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CoonabarabranDalgarno Street, Coonabarabran NSW 2357991

991 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
??22 Jan 192919 Oct 198556Coonabarabran NSW
?Mary16 Oct 18??21?Coonabarabran NSW
?Mary A?6 Sep 1945?Coonabarabran NSW
AdamsValma Marie2 Sep 1948dau/Norris? & JeanCoonabarabran NSW
Adams?Betty?Coonabarabran NSW
Ah Young?Peter?27 Jan 1940Coonabarabran NSW
AlfordRobert William11 Jun 1956son/William & Ann ElizaCoonabarabran NSW
Alston (McCausland)Irene May18939 Feb 194956dau/William John & Margaret; b. Lithgow, NSW; w/Alan Henry RichardsonCoonabarabran NSW
AlstonJohn Richardson185915 May 193272son/William & Flora; b. Berrima, NSW; h/Edith (Pearson)Coonabarabran NSW
AndersonGeorge Lindsay21 Apr 187022 May 194575b. Glasgow, ScotlandCoonabarabran NSW
AndersonMavis Jane26 Jan 193326 Jan 196936Coonabarabran NSW
AndrewsEsma Margaret27 Nov 1983w/Hector David WallaceCoonabarabran NSW
AndrewsHector David Wallace9 Jan 192118 Jul 200281b. Inverell; h/Esma Margaret; NX235314Coonabarabran NSW
AndrewsStuart Charles1930?18 Dec 197343son/Maxwell & ConstanceCoonabarabran NSW
AntawMary Jane1870?8 Sep 190636Coonabarabran NSW
AshbyGeorge Johnson/James & EllenCoonabarabran NSW
AshbyMary Anne4 Feb 191328 Mar 198774Coonabarabran NSW
AshbyThomas Abel1907?20 Jun 197871Coonabarabran NSW
Asimus (Davis)Annie1898199395w/JackCoonabarabran NSW
AsimusJohn1912?10 Jan 196754h/AnnieCoonabarabran NSW
BaileyJohn5 Aug? 1947Coonabarabran NSW
BaldockJohn Henry1915?23 Jun 198570h/GladysCoonabarabran NSW
BarkerWayne0Coonabarabran NSW
BarringtonElizabeth1892?10 Jul 197482Coonabarabran NSW
BarringtonJames1921?30 Jun 197554Coonabarabran NSW
BarryJohn (Rev)26 Jun 1913Coonabarabran NSW
BayleyCyril Edward19381 Sep 198244son/Unknown & Elsie May (Bayley); b. Coonabarabran, AustraliaCoonabarabran NSW
BaylissTeresa (Tess)27 Jan 19316 Nov 197948Coonabarabran NSW
BeazleyAlbert Thomas1888?10 Oct 196072h/Florence NancyCoonabarabran NSW
BeazleyFlorence Nancy1905?9 Jul 198075w/Albert ThomasCoonabarabran NSW
Beazley (Deans)Grace Fanny1859?3 Dec 193778w/Amos /Emanuel GlanvilleCoonabarabran NSW
BeazleyPeter1933?13 Jun 196128h/DayleCoonabarabran NSW
BeerBaby11 Jun 19710dau/Mick & JanCoonabarabran NSW
BeerJack Geldard1915?8 Apr 196954Coonabarabran NSW
Bell (Blackman)Edith10 Nov 190714 Feb 200597w/Thomas WCoonabarabran NSW
BellThomas William1896?23 Aug 198387h/Edith; NX66426Coonabarabran NSW
BensonRose Flora Elizabeth1932?4 Jun 199159Coonabarabran NSW
BentonPatricia Anne Florence1927?2 May 196134Coonabarabran NSW
BernuttDavid John1930?25 May 198555Coonabarabran NSW
BerwickEmma1896?26 Jun 196266Coonabarabran NSW
BettisonMarion Jane1880?20 Mar 194665Coonabarabran NSW
Bibb (Neilson)Agnes Helen1891?21 Feb 196573w/Leslie MCoonabarabran NSW
BirchellCharles Roy Jeffries1900?11 Jul 196969h/Eliza AlmaCoonabarabran NSW
BirchellEliza Alma1900?9 Sep 197171w/Charles Roy JeffriesCoonabarabran NSW
BlackmanJessie4 Oct 1964Coonabarabran NSW
Boleat (Colless)Nellie1889?24 Jan 195868w/Yves CharlesCoonabarabran NSW
BoleatYves Charles1888?26 Sep 194557h/NellieCoonabarabran NSW
BorderGertrude Ada1895?24 Nov 197479Coonabarabran NSW
BorderKathleen29 May 19380dau/Tom & MaudCoonabarabran NSW
BorderKevin Thomas15 Oct 19293 May 199767h/Valerie AnnetteCoonabarabran NSW
BorderLily Maude1896?1 Jan 196568Coonabarabran NSW
BorderRobyn DApr 196031 Oct 19600dau/Kevin & ValerieCoonabarabran NSW
BorderTrevor Ernest1955?19 Oct 19572son/Kevin & ValerieCoonabarabran NSW
