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1 cemetery found

Liverpool General (Liverpool Catholic)207 Moore St, Liverpool NSW 217028912

27199 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AbardHarry6 Nov 1926Liverpool General NSWSelect E, 3
AbateFrancesco1915?2 Jun 199378Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 14E, 19
AbateMichele1923?14 Nov 199168Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 5E, 4
AbboGiovanni1931?27 Jan 200473Liverpool General NSW22 468
AbbonizioIolanda1937?21 Aug 199760Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 17E 3, 3
AbbottCharles1844?12 Jan 189551Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 18
AbbottFlorence4 Sep 1958Liverpool General NSWAng H 4, 168
AbbottJacob4 May 1939Liverpool General NSWBpt B, 33
AbbottWilliam1830?3 Jun 192090Liverpool General NSWPauper 7 49
Abdel-malikRaouf1923?9 Jul 199673Liverpool General NSWAng Lwn 104
AbelaAngelo Pasquale1895?16 Dec 196974Liverpool General NSW17 1016
AbelaCarmen May1911?8 Apr 199786Liverpool General NSW17 1020
AbelaJoseph1951?25 Mar 198231Liverpool General NSW17 1018
AbercombieEvelyn Kathleen1879?26 Apr 196182Liverpool General NSWSelect M, 166
AbercrombieErnest Walter1875?1 Nov 195782Liverpool General NSWAng H 2, 118
AblettGeorge William1903?19 Mar 198077Liverpool General NSWAng Select 338
AblettPhyllis Mary1911?14 Sep 200998Liverpool General NSWAng Select 338
Abou KhaderYousef1942?2 Mar 199957Liverpool General NSWAng Lwn 154
Abou-rjeiliRose1961?6 Jul 200746Liverpool General NSWGen B, 80
AbourjeilyYvonne1923?14 Mar 200885Liverpool General NSWGen A, 0S
AbrahamRaichel1942?30 May 200159Liverpool General NSWAng Lwn 202
AbrahamRita1937?1 Feb 201174Liverpool General NSW20 56E
AbrahamsCecilia1922?11 Feb 200987Liverpool General NSWSt Brigid 22
AbrahamsWilliam1836?11 Oct 190569son/WilliamLiverpool General NSWPauper 14 73
AbrahamseClifford Manuel1924?1 Oct 199975Liverpool General NSWAng Lwn 188
AbrahamsonAlbin1892?3 Jan 194654Liverpool General NSWAng E 9, 4
AbsolomCharles1836?8 Nov 189862Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 502
AcimovicDjurdja1938?2 Oct 201375Liverpool General NSWAng 506
AcitelliAngela1905?14 Nov 199287Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 1E, 21
AcitelliGiulio1908?14 Oct 200092Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 1E, 20
AcitelliRosa1936?20 May 200266Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 2W, 18
AcitelliSante1935?16 Jul 199762Liverpool General NSW22 667
AckaryAnawin26 Jul 198328 Jul 19830Liverpool General NSW17 1208
AckerleyRichard1867?24 Apr 190538Liverpool General NSWPauper 14 22
AckleyRobert Alexander1885?6 Jan 195974Liverpool General NSWAng H 4, 154
AcocksHerbert1880?25 Jan 194666Liverpool General NSWAng H 18, 141
AcostaElbio1912?5 Apr 200088Liverpool General NSWR Rose Gdn 81
AcostaVictoria Jacinta1908?31 Aug 199688Liverpool General NSWSda Lwn 47
AcroydChristopher1947?6 Jun 196215Liverpool General NSWAng H 7, 79
AdamCharles2 Dec 1929Liverpool General NSWSelect G, 53
AdamikWladyslaw1914?3 Nov 197864Liverpool General NSW19 135
AdamoAntonina1927?15 Feb 200578Liverpool General NSW17 521
AdamoVincenzo Pasquale1927?15 Feb 200578Liverpool General NSW17 521
AdamovicStevo1934?4 Nov 199359Liverpool General NSWBap M, 22
AdamovicsAnna11 Jul 1977Liverpool General NSWBap C, 84
AdamovicsEddie (Joseph)14 Oct 1978Liverpool General NSWBap C, 84
AdamsAlbert1870?20 Aug 190333Liverpool General NSWPauper 14 78
AdamsAlexander20 May 1934Liverpool General NSWSelect H, 72
AdamsAlfred12 Oct 1923Liverpool General NSWGen B, 10
AdamsAlfred1848?29 Sep 190658Liverpool General NSWPauper 14 168
AdamsAlice1850?26 Mar 194595Liverpool General NSWUtg L, 35
AdamsArthur HenryNov 1927?13 Dec 19270Liverpool General NSWAng B 2, 102
AdamsArthur Robert1906?17 Oct 198781Liverpool General NSWY Rose Gdn 18
AdamsCatherine May5 Sep 1926Liverpool General NSWSelect E, 17
AdamsCharles1822?23 Feb 189573Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 31
AdamsEdward Leslie1936?4 Aug 201074Liverpool General NSWDivinity 1
AdamsElizabeth1899?21 Apr 198384Liverpool General NSWAng H 9, 28
AdamsErnest1928?2 Oct 198153Liverpool General NSWAng I 1635
AdamsErnest Samuel David2 Aug 1977Liverpool General NSWSelect M, 84
