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1 cemetery found

Kingswood (Penrith General)Cox Ave, Kingswood NSW 2747208

12 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
FieldArthur Bruce11 Dec 192217 Dec 199472son/Charles Henry & Edith May (Clarke); h/Doris Emily (Tickner)Kingswood NSWLawn
Horner (Clarke)Agnes Adeline1899?4 Dec 197374dau/James & Philadelphia (Carter); b. Nowra, NSW, Australia; w/Joseph RussellKingswood NSW
Irwin (Carter)Philidelphia18 Jul 18599 Apr 192969formerly Clarke, Rollan; dau/Henry & Maria (Moon); b. Avondale, NSW, Australia; w/James Robert (Rollan) & James (Clarke) & JamesKingswood NSW
OrchardNicole Lee28 Dec 19745 Feb 19750dau/Victor Harold & MargaretKingswood NSW
OrchardVictor Harold10 Apr 193918 Sep 201475Kingswood NSW
SheensClarence Roy1919?28 May 194728son/Arthur & Ella E (Dunstan); b. Penrith, NSW, Australia; h/Rita Emily (Grant)Kingswood NSWMeth
TicknerArthur Ray29 Mar 191524 Jan 198569son/John Oliver & Louisa Dorothy (Duhr); b. Penrith, NSW, Australia; h/Kathleen Edith (Watts)Kingswood NSW
TicknerEdward24 Aug 186719 Dec 192659son/Henry & Martha (Rideout); b. Razorback, NSW, Australia; h/Rebecca (Washer)Kingswood NSWMethodist
TicknerJohn Oliver19 Feb 188817 Oct 196375son/John & Alice Jane (Domonish); b. Fish River, NSW, Australia; h/Louisa Dorothy (Duhr)Kingswood NSW
Tickner (Watts)Kathleen Edith17 Nov 192227 Dec 199472dau/Henry Jacob & Florence Edith (Norman); b. England; w/Arthur RayKingswood NSW
Tickner (Duhr)Louisa Dorothy26 Dec 188421 Jul 195974dau/Frank & Wilhelmine (Tash); b. Hull, Yorkshire, England; w/John OliverKingswood NSW
WallisSylvia Ethel25 May 18802 Nov 197090dau/James & Mary Ann; b. Wooton Bassett, Wiltshire, EnglandKingswood NSW

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