BorderValerie Annette6 Dec 19313 May 199462w/Kevin ThomasCoonabarabran NSW
BotfieldDavid Allan27 Feb 194212 Jun 199048Coonabarabran NSW
Botfield (Marker)Marie Lorraine21 Oct 193413 Nov 198450formerly Niemann; dau/Edward Roy & Phyllis Madeline (Jackson); w/Maxwell Ernest (Niemann) & Edward RoyCoonabarabran NSW
Bowden (Colless)Mabel Alma1888?2 Aug 196476w/Sidney P HCoonabarabran NSW
BowdenSidney P H1886?10 Dec 196276h/Mabel AlmaCoonabarabran NSW
Bower (Crean)Doris Maude1913?25 Oct 200188w/Norman EdwardCoonabarabran NSW
BowerNorman Edward1904?3 Apr 197773h/Doris MaudeCoonabarabran NSW
BradleyFrancis Neal14 Dec 19074 Feb 197365son/Neal & MargaretCoonabarabran NSW
BradleyThomas Bolger3 Jun 19097 Sep 200394413338Coonabarabran NSW
Bray (Albert)Myra Lorraine29 Oct 19189 Nov 199375w/Samuel MaxCoonabarabran NSW
BraySamuel Max2 Sep 190919 Jun 198272h/Myra LorraineCoonabarabran NSW
Brennan (Mille)Amy21 Jun 188418 Jul 192036w/James BedeCoonabarabran NSW
BrennanJames Bede1880?7 Sep 196686h/AmyCoonabarabran NSW
BrennanMichael1835?6 Jan 191680b. Sligo, IrelandCoonabarabran NSW
BrownEllen MayNov?188412 Mar 18861dau/Abraham & EllenCoonabarabran NSW
BruceAgnes Isobel1872?22 Aug 194472w/Charles WilliamCoonabarabran NSW
BruceCharles Gordon1901?4 Aug 198685h/Helen H SCoonabarabran NSW
BruceCharles William1873?27 Feb 195177h/Agnes IsobelCoonabarabran NSW
BruceHelen H S1904?19 Jan 200095w/Charles GordonCoonabarabran NSW
BruceJames Gordon Bell1935?10 Apr 195419son/Gordon & HelenCoonabarabran NSW
BruceMargaret Bell (Midge)1930?3 Mar 198150dau/Gordon & HelenCoonabarabran NSW
BruceNola K1935?4 Dec 198752Coonabarabran NSW
BuckleyAlma N24 Feb 1946Coonabarabran NSW
BuckleyElizabeth Crossing1868?28 Sep 192860Coonabarabran NSW
BuckleyJohn1847?7 Dec 192679son/John & MargaretCoonabarabran NSW
BuckleyMary1852?9 Jun 193785Coonabarabran NSW
BuckleyPatrick1842?21 Aug 191573son/John & MargaretCoonabarabran NSW
Bucknell (Kearney)Gladys1878?10 Jun 195072w/LionelCoonabarabran NSW
BucknellLionel W1868?9 Aug 195587h/GladysCoonabarabran NSW
BullJeffrey Allen25 Dec 19423 Mar 19507son/John Thomas & Mary Ann VeronicaCoonabarabran NSW
BullKeith1 Jan 19462 Jan 19460son/John Thomas & Mary Ann VeronicaCoonabarabran NSW
Bull (McDonald)Sadie (Sarah)1909?5 Dec 193324w/Alfred WCoonabarabran NSW
BunnerCharlie1888?4 Aug 196678b. Shropshire, England; h/ElizaCoonabarabran NSW
BunnerEliza1891?29 Oct 197887b. Shropshire, England; w/CharlieCoonabarabran NSW
BurnsGeorge4 Mar 1973Coonabarabran NSW
BurnsWilliam John7 Mar 19847 Mar 1984sbson/Peter & SueCoonabarabran NSW
BurtonDarryl William7?Dec 196329 Feb 19640son/Eric Leslie & Nancy EileenCoonabarabran NSW
ButlerKenneth James1934?8 Apr 195521Coonabarabran NSW
CainGeorge William1900?1 Nov 197474h/Ruby; NX51325Coonabarabran NSW
Cameron (McDonald)Frances Lillian (Sr)27 Aug 190429 Dec 198682w/Harold JohnCoonabarabran NSW
CameronHarold John26 Oct 188621 Feb 195164h/Frances LillianCoonabarabran NSW
CampbellArchibald Joseph1885?27 Oct 196277Coonabarabran NSW
CampbellEunice Letitia1891?31 Aug 197988Coonabarabran NSW
CampbellFrederick H1908?27 Oct 195648Coonabarabran NSW
CanhamJohn1852?11 Feb 193380h/Mary Ann (Terry)Coonabarabran NSW
CarlandGeorge25 Mar 18910son/Patrick J & IsabelCoonabarabran NSW
Carland (McHugh)Isabel1855?25 Jan 190953w/Patrick JCoonabarabran NSW
CarneyGeorge1894?2 Jun 195258Coonabarabran NSW
CarneyHugh Terence1900?12 Jul 193636son/Adele May Whitmore (Carney & Mary Ann (Bates); h/Marcella (Rodgers)Coonabarabran NSW