AdamsEulalie1916?15 Dec 200488Liverpool General NSWAng Gdn2 18
AdamsFrancis5 Nov 1928Liverpool General NSWSelect F, 86
AdamsGeorge1861?1 Sep 194382Liverpool General NSWAng E 7, 61
AdamsHilda Alice1899?26 Apr 198384Liverpool General NSWAng I 1829
AdamsHilda Marion1907?10 Aug 198982Liverpool General NSWY Rose Gdn 18
AdamsJack1892?17 Oct 193947Liverpool General NSWSelect I, 2
AdamsJames1860?2 Aug 194585Liverpool General NSWSelect J, 203
AdamsJeanetta Mary26 Oct 1976Liverpool General NSWSelect M, 84
AdamsJohn1844?20 Dec 190965Liverpool General NSWPauper 4 12
AdamsJohn1911?6 Apr 197665Liverpool General NSW20 385
AdamsJohn Charles1860?27 Sep 192161Liverpool General NSWGen D, 98
AdamsJohn Jeffrey1885?2 May 195772Liverpool General NSWAng H 3, 38
AdamsJoseph1852?7 Aug 191563Liverpool General NSWPauper 5 154
AdamsJoseph1854?31 May 192167Liverpool General NSWPauper 7 101
AdamsKim Marie28 Aug 197228 Aug 1972sbLiverpool General NSW16 660
AdamsLeslie Joseph1873?1 Sep 193764Liverpool General NSWPauper 11 104
AdamsLillian1866?21 Oct 194882Liverpool General NSWAng H 17, 13
AdamsPatricia May3 Jan 1922Liverpool General NSWSelect D, 74
AdamsRaymond Ralph1937?14 Sep 198346Liverpool General NSWAng I 1805
AdamsRhonda Jean1948?11 Sep 19513Liverpool General NSWSelect M, 84
AdamsRichard James1911?18 Dec 198574Liverpool General NSWAng I 1023
AdamsViolet May1910?12 Oct 198878Liverpool General NSWAng I 1806
AdamsWilliam1837?17 Mar 191578Liverpool General NSWPauper 5 129
AdamsWilliam1854?28 Jul 193278Liverpool General NSWPauper 10 24
AdamsWilliam Charles1866?17 Feb 194074Liverpool General NSWPauper 12 79
AdamsWilliam Henry1924?29 Mar 198965Liverpool General NSWBap P 402
AdamsWilliam J1853?2 Feb 192572Liverpool General NSWPauper 8 89
AdamsonDarryl Leslie1968?18 Sep 200133Liverpool General NSWGen L, 116
AdamsonHenry James1871?23 Apr 195180Liverpool General NSWGen I, 115
AdamsonJames1839?25 May 191576Liverpool General NSWPauper 5 142
AdamsonJames Frederick1939?28 May 201374Liverpool General NSWGen L, 117
AdamsonRobert1850?8 Oct 191464Liverpool General NSWGen C, 107
AdattiniJamie20 Nov 199020 Nov 1990sbLiverpool General NSWNursery 21
AdderleyRichard Thomas1889?13 Jun 195667Liverpool General NSWAng H 2, 94
AddessoAngelo1928?20 Jan 199567Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 6E, 11
AdiMiliakere1951?30 Jul 199847Liverpool General NSWLwn I, 12
AdneyAndreas Anastiradus1873?17 Jun 194168Liverpool General NSWPauper 12 180
AfeakiEtuate1924?20 Dec 200783Liverpool General NSWSt Therese 185
AfeakiOfa1919?12 Feb 201192Liverpool General NSWSt Therese 185
AfituLei1930?23 Sep 199969Liverpool General NSW22 579
AfolauElia25 Oct 198925 Oct 1989sbLiverpool General NSWNursery 11
AgamalisIan1935?9 Apr 198853Liverpool General NSWGen O, 39
AgatsiotisAlexander1927?9 Jun 200073Liverpool General NSWAng Lwn 176
AgatsiotisNicholas1953?24 Sep 200249Liverpool General NSWAng Lwn 211
AginsCharles1873?9 Mar 195077Liverpool General NSWSelect K, 210
AgiusBaby VictoriaJan 1950?11 Apr 19500Liverpool General NSWLwn D, 22
AgiusGaetana1903?27 Nov 199188Liverpool General NSW22 216
AgiusHelen1924?13 Aug 200379Liverpool General NSW19 101
AgiusJohn1911?2 Feb 197867Liverpool General NSW19 101
AgiusLawrence John Vincent1922?16 Aug 201391Liverpool General NSWLwn D, 22
AgiusMary1933?5 Jan 198855Liverpool General NSWLwn D, 22
AgiusVincent1937?25 Oct 201275Liverpool General NSWUtg 46
AgnesHarry1 Nov 1921Liverpool General NSWSelect D, 70
AgnettiIlario1920?4 Feb 200585Liverpool General NSWCr Saints 2B 435
AgnewAlex1833?28 Aug 191784Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 85
AgnewBertrand John1890?13 Jul 197080Liverpool General NSW17 982
AgnewLillian Jane1884?13 Dec 197288Liverpool General NSWAng I 1357
AgnewVincent Arnold1921?9 Apr 200382Liverpool General NSW22 648
AgostaMaria1905?12 Jul 197873Liverpool General NSWTmb M 22
AgostiCarmela1924?11 Feb 195733Liverpool General NSW16 387
AgostiCarmelo1915?2 Oct 201297Liverpool General NSWCr Saints 4 4, 1484
AgostiHilda1931?17 Jun 201483Liverpool General NSWCr Saints 4 4, 1485
AgostinoAnna1925?20 Nov 196843Liverpool General NSW17 535
AgostinoCarlo1920?19 Sep 200181Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 5W, 18
AgostinoCatherine1941?6 Jun 198140Liverpool General NSWTmb J 27
