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1 cemetery found

NewbridgeWimbledon Rd, Newbridge NSW 2795177

31 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BainesTerrence Patrick31 Oct 195529 Mar 201256Newbridge NSW
BrodieFrederick Edward7 Dec 194330 Aug 200056Newbridge NSW
CampbellCharles Bruce3 Oct 192922 May 19263Newbridge NSW
CampbellLily Gladys5 Feb 190622 Nov 199589Newbridge NSW
CampbellRonald15 Apr 192620 Jun 199468Newbridge NSW
CharltonPercy Edward1921?5 Jul 194120Newbridge NSW
EdwardsAngela Lorraine1919?30 Jan 193213Newbridge NSW
EdwardsEllen1851?6 Jun 193281Newbridge NSW
EdwardsFrancis1871?10 Aug 192958Newbridge NSW
EdwardsJohn1883?25 May 196279Newbridge NSW
EdwardsLouis15 Jun 18449 Aug 191268Newbridge NSW
EdwardsMargaret Agnes1887?19 May 193144Newbridge NSW
EdwardsMary1885?27 Feb 196681Newbridge NSW
EdwardsThomas1873?25 Aug 196188Newbridge NSW
HadeEthel28 Feb 1900Newbridge NSW
HamerDavid Prichard10 Feb 193122 Nov 194110Newbridge NSW
HealeyPatrick1815?10 Aug 190489Newbridge NSW
HudsonClara Beatrice29 Aug 192021 Mar 201392Newbridge NSW
LockhartJohn1859?11 Dec 192465Newbridge NSW
McGrathArthur Wayne27 Feb 19461 Feb 201669Newbridge NSW
Mullaly (Bertie)Daphne Alice16 Jun 192513 Nov 201287w/Reginald ClaudeNewbridge NSW
MullalyReginald Claude191212 Mar 199077son/William John & Susan Catherine (Hodson); b. Bowral, NSW; h/Daphne Alice (Bertie)Newbridge NSW
MullalyReginald George8 Dec 194620 Sep 201568son/Reginald Claude & Daphne Alice (Bertie); h/Margaret Joy (Germein)Newbridge NSW
O'ConnellDaniel1838?19 Sep 191577Newbridge NSW
O'ConnellMary1848?14 Mar 193789Newbridge NSW
PetersDonna Maria24 Aug 194927 Mar 199949Newbridge NSW
RossDelma Mone27 Jan 192227 Aug 201795Newbridge NSW
Sharwood (Charlton)Edna Mavis7 Apr 191614 Aug 200286Newbridge NSW
StewartCaroline2 Dec 1922Newbridge NSW
StewartIvy May18 May 190520 May 19050Newbridge NSW
StewartLeslie Thomas9 May 190323 Jul 19041Newbridge NSW

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