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1 cemetery found

Louthoff Bourke-Wilcannia Rd, Louth NSW 284080

78 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Louth NSW
?Louth NSW
?Louth NSW
?Louth NSW
BennettRoseMay 1884?23 Mar 188510mdau/F & ElizaLouth NSW
BoedeWilli Karl Hermann6 Aug 19392 Jul 200767h/Sandra Fay (Jones)Louth NSW
BradyWilliam1843?27 Jul 192178son/Thomas & HannahLouth NSW
BrothertonHorace George1929?31 Dec 19334son/John B & Grace ALouth NSW
BryanWilliam1837?28 Feb 187740Louth NSW
ChappleEliza1847?22 Feb 188437Louth NSW
CockEdward William1827?13 Apr 189265Louth NSW
CockGeorge1844?21 Jul 189147son/William & Mary A; h/Sarah J (Eastwood)Louth NSW
CockWilliam Henry19 Oct 187521 Dec 18759wson/GeorgeLouth NSW
CorcoranEdward1853?13 Nov 188128Louth NSW
CornishWilliam Henry1847?26 Sep 187730Louth NSW
DakeThomas1839?21 Feb 188445Louth NSW
DaureckJohn1834?3 Dec 187743Louth NSW
DouglasJohn1840?7 Sep 187636Louth NSW
DuncanJohn Alexander23 Dec 193629 Jul 201174h/PatsyLouth NSW
EdwardsHenry1849?10 May 193485son/William & BrownLouth NSW
EllwoodIan NoelMay 1957?30 Jul 19572mson/Edward & RoseLouth NSW
GarrottFrederick1852?25 Feb 188230Louth NSW
GillRichard Charles9 Aug 188019 Oct 188071dson/John Barry & Margaret; b. Bourke NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
GillettJames Leslie Douglas190124 Oct 19032son/Harry & Emma; b. Bourke NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
GrimesMary1830?188252Louth NSW
HeronGeorge1835?7 Jun 190065Louth NSW
HopkinsMartin1832?12 Feb 188250Louth NSW
HughesElyah1842?20 Oct 187735Louth NSW
JordanAllan Edward1916?17 Aug 198165Louth NSW
KentWilliam Charles2 Mar 1882Louth NSW
KerrThomas1866?10 Feb 188923son/John & Mary; b. Kilcurry, Co Antrim, IrelandLouth NSW
KerrWilliam Thomas1856?26 Jan 192064son/John & Mary; h/ZellahLouth NSW
KevanEdward Pearce28 Mar 188413 Jun 188411wson/Edward P & Mary I or J; b. Bourke NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
LanesMarie OliveLouth NSW
LanesMary Olive1830?12 May 188252Louth NSW
LawrensonLawrence1845?13 Oct 190055Louth NSW
LemmeyThomas1834?24 Nov 188854Louth NSW
MacFarlaneJohn Edmond17 Feb 184013 Jul 190161son/John; b. ChateauGuay Quebec, CanadaLouth NSW
MacgawRobert1841?2 May 188342Louth NSW
MarshMaggie May12 May 188311 Jun 188330ddau/Thomas John & Margaret Jane (Mathews); b. Louth NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
MarshMary Maude12 Dec 187914 Dec 18792ddau/Thomas John & Margaret Jane (Mathews); b. Louth NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
MarshMary Maude13 Dec 187922 Mar 18855dau/Thomas John & Margaret Jane (Mathews); b. Louth NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
MathewsCharles Thomas188118 May 18831son/Patrick & Annie (Raey); b. Bourke NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
MathewsFrank15 Oct 186816 Oct 18681dson/Thomas Andrew & Mary (Devine); b. Louth NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
Mathews (Devine)Mary1829?19 Aug 186942dau/Peter or Patrick & Ann or Margaret (Fegan Fagan Phelan ?); b. Whitehaven, Cumberland., England; w/Thomas AndrewLouth NSW
Mathews (Larkin)Mary184925 Nov 187122dau/Thomas & Johanna; b. Gippsland VIC, Australia; w/Thomas AndrewLouth NSW
MathewsThomas Andrew12 May 192515 Dec 191388son/Thomas & Margaret Clare (Miller); b. Louth, Co Louth, Ireland; h/Mary Larkins & Susan Maria (Wilson) & Clara (Childs)Louth NSW
MathewsWilliam Devine31 Dec 185714 Jan 192366son/Thomas Andrew & Mary (Devine); b. Newcastle, England; h/Augusta (Heine) & Kathleen Olive (Wallace)Louth NSW
MayVictor1905?27 Jul 193126Louth NSW
McIntoshMary1876?5 Mar 18793dau/Hugh & ElizabethLouth NSW
MooringNoel Francis7 May 192326 Jan 200177h/Alwyn AmyLouth NSW
MorrisonKathleen May1 Jun 192323 Jun 192322dLouth NSW
MorrisonRobert1848?7 Jan 188840Louth NSW
MuellerFrederick1828?23 Jun 188355Louth NSW
MurrayDavid1940?25 Dec 197535Louth NSW
NevellDaniel1848?6 Aug 187729Louth NSW
PearsonEmily Louisa21 Aug 18629 Apr 190643dau/Charles & Susan Maria (Wilson); b. Campbell's Ck NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
PearsonWilliam Percy29 Aug 189123 Sep 189125dson/Leonard S & Emily L (Ray); b. Bourke NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
PetersonJames1844?13 Jan 192177Louth NSW
PlumElie5 Aug 1877Louth NSW
PowellThomas1843?27 Jun 189350Louth NSW
PughIvy OliveAug 1890?18 Apr 18918mdau/William & Isabella M (McPherson); b. Bourke NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
QuinnJames1852?13 Oct 188230Louth NSW
QuinnWilliam John19 Jun 187931 Jul 18796wson/Michael & Margaret; b. Bourke NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
RaganCatherineJul 1879?15 Feb 18807mdau/John & MaryLouth NSW
RoseGeorge AugustusSep 1882?9 Jul 188310mson/George A & Ellen (McLeod); b. Cobar NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
RyanThomas1810?5 Jun 188373son/ThomasLouth NSW
SpencerAmeliaMar 1868?30 Mar 18681mdau/George & BridgetLouth NSW
StreetAlfred William15 Feb 18374 Jul 188245son/John & Maria Wood (Rendell); b. Bathurst District, NSW, Australia; h/Martha (McDonald nee Lakeman)Louth NSWAng. unkm
TullyRobert McKay1863?19 Apr 191148son/John & Eliza; h/Annie MariaLouth NSW
TurnerSusan1861?20 Jul 188120dau/John & Susan; w/Alfred DLouth NSW
VernonCharlotte May31 Mar 189110 Apr 189110ddau/Ronald S & Charlotte (Howell); b. Bourke NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
VernonMyrtle Estelle19 Apr 189226 Jul 189214wdau/Ronald S & Charlotte (Howell); b. Bourke NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
WallaceHannah20 Apr 189127 Apr 18917ddau/Kate O; b. Bourke NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
WallaceMyrtle AugustusOct 1879?19 Jan 18803mdau/William V & Anna S; b. Bourke NSW, AustraliaLouth NSW
WallaceWilliam Vernon1839?4 Nov 191071son/William & KatherineLouth NSW
WheelerFrederick1862?19 Sep 188624Louth NSW
WilcoxAlfred Kenneth29 Apr 191316 Jul 199380Louth NSW

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