CarneyMartin185910 May 194182b. Camden, New South Wales, Australia; h/Mary AnnCoonabarabran NSW
Carney (Bates)Mary Ann15 Dec 185930 Jun 192969b. Greenwell Point, New South Wales, Australia; w/MartinCoonabarabran NSW
CarrAlfred Avery1909?20 Feb 198070h/Lorna MayCoonabarabran NSW
CarrClaude Edmond1894?29 Dec 198389son/James & MaryCoonabarabran NSW
CarrHarold Richard1909?24 May 197162h/Mary WinifredCoonabarabran NSW
CarrJames1848?1 Sep 193688Coonabarabran NSW
CarrJoseph James1904?28 Oct 197672Coonabarabran NSW
CarrLorna May1920?15 Nov 200080w/Alfred AveryCoonabarabran NSW
CarrMary Jane1886?30 Aug 197892dau/James & MaryCoonabarabran NSW
Carr (Shelley)Mary Winifred1902?23 Jan 198986w/Harold RichardCoonabarabran NSW
CartledgeJames Arthur1932?16 Oct 194210son/Horace James Charles & Ivy LillianCoonabarabran NSW
CaseyAgnes1880?16 Sep 193252dau/James Joseph & JohannaCoonabarabran NSW
CaseyAnnie1849?11 Jan 194494w/JohnCoonabarabran NSW
CaseyDoris May1900?21 Jun 195252Coonabarabran NSW
CaseyJames Joseph1845?5 Nov 192883h/JohannaCoonabarabran NSW
CaseyJohanna1844?20 Feb 192782w/James JosephCoonabarabran NSW
CaseyJohn1847?3 Jun 193083h/AnnieCoonabarabran NSW
Casey (Kennedy)Mary1819?3 Oct 190384b. Ireland; w/MichaelCoonabarabran NSW
CaseyMichael1820?18 Jan 188564b. Co Clare, Ireland; h/Mary (Kennedy)Coonabarabran NSW
CavanaghAlice Mary1875?5 Oct 195984Coonabarabran NSW
Cavanagh (Blackadder)Catherine Ritchie3 Feb 1898Apr 1991b. Scotland; w/Daniel ArthurCoonabarabran NSW
CavanaghDaniel Arthur2 Aug 190023 Jan 197372h/Catherine RitchieCoonabarabran NSW
CavanaghKatie (Catherine M)Apr?190810 Oct 192012dau/Michael & AliceCoonabarabran NSW
ChalmersAdam John18831967h/Josephine MariaCoonabarabran NSW
ChalmersDonald MacRae19161971h/EnidCoonabarabran NSW
ChalmersJosephine Maria18851956w/Adam JohnCoonabarabran NSW
ChambersAdam Mark14 Dec 198819 Dec 19880Coonabarabran NSW
ChambersMatt JacobJul?199218 Sep 19931Coonabarabran NSW
ChappellCecil Ernest1884?18 Jan 195772Coonabarabran NSW
ChappellMadeline1881?29 Apr 196180Coonabarabran NSW
CheethamFrederick James20 Aug 1961son/EdwardCoonabarabran NSW
ChristopherLisa12 Sep 19790dau/John & MarilynCoonabarabran NSW
ClarkFitzgeraldJun?194918 Jan 19522son/William Freeman (Foreman?) & JessieCoonabarabran NSW
ClarkJessie Crabb1910?8 Jun 199383w/William ForemanCoonabarabran NSW
Clark (McLaughlin)MargaretJan 1867?10 Sep 196699Coonabarabran NSW
ClarkWiiliam Foreman1912?11 Nov 198270h/Jessie CrabbCoonabarabran NSW
Clarke? DeniseSep 1957Coonabarabran NSW
ClarkeColleen Frances31 Oct 194510 Nov 19450dau/Jack & MaryCoonabarabran NSW
ClarkeCornelius Joseph1870?18 Feb 194069h/AnastasiaCoonabarabran NSW
ClarkeDudley W1918?4 Apr 197759Coonabarabran NSW
ClarkeHerbert William1907?18 Nov 198073Coonabarabran NSW
ClarkeMary Elizabeth14 Jun 1971Coonabarabran NSW
CollinsMary Ann1890?14 Jul 198797Coonabarabran NSW
CollinsTerrick Victor1889?14 Aug 195768Coonabarabran NSW
CollinsThelma Mary1923?2 Jan 198359Coonabarabran NSW
ConnEdward1850?6 Mar 190958son/Francis & Mary; h/Rose (Wilson)Coonabarabran NSW
ConnElsie F1885?20 Sep 193348Coonabarabran NSW
Conn (Crane)Elsie Susan Jane15 May 189510 Jun 196368dau/Herbert Edward & Sophia Rachael (Bailey); b. Coonabarabran, NSW; w/William EricCoonabarabran NSW
ConnFlora Edna1900?18 May 194040Coonabarabran NSW
ConnFrancis1854?12 Aug 188935son/Francis & MaryCoonabarabran NSW
ConnFrancis Wilson28 Jun 187426 Jul 189521son/Edward & Rose; b. Otago, New ZealandCoonabarabran NSW
