1895?15 Jul 196469h/Elsie (Jackson)Temora NSW
HaywardFlorence1893?1 Feb 195663Temora NSW
HaywardWilliam1851?16 Dec 194594Temora NSW
HulmCatherine1844?1 Oct 191773dau/Henry & Catherine; w/GeorgeTemora NSW
Hulm (Harris)Elizabeth Sarah1873?2 Dec 190835dau/John & Sophia (Freer); w/Frederick CorneliusTemora NSW
PenfoldAnthony Arthur18842 Dec 190823son/John & Ann Palmyra (Meale); h/Lily (Brewst)Temora NSW
PenfoldDougal1870?4 Sep 195686son/John & Ann Palmyra (Meale); h/Edith Charlotte (Hopson)Temora NSW
Penfold (Hopson)Edith Charlotte1877?11 Oct 194568dau/William & Mary; w/DougalTemora NSW
Penfold (Keen)Emily May1889?22 Jun 197485dau/William & Mary; w/ThomasTemora NSW
PenfoldEric1901?20 May 198180son/James & Mary (Penfold); h/Frances Kathleen Violet (Allen)Temora NSW
Penfold (Allen)Frances Kathleen Violet1911?3 Oct 200795dau/Charles & Emma; b. Quirindi, NSW; w/EricTemora NSW
PenfoldJohn8 Jun 183718 Jun 192386son/James & Jane (Suter); b. Fenhurst, Sussex, England; h/Ann Palmyra (Meale)Temora NSW
PenfoldJohn22 Sep 186721 Jun 194275son/John & Ann Palmyra (Meale); h/Isabella R. (Foster)Temora NSW
PenfoldThomas187926 May 195576son/John & Ann Palmyra (Meale); h/Emily May (Keen)Temora NSW

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