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Centennial Park760 Goodwood Road, Pasadena SA 5042242834

238982 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AarelaWalborg1930?11 Jun 201383Centennial Park SA
AaronsFrances1889?4 Sep 198293Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W67, 111
AaronsIan1929?28 Mar 201384Centennial Park SALib Jew Path -, 100A
AaronsMichael Myer72Centennial Park SAJew 14
AaronsSidney1919?6 Mar 198465Centennial Park SA
AartsJohannes Antonius1942?1 Mar 200260Centennial Park SA
AartsenEllen Bertha87Centennial Park SAGen AC Path 15, 111A
AartsenEmily Rita1929?21 Mar 200273Centennial Park SA
AartsenJack Leslie1924?15 Feb 199672Centennial Park SA
AartsenJacobus Johannus70Centennial Park SAGen AC Path 15, 111A
AartsenLorraine1924?27 Nov 201187Centennial Park SA
AayTryntje1905?23 Dec 199994Centennial Park SA
AbakumoffAlexander1930?22 Mar 200979Centennial Park SALwn 3 Path 14, 1060
AbasimosAdam60Centennial Park SAOrt (AG Gen) Path 12, 586
AbasimosYvonne Lesley1934?5 Jan 200773Centennial Park SAOrt (AG Gen) Path 12, 586
AbatiAlberto87Centennial Park SARC H Path 20, 1001
AbatiAngelo1904?8 Feb 200298Centennial Park SA
AbatiDoris Teresa1908?30 Jul 199688Centennial Park SA
AbbasTursunay40Centennial Park SAMus Path 2, 38
AbbateGiovanni1939?20 Apr 201374Centennial Park SALwn 3 Path 12, 874
AbbattistaFelice1923?1 Mar 200178Centennial Park SARC H Path 15, 685
AbbattistaFrancesco1921?18 Jul 199574Centennial Park SARC J Path 7, 526
AbbattistaMaria Domenica1954?11 Jun 201460Centennial Park SARC J Path 0, 38B
AbberdanAlbert Abe1920?19 Oct 198262Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Rose Bed CN3, 011
AbberleyAlbert John1920?26 Jun 199777Centennial Park SANth Sth Rose Bed NS18, 035B
AbberleyAndrew Robert1959?19 Aug 198930Centennial Park SANth Sth Rose Bed NS18, 035A
AbberleyDoreen May1924?6 Feb 197046Centennial Park SANth Sth Rose Bed NS18, 035
AbbertonDebra Ann1959?19 Aug 199738Centennial Park SA
AbbeyArchibald Robert1910?5 Jul 198979Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W24, 100
AbbeyEdith Maud1924?6 Aug 199874Centennial Park SA
AbbeyEthel May1877?18 Aug 196689Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W20, 025
AbbeyFlorence Mabel1907?21 Sep 199689Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W24, 100
AbbeyFred1923?2 Nov 199067Centennial Park SA
AbbeyGordon Maxwell1961?6 Oct 197211Centennial Park SA
AbbieAndrew Arthur1905?22 Jul 197671Centennial Park SA
AbbieAudrey Katherine1917?27 Feb 201497Centennial Park SA
AbbieFreida Ruth1907?30 Dec 196356Centennial Park SA
AbbieRoberta Elizabeth1927?17 Aug 199568Centennial Park SAGen AD Path 7, 459
AbblittReginald John1934?5 Nov 201076Centennial Park SAAca Ct Rose Bed 5, 022
AbbotAlan Frederick Walter1917?1 Dec 200790Centennial Park SA
AbbotArchibald Dudley1909?11 Apr 197768Centennial Park SA
AbbotArthur Albert1910?4 Jul 197363Centennial Park SAEast Area Rose Bed E58, 022
AbbotBernice Loraine1909?30 Nov 197566Centennial Park SA
AbbotFrank Albert50Centennial Park SAGen AA Path F, 504
AbbotJohn Garton1916?14 Sep 197862Centennial Park SADrk Gdn of Rem Tree Bed 22, 007
AbbotMarion1898?24 Sep 197678Centennial Park SA
AbbotMary Haldane1913?28 Feb 200491Centennial Park SA
AbbotMavis Annie1913?27 Oct 199380Centennial Park SAEast Area Rose Bed E58, 023
AbbotThomas Brown1894?29 Mar 196975Centennial Park SADrk Gdn of Rem Shrub Bed 7, 011
AbbottAdelaide May1893?26 Jul 198693Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W63, 018
AbbottAdelaide Violet1903?10 Jun 197774Centennial Park SAAca A Path AL, 701
AbbottAlbert George1931?7 Apr 200574Centennial Park SA
AbbottAlec Maxwell1916?31 Mar 200589Centennial Park SA
AbbottAlexander76Centennial Park SAAca C Path CF, 482
AbbottAlfred Henry77Centennial Park SAGen E Path 27, 74B
AbbottAlfred Thomas49Centennial Park SAAca Path K, 2179
AbbottAlice Emily1898?5 Jun 198183Centennial Park SA
AbbottAngus George30 Dec 2012Centennial Park SAChild 2 Hstone Path 6, 216C
AbbottAnnie83Centennial Park SAAca A Path AL, 703