ConnGordonOct 191912 Jan 19200son/Noel & MinnieCoonabarabran NSW
Conn (Paul)Helen1930?20 Jun 195626w/Neville AubreyCoonabarabran NSW
ConnJohn Noel1891?28 Feb 195664h/Minnie HarrietCoonabarabran NSW
ConnMarjorie1924?17 May 19262dau/Lancelot R & Annie ICoonabarabran NSW
ConnMinnie Harriet1899?10 Aug 196667w/John NoelCoonabarabran NSW
ConnNeville Aubrey1923?16 Nov 197653h/HelenCoonabarabran NSW
ConnPhillip Lester14 Jul 192821 May 197546Coonabarabran NSW
Conn (Wilson)Rose1851?9 Dec 193786w/EdwardCoonabarabran NSW
ConnWilliam Eric5 Apr 188512 Jul 197489son/Edward & Rose (Wilson); b. Coonabarabran, NSW; h/Elsie Susan Jane (Crane)Coonabarabran NSW
Connelly (Wilson)Rita Therese25 Apr 19146 Jun 199581w/Thomas JamesCoonabarabran NSW
ConnellyThomas James (Tod)6 Feb 19015 Oct 197675h/Rita ThereseCoonabarabran NSW
CookCecil Francis1884?10 Dec 197793Coonabarabran NSW
CookEdith Ruth1940?24 Nov 195616Coonabarabran NSW
CookEdith Sarah1895?25 May 198489Coonabarabran NSW
CoopeEvelyn Lorraine6 Dec 19493 Mar 199141Coonabarabran NSW
CooperDesmond31 Dec 193112 Aug 199664Coonabarabran NSW
CooperEvelyn Gladysw/John AshleyCoonabarabran NSW
CooperJohn Ashley1909?14 Jan 198878h/Evelyn GladysCoonabarabran NSW
CooperStanley Edmund25 Feb 192717 Sep 198053Coonabarabran NSW
Corkery (Wesley)Margaret1852?11 Nov 189038dau/Thomas & Bridget; w/PatrickCoonabarabran NSW
CormieMax Renwick1929?4 Sep 196637Coonabarabran NSW
CorneliussenWendy Kaye1947?5 Jan 198133dau/Cecil John & Eileen MaryCoonabarabran NSW
CornwellEric James26 Sep 1963Coonabarabran NSW
CoxCecil Digby1866?7 Jul 194983son/Frederick Savage & Mamie Henrietta; h/Mary Scholastica (Daly)Coonabarabran NSW
CoxDoreen Mary1899?12 May 191516dau/Cecil D & Mary SCoonabarabran NSW
CoxIrene Margaret7?Feb 194221 Sep 19420dau/Norman Clive & Jessie Irma TeresaCoonabarabran NSW
Cox (Daly)Mary Scholastica186827 Mar 194980dau/Eugene & Mary Ann (Healy); b. Mudgee NSW, Australia; w/Cecil DigbyCoonabarabran NSW
CraneHerbert Edward186627 Nov 194478son/William & Jane; b. Redfern NSW, Australia; h/Sophia Rachael (Bailey)Coonabarabran NSW
Crane (Bailey)Sophia Rachael187210 Jul 195886dau/William & Susan (Lee); b. Gerringong NSW, Australia; w/Herbert EdwardCoonabarabran NSW
CraneUnnamed malesCoonabarabran NSW
CreenauneGeorgeOct 19272 Jun 19280son/George & MargaretCoonabarabran NSW
CroxonFlorence Emily1896?6 Sep 198084w/Walter ReginaldCoonabarabran NSW
CroxonHenry Alfred1857?25 Nov 194386h/JosephineCoonabarabran NSW
Croxon (Stenham[sic])Josephine1864?18 Jul 192359w/Henry AlfredCoonabarabran NSW
CroxonRoy28 Nov 193728 Nov 1937sbson/Alfred Ernest & MadelineCoonabarabran NSW
CroxonWalter Reginald1892?21 Apr 196573h/Florence EmilyCoonabarabran NSW
CurranFrank (Gerald F R)1896?18 Aug 191519son/James & ChristinaCoonabarabran NSW
CuskoNatalie Maria5 Nov 196416 May 198722Coonabarabran NSW
Cussen (Buckley)Margaret1850?11 Aug 188838w/SamuelCoonabarabran NSW
DaviesRobert Edward1871?19 Jun 196089Coonabarabran NSW
DaviesRosannah1869?4 Dec 195283Coonabarabran NSW
Davis (Harper)Elaine Margaret1 Mar 19338 Apr 200067Coonabarabran NSW
DawesClaude H W1899?31 May 197273h/Ella OliveCoonabarabran NSW
Dawes (Martin)Ella Olive1904?21 Nov 198379w/Claude H WCoonabarabran NSW
DawsonJohn JamesMay?19021 Jan 19041son/John A & Mary JCoonabarabran NSW
DawsonLila Merle1897?29 Oct 196063Coonabarabran NSW
De BeerPeter1914?13 Feb 196853Coonabarabran NSW
DeansAlexander1791?21 Aug 187079Coonabarabran NSW
