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Sutton Forest Anglican Church (All Saints)7320 Illawarra Highway, Sutton Forest NSW 2577157

14 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AndrewsRichard186821 Oct 194072son/William & Mary (Cupitt); b. Glenquarry, NSW, Australia; h/Sarah Jane (Bradman)Sutton Forest Anglican Church NSW13, 3
Badgery (Fox)Ann9 Oct 185018 Dec 192777dau/Isaac & Sarah Milbourne (Carter); b. Goulburn, NSW, Australia; w/John AlexanderSutton Forest Anglican Church NSW
BadgeryJohn Alexander11 May 18358 May 191680son/Henry & Mary Anne (Reilly); b. Exeter, NSW, Australia; h/Emily Esther (Fulljames) & Ann (Fox)Sutton Forest Anglican Church NSW
Ditton (Waller)Jane181729 Apr 189476dau/John & Elizabeth; b. Woodchurch, Kent, England; w/RobertSutton Forest Anglican Church NSW
DittonRobert5 Nov 180611 May 189588son/John & Elizabeth (Sutterfield); b. Woodchurch, Kent, England; h/Drucilla (Furrell) & Jane (Waller)Sutton Forest Anglican Church NSW
Hines (Clarke)Hannah29 Aug 181714 Mar 190082son/Daniel & Hannah (Stanley); b. Windsor, NSW, Australia; h/EdwardSutton Forest Anglican Church NSW
Kirkland (Outlaw)Frances Susan21 Sep 185515 Mar 18648dau/Henry & Ann (Ison); b. Penrith, NSW, Australia; w/George JSutton Forest Anglican Church NSW
LewryArthur Norman7 Mar 186417 Sep 195187b. Sutton Forest, NSW, Australia; h/Louisa Leonora (Ryde)Sutton Forest Anglican Church NSW
Lewry (Ryde)Louisa Leanora26 Jun 18767 Oct 196084b. Sutton Forest, NSW, Australia; w/Arthur NormanSutton Forest Anglican Church NSW
Spence (Andrews)Brida Hazel191322 Apr 198773dau/Richard & Sarah Jane (Bradman); b. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia; w/Esmond ClydeSutton Forest Anglican Church NSW
SpenceEsmond Clyde6 Jan 190711 May 197265son/James Todd & Elizabeth Margaret (Stewart); b. Kamarooka, Victoria, Australia; h/Brida Hazel (Andrews)Sutton Forest Anglican Church NSW
Waite (Robinson)Mary10 Mar 179710 Sep 185053dau/Charles & Elizabeth (Harris); b. Sydney, NSW; w/JohnSutton Forest Anglican Church NSW
WarbyJames Edward7 May 183911 May 191071son/James & Mary Ann (Brooker); b. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia; h/Sarah (Lakeman)Sutton Forest Anglican Church NSW
Willis (MacKenzie)Julia Ann3 May 18483 Jun 189446dau/Kenneth & Julia (Cliffe); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; w/Robert SpeirSutton Forest Anglican Church NSW

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