AbbottArthur Ferguson1920?24 Jul 200686Centennial Park SAHarmony Wall 96, F003
AbbottArthur Henry83Centennial Park SAGen C Path 5, 353
AbbottArthur Norbert58Centennial Park SARC A Path AV, 531A
AbbottAubrey Jack1911?1 Oct 198877Centennial Park SA
AbbottAugusta Selina Lilian1877?15 Nov 197295Centennial Park SACol Wall 9, H040
AbbottBarbara Mary69Centennial Park SARC F Path 17, 1382
AbbottBarry William1900?5 Dec 199797Centennial Park SA
AbbottBeatrice May97Centennial Park SAAca C Path CF, 482
AbbottBeverley1931?10 Nov 200473Centennial Park SA
AbbottBlanche Florence1896?6 Feb 199498Centennial Park SA
AbbottBrian1959?13 Jul 19623Centennial Park SA
AbbottBronwyn1951?18 Aug 200251Centennial Park SA
AbbottCarlene Clarice1942?3 Aug 201371Centennial Park SA
AbbottCharles Albert53Centennial Park SARC D Path DJ, 411
AbbottCharles Arthur H Lempriere1890?14 Sep 196070Centennial Park SA
AbbottClyve Edward1910?1 Mar 198373Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Rose Bed CN1, 031
AbbottColleen Elsie28Centennial Park SAAca D Path DM, 534
AbbottConstance Joyce1921?25 Jul 199170Centennial Park SAGen F Path 27, 1103
AbbottCuthbert Henry16 Oct 1982Centennial Park SA
AbbottDavid John1945?8 Jul 200055Centennial Park SARC K Path 21, 1416
AbbottDerek Athol Lempriere1926?13 Oct 198761Centennial Park SA
AbbottDoris1915?11 Jan 200994Centennial Park SA
AbbottDoris Leolene Alison1914?11 Jul 200793Centennial Park SATris Ct Native Bed 12, 049
AbbottDouglas Frank62Centennial Park SAGen F Path 27, 1103
AbbottDouglas Whinnen1918?30 Mar 200688Centennial Park SAGen Path 5, 273
AbbottEdward Thomas1886?17 Jun 196882Centennial Park SACol Wall 9, H039
AbbottEdward Thomas Julian1896?4 Nov 197377Centennial Park SA
AbbottEleanor1916?4 Jul 200488Centennial Park SA
AbbottElizabeth Evelyn76Centennial Park SARC A Path AV, 532A
AbbottElizabeth Miyoung7 Jun 1998Centennial Park SAChild 2 Pnat Path 25, 1086A
AbbottElizabeth Rose1906?28 Apr 196761Centennial Park SASE Indiv Rose Bed SG2, 033
AbbottElsie Emma79Centennial Park SAGen AA Path C, 265
AbbottElsie Ruby Dardanella1917?10 Jan 199578Centennial Park SA
AbbottErnest1910?13 May 195949Centennial Park SAEast Area Rose Bed C8, 011
AbbottErnest Eric1935?28 Jan 196429Centennial Park SA
AbbottErnest George1914?7 Mar 201399Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Terrace Wall 239, D003
AbbottEthel Jane68Centennial Park SA
AbbottEva Effie Thelma1905?7 Dec 197368Centennial Park SA
AbbottEvelyn Laura Everson57Centennial Park SAGen AA Path F, 504
AbbottFlorence Emily71Centennial Park SAGen B Path 8, 613
AbbottFlorence Rachel1901?6 Aug 199796Centennial Park SA
AbbottFrances Ellen1882?29 Aug 197593Centennial Park SA
AbbottFrancis Cyril78Centennial Park SADrk Gdns Path 28, 908
AbbottFrancis George Joseph1899?30 Jul 197879Centennial Park SA
AbbottFrancis Sydney71Centennial Park SAAca A Path AL, 703
AbbottFrank77Centennial Park SAGen AA Path C, 265
AbbottFrederick John1906?29 Nov 197670Centennial Park SAServ Fam Rose Bed 10, 084
AbbottGeorge62Centennial Park SARC C Path CJ, 758
AbbottGeorge Herbert66Centennial Park SARC F Path 17, 1382
AbbottGeorge Lewsbe1894?23 Oct 195965Centennial Park SAEast Area Rose Bed N6, 029
AbbottGeorge Ronald1916?4 Dec 199579Centennial Park SARSL Wall 131, A014
AbbottGladys Rose1891?23 Jul 196473Centennial Park SA
AbbottGordon Stanley1929?21 Oct 201081Centennial Park SA
AbbottGrace1902?21 Jul 197674Centennial Park SA
AbbottGrace Elizabeth1921?23 Apr 199574Centennial Park SAServ Fam Shrub Bed 4, 066
AbbottGwenda May1919?16 Jul 200485Centennial Park SAServ Fam Rose Bed 10, 085
AbbottGwendoline Alice74Centennial Park SAGen B Path 6, 515
AbbottHarrison Sean18 Feb 2008Centennial Park SA
AbbottHarry Oliver1904?28 Feb 197672Centennial Park SA
AbbottHenry Leonard1901?24 Jul 197574Centennial Park SAAca A Path AL, 701
AbbottHorace Archibald1896?14 Apr 196872Centennial Park SANth Sth Rose Bed NS17, 001
AbbottHoward John1918?22 Aug 196951Centennial Park SARSL Wall 130, D006
AbbottHubert Giles1914?11 Aug 199379Centennial Park SARSL Wall 125, C015