DeansAlexander185722 Jan 192972son/Thomas & Catherine; b. Hartley NSW; h/Mary JaneCoonabarabran NSW
DeansAlexander David1898?24 Feb 196465son/Alexander & Mary Jane; h/Minnie Hope (Montgomery)Coonabarabran NSW
DeansAllan George1885?26 Mar 195771son/Alexander & Mary JaneCoonabarabran NSW
DeansCatherine1828?26 Jun 190880dau/JohnCoonabarabran NSW
DeansJames1854?1 Sep 191157Coonabarabran NSW
DeansJane1801?13 Nov 188584Coonabarabran NSW
DeansMalcolm Thomas1888?23 Nov 193547son/Alexander & Mary JaneCoonabarabran NSW
DeansMary Jane1867?9 Apr 195386w/AlexanderCoonabarabran NSW
Deans (Montgomery)Minnie Hope1904?16 Apr 197975w/Alexander DavidCoonabarabran NSW
Deans (Sutherland)Selina1854?17 Jan 188025w/JamesCoonabarabran NSW
DeansThomas1828?21 Dec 191183Coonabarabran NSW
Devenish (Leigh)Anne Mary1905?17 Aug 198378w/Harold JCoonabarabran NSW
DevenishHarold J1901?1 Jan 197775h/Anne MaryCoonabarabran NSW
Dicks(illegible)Coonabarabran NSW
DicksFredrick (John)Coonabarabran NSW
DicksHerbert Belcha (Pat)20 Oct 190813 May 197263Coonabarabran NSW
Dicks (Thompson)Matilda May1904?24 Nov 198682w/Thomas CharlesCoonabarabran NSW
DicksThomas Charles1896?12 Sep 195862h/Matilda MayCoonabarabran NSW
DicksWilliam "Bill"Sep 1903Sep 1976Coonabarabran NSW
DicksonHenrietta (Doll)1900?26 Jun 198787Coonabarabran NSW
DillonHubert de Burgh (Roger)8 Oct 1927358Coonabarabran NSW
DonnellyKathleen1907?2 Jun 198881w/Sylvester GervaseCoonabarabran NSW
DonnellySylvester Gervase1897?15 Jun 197679son/Edward & Margaret A (Buckley); b. Australia; h/Kathleen (McInerney)Coonabarabran NSW
DoolanAmbrose Vincent1892?21 Oct 196472h/Kathleen VioletCoonabarabran NSW
DoolanClyde Vincent1918?21 Nov 198567NX115763Coonabarabran NSW
DoolanRonald Ambrose1915?27 Aug 196853h/AliceCoonabarabran NSW
DouglasElisha John1861?4 Oct 192463son/Henry & Katherine; h/Emma (Winter)Coonabarabran NSW
Douglas (Winter)Emma187027 Aug 195080dau/Charles & Ellen (Ward); b. Mudgee NSW, Australia; w/Elisha JohnCoonabarabran NSW
DouglasLeo6 Oct 193010 Nov 198858Coonabarabran NSW
DowdCecil6 Jan 191410 Nov 198068?Coonabarabran NSW
Dowd (Marker)Colleen Frances19 Apr 19332 Feb 199662dau/Edward Roy & Phyllis Madeline (Jackson); w/Thomas JamesCoonabarabran NSW
DowdErnest Joseph1920?11 Jan 197453son/Patrick Joseph & Alice RubyCoonabarabran NSW
DowdPatrick Joseph1924?7 Apr 196945son/Patrick Joseph & Alice RubyCoonabarabran NSW
DowsettEunice Alfreda1927?19 Sep 197144dau/Alfred & BerthaCoonabarabran NSW
DowsettStafford1931?9 Oct 195221son/Alfred James & BerthaCoonabarabran NSW
DoyleEdward1837?27 Apr 192083h/RuthCoonabarabran NSW
DoyleLeo Hugh1911?21 Feb 197361son/Hugh & Catherine MaryCoonabarabran NSW
DoyleRuth1840?7 May 192080w/EdwardCoonabarabran NSW
DrysdaleJames Douglass19261974son/John & BessieCoonabarabran NSW
DuceGeorge William1888?15 Jul 194658Coonabarabran NSW
Dulhunty (Alice May)Mechtilde (Sr M)17 Nov 18866 Feb 195366dau/Hubert John & Sarah Mary Agnes (Brown); b. Ponto Geurie NSW, AustraliaCoonabarabran NSWRC
DuncanHarold Ramsay1883?23 Mar 194763h/Myra HallCoonabarabran NSW
Duncan (Russell)Myra HallApr 1963w/Harold RamsayCoonabarabran NSW
DunnJohn1901?18 Jun 198584Coonabarabran NSW
EdgellDonald Francis1909?21 Aug 197768Coonabarabran NSW
EdwardsHarold James11 Oct 189121 Jan 197684h/Helena MaryCoonabarabran NSW
Edwards (Muir)Helena Mary20 Aug 18985 Jan 197576dau/Adam & Margaret; w/Harold JamesCoonabarabran NSW
Edwards (Gibson)Topsy (Beer)1916?10 Jun 198266w/Jack G BeerCoonabarabran NSW
