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1 cemetery found

StroudNairn Street, Stroud NSW 24251025

8 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Gossip (Vernon)Ada Thursby24 Oct 186525 Jan 191853dau/John & Martha Ridout (Thursby); b. West Maitland, NSW, Australia; w/James WilliamStroud NSWChurch of England
GossipJames William11 Jul 185511 Sep 192368son/James & Frances Hayman (Hearn); b. Stroud, NSW, Australia; h/Mary Jean (McIntyre) & Ada Thursby (Vernon)Stroud NSWChurch of England
GossipJohn James9 Oct 188912 Sep 197888son/John Robert Hearn & Emily (McIntyre); b. Stroud, NSW, Australia; h/Carrie (Daunt)Stroud NSWChurch of England
VernonBlanche Martha12 Aug 187610 May 197295dau/John & Martha Ridout (Thursby); b. Stroud, NSW, AustraliaStroud NSWChurch of England
VernonGeorge John25 Sep 186123 Nov 193877son/John & Martha Ridout (Thursby); b. Hulme Waterfield, Cheshire, EnglandStroud NSWChurch of England
VernonHenry Thursby22 Oct 186321 Jul 194278son/John & Martha Ridout (Thursby); b. Maitland, NSW, AustraliaStroud NSWChurch of England
VernonJohn12 Oct 183329 Nov 192289son/John & Mary (Boden); b. Hales, Norfolk, England; h/Martha Ridout (Thursby)Stroud NSWChurch of England
VernonJohn Boden (Arthur)10 Oct 187212 Nov 196492son/John & Martha Ridout (Thursby); b. Stroud, NSW, AustraliaStroud NSWChurch of England

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