AbbottIda Muriel1906?29 Jan 198983Centennial Park SA
AbbottIsabella Gilmour Naismith1896?24 Jan 199296Centennial Park SA
AbbottJames (Jim)1926?17 Mar 198963Centennial Park SARSL Wall 127, C005
AbbottJames Joseph1925?2 Mar 200580Centennial Park SA
AbbottJames Kitto1906?13 May 198276Centennial Park SA
AbbottJoan1918?26 Jul 200789Centennial Park SA
AbbottJoan Ellen1924?23 Apr 199470Centennial Park SA
AbbottJohn1898?23 Apr 198385Centennial Park SA
AbbottJohn Raymond Ludlow1922?21 Jan 199270Centennial Park SA
AbbottJohn Robert1939?30 Mar 199859Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Shrub Area 1, 040
AbbottJohn William28Centennial Park SAAca D Path DM, 520
AbbottJoseph Ernest Giles1900?12 May 198484Centennial Park SA
AbbottJoyce1922?25 Feb 199472Centennial Park SAHarmony Wall 96, F004
AbbottJulia Yates90Centennial Park SAGen E Path 27, 74B
AbbottKathleen Annie Agnes1917?15 Aug 201497Centennial Park SA
AbbottKenneth Lindsay1925?19 Jun 201085Centennial Park SA
AbbottLaurel Jean1915?9 Jun 200388Centennial Park SAGen AB Path 21, 643A
AbbottLelia Elizabeth1905?12 Apr 198277Centennial Park SA
AbbottLewis Bruce1917?8 Oct 200285Centennial Park SA
AbbottLila Jane1898?27 Jun 198688Centennial Park SA
AbbottLillian May1906?28 Dec 197468Centennial Park SA
AbbottLily1916?26 May 199983Centennial Park SA
AbbottLinda Esme1882?29 May 198098Centennial Park SA
AbbottLindsay Gordon49Centennial Park SAGen Path 5, 273
AbbottLouisa70Centennial Park SAGen Path 1, 41
AbbottMadge1915?22 Jul 199883Centennial Park SA
AbbottMalcolm Joseph1941?4 Aug 200665Centennial Park SA
AbbottMargaret1919?22 Nov 199172Centennial Park SAGen Path 5, 273
AbbottMargaret Jean1912?21 Apr 199886Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W79, 043
AbbottMargaret Joy1937?9 Apr 201174Centennial Park SA
AbbottMargaret Watson1915?20 Jun 200489Centennial Park SALwn 3 Path 21, 1636
AbbottMarie Clara1920?5 Jul 198666Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed SG5, 012
AbbottMary Jane Shepherd84Centennial Park SAGen AF Path 23, 399A
AbbottMaud77Centennial Park SAAca Path K, 2179
AbbottMay Adelaide1918?1 Feb 201294Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Rose Bed CN1, 031
AbbottMildred1890?2 May 197484Centennial Park SAAca C Path CO, 902
AbbottMilton Charles1912?16 May 201098Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Rose Bed CN18, 041
AbbottMinnie1887?10 Jan 197386Centennial Park SA
AbbottMurray Leslie1932?6 Dec 198957Centennial Park SA
AbbottNatalie Margaret1934?20 Jun 200167Centennial Park SAEast Area Rose Bed E64, 019A
AbbottNeville William1924?23 Jun 199369Centennial Park SA
AbbottNorman Clarence Edwin74Centennial Park SA
AbbottNorman Keith1913?8 Jan 200794Centennial Park SAHrz Gaz Wall Granite Wall 7, F001
AbbottPatricia Joan1948?19 Jul 199648Centennial Park SASpbk Ck Boulder North 015, 001
AbbottPatricia Winifred1917?28 Nov 199073Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Rose 121, 001
AbbottPaul William1945?7 May 200257Centennial Park SA
AbbottPercy Richard1908?30 Mar 197668Centennial Park SA
AbbottPhoebe Mary1900?14 Mar 197373Centennial Park SA
AbbottPhyllis Eileen1911?4 May 198978Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Rose Bed CN18, 041
AbbottRaylene Dawn1948?30 Jun 201466Centennial Park SA
AbbottReginald Arthur1907?30 Nov 197972Centennial Park SA
AbbottReginald Percy65Centennial Park SAGen AF Path 23, 399A
AbbottRhoda Emily1895?17 Aug 198186Centennial Park SA
AbbottRobert Frederick90Centennial Park SAAca E Path 36, 454B
AbbottRobert John38Centennial Park SADrk Gdns Path 40, 377A
AbbottRobert John1947?8 Mar 201063Centennial Park SA
AbbottRobert Reginald1929?7 Jun 201384Centennial Park SALwn 2 Path 8, 16
AbbottRoma Olive May1923?27 Apr 200784Centennial Park SAHrz Gaz Wall Granite Wall 7, F002
AbbottRonald Jack1914?25 Sep 199278Centennial Park SA
AbbottRoss1900?9 Oct 197979Centennial Park SA
AbbottRosslind Gerard80Centennial Park SARC B Path BE, 7
AbbottRoy Kitto1928?19 Mar 200476Centennial Park SAContemp Garden Walk 2, 027