EstensDoris26 Feb 1974w/JackCoonabarabran NSW
EstensJack1 Mar 1974h/DorisCoonabarabran NSW
EvansCharles1894?13 Jan 194651b. England; N393465Coonabarabran NSW
EvansJames Livingston1891?23 Jun 198089h/Margaret MaryCoonabarabran NSW
Evans (Robertson)Margaret Mary1896?25 Sep 197478w/James LivingstonCoonabarabran NSW
EvansVeronica Ann1899?4 May 197677Coonabarabran NSW
FairallAnna Margaret2 Oct 196129 Apr 199634dau/Jack Hamilton & Margaret HelenCoonabarabran NSW
FairallHenry Morgan1912?18 Sep 197765h/Elsie A (Featherbe)Coonabarabran NSW
FairallJack Hamilton14 Jan 191010 May 197969h/Margaret HelenCoonabarabran NSW
FairallJohn1881?13 Aug 195675h/Maude ElenorCoonabarabran NSW
FairallMargaret Helen17 Mar 192229 Nov 200381w/Jack HamiltonCoonabarabran NSW
Fairall (Brown)Maude Elenor1881?17 Mar 194967w/JohnCoonabarabran NSW
Farrell (McNamara)Dulcie Maud1903?1 Jul 196158w/JamesCoonabarabran NSW
FarrellForbes1904?2 Nov 197975NX193769Coonabarabran NSW
FarrellJames1906?27 Jul 197266h/Dulcie MaudCoonabarabran NSW
FarrellJames Allen (Flogger)10 Jun 19425 Oct 199856Coonabarabran NSW
FarrellRossMay 193916 Oct 19390dau/James & Dulcie MaudCoonabarabran NSW
FergusonAnthony David1912?10 Jan 197865Coonabarabran NSW
FergusonDonald Matthew19 Jun 188827 Apr 196778h/Eva MurielCoonabarabran NSW
Ferguson (Scifleet)Eva Muriel10 Oct 190016 Feb 199695w/Donald MatthewCoonabarabran NSW
Ferguson (Buckley)Margaret Annie1869?17 Feb 195585formerly Donnelly; dau/John & Mary; w/Edward (Donnelly) & Joseph SCoonabarabran NSW
FergusonVera Mary Gordon1884?1 Jul 193854Coonabarabran NSW
FieldAlbert Michaelson/Joshua Garrett & Mary AnnCoonabarabran NSW
FieldHenry Leo1885?13 Mar 196377h/Una Gladys; 768Coonabarabran NSW
FieldJoshuah/MaryCoonabarabran NSW
FieldMaryw/JoshuaCoonabarabran NSW
Field (Hogden)Una Gladys1900?30 Sep 198989w/Henry LeoCoonabarabran NSW
Finlay (Woods)Ethel Blanche1897?13 Mar 198587w/ThomasCoonabarabran NSW
FinlayGordon Elmoreson/Walter James & Sarah AnnCoonabarabran NSW
FinlayJohn Ernestson/Walter James & Sarah AnnCoonabarabran NSW
FinlayMalcolm Thomas1936?8 Mar 195013son/Thomas & Ethel BlancheCoonabarabran NSW
FinlayReuben Stanlyson/Walter James & Sarah AnnCoonabarabran NSW
Finlay (Jackson)Sarah Ann1871?9 May 196190w/Walter JamesCoonabarabran NSW
FinlayThomas1892?1 Sep 197785h/Ethel BlancheCoonabarabran NSW
FinlayWalter James1863?14 Oct 192764h/Sarah Ann (Jackson)Coonabarabran NSW
FlanaganHannah1851?9 Jul 188534w/RichardCoonabarabran NSW
Fleming (Jones)Florence Charlotte1881?30 Oct 197089w/William JamesCoonabarabran NSW
FlemingJames William1904?16 Feb 197873son/William James & Florence (Jones); h/Margaret Heather (Jenkins); NX85720Coonabarabran NSW
FlemingJohn Norman1912?11 Dec 195846Coonabarabran NSW
FlemingMargaret Heather1921?4 Feb 199068w/James WilliamCoonabarabran NSW
FlemingWilliam James1878?28 Jul 196587h/Florence CharlotteCoonabarabran NSW
FloodJoseph Thomas Francis1909?13 Jan 195747Coonabarabran NSW
Flood (Marks)Mary E M1889?3 Sep 194354w/Thomas WilliamCoonabarabran NSW
FloodMervyn Daniel1927?13 Jan 196234son/Thomas William & Mary Emily MCoonabarabran NSW
FloodThomas W1874?31 Jul 195985h/Mary E MCoonabarabran NSW
ForanGrace Cecelia1896?15 Aug 196266Coonabarabran NSW
FordAlfred Henry1922?18 Dec 197654h/Iris Ilma; NX101543Coonabarabran NSW
FordCornelius Claude2 Jul 190724 Jun 198072NX26419Coonabarabran NSW
Ford (Pearson)Eva May1887?11 Jun 197184w/Henry ClaudeCoonabarabran NSW
FordFrances1915?28 Feb 198670Coonabarabran NSW
