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1 cemetery found

Milparinka TownCollege Road, Milparinka NSW 288050

47 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Milparinka Town NSW
?Milparinka Town NSW
?Milparinka Town NSW
?Milparinka Town NSW
?Milparinka Town NSW
?Milparinka Town NSW
?Jon...1970?25 Sep 201242Milparinka Town NSW
AlexanderJohn [Bindy]1956?25 Dec 19637son/Alex & EvelynMilparinka Town NSW
BakerEllen1942Milparinka Town NSW
BakerJeremiah1866Milparinka Town NSW
BakerRobertMilparinka Town NSW
BakerSilvina MayMay 1900?2 Nov 19011y 6mdau/T & MMilparinka Town NSW
BatesEdward1843?188643Milparinka Town NSW
BloreFrederick13 Jan 18234 Mar 190077b. Piccadilly, London, England; h/Louisa (Hart)Milparinka Town NSW
BloreFrederick16 May 187820 Jun 18785wson/George & RoseMilparinka Town NSW
BloreGeorge30 Apr 184917 Jun 192879son/Frederick & Louisa; b. Pimlico, London, England; h/Rose (Miller)Milparinka Town NSW
BloreHarry1 Dec 192813 Dec 199870Milparinka Town NSW
Blore (Hart)Louisa182721 Jun 185528b. London, England; w/FrederickMilparinka Town NSW
BloreRobertFeb 1854?22 Apr 185514mson/Frederick & LouisaMilparinka Town NSW
Blore (Miller)Rose15 Oct 185611 May 194589b. Stepney, London, England; w/GeorgeMilparinka Town NSW
BloreWilliam [Briany]1898?189815wson/George & RoseMilparinka Town NSW
BonnettHenry Joseph1868?13 Jan 191345Milparinka Town NSW
CallaghanRoss1865?26 Dec 188621Milparinka Town NSW
ChambersMildred Annette18 Nov 1889dau/Henry & AnneMilparinka Town NSW
ChambersThomas Wakefield1832?6 Aug 191886Milparinka Town NSW
CluneCornelius1841?28 Mar 192079Milparinka Town NSW
CluneMary Ann1848?16 Nov 190759w/CorneliusMilparinka Town NSW
ConnorsHugh FrederickSep 1852?30 Jun 188633y 9mMilparinka Town NSW
DavieEmily Maureen1929?17 Jun 201687Milparinka Town NSW
JacksonHerbMilparinka Town NSW
LangJohn1859?29 Nov 188324Milparinka Town NSW
LangThomas1866?10 Feb 188418Milparinka Town NSW
MidwinterJohn1858?18 Jun 190244Milparinka Town NSW
O'ConnorDorothy1939?2 Jul 201273Milparinka Town NSW
O'Connor (Collard)Emily [Granny Snow]3 Nov 1943w/James Albert (Collard)Milparinka Town NSW
O'ConnorHugh6 Jul 188512 Feb 198094son/James Albert & EmilyMilparinka Town NSW
O'ConnorJames Albert1850?3 Sep 192777h/Emily [Granny Snow]Milparinka Town NSW
O'ConnorJames Albert29 Jul 18879 Jan 196880Milparinka Town NSW
O'ConnorKathleen Emily1882?21 Nov 189412dau/J A & E OMilparinka Town NSW
O'ConnorLuke John7 Oct 195828 Aug 200445h/Anita JaneMilparinka Town NSW
O'ConnorRose Catherine19 May 19098 Sep 198677w/James AlbertMilparinka Town NSW
SmithBlore [Mac]6 Jul 191528 Jan 200185Milparinka Town NSW
SmithFrederick G22 Jun 19113 Sep 19121Milparinka Town NSW
SmithJane E10 Nov 19172 Feb 19257Milparinka Town NSW
SmithRose3 Jun 188626 Sep 192741Milparinka Town NSW
StrieffGeorge1854?3 Oct 188329Milparinka Town NSW
WoodEdith Stella30 Nov 18964 Apr 18981dau/W A & A JMilparinka Town NSW

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