AbbottRoy Sydney Ernest1919?9 Nov 199273Centennial Park SARSL Wall 125, E004
AbbottRuby Elizabeth77Centennial Park SAAca E Path 36, 454B
AbbottRupert Henry68Centennial Park SAGen B Path 6, 515
AbbottSarah Mabel73Centennial Park SAGen Path 5, 273
AbbottStanley Victor1886?26 Aug 197387Centennial Park SAEast Wall 25, G002
AbbottStephen16Centennial Park SADrk Gdns Path 27, 295B
AbbottSteven Leslie1894?29 Feb 198086Centennial Park SA
AbbottThomas Bertram1914?26 Dec 196854Centennial Park SA
AbbottVahla Margaret1931?17 Jul 194817Centennial Park SAAca A Path AL, 701
AbbottViolet Christina1897?27 Jul 199699Centennial Park SANth Sth Rose Bed NS17, 002
AbbottViolet Matilda1910?11 Jan 199383Centennial Park SA
AbbottWayne John1946?12 Aug 200357Centennial Park SA
AbbottWilliam Albert63Centennial Park SAAca C Path CO, 902
AbbottWilliam Albert1908?7 Jun 198981Centennial Park SATris Ct Native Bed 12, 049
AbbottWilliam Frederick George72Centennial Park SAGen B Path 8, 613
AbbottWilliam Hemsworth1912?1 Jul 200189Centennial Park SAGen AB Path 21, 643A
AbbottWilliam John76Centennial Park SAGen Path 1, 41
AbbottWilliam Lester1901?16 Sep 198382Centennial Park SA
AbbottWilliam Robert1907?13 Jun 197467Centennial Park SASE Indiv Rose Bed SG2, 033
AbbottWoutera Francisca1930?7 Nov 200575Centennial Park SA
AbbottZelma Louisa1899?30 Aug 197778Centennial Park SA
Abbott-GriffithsClaire Marie1930?29 Jul 198656Centennial Park SA
Abbott-GriffithsRichard John1957?27 Oct 199336Centennial Park SA
Abbott-GriffithsSimon David1965?4 Jan 19672Centennial Park SA
Abbott-YoungPeter Colebrook1925?11 Dec 200984Centennial Park SASpbk Ck Garden Edge 1, 081
Abbott-YoungSybil1899?29 Aug 199596Centennial Park SA
Abbott-YoungWendy Louise1925?7 Nov 199671Centennial Park SASpbk Ck Garden Edge 1, 081
AbbottsDaisy1902?25 Apr 198482Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W70, 015
AbbsArthur60Centennial Park SARC F Path 6, 403
AbbsCatherine Ann1917?18 Mar 200184Centennial Park SARC F Path 6, 403
AbbsWilfred Charles1905?25 Aug 199489Centennial Park SA
AbdBoutros1923?6 Mar 200885Centennial Park SARC K Path 11, 611
Abd-El-MalikLidia1931?11 Oct 199968Centennial Park SARC K Path 22, 1539
Abdel-AatyIbrahim Saad1954?2 Dec 201359Centennial Park SAAca Path D, 2694
AbdelmalekMichael Samir1972?18 Oct 201341Centennial Park SA
AbdicFranz1929?5 Apr 201485Centennial Park SA
Abdilla-RobinsonJoseph PaulCentennial Park SAChild 1 Pnat Path 1, 16A
AbdinorRagea35Centennial Park SAGen AA Path K, 838
AbduAbdulkadir1976?12 Jan 199923Centennial Park SAMus 2 Path 9, 156
AbdullaFernanda Maria1923?15 Nov 200481Centennial Park SA
AbdurahmanIbrahim77Centennial Park SAMus Path 1, 1
AbelAlice1901?14 Apr 197877Centennial Park SA
AbelAnna Elisabeth1926?29 Nov 201185Centennial Park SARC K Path 31, 2306
AbelClaudia1973?16 Dec 201138Centennial Park SA
AbelJohann1917?6 Mar 199679Centennial Park SARC K Path 31, 2306
AbelJohn Frederick Leon1895?6 Jun 197378Centennial Park SA
AbelRodney1936?23 Sep 199862Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Rose Bed CN26, 046
Abel-SmithCatherine Dianna1963?20 Dec 197411Centennial Park SA
AbelaCarol Anne1949?14 Jul 201061Centennial Park SAGen E Path 14, 8A
AbelaEvangelista Felicity Teresa1920?10 May 201393Centennial Park SARC E Path 36, 541B
AbelaMichael63Centennial Park SARC E Path 36, 541B
AbeleKarlis Aleksandrs1897?24 Jan 196164Centennial Park SA
AbellCharles Merton69Centennial Park SAAca E Path 34, 335B
AbellClara72Centennial Park SAGen AF Path 7, 187
AbellCora Minna1899?22 Aug 198081Centennial Park SATrq Wall 75, C017
AbellDavid William1929?15 Jun 200879Centennial Park SA
AbellDiane Rae1933?14 Oct 199865Centennial Park SA
AbellDora Sylvia Wilhelmina75Centennial Park SAAca E Path 34, 335B
AbellErnest Henry1895?13 Mar 196368Centennial Park SACol Wall 14, E031
AbellEsther Emma1895?21 Nov 196469Centennial Park SACol Wall 14, E032
AbellHerbert75Centennial Park SAGen AF Path 7, 187
AbellMax Roger1905?31 Jul 198378Centennial Park SATrq Wall 75, C018
AbellRetha Louise1901?21 Mar 199695Centennial Park SAAca E Path 20, 177A