FordHenry Claude1879?5 Jun 195576h/Eva MayCoonabarabran NSW
Ford (Vallette)Iris Ilma1 Jun 19301 Jun 198757w/Alfred HenryCoonabarabran NSW
FordKathleen Joyce1911?3 Jul 196756dau/Henry Claude & Eva MayCoonabarabran NSW
ForsterWilliam Twiss28 Nov 192913 May 199161Coonabarabran NSW
FosterDesmond Lawrence29 Sep 193014 Oct 200171Coonabarabran NSW
FosterMurray Claude1928?25 Feb 199970Coonabarabran NSW
FosterUna Audrey1900?4 Feb 195453Coonabarabran NSW
FosterWilliam Joseph (Bill)11 May 19392 Jan 200262h/GlenisCoonabarabran NSW
FoxEva Rita1912?15 Mar 199885dau/Tom Knight & EvaCoonabarabran NSW
FrancisAllen Claude1916?14 Jun 197862Coonabarabran NSW
FrancisFlorence Amy1909?15 Dec 199788Coonabarabran NSW
FraserNorma Merlen1922?8 Apr 198462Coonabarabran NSW
FrazerAlbert Stephen1882?6 Jan 197390h/Mary EllenCoonabarabran NSW
FrazerGeorge Collins (Dud)1925?19 Jul 195631son/Albert Stephen & Mary EllenCoonabarabran NSW
FrazerMary Ellen1877?23 Feb 196486w/Albert StephenCoonabarabran NSW
FrostJamey John Francis12 Feb 197112 Aug 19710son/MirandaCoonabarabran NSW
GalvinTed1925?13 Feb 198862Coonabarabran NSW
GibsonCatherine Mary1891?18 Nov 195968Coonabarabran NSW
GoardHonorah Clara11 Apr 19267 Jun 197651dau/John Arthur & Mary Ann (Clarke); b. Ardlethenn NSW, Australia; w/ArthurCoonabarabran NSW
GoardSydney Arthur (Blue)191827 Oct 198062son/Frederick & Beatrice (Hewett); b. Turramurra, Australia; h/Honorah Clara (Brown); NX28097Coonabarabran NSW
GollanRodrick J1875?28 Oct 193459Coonabarabran NSW
GouldPeter JohnAug 19388 May 19390son/Gordon Alick & FannyCoonabarabran NSW
GowBrenton David12 Feb 1959son/Ronald Claude & Norma CarolineCoonabarabran NSW
GowJanine AnneJan 1971?12 Jul 19721dau/David & LorraineCoonabarabran NSW
GrantJohn1884?13 Jun 195268Coonabarabran NSW
GrantMargaret Elizabeth1883?24 Aug 196986Coonabarabran NSW
GrantUnnamed15 Dec 1954dau/Ron & ValCoonabarabran NSW
GreenwoodG H1922?6 Jul 194624D/JX250831Coonabarabran NSW
Grinham (Brown)Ethel Maud17 Jul 18992 Apr 195151dau/Thomas Clifford & Eva W (Ward); b. Bathurst, NSW, Australia; w/JerseyCoonabarabran NSW
GrockeMaria Magdelena5 Sep 187017 Feb 194574Coonabarabran NSW
GroombridgeArthur John27 Jan 19051 Jan 197468b. England; h/TillyCoonabarabran NSW
GroombridgeMatilda Mary14 Aug 19157 Jun 198266w/Arthur JohnCoonabarabran NSW
Gudgeon (Dunn)Joan1920?13 Aug 199575w/John CliffordCoonabarabran NSW
GudgeonJohn Clifford1915?5 Aug 197863h/JoanCoonabarabran NSW
HaganDavid14 Feb 186531 Aug 194580h/FrancesCoonabarabran NSW
HaganDot (Daisy A)1904?4 May 193026dau/David & FrancesCoonabarabran NSW
Hagan (Morrissey)Frances1860?20 Jan 193170w/DavidCoonabarabran NSW
HaganKathleen1897?29 Apr 192023dau/David & FrancesCoonabarabran NSW
HalterJacob1821?15 Mar 190785h/VeronicaCoonabarabran NSW
HalterJames Anton1859?22 Jun 187819son/Jacob & VeronicaCoonabarabran NSW
HalterJoseph1887?30 Sep 196679son/RosealiaCoonabarabran NSW
HalterRosealia1856?21 Jul 192771Coonabarabran NSW
HalterVeronica1825?20 Jul 191893w/JacobCoonabarabran NSW
HalterWilliam Charles1889?26 May 197283son/RosealiaCoonabarabran NSW
HannellyMinnie May1883?9 Nov 197390w/Thomas JamesCoonabarabran NSW
HannellyThomas James1879?16 Jul 194768h/Minnie MayCoonabarabran NSW
HardyNorman19 Mar 191931 Jan 200585h/Patricia MaryCoonabarabran NSW
Hardy (Tatton)Patricia Mary1926?13 Jun 197650w/NormanCoonabarabran NSW
HarperBarry William27 Jan 193816 Jan 199051h/Enid JeanCoonabarabran NSW
HarperBoysie1908?28 Jan 198071h/Jean MarjorieCoonabarabran NSW