AgostinoDomenico1919?1 Jun 199172Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 9E, 48
AgostinoDomenico1919?2 Oct 200990Liverpool General NSWCr Saints 2B 412
AgostinoFilomena1916?13 Sep 198670Liverpool General NSWVlt 32
AgostinoFrancesco17 Aug 1977Liverpool General NSWVlt 33B
AgostinoFrancesco1928?7 Aug 200173Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 3W, 5
AgostinoGiuseppa1918?14 Apr 200991Liverpool General NSWCr Saints 2 124
AgostinoGiuseppe1926?15 Feb 198761Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 2W, 15
AgostinoGiuseppe1934?25 Oct 200470Liverpool General NSWCr Saints 2 123
AgostinoMaria1914?1 Mar 200086Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 6W, 33
AgostinoMaria1957?5 Jan 197417Liverpool General NSWTmb O 34
AgostinoMaria Caterina1912?26 May 200694Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 1E, 22
AgostinoMaria Rosa23 Jun 1984Liverpool General NSWSelect 407
AgostinoMaria Rosa1892?23 Jun 198492Liverpool General NSWSelect 408
AgostinoMarianna1893?16 Jan 198996Liverpool General NSWVlt 33B
AgostinoMichale GuiseppeAug 1972?12 Dec 19720Liverpool General NSW17 84
AgostinoMichele1905?4 Nov 198681Liverpool General NSWVlt 32
AgostinoMichele Nikolaus1960?29 Dec 197717Liverpool General NSW20 581
AgostinoRocco1928?18 Mar 200577Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 14W, 56
AgostinoRosario1916?24 Jul 199882Liverpool General NSW20 581
AgostinoRose MariaJul 1946?11 Aug 19470Liverpool General NSWSelect K, 4
AgostinoSalvatore1876?26 Jul 196993Liverpool General NSWSelect 406
AgostinoStella Maria1923?16 Mar 199168Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 9E, 49
AgostinoVincenzo1920?20 Aug 199777Liverpool General NSWCr Unita 210
AgostinoVittorio1931?1 Sep 199362Liverpool General NSWCr Saints 2 102
AguilarJosefa1936?8 Mar 200670Liverpool General NSWLwn M, 5
AguilarJuan Andres1924?29 Nov 200682Liverpool General NSWWall 2 74
AguilarSusana Mercees1965?18 Sep 200237Liverpool General NSWSda Lwn 52
AguilarTydeo Vicente1933?10 Jul 198552Liverpool General NSWLwn M, 5
AguisJoseph15 Aug 1953Liverpool General NSWSelect N, 68
AhChin1837?7 Nov 191679Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 44
AhChow1839?2 Aug 191677Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 27
AhCoe1875?4 Dec 193762Liverpool General NSWPauper 11 121
AhDoor1844?5 Oct 193389Liverpool General NSWPauper 10 88
AhFonn1838?12 Oct 192890Liverpool General NSWPauper 9 78
AhHing1832?21 Nov 191684Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 46
AhHowe1831?13 Oct 192796Liverpool General NSWPauper 9 30
AhHoy1829?18 Oct 191889Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 135
AhKee1859?5 Nov 192970Liverpool General NSWPauper 9 97
AhKeee1828?15 Jun 191587Liverpool General NSWPauper 5 147
AhLoy1837?5 Jun 192689Liverpool General NSWPauper 8 156
AhNum1827?4 Jan 191285Liverpool General NSWPauper 4 133
AhPeek1844?30 May 192581Liverpool General NSWPauper 8 105
AhSing1853?30 Sep 191865Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 136
AhTip1844?4 Mar 192480Liverpool General NSWPauper 8 36
AhWing1835?6 Jun 191681Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 18
AhWoo1835?8 Jul 191984Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 195
AhYongLiverpool General NSWPauper 10 134
AhYup1822?16 Sep 191694Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 35
Ah ChongTommy1827?21 Dec 191689Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 54
Ah ChueWillie1843?15 Nov 191572Liverpool General NSWPauper 5 171
Ah FooJimmie1833?8 Nov 191380Liverpool General NSWPauper 5 61
Ah FunHarry1830?2 Dec 191585Liverpool General NSWPauper 5 180
Ah LeekCharlie1831?24 Aug 191079Liverpool General NSWPauper 4 49
Ah LungCharlie1835?21 Dec 191681Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 53
AhearnDavid8 Jan 1929Liverpool General NSWSelect F, 80
AhearnGeorge1864?11 Dec 191652Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 50
AhearnWilliam1864?22 Aug 194985Liverpool General NSWAng E 10, 134
AhernArthur Austin1880?25 Jul 194464Liverpool General NSWAng E 8, 127
AhernBartholomew Edward1889?23 May 195667Liverpool General NSW16 339
AhernJohn6 Dec 1922Liverpool General NSWSelect D, 136
AhernMargaret13 Nov 1938Liverpool General NSWSelect D, 138