AbellRoy Desmond Picton73Centennial Park SADrk Gdns Path 24, 170B
AbelonCelestina1920?29 Apr 198969Centennial Park SATrq Wall 66, A015
AbercrombieEileen1917?5 Sep 198063Centennial Park SA
AbergEdith Augusta79Centennial Park SA
AberleKevin Fitzgerald1928?16 Jul 200981Centennial Park SALwn 3 Path 14, 1095
AberleMabel1889?29 Jul 196172Centennial Park SA
AberleMarjorie Dawn1930?8 Sep 200979Centennial Park SALwn 3 Path 14, 1095
AberleyGary Robert1971?31 Aug 200736Centennial Park SA
AberleyVera1912?13 Aug 199583Centennial Park SAGen AB Path 5, 357
AberleyWilliam Charles1911?11 Mar 199584Centennial Park SAAca A Path AZ, 828A
AbernathyLeonard73Centennial Park SADrk Gdns Path 31, 7A
AbernethyBeryl Rowe Marie70Centennial Park SARC C Path CG, 546
AbernethyElizabeth May97Centennial Park SARC C Path CG, 583
AbernethyJean Blair1894?30 Mar 197682Centennial Park SA
AbernethyRoyal John73Centennial Park SARC C Path CG, 583
AberyEileen Lilian1912?20 Nov 198674Centennial Park SA
AbfalterAlan Peter50Centennial Park SARC H Path 28, 1639
AbfalterDavid Anthony1932?28 Jan 199159Centennial Park SARC B Path BU, 122A
AbfalterDavid John1958?30 Apr 201456Centennial Park SAAca B Path BN, 601
AbfalterDenise Margaret1939?18 Mar 199455Centennial Park SARC D Path DG, 181
AbfalterJoseph Desmond15Centennial Park SARC D Path DG, 181
AbfalterKate Lucy59Centennial Park SARC A Path AS, 267A
AbfalterPatrick William1929?21 Sep 200071Centennial Park SARC D Path DG, 181
AbfalterPhilip Joseph30Centennial Park SARC H Path 14, 589
AbfalterVeronica Ellen1921?24 Dec 201291Centennial Park SARC H Path 14, 589
Abi-AbdallahAziz1930?6 Oct 200878Centennial Park SARC H Path 8, 119
AbidAzrail1915?13 Jun 199681Centennial Park SAMus Path 1, 9
AbinettAda Eileen1926?22 Sep 201387Centennial Park SA
AbinettMurray Lawrence1930?11 May 201181Centennial Park SA
AbivenJennifer Helen1947?22 Jul 199245Centennial Park SARC K Path 34, 2520
AblettBrenton James23 Aug 1994Centennial Park SAChild 2 Pnat Path 18, 804A
AblettElizabeth Munro Mcdonald1907?23 Oct 2012105Centennial Park SA
AblettGladys Irene1934?20 Jul 200470Centennial Park SA
AblettJoyce Abelene1900?15 Feb 197979Centennial Park SATrq Rose Bed T3, 011
AblettMilton Howard1925?17 Oct 200883Centennial Park SA
AblettRobert James1896?8 Oct 197781Centennial Park SATrq Rose Bed T3, 011
AblettWalter James1902?30 Aug 197371Centennial Park SARSL Wall 107, A010
AbleyHarry Frank1905?10 Oct 197065Centennial Park SADrk Gdn of Rem Tree Bed 14, 006
AbleyJames1925?5 Dec 197247Centennial Park SAPtr Ct Wall 205, I015
AbleyJohn William1931?19 Aug 201180Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W76, 084
AbokamilMacram1987?6 May 19958Centennial Park SAGen AB Path 5, 425
AbolinsAndrejs56Centennial Park SALuth Lwn Path 16, 369
AbolinsAugusts1922?2 Jun 201189Centennial Park SA
AbolinsIraida1952?4 Sep 201159Centennial Park SA
AbolinsKarlis39Centennial Park SALuth Lwn Path 16, 369
AbolinsMaiga1927?16 Apr 199770Centennial Park SALuth Lwn Path 16, 369
AbolinsMilda1920?14 Sep 201090Centennial Park SA
AbolinsWaldemar1924?25 Nov 199672Centennial Park SA
AbolinsZelma1912?26 Apr 195947Centennial Park SA
AbolinsZigrida1924?22 Nov 200985Centennial Park SA
AbolsAlma1910?5 Jul 200292Centennial Park SALuth Lwn Path 15, 291
AbolsIrma1934?6 Jun 201076Centennial Park SA
AbolsJanis77Centennial Park SALuth Lwn Path 15, 291
AbotomeyAlfred Alexander1899?5 Jun 196162Centennial Park SA
AbotomeyBenjamin Valentine1904?26 Oct 199389Centennial Park SAGen AD Path 13, 919
AbotomeyDorothy Susannah Jane1904?20 Nov 199692Centennial Park SAGen AD Path 13, 940
AbotomeyEffie Winifred Rosalie60Centennial Park SAGen AD Path 13, 919
AbotomeyIvore Naify1902?4 Apr 198179Centennial Park SA
AbotomeyKeith Ernest1910?4 Jan 198474Centennial Park SAEast Area Rose Bed N8, 033B
AbotomeyNaify1878?30 Dec 196486Centennial Park SA
AbotomeyRae Helen1912?17 Aug 196250Centennial Park SAEast Area Rose Bed N8, 033
AbotomeyViolet Evanageline1903?20 Jun 198582Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W62, 129
AbotomeyWendy Margaret1959?18 Jan 201455Centennial Park SALwn 3 Path 12, 890
