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1 cemetery found

Maitland JewishRoss Lane, Louth Park NSW 232054

54 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Abadee (Lewis)Leah1910?5 Jul 2010100dau/Isaac & RoseMaitland Jewish NSW45
BarnettMichael1836?5 Jun 190569Maitland Jewish NSW21
BenjaminMorris1836?3 Oct 189761Maitland Jewish NSW17
CohenBarnett L1844?30 Dec 188036son/Lewis & SarahMaitland Jewish NSW28
CohenCeliaJan 1859?19 Oct 18600dau/MorrisMaitland Jewish NSW35
CohenDavid1854?14 Oct 18617son/LewisMaitland Jewish NSW36
CohenEthelMay 1904?14 Feb 19050dau/George & RoseMaitland Jewish NSW40
CohenGeorge Judah1820?15 Jan 188969Maitland Jewish NSW14
CohenHannahMar 1848?25 Jul 18490Maitland Jewish NSW31
CohenHenry1815?6 Jan 186045Maitland Jewish NSW34
CohenHenry SamuelFeb 1861?6 May 18621son/William & SarahMaitland Jewish NSW37
CohenJane1838?29 Jun 184911Maitland Jewish NSW32
CohenLeah1869?30 Jul 18745dau/George & RoseMaitland Jewish NSW41
CohenMorris1827?22 Aug 187851Maitland Jewish NSW44
DavisHarry Septimus1862?15 Jan 189735son/A BMaitland Jewish NSW15
FriedmanHenry Nathaniel1862?1 Jan 187715Maitland Jewish NSW8
FriedmanIsabella1848?1 Feb 192476w/JosephMaitland Jewish NSW
FriedmanJoseph1838?11 Nov 190668Maitland Jewish NSW
FriedmanNathaniel JacobNov 1876?16 Jan 18770Maitland Jewish NSW10
FrischDaniel1834?17 Sep 189763Maitland Jewish NSW16
GoulstonRosina1860?27 May 18622dau/JosephMaitland Jewish NSW6?
GoulstonSolomon1902?4 Feb 19053son/JosephMaitland Jewish NSW7?
HarrisHenry1804?26 Nov 185955Maitland Jewish NSW5
HarrisSolomon1811?13 Sep 187867Maitland Jewish NSW4
HartBenjamin1821?3 Oct 190584Maitland Jewish NSW24
HartElizabeth1833?26 Jan 186936w/SamuelMaitland Jewish NSW38
HartHenry1852?27 Aug 193179Maitland Jewish NSW23
HartSamuel1830?7 Jul 187747Maitland Jewish NSW43
IllfieldCaroline1833?11 Apr 190572Maitland Jewish NSW1
IllfieldMyer1851?27 Jun 192473Maitland Jewish NSW1
IrwinRuby Violet1897?0Maitland Jewish NSW
IsraelCharles LewisJun 1851?16 Dec 186817son/IsaacMaitland Jewish NSW12
IsraelElizabeth1808?19 Jun 186557w/IsaacMaitland Jewish NSW27
LeviMoses1794?13 May 185763Maitland Jewish NSW
LevieGeorge24 Jan 1905son/Wilfred & RebeccaMaitland Jewish NSW
LevienGeorge1848?28 Jun 18524son/AlfredMaitland Jewish NSW11
LevienMyalla1850?21 Nov 18544dau/AlfredMaitland Jewish NSW11
LevyCelia1852?7 Dec 18542dau/L WMaitland Jewish NSW30
LevyJulia AlphaJan 1879?27 Aug 18800dau/Benn W & ZaraMaitland Jewish NSW29?
LevyLydia IsabellaMar 1896?23 Jan 18981dau/S & AbbieMaitland Jewish NSW26
LewisRachel1835?24 Mar 190873w/SamMaitland Jewish NSW22
LewisSamuel W1835?23 May 190368Maitland Jewish NSW19
LipmanIsaac1853?26 Mar 193481Maitland Jewish NSW
LipmanLena RebeccaJul 1881?25 Jan 18820dau/Robert & SarahMaitland Jewish NSW25
LipmanRobert1836?28 May 190266Maitland Jewish NSW18
LipmanSarah1853?17 Aug 190350w/RobertMaitland Jewish NSW20
MandelsonHyam Elias1861?16 Dec 191958Maitland Jewish NSW2
Marks (Benjamin)Elizabeth1845?18 Jul 187530dau/Samuel; w/JosephMaitland Jewish NSW42
MarksHarriet23 Mar 18698 Jun 18690dau/Joseph & ElizabethMaitland Jewish NSW39
MartinIsaac1847?24 Mar 187932Maitland Jewish NSW3
MosesJoseph4 Aug 1867son/John & SarahMaitland Jewish NSW
PykeMoses Louis17 Aug 1894son/EbenezerMaitland Jewish NSW
ReubenMorrisFeb 1904?1 Feb 19050Maitland Jewish NSW33
SamuelsJohn1794?6 Nov 187379Maitland Jewish NSW13

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