AhgrenGustav1879?26 Aug 190122Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 824
AhmadAhmad1865?22 May 189530Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 57
AhmadAnees-ul Islam1977?21 Dec 199417Liverpool General NSW45
AhumadaCamila Andrea Gonzales26 Mar 199126 Mar 1991sbLiverpool General NSWNursery 29
AigarsAlfred1917?9 Feb 199679Liverpool General NSWBap F, 68
AigarsLeontine14 Oct 1986Liverpool General NSWBap F, 68
AikenDorothy May1906?1 Jun 197367Liverpool General NSW20 73
AikenOwen Reginald1898?26 Jun 198183Liverpool General NSWAng I 1643
AinslieRobert1896?22 Jan 197377Liverpool General NSWGen M, 28
AinsworthFlorence1880?8 Feb 193858Liverpool General NSWAng E 3, 12
AinsworthJames Richard1877?26 Aug 195275Liverpool General NSWAng E 3, 12
AinsworthJoyce Anne1936?14 Mar 198044Liverpool General NSWAng I 1669
AinsworthLeslie Walter1928?27 Nov 198153Liverpool General NSWAng I 1669
AionoNana Tangai1933?27 Sep 201380Liverpool General NSWBap E, 97
AionoRoy1935?6 Sep 200267Liverpool General NSWBap E, 97
AirdKathleen Hepburn1925?16 Feb 196742Liverpool General NSW1
AirdKathleen Hepburn1927?18 Feb 196942Liverpool General NSWGen M, 51
AireyRobert1879?25 Mar 194869Liverpool General NSWAng A 4, 87
AireyRobert Stephenson1860?13 Dec 192464Liverpool General NSWPauper 8 83
AitchensonWilliam Gilbert18 Aug 1920Liverpool General NSWSelect D, 67
AitchisonJames William1940?8 Nov 200767Liverpool General NSWEstate 2 3
AitchisonMary Therese1944?8 Nov 200763Liverpool General NSWEstate 2 3
AitkenFrank1864?17 Jan 191854Liverpool General NSWGen D, 29
AitkensWilfred Alexander1888?18 Jul 195668Liverpool General NSWAng H 3, 70
AitkinJohn Cruickshank21 May 1915Liverpool General NSWGen C, 87
AizpuruGladys30 Oct 2008Liverpool General NSWSda Wall 114
Akers Or KerrJames Arthur1878?24 Apr 195476Liverpool General NSWGen J, 46
AkinsHurley Muir Owen K\a Peter1929?6 Jun 198556Liverpool General NSWAng I 1775
AkrivosJohn1927?20 Dec 200174Liverpool General NSWLwn H, 27
Al HaltehSarai1918?25 Feb 200385Liverpool General NSWUtg A, 26A
AlabaFranciszek (Frank)1925?11 Jan 199469Liverpool General NSWAng Lwn 25
AlabaZofia1924?4 Jul 200379Liverpool General NSWAng Lwn 26
AladKeressoma1933?8 Dec 201178Liverpool General NSWUtg 42
AlarconMaria Elisa1931?8 Aug 201180Liverpool General NSWSt Therese 362
AlasiBaby Failautusi3 May 19933 May 1993sbLiverpool General NSWNursery 47
AlatiAngela1911?29 Dec 199685Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 2E, 10
AlatiRocco1914?11 Nov 199480Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 2E, 9
AlavanjaGerogeJul 1972?8 Nov 19720Liverpool General NSWBap P 128
AlbaneseGiorgio1960?14 Jan 201151Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 3E, 307
AlbanesePasquale1908?11 Jan 197567Liverpool General NSWTmb L 26
AlbaneseRosa1913?13 Sep 198471Liverpool General NSWTmb L 26
AlbertB Lassen1869?25 Oct 190637Liverpool General NSWPauper 14 176
AlbertiniEugene27 Apr 1954Liverpool General NSWSelect N, 199
AlbistonJohn Alfred1877?8 Aug 195275Liverpool General NSWGen I, 32
AlboroughJoseph1816?20 Aug 189579Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 104
AlburoNicola1934?3 May 195824Liverpool General NSWSelect 243
AlburyJohn26 Jun 1952Liverpool General NSWSelect N, 111
AlchinBruce Charles1957?14 Jul 201255Liverpool General NSWSt Therese 433
AlcockDorothy Dawn1932?4 Jul 195624Liverpool General NSWAng H 3, 81
AlcottHelen-galina1924?30 Jul 201288Liverpool General NSWBap P 342
AlcottVictor1925?15 Oct 200984Liverpool General NSWBap P 343
AldersonChristopher2 Jan 1958Liverpool General NSWAng H 11, 33
AldersonFrancis Henry1851?3 Jan 195099Liverpool General NSWSelect A, 35
AldersonMary24 Feb 1956Liverpool General NSWSelect A, 35
AldertonApril21 May 2014Liverpool General NSWDivinity 49
AldredEileen Thelma1905?4 Feb 199287Liverpool General NSWAng I 1064
AldredPercival William1907?19 Jun 197063Liverpool General NSWAng I 1064
AleksicBorka1922?9 Aug 201391Liverpool General NSWAng Lwn 264
AlempijevicStanimar1906?4 May 198377Liverpool General NSWBap C, 162
AlempijevichMaria1916?26 Jun 199175Liverpool General NSWBap C, 164
AleniusFranz F1850?22 Jun 192979Liverpool General NSWPauper 9 96
AlessiMaria1905?27 May 198782Liverpool General NSWTmb H 34
AlessiSalvatore1899?27 Apr 199899Liverpool General NSWTmb H 34