Abou-MoslehMona1933?17 Mar 200875Centennial Park SADruses Ang A Path AQ, 106A
AbounassarHanne1916?16 Feb 200286Centennial Park SARC K Path 22, 1544
AbourizkIskarnder1933?28 Aug 200572Centennial Park SARC H Path 9, 180
AbourjeiliAntoun1950?7 Feb 200151Centennial Park SAOrt B Path 20, 1479
AbrahamAlbert Joseph1919?10 Jan 196748Centennial Park SASut Ct Wall 1, J025
AbrahamBasil Arnold1925?5 Feb 201489Centennial Park SA
AbrahamBelinda Jayne1966?31 Jan 19671Centennial Park SA
AbrahamBrian1943?25 Nov 200057Centennial Park SARC H Path 8, 158
AbrahamDamianCentennial Park SARC A Path AV, 461A
AbrahamDennis EricCentennial Park SADrk Gdns Path 10, 673A
AbrahamDorothea Vera Florence1918?29 May 199072Centennial Park SAGrevillea Ct Rose Bed 4, 006
AbrahamDorothy Irene1916?24 Mar 200690Centennial Park SASut Ct Wall 3B, B006
AbrahamElyse KayCentennial Park SARC A Path AV, 461A
AbrahamEric1911?31 Aug 197968Centennial Park SASut Ct Wall 3B, B005
AbrahamErnestina Nellie May1897?1 Sep 197376Centennial Park SA
AbrahamEve Caroline1906?12 Jan 199892Centennial Park SACol Wall 20, D020
AbrahamFrank Roland1917?20 May 201396Centennial Park SAGrevillea Ct Rose Bed 4, 006
AbrahamJosephine Kay1941?20 Nov 200968Centennial Park SASut Ct Wall 1, I030
AbrahamKathleen Francis1916?8 Nov 197458Centennial Park SASut Ct Wall 1, J026
AbrahamMary Evelyn1879?29 Jul 195879Centennial Park SACol Wall 12, F026
AbrahamMary Noreen68Centennial Park SAGen AB Path 24, 839A
AbrahamOlive Evelyn1907?16 Sep 198679Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W55, 034
AbrahamPearl Elwyne May1926?27 Aug 200579Centennial Park SARC A Path AV, 461A
AbrahamRichard Gordon1890?9 Feb 197484Centennial Park SA
AbrahamSarah Haya73Centennial Park SAJew 126
AbrahamSayde65Centennial Park SARC C Path CJ, 786
AbrahamShaheed Francis64Centennial Park SARC A Path AV, 461A
AbrahamWilfred Arnold1893?20 Aug 197279Centennial Park SA
AbrahamsAbraham1904?14 Oct 197066Centennial Park SARSL Wall 117, E008
AbrahamsAriel Myrth1911?26 Nov 199281Centennial Park SALwn 2 Path 8, 2653
AbrahamsBernard Harry1924?12 Oct 200884Centennial Park SAWest Gran Rose Bed W101, 032
AbrahamsGabriel58Centennial Park SAJew 127
AbrahamsJean May1906?22 Jun 200094Centennial Park SARC E Path 35, 477B
AbrahamsJoyce1931?25 Feb 200069Centennial Park SA
AbrahamsJoyce Mercy1923?22 Aug 200380Centennial Park SA
AbrahamsNoel Francis1932?12 Apr 201482Centennial Park SAEast Area Rose Bed E61, 030
AbrahamsWilliam Raymond60Centennial Park SARC E Path 35, 477B
AbrahamsWinifred Isabel1903?9 May 200198Centennial Park SA
AbrahamsonPeter Victor1922?10 Mar 197957Centennial Park SABksia Ct Rose Bed 2, 012
AbrahamsonSarah Joy1984?20 Sep 201228Centennial Park SA
AbrahimzadehZahra1966?22 Mar 201044Centennial Park SAMus 2 Path 9, 153
AbrahmsenEdna Elvera Gladys1907?12 Dec 199790Centennial Park SAHarmony Wall 78, B005
AbrahmsenSven Edward1898?1 Aug 195759Centennial Park SASE Rose Bed S9, 003
AbramovicIvan46Centennial Park SARC H Path 20, 1013
AbramovicMaria1938?19 Feb 201173Centennial Park SARC K Path 7, 286
AbramsonRafail1927?10 Jul 200477Centennial Park SAJew 599
AbreuAnn Jane Marion1910?6 Feb 199383Centennial Park SA
AbroeAlbert Aloysius1922?25 Apr 199371Centennial Park SARC K Path 30, 2223
AbroeDaisy Blanche1901?28 Sep 200099Centennial Park SARC F Path 8, 576
AbroeReginald Wilfred84Centennial Park SARC F Path 8, 576
AbrookBeatrice Ann91Centennial Park SAGen Path 24, 1680
AbrookFrances Helen23Centennial Park SAGen AC Path 14, 11A
AbrookIris20Centennial Park SAGen Path 24, 1680
AbrookKelly Ann-Marie3Centennial Park SARC E Path 17, 29A
AbrookSydney56Centennial Park SAGen AA Path J, 818
AbrookWallace John Alfred49Centennial Park SAGen AE Path 8, 564
AbsengerMelanie1930?10 Dec 200676Centennial Park SA
AbsengerMichael1929?27 Apr 200576Centennial Park SA
AbsengerPeter Michael1961?30 Jul 200443Centennial Park SA
AbsolomFlorence May1911?16 Jul 198069Centennial Park SAWpg Rose Rose Bed N24, 022
AbsolomFlorence May1925?11 Jun 201287Centennial Park SA
