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Harden Murrumburrah (Murrumburrah General and Lawn)25 Cemetery Rd, Murrumburrah NSW 2587770

13 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Dacey (Sheehan)Mary Anne Theodora (Dolly)29 Apr 189325 Aug 1995102dau/Patrick J & Emily Amelia L C (Lupton); b. Gundagai, New South Wales, Australia; w/Daniel JosephHarden Murrumburrah NSWCatholic 2, 29
LanhamGarry Norman1940?25 Apr 198646son/Norman & Mary Grace (Mitchell); h/Robyn Margaret (Shea)Harden Murrumburrah NSWCatholic 29, 12
LanhamWalter Roy (Mick)14 Jun 191518 Jul 199176son/Walter & Jessie Frances Ellen (Bloomfield); b. Murrumburrah, New South Wales, Australia; h/Joyce Miriam (Lewis)Harden Murrumburrah NSWLawn Row B, Right, 55
MyersPeter Francis190012 May 197978son/Peter Robert & Annie Pauline (Fischer); b. Temora, New South Wales, Australia; h/Winifred Izetta (Dunne)Harden Murrumburrah NSWCatholic 32, 7
MyersWilliam Maxwell (Max)192718 Dec 198861son/William Royston & Theresa G (Myers); h/Noela Connie (Burns)Harden Murrumburrah NSWLawn RH Circle inner, 277
NicollsMurray James6 Oct 192420 May 202095son/William Alexander & Sarah Ann (Summerfield); b. Young, New South Wales, Australia; h/Phyllis Joyce (Foss); NX174439 (N441113)Harden Murrumburrah NSWLawn RH Circle outer, 260
Nicolls (Foss)Phyllis Joyce4 Sep 192615 Feb 198760dau/Hubert & Phyllis Audrey (Perry); b. Rosehill, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; w/Murray JamesHarden Murrumburrah NSWLawn RH Circle outer, 260
PottsPaul James Gerard23 Oct 196219 Sep 198522son/Colin Robert & Mary Eileen (Stewart)Harden Murrumburrah NSWCatholic 33, 12
Ross (Beveridge)Elizabeth Emily18644 Mar 194479dau/Thomas & Christina (Maclaughlan); b. Deniliquin, New South Wales, Australia; w/William EglintonHarden Murrumburrah NSWPresbyterian H, 3b
RossWilliam Eglinton10 Apr 185514 Sep 192469son/Alexander & Janet (Forrest); b. Gumeracha, South Australia, Australia; h/Elizabeth Emily (Beveridge)Harden Murrumburrah NSWPresbyterian H, 3b
SummerfieldAlfred George1 May 190012 Feb 197575son/James Henry Lewis & Mary Ann (Whybrow); b. Murrumburrah, New South Wales, Australia; h/Ann Catherine (Edwards)Harden Murrumburrah NSWAnglican R, 62
SummerfieldMary Therese5 Aug 192817 Nov 198961Harden Murrumburrah NSWCatholic 33, 20-21(a)
WebbEric Geoffrey27 Jan 192130 Aug 199170h/Edna (Mayhew); NX141693 Aust. ArmyHarden Murrumburrah NSWLawn B, Right, 53

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