AlexanderAbdul Wagied1930?10 Feb 201282Liverpool General NSWMuslim 26
AlexanderAlbert William185910 Nov 190547son/Mary Ann (Stephens); b. Bristol, Gloucestershire, England; h/Mary (Elliott)Liverpool General NSWPauper 14 84
AlexanderCharles Edward1889?14 Jul 195970Liverpool General NSWAng H 4, 98
AlexanderHenry Thomas1883?22 Sep 194259Liverpool General NSWGen F, 82
AlexanderJames Irvine1845?24 Jan 193186Liverpool General NSW162
AlexanderMarie Louise1946?11 Nov 19482Liverpool General NSWSelect K, 73
AlexanderMichael1832?11 Nov 191179Liverpool General NSWPauper 4 115
AlexanderNellie1888?17 Nov 197183Liverpool General NSWAng H 4, 98
AlexanderNeville Michael1920?17 Apr 195838Liverpool General NSW16 549
AlexanderPatricia Ann1937?31 Dec 195417Liverpool General NSWSelect J, 72
AlexanderRobert Paterson1925?31 Dec 195328Liverpool General NSWGen K, 63
AlexanderRogaya1935?1 Mar 201277Liverpool General NSWMuslim 29
AlexanderSamuel Heromin1950?3 Nov 197727Liverpool General NSW20 506
AlexanderUvchen1897?15 Jan 197376Liverpool General NSWBap P 204
AlexanderWilliam Leslie1911?25 May 196251Liverpool General NSWSelect J, 72
AlfaroEmerenciano1926?18 Feb 200074Liverpool General NSW22 569
AlfaroJoel Anthony1994?6 Mar 201319Liverpool General NSW22 569
AlfaroLuisa Nelly1941?8 Feb 200766Liverpool General NSWMem Gdn 384
AlfonsiGrazia1913?3 Nov 201198Liverpool General NSWSelect 486
AlfonsiIrene1953?23 Aug 200754Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 12W, 2
AlfonsiLuigi15 May 1974Liverpool General NSWSelect 485
AlfonsiLuigi1907?15 May 197467Liverpool General NSWSelect 485
AlfonsiMaria Anna1943?13 May 200865Liverpool General NSWTmb M 16
AlfonsiMario1933?3 Feb 201279Liverpool General NSWTmb M 16
AlgeriAntonio1918?1 Sep 199577Liverpool General NSWCr Saints 2 115
AlgeriAntonio2004?21 Apr 20040Liverpool General NSWSda Lwn 47
AlgeriFrancesca1919?3 Jun 201091Liverpool General NSWCr Saints 2 115
AlgeriIsidoro1921?24 Nov 200180Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 7E, 52
AlgeriMichael1961?11 Jun 198726Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 7E, 35
AlgeriRosaria1927?10 Jul 201487Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 7E, 53
AliAmrul Nisha1960?5 Jun 201252Liverpool General NSWMuslim 19
AliHamid1936?14 Dec 201276Liverpool General NSWMuslim 219
AliTahir1943?15 May 201269Liverpool General NSWMuslim 11
AlimpijevicHeidy1924?1 Feb 196137Liverpool General NSWAng H 6, 137
AlimpijevicZivorad6 Apr 1982Liverpool General NSWBap P 328
AllanAnn1917?14 Apr 200891Liverpool General NSWR Rose Gdn 9
AllanArchibald24 Sep 1923Liverpool General NSWGen B, 1
AllanGeorge1849?18 Jul 193586Liverpool General NSWGen E, 88
AllanJohn David1884?10 Nov 194258Liverpool General NSWAng E 6, 162
AllanRonald Alfred1912?15 Aug 194937Liverpool General NSWGen G, 124
AllanSarah Ellen1870?3 Jan 195181Liverpool General NSWAng E 11, 5
AllanThomas Richard Barrett1912?28 Mar 198977Liverpool General NSWR Rose Gdn 9
AllanWilliam Nelson1865?7 Aug 195085Liverpool General NSWGen K, 104
AllansonCharles Albert1869?6 Jun 195384Liverpool General NSWUtg L, 31
AllansonMartha Mary1862?24 Jun 195896Liverpool General NSWUtg L, 31
AllbrandEdward1879?30 Dec 195374Liverpool General NSWGen J, 79
AllenAlbert1919?21 Jun 200788Liverpool General NSWAng I 1787
AllenAlexander1835?25 Aug 191782Liverpool General NSW21
AllenAugustus Thomas1852?25 Sep 192977Liverpool General NSWPauper 9 89
AllenByron2001?21 Dec 20010Liverpool General NSWAng I 1191
AllenCharles1828?11 Sep 191587Liverpool General NSWPauper 5 163
AllenCharles Henry1921?21 May 201089Liverpool General NSWAng I 1077
AllenDavid1875?4 Nov 194267Liverpool General NSWPauper 2 2
AllenEdward1813?14 Jul 189986Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 574
AllenEdwin1833?20 Dec 189966Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 643
AllenEmily Daisy1891?11 Aug 196069Liverpool General NSWAng H 10, 138
AllenEthel1882?3 Oct 194765Liverpool General NSWUtg D, 5
AllenEvelyn Marion Doris1897?15 Aug 194447Liverpool General NSWAng E 8, 130
AllenGeorge1832?29 Nov 189967Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 633
AllenGeorgina1884?4 Nov 196581Liverpool General NSWAng Select 253
AllenGilbert Henry Albert1888?14 Jan 194658Liverpool General NSWAng E 9, 38