AbsolomJames Emmanuel1907?19 Jun 197467Centennial Park SA
AbsolomWilliam Leslie1922?24 Dec 201391Centennial Park SA
AbsolonAlbert Ross1920?2 May 199272Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Terrace Wall 246, C001
AbsolumBetty Joan1906?27 Sep 200397Centennial Park SA
AbsonRalph1908?18 Oct 197668Centennial Park SA
Abu-AssiRahme21 May 2011Centennial Park SAChild 3 Pnat Path 4, 107
AbukeviciusJonas1915?3 Mar 199782Centennial Park SARC H Path 13, 516
AccoEsther1926?5 Apr 200276Centennial Park SAJew 498
AccoJacob Soloman1927?10 Dec 199871Centennial Park SAJew 497
AccoJeanette (Jeannette)1913?27 Sep 201097Centennial Park SAJew 583
AccoLeon Joseph77Centennial Park SAGen F Path 20, 808
AcfieldReginald James1913?23 Nov 198370Centennial Park SA
AcfieldRonald Oliver1920?19 Jul 200282Centennial Park SA
AcfieldSarah Jane52Centennial Park SAAca Path B, 2862
AcfieldWendy Isabel20Centennial Park SAAca B Path BQ, 886
AcfieldWilfred Reginald1890?11 Jan 197484Centennial Park SAAca Path B, 2862
AchatzAdrian Arno1939?7 Feb 200061Centennial Park SARC K Path 23, 1597
AchatzHermann69Centennial Park SARC F Path 5, 323
AchatzPaula Hendrika1910?9 Jul 199787Centennial Park SARC F Path 5, 323
AchcenitJaromir1917?19 Nov 199275Centennial Park SAGen H Path 6, 244
AchillesEvelyn Jean1923?4 Aug 201087Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Rose Bed CN39, 022
AchillesSteve1931?7 Mar 201382Centennial Park SAChar Nwm Rose Bed CN39, 022
AcholsonFrieda85Centennial Park SAGen F Path 22, 877
AckerieMaurice35Centennial Park SARC A Path AV, 463A
AckerieStephen [Steve]68Centennial Park SARC A Path AV, 463A
AckerlAnna1911?12 Mar 199483Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W20, 089
AckerlAnton1914?27 Aug 200086Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W20, 089
AckermannBela1923?11 May 200986Centennial Park SA
AckermannShirley Maxwell1921?26 Jan 199473Centennial Park SA
AcklandAlice Mary45Centennial Park SAGen E Path 4, 277
AcklandColin Robert1927?1 May 200679Centennial Park SAAca Path L, 2078
AcklandDorothy Elizabeth85Centennial Park SAAca E Path 23, 437A
AcklandEthel MaudeCentennial Park SA
AcklandJacquelin Merle1947?19 Jun 200659Centennial Park SA
AcklandJohn Lewis1934?11 Feb 200672Centennial Park SA
AcklandMarlene Doreen1933?14 Oct 200875Centennial Park SALwn 3 Path 15, 1166
AcklandMary Ellen1908?27 Aug 199284Centennial Park SAAffy Wall 211, G002
AcklandRobert85Centennial Park SAAca E Path 23, 437A
AcklandShirley Isabel1925?28 Jan 200883Centennial Park SACol Wall 13, D017
AcklandStanley Frederick1905?27 Apr 196661Centennial Park SASE Tree 019, 001
AcklandWilliam Charles52Centennial Park SAGen AF Path 25, 558A
Ackland-HormanAlison Cudmore1920?17 Apr 200484Centennial Park SA
Ackland-HormanSuzanne Marie1947?4 May 196821Centennial Park SASE Indiv Rose Bed 1, 585
Ackland-HormanWilliam Dinwoodie1914?19 Nov 197965Centennial Park SA
Ackland-HormanWilliam Dinwoodie1944?4 May 196824Centennial Park SASE Indiv Rose Bed 1, 585
AckroydLaurence1924?2 May 200783Centennial Park SA
AcottFrederick Thomas1908?8 Oct 198375Centennial Park SA
AcottHelen1900?20 Sep 198787Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W17, 048
AcottLorna Jean1915?16 Feb 199782Centennial Park SAServ Fam Rose Bed 7, 002
AcottNatasha Louise1975?8 Jul 201338Centennial Park SA
AcottVernon Ernest1914?1 Jul 196450Centennial Park SADrk Gdn of Rem Tree Bed 29, 020
AcourtAdelaide Doris1903?19 Dec 198380Centennial Park SAAca B Path BR, 936
AcourtWalter Charles1900?23 Mar 199090Centennial Park SAAca B Path BR, 936
AcresClement Victor1909?3 Apr 199687Centennial Park SA
AcresCyril69Centennial Park SAGen AB Path 19, 510A
AcresDorothy78Centennial Park SAGen AB Path 19, 510A
AcresGeorge Edward1928?18 Sep 201082Centennial Park SA
AcresIsabella Pearl1932?2 Mar 200876Centennial Park SA
AcsJoseph1920?13 Oct 201191Centennial Park SA
AcsRosa Katharina1920?7 Oct 200888Centennial Park SA
ActonAndy William2 May 2002Centennial Park SA
ActonCraig Darren1972?28 Feb 199119Centennial Park SA
ActonHelen Jane1976?17 May 200731Centennial Park SARC K Path 8, 356
