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1 cemetery found

Rollands PlainsRollands Plains NSW 244143

43 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AveryCedric Lester2 Jun 194428 May 201570h/GeeRollands Plains NSW
Blair (McCullock)Alexandrina181211 Mar 190289formerly McLennan; w/Donald (McLennan) & JohnRollands Plains NSW
Blair (McLennan)Alexandrina188311 Mar 190218dau/Kenneth & Annie (Mullins)Rollands Plains NSW
CommensGordon Lennox190912 Aug 197768h/Shirley Anne (Anita) (Fulton)Rollands Plains NSW
Commens (Fulton)Shirley Anne (Anita)27 Sep 19203 Dec 201090Rollands Plains NSW
HamiltonAlfred4 Feb 185913 Apr 18623son/James & Margaret (Ward); b. Rollands Plains, New South Wales, AustraliaRollands Plains NSW
HamiltonJames180527 Jun 186257son/Timothy & Rebecca (Patterson); b. Donegal, Ireland; h/Margaret (Ward)Rollands Plains NSW
Little (Rudder)Edith Alice190517 Dec 197772dau/Clement H & Martha A (Le Brocq); w/Francis WRollands Plains NSW
LittleFrancis W M189515 Jan 198488son/Francis W & Ellen (O'Brien); h/Edith Alice (Rudder)Rollands Plains NSW
MackayAlexander Bede188513 Mar 195670son/Hugh Adam & Mercy Caroline (Wright)Rollands Plains NSW
MackayColin Seddon13 May 194215 Sep 199149son/Howard Seddon & Patricia Frances (McCrae)Rollands Plains NSW
MackayGarnett Laurie (Garnet)189714 Apr 196971son/Hugh Adam & Mercy Caroline (Wright)Rollands Plains NSW
MackayGeoffrey HughMar 1931?31 May 19332y 2mson/Irwin Hugh & Ivy M (Glover)Rollands Plains NSW
MackayHugh Adam185428 Apr 193076son/Alexander & Barbara; b. Williams River, New South Wales, Australia; h/Mercie Caroline (Wright)Rollands Plains NSW
MackayIslet Miriam18926 Jun 198088dau/Hugh Adam & Mercy Caroline (Mercie) (Wright)Rollands Plains NSW
MackayJohn DavidApr 1934?27 Dec 19351y 8mson/Irwin Hugh & Ivy M (Glover)Rollands Plains NSW
Mackay (Wright)Mercie Caroline18707 Jun 194575b. Kempsey, NSW, Australia; w/Hugh AdamRollands Plains NSW
MackaySeddon23 Mar 1974Rollands Plains NSW
Noakes (Weidenbohm)Gladys Caroline29 Oct 1991w/Vivian EdgarRollands Plains NSW
NoakesJames Ernest (Jim)12 May 192921 Jul 201384Rollands Plains NSW
NoakesMargaret12 Apr 19312 Dec 200675Rollands Plains NSW
NoakesVivian Edgar13 Nov 1976spouse/Gladys Caroline (Weidenbohm)Rollands Plains NSW
RogersJohn Henry George29 Sep 19148 May 199681h/Ruby Florence (Watts)Rollands Plains NSW
Rogers (Watts)Ruby Florence22 Feb 191421 Jun 199783w/John HenryRollands Plains NSW
ThompsonAlbert Vivian25 Nov 1944h/Alice (Cooper)Rollands Plains NSW
Thompson (Cooper)Alice19 Sep 1949w/Albert VivianRollands Plains NSW
ThompsonAlice1924Aug 194319Rollands Plains NSW
ThompsonArthur Stanley24 Dec 1962Rollands Plains NSW
Thompson (Watts)Bessie Jean11 Mar 1998w/Norris DrewRollands Plains NSW
Thompson (Taylor)Ella Hannah9 Feb 2001w/VivianRollands Plains NSW
ThompsonEvelyn May25 Jun 1965Rollands Plains NSW
Thompson (Burns)Gwen2 Apr 19445 Apr 201470w/Keith RussellRollands Plains NSW
ThompsonMaryRollands Plains NSW
ThompsonNorris Drew16 Jan 1988h/Bessie Jean (Watts)Rollands Plains NSW
ThompsonPeter Ray14 Jul 1967Rollands Plains NSW
ThompsonVivian19 Dec 1965h/Ella Hannah (Taylor)Rollands Plains NSW
Watts (Neil)Elizabeth5 Oct 1957w/WalterRollands Plains NSW
WattsEric Harold194324 Feb 19440Rollands Plains NSW
WattsHenry John10 Sep 1991h/Jean Catherine (Robinson)Rollands Plains NSW
Watts (Robinson)Jean Catherine10 Mar 2013w/Henry JohnRollands Plains NSW
WattsWalter James19 May 1971h/Elizabeth (Neil)Rollands Plains NSW
WeidembohmLoraine195019 Apr 19521Rollands Plains NSW
WiedenbohmWilliam Francis18 Sep 1921Rollands Plains NSW

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