AllenGregory James1974?5 Jan 200733Liverpool General NSWAng I 1341
AllenHerbert1879?9 Sep 194061Liverpool General NSWUtg D, 4
AllenJames1841?20 Dec 191170Liverpool General NSWPauper 4 127
AllenJames1845?20 Jan 190863Liverpool General NSWGen A, 82
AllenJohn1825?4 Dec 190176Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 856
AllenJohn1834?15 Sep 191076Liverpool General NSWPauper 4 54
AllenJohn1871?9 Jan 193261Liverpool General NSWGen E, 19
AllenJohn Lang29 Nov 2007Liverpool General NSWEstate 2 6
AllenJoseph Michael1916?21 Mar 199579Liverpool General NSWAng F 3, 38
AllenJoshua Mark1978?23 Sep 199416Liverpool General NSWAng I 1191
AllenMargaret Livingstone1918?12 Jul 198971Liverpool General NSWAng I 1787
AllenMarion Rhonda1924?28 Aug 197248Liverpool General NSWSelect O, 144
AllenMurial Catherine1922?23 Sep 198159Liverpool General NSWAng F 3, 38
AllenNoreen1921?5 Nov 200483Liverpool General NSWAng I 1077
AllenPeter Thomas1877?10 Feb 196992Liverpool General NSW15 1
AllenRobert Edward1914?27 Apr 193521Liverpool General NSWUtg D, 4
AllenShirleyLiverpool General NSWEstate 2 6
AllenSven1878?19 Dec 190729Liverpool General NSWPauper 3 67
AllenThomas1858?8 Dec 192769Liverpool General NSWPauper 9 41
AllenThomas Forrest1881?15 Aug 195675Liverpool General NSWAng H 3, 73
AllenWalter Harold1918?16 Aug 197860Liverpool General NSWUtg D, 5
AllenWilliam1820?23 Apr 189878Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 419
AllenWilliam J1863?15 Nov 193875Liverpool General NSWPauper 12 23
AllisonGeorge1818?14 Sep 190587Liverpool General NSWPauper 14 65
AllisonHazel Dorothy1924?31 Dec 200783Liverpool General NSW22 102
AllisonJohn Walker1912?9 Mar 199078Liverpool General NSW22 102
AllisonMatilda13 Mar 1930Liverpool General NSWGen E, 1
AlloggiaAngelo1916?23 Jul 199882Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 5E, 26
AlloggiaAnna Luigia17 Aug 1982Liverpool General NSWSelect 415
AlloggiaAnna Luigia1891?17 Aug 198291Liverpool General NSWSelect 415
AlloggiaAntonio19 Jun 1962Liverpool General NSWSelect M, 23
AlloggiaFranco1932?29 Jul 201179Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 6E, 28
AlloggiaGiuseppe25 Jan 1992Liverpool General NSWCr Unitb 324
AlloggiaLucia1920?15 Aug 199676Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 5E, 25
AllstonMelissaFeb 1983?11 May 19840Liverpool General NSW20 634
AllstonMichael Paul1993?15 May 19952Liverpool General NSW20 634
AllstonPaul WilliamJan 1978?11 Sep 19780Liverpool General NSW20 634
AllstonRose1908?7 Sep 197870Liverpool General NSWAng I 1719
AllstonSamuel Stanley1907?11 Jul 199184Liverpool General NSWAng I 1720
AlmeidaEdwin De Navarro E Menezes1965?5 Jan 199025Liverpool General NSW22 1
AlmericoAlessia13 Jul 200713 Jul 2007sbLiverpool General NSWVlt 5
AlmondCharles Henry1863?14 Jan 194279Liverpool General NSWPauper 12 205
AlmondLarry JamesDec 1947?3 Jun 19535Liverpool General NSWAng E 14, 105
AlmondLeila1936?18 Sep 201276Liverpool General NSWNorth Wall 91
AlmondWilliam1893?24 Dec 195158Liverpool General NSWAng E 13, 44
AloisioAntonio23 May 1992Liverpool General NSWCr Unitb 316
AloisioNinetaDec 1975?18 Mar 19760Liverpool General NSWTmb N 4
AlovoineMarie1894?22 Jun 194854Liverpool General NSWSelect K, 80
AlstonRuth Lillian1930?28 Dec 197848Liverpool General NSWAng I 1727
AltamoreMaria1917?25 Feb 199982Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 2W, 49
AltmejerAnastazia1867?31 May 195487Liverpool General NSWSelect K, 88
AlvaroAntonio Francesco1912?28 Apr 200391Liverpool General NSWTmb M 15
AlvaroCaroline10 Nov 1990Liverpool General NSWCr Unitb 231
AlvaroPaolo1902?11 May 198583Liverpool General NSWVlt 114
AlvaroTeresa10 Dec 1974Liverpool General NSWTmb M 15
AlvesCindy1934?23 Apr 199359Liverpool General NSW22 302
AlvesFernando1936?11 Aug 201074Liverpool General NSWUtg 33
AmalfiAngelo1921?11 Feb 198463Liverpool General NSWSelect L, 102
AmalfiGiuseppe1891?22 Oct 196574Liverpool General NSWSelect L, 98
AmalfiGiuseppeFeb 1948?20 Oct 19490Liverpool General NSWSelect L, 96
AmalfiMaria Rosa1898?31 Jul 196567Liverpool General NSWSelect L, 94
AmalfiSteven1973?29 Nov 201138Liverpool General NSWSt Therese 381
AmbrogioAntonino1936?16 Dec 201175Liverpool General NSW17A 13