ActonJames83Centennial Park SAGen AF Path 12, 561
AcunaRaul Aquino1962?2 Apr 200644Centennial Park SA
AdairDennis John1942?13 Feb 201270Centennial Park SA
AdairLillian Augusta1889?16 Sep 197687Centennial Park SA
AdairLillie Nimmo86Centennial Park SAGen Path 19, 1311
AdairLynne Rose1954?17 Aug 200551Centennial Park SA
AdairWilliam46Centennial Park SAGen E Path 4, 225
AdamAdam47Centennial Park SARC F Path 24, 1918
AdamAlbert1904?11 Mar 197470Centennial Park SA
AdamAlexander1901?15 Sep 199089Centennial Park SAServ Fam Shrub Bed 4, 001
AdamAlexander Dove1908?9 Apr 199688Centennial Park SANative Shrub Area F, 034
AdamAngela1933?9 Aug 201178Centennial Park SAOrt B Path 19, 1352
AdamAnthony1931?30 Aug 199665Centennial Park SARC H Path 9, 176
AdamArthur James1911?15 Dec 200796Centennial Park SA
AdamCharles Marmaduke1902?4 Jul 197876Centennial Park SA
AdamChristina Jane1961?5 Dec 198423Centennial Park SA
AdamDavid Bonar50Centennial Park SAGen B Path 12, 953
AdamElizabeth Orr1910?23 Oct 198070Centennial Park SA
AdamFrederick Lonsdale78Centennial Park SADrk Gdns Path 35, 170A
AdamGordon1931?4 Apr 198352Centennial Park SA
AdamHendrick Ari62Centennial Park SARC F Path 17, 1314
AdamJames Robert1912?24 Oct 199684Centennial Park SA
AdamJean Margaret1910?18 May 200898Centennial Park SA
AdamJean Simpson1933?28 Oct 198249Centennial Park SAEast Area Rose Bed E8, 030A
AdamJens Herbert Rolf1948?21 Sep 200860Centennial Park SA
AdamJohanna Francisca Antonia62Centennial Park SARC F Path 17, 1314
AdamJohn Francis1929?1 Dec 198051Centennial Park SA
AdamJohn Kneebone1935?17 Jun 196732Centennial Park SAEast Area Rose Bed E8, 030
AdamLaurel Gladys1907?25 Apr 197770Centennial Park SA
AdamLeslie George1925?17 Sep 197651Centennial Park SA
AdamLois Lorraine1936?28 Jul 200973Centennial Park SA
AdamMarie Lorrainne1910?23 Jul 197464Centennial Park SA
AdamMary1898?14 Nov 198890Centennial Park SA
AdamMary1911?26 Feb 199483Centennial Park SANative Shrub Area F, 034
AdamMatthew1911?14 Jan 197564Centennial Park SA
AdamMaud75Centennial Park SAGen D Path 4, 159B
AdamMavis Clarence85Centennial Park SAGen B Path 12, 953
AdamMoussa1972?27 May 201240Centennial Park SARC H Path 10, 268
AdamNina Liestelle1912?18 Oct 197765Centennial Park SA
AdamOlivia Rose7 May 1999Centennial Park SAChild 2 Pnat Path 26, 1122A
AdamPercival Julian1895?5 Mar 196671Centennial Park SAWest Rose Bed W22, 025
AdamRobert Wayne1900?3 Jul 198282Centennial Park SA
AdamRozalia61Centennial Park SARC F Path 26, 2102
AdamStuart1975?16 Feb 201136Centennial Park SAHibiscus Ct Coral Tree Bed 1, 001
AdamSusan Veronica1909?27 May 200293Centennial Park SAServ Fam Shrub Bed 4, 001
AdamThomas Graham1924?21 Oct 200480Centennial Park SAServ Fam Rose Bed 10, 011
AdamThomas Wilson79Centennial Park SAGen Path 18, 1259
AdamThomas Wilson1898?23 Oct 197274Centennial Park SA
AdamTimothy Drew1966?24 Jan 19693Centennial Park SA
AdamVasilios1927?1 Oct 200275Centennial Park SAOrt B Path 19, 1352
AdamVera Evelyn1897?5 Aug 197477Centennial Park SA
AdamWilliam1916?24 Sep 200084Centennial Park SAServ Fam Rose Bed 9, 054
AdamWilliam Hunter1902?11 Dec 196765Centennial Park SA
AdamczykBruno Adam JosefCentennial Park SARC E Path 22, 390A
AdamczykJan55Centennial Park SARC G Path 2, 63
AdamczykKathleen Patricia1929?26 May 200778Centennial Park SA
AdamczykMaria Berta1919?9 Jun 199879Centennial Park SARC E Path 22, 389A
AdamczykWladyslaw1910?19 May 199686Centennial Park SARC E Path 22, 389A
AdamiAgostino John1941?20 Jun 200867Centennial Park SARC K Path 7, 220
AdamiCarmelo Domenico75Centennial Park SALwn 1 Couch Path 40, 2143
AdamiGiuseppina1919?5 Apr 199172Centennial Park SALwn 1 Couch Path 40, 2143
AdamiPasquale1938?3 May 200971Centennial Park SARC Path 12, 844B
AdamkiewiczKlemens44Centennial Park SARC A Path AP, 985
AdamoGiovanni58Centennial Park SARC G Path 3, 98
AdamoGiuseppe1936?11 Dec 19393Centennial Park SALwn 1 Path 39, 2076
AdamsAgnes Sylvia1907?29 Apr 198982Centennial Park SAEast Wall 36, F002

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