AmbroseJohn1819?5 May 189677Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 196
AmicantonioDelia1915?9 Aug 199479Liverpool General NSW22 360
AminShahid1956?9 Oct 201256Liverpool General NSWMuslim 17
AmmellinoIolanda1942?18 Jun 201371Liverpool General NSWCr Smotx 12E, 10
AmmellinoRosario17 Jan 1977Liverpool General NSWTmb I 12
AmoneJoseph Taine16 Oct 199016 Oct 1990sbLiverpool General NSWNursery 20
AmoneLusia1930?21 Jan 201282Liverpool General NSWAng Mon 671
AmorRobert George17 Oct 1958Liverpool General NSWAng H 4, 159
AmoreFrancesco1923?31 Mar 200481Liverpool General NSW22 512
AmoreGiuseppina1942?27 Sep 200765Liverpool General NSW22 512
AmorosoCarmela24 Sep 1977Liverpool General NSWTmb J 10
AmorosoNicola1 May 2001Liverpool General NSWTmb J 10
AmosCharles John1928?18 Aug 198052Liverpool General NSWAng I 1659
AmosElizabeth Robyn21 Aug 196421 Aug 1964sbLiverpool General NSWAng H 9, 43
AmosPatrick1890?6 Jan 195969Liverpool General NSWAng H 15, 84
AmosSylvia1923?17 Sep 200784Liverpool General NSWAng H 5, 42
AnChea1925?20 Dec 199368Liverpool General NSWAng H 1, 71
AnaniaGiuseppe1925?2 Oct 200883Liverpool General NSWCr Unitb 212
AnanjewAlex1935?27 Jul 197843Liverpool General NSWBap C, 92
AnanjewGenady2 Apr 1985Liverpool General NSWBap C, 186
AnargirosNick1935?23 Apr 201479Liverpool General NSWOrt 3 10
AnastasiouArgyrous1917?30 Mar 199376Liverpool General NSWGen O, 104
AnastasiouMaria1921?28 Mar 200281Liverpool General NSWGen O, 104
AnastasisAntonia Paula10 May 196411 May 19640Liverpool General NSW17 314
AnayaMaria Jesus1967?23 Apr 19692Liverpool General NSW17 941
AncicJohn1901?7 Nov 198382Liverpool General NSW16 373
AncichMark1891?14 Nov 195564Liverpool General NSW16 317
AndaloroAntonina1930?17 Jul 201080Liverpool General NSW16 546
AndaloroPasquale1954?19 Nov 19606Liverpool General NSW16 485
AndersenFrederick N1848?22 Dec 191668Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 70
AndersenJohn1850?29 Dec 193686Liverpool General NSWPauper 11 78
AndersonAda1890?22 Aug 195161Liverpool General NSWAng E 12, 136
AndersonAlbert1897?2 May 197578Liverpool General NSWAng H 4, 132
AndersonBenjamin John1938?16 Oct 200062Liverpool General NSWAng I 1069
AndersonCarl K/a Bolton1861?16 Mar 191857Liverpool General NSWPauper 6 112
AndersonCharles1830?5 Nov 191383Liverpool General NSWPauper 5 62
AndersonCharles1839?2 Oct 191879Liverpool General NSWGen D, 47
AndersonCharles1846?6 Sep 191266Liverpool General NSWPauper 4 186
AndersonCharles1846?11 Aug 191569Liverpool General NSWPauper 5 155
AndersonCharles1885?3 Feb 194358Liverpool General NSWAng F 4, 51
AndersonChristina Morton1872?21 May 194573Liverpool General NSWGen G, 41
AndersonDaniel Macdonald1887?1 Sep 195467Liverpool General NSWGen J, 30
AndersonDavid John13 Apr 199313 Apr 1993sbLiverpool General NSWNursery 45
AndersonDavina1881?19 Oct 197190Liverpool General NSWGen H, 50
AndersonDesmond RJul 1926?11 May 19270Liverpool General NSWAng B 2, 117
AndersonDonald Alexander1905?15 Aug 195045Liverpool General NSWGen H, 44
AndersonDora Jean1922?15 Aug 200785Liverpool General NSWAng I 779
AndersonEdward1864?25 Jun 194076Liverpool General NSWAng E 4, 138
AndersonEdward1882?28 May 194664Liverpool General NSWAng H 18, 173
AndersonEdward Eric17 Oct 1958Liverpool General NSWSelect N, 224
AndersonEdward W1848?15 Jan 193486Liverpool General NSWPauper 10 107
AndersonElizabeth1873?22 Aug 194673Liverpool General NSWSelect K, 27
AndersonEllen1863?6 Feb 193269Liverpool General NSWGen D, 47
AndersonEmily Ellen1905?8 Oct 199287Liverpool General NSWGen G, 41
AndersonErnest1869?27 Apr 194374Liverpool General NSWPauper 2 45
AndersonEva1892?7 Apr 196573Liverpool General NSWAng H 6, 98
AndersonEva May1893?5 Dec 195865Liverpool General NSWAng H 4, 133
AndersonGeorge1852?7 Jun 191967Liverpool General NSWGen D, 59
AndersonGeorge1890?25 Jun 195969Liverpool General NSWPauper 2 16
AndersonGertrude1893?22 Jan 195966Liverpool General NSW16 468
AndersonGladys Theresa1908?13 Jun 197971Liverpool General NSWAng I 1733
AndersonGustave1863?16 Nov 193673Liverpool General NSWPauper 11 67
AndersonHans1835?31 May 189560Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 61
AndersonHenry1864?21 May 190137Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 787
AndersonHugh Foster1925?25 Feb 198055Liverpool General NSWAng I 1670
AndersonIshmael1859?17 Aug 194990Liverpool General NSWGen G, 125
AndersonJake1839?31 Aug 190667Liverpool General NSWPauper 14 163
AndersonJames9 Aug 1923Liverpool General NSWGen D, 122
AndersonJames7 Aug 1933Liverpool General NSWSelect A, 43
AndersonJames1869?2 Jul 196394Liverpool General NSWSelect J, 63
AndersonJoan Florence21 Nov 2002Liverpool General NSWAng Wall 3
AndersonJohn1860?25 Feb 191050Liverpool General NSWPauper 4 21
AndersonJohn1863?23 Jun 192461Liverpool General NSWPauper 8 54
AndersonJohn1866?4 Nov 193569Liverpool General NSW201
AndersonJohn D1930?2 Aug 194111Liverpool General NSWAng E 5, 57
AndersonJohn Henry1851?30 Jul 193887Liverpool General NSWAng E 3, 31
AndersonJohn Nicholson1884?13 Aug 195773Liverpool General NSWGen H, 50
AndersonJohn Thomas1928?9 Aug 197345Liverpool General NSW20 98
AndersonJoseph1868?15 Feb 189527Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 29
AndersonJoseph1875?4 Dec 195984Liverpool General NSWAng H 10, 155
AndersonJoseph William John1911?13 Sep 198574Liverpool General NSWAng I 1733
AndersonLisa Jane1969?9 Aug 19745Liverpool General NSW15 91
AndersonLuke Charles1855?24 Dec 192065Liverpool General NSWPauper 7 83
AndersonMarie Therese1871?5 Feb 195180Liverpool General NSWSelect A, 41
AndersonMary1874?19 Oct 194571Liverpool General NSWSelect J, 65
AndersonMaude Adeline1882?19 Oct 195068Liverpool General NSWGen H, 90
AndersonMaxwell James1929?20 May 197243Liverpool General NSW15 91
AndersonMaxwell Leonard1934?11 Mar 197036Liverpool General NSW15 19
AndersonMervyn Thomas1932?21 Feb 194917Liverpool General NSWAng B 2, 116
AndersonMichelle Louise18 Feb 1967Liverpool General NSWBap L, 24
AndersonNeil George1886?19 Jan 196276Liverpool General NSWAng H 10, 102
AndersonOlaves1848?13 Dec 192476Liverpool General NSWPauper 8 86
AndersonPatricia Margaret1926?2 May 200377Liverpool General NSW22 268
AndersonPeter1857?9 Jul 194083Liverpool General NSWAng E 4, 135
AndersonPeter1859?18 Dec 190344Liverpool General NSWPauper 14 111
AndersonPeter1861?11 Feb 191655Liverpool General NSWPauper 5 188
AndersonPeter1872?20 Sep 195280Liverpool General NSWAng E 14, 98
AndersonPhillip John21 Feb 1967Liverpool General NSWBap L, 24
AndersonRichard1878?5 Feb 195476Liverpool General NSWGen K, 79
AndersonRobert Thomas1842?3 Sep 192078Liverpool General NSWPauper 7 65
AndersonRonald James1913?4 Dec 200390Liverpool General NSWSelect K, 27
AndersonThomas1917?15 Jun 19181Liverpool General NSWGen D, 34
AndersonThomas Albert1889?16 Sep 194758Liverpool General NSWAng A 3, 17
AndersonTrevor Ross1934?2 Nov 199460Liverpool General NSWMemories Wall 85
AndersonValda Ann1934?25 Oct 198854Liverpool General NSW15 91
AndersonVictor1872?23 Jan 189826Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 453
AndersonVictor Elderbert1881?14 Feb 196281Liverpool General NSWAng H 6, 97
AndersonVictor Leonard1920?22 Jul 199474Liverpool General NSWAng I 779
AndersonWilliam6 Jan 1903Liverpool General NSWGen A, 51
AndersonWilliam1860?4 Mar 192060Liverpool General NSW57
AndersonWilliam1872?9 Nov 194876Liverpool General NSWGen F, 117
AndersonWilliam1927?23 Sep 199265Liverpool General NSW22 268
AndersonWilliam A3 Sep 1907Liverpool General NSWGen C, 80
AndersonWilliam Henry1880?24 Apr 195272Liverpool General NSWAng A 1, 10
AndersonWilliam W1874?18 Aug 194874Liverpool General NSWAng A 5, 40
AndertonDorothy Helen1898?16 Nov 195658Liverpool General NSWAng H 3, 14
AndertonJohn Wallace1884?26 Sep 196278Liverpool General NSWAng H 3, 14
AndiaDoralisa1926?19 Aug 201387Liverpool General NSWSda Lwn 70
AndjelicJagos11 May 1974Liverpool General NSWBap P 145
AndonenasHarry1930?25 Oct 199969Liverpool General NSWGen M, 11
AndreacchioCharles1922?11 Mar 197250Liverpool General NSW15 83
AndreadisBasil1925?9 Aug 200479Liverpool General NSWAng Lwn 251
AndreasonOle1855?27 Jun 189944Liverpool General NSWPauper 1 570
AndreataFerdinando1924?18 Aug 198864Liverpool General NSW21 50
AndrejeuIra1927?14 Jun 198962Liverpool General NSWBap P 181
AndrejevAlex1920?24 Apr 197353Liverpool General NSWBap P 182
AndreoliniAngelo1866?25 Aug 193367Liverpool General NSWPauper 10 76
AndresenHans Fritz1858?21 Aug 192870Liverpool General NSWPauper 9 72

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