HarperClive William1905?8 May 198176h/EstherCoonabarabran NSW
HarperDavid1935?18 Jul 195116son/Jean & BoysieCoonabarabran NSW
Harper (Casey)Ellen Frances1873?11 Feb 191440w/DavidCoonabarabran NSW
Harper (Muller)Enid Jean1934?9 Jan 198146w/Barry WilliamCoonabarabran NSW
Harper (Gardiner)Esther1906?4 Mar 198881w/Clive WilliamCoonabarabran NSW
HarperFrancis David1900?1 Oct 196969Coonabarabran NSW
Harper (Burke)Gertrude1895?5 Jul 198893w/Leslie WilliamCoonabarabran NSW
Harper (Dunk)Jean Marjorie1909?29 Jan 199383w/BoysieCoonabarabran NSW
HarperLeo1911?11 Feb 196553Coonabarabran NSW
HarperLeslie William1890?20 Feb 197281h/GertrudeCoonabarabran NSW
HarperPaul Alfred1963?21 Nov 19707son/Barry William & Enid JeanCoonabarabran NSW
HarperRaymond Cecil1908?22 Jul 197466son/William Edward & FrancisCoonabarabran NSW
HaywoodJames Godfrey2 Mar 1949Coonabarabran NSW
Head (Haywood)Winnifred Louisa1909?17 Jun 198677Coonabarabran NSW
HealyT (Rt Rev Mons)11 Jul 1975Coonabarabran NSW
HeferenAmy Coronesia1904?14 Sep 197975w/Robert HansCoonabarabran NSW
HeferenRobert Hans1900?14 Feb 197271h/Amy CoronesiaCoonabarabran NSW
HennessyAnthony James1930?13 Jan 196534Coonabarabran NSW
HennessyCatherine Nell1931?29 Aug 199766Coonabarabran NSW
HennessyCornelius Bede29 Nov 192430 Mar 194520son/Norbert Patrick & Mabel Maud (Hawkins); b. Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia; NX161891Coonabarabran NSW
Hennessy (Hawkins)Mabel Maud1892?6 May 196472w/Norbert PatrickCoonabarabran NSW
HennessyMaurice Joseph22 Aug 184318 Dec 192784Coonabarabran NSW
HennessyNorbert Patrick1887?16 Sep 196174h/Mabel MaudCoonabarabran NSW
Herbert (Beeton)Amy Jane1878?14 May 195375w/William JohnCoonabarabran NSW
HerbertArthur Reuben1888?19 Jan 192637son/George & Sarah JCoonabarabran NSW
HerbertNellie Jane26 Aug 19054 Jan 199892Coonabarabran NSW
HerbertWilliam John1878?14 Dec 196991h/Amy JaneCoonabarabran NSW
Heydon (Crane)Rita Hazel May9 Jul 19121 May 199885dau/Herbert Edward & Sophia Rachael (Bailey); w/Walter GeorgeCoonabarabran NSW
HeydonWalter George23 Oct 19089 Jul 198475son/Alfred & Gertrude Rose (Watts); b. Warwick, Warwickshire, England; h/Rita Hazel May (Crane)Coonabarabran NSW
Hickey (Slyney)Annie Magdalene1889?10 Dec 197788w/Harold ThomasCoonabarabran NSW
HickeyHarold Thomas1887?11 Apr 196275h/Annie MagdaleneCoonabarabran NSW
HickeyNeville Thomas1926?3 Feb 198659son/Harold Thomas & Annie MagdaleneCoonabarabran NSW
HiddlestonIan EdwardOct?192125 Dec 19221son/George & May VeavaCoonabarabran NSW
HogdenElwinJun?192020 Dec 19233son/George W & Mary AnnCoonabarabran NSW
HogdenGeorge W1884?9 Jun 195268h/Mary AnnCoonabarabran NSW
HogdenMary Ann1890?20 Sep 197888w/George WCoonabarabran NSW
HomerGary Ernest1962?17 Jun 198422Coonabarabran NSW
HomerRita Joan1932?23 Feb 198350Coonabarabran NSW
HongAnnie1875?2 Jun 192247dau/John & Elizabeth; b. District of Scone, Australia; w/George HenryCoonabarabran NSW
HopleyClaude31 May 1975Coonabarabran NSW
HopleyElizabeth (Mrs)1839?14 Aug 189556w/Walter JCoonabarabran NSW
HopleyThomas1869?31 Jun 194273h/May (Fitspatrick)Coonabarabran NSW
HoskingAndrew Joseph1861?6 Sep 192463son/George & Anna Maria (Foss); b. Mudgee NSW, Australia; h/Joanna Margaret (Kearney) & Kezzie Jessie (Maquire)Coonabarabran NSW
Hosking (Maguire)Kezzie Jessie187122 May 194169dau/Joseph & Frances Louisa; b. Coonabarabran NSW, Australia; w/Andrew JosephCoonabarabran NSW
Hough (Lee)Esther Adelaide1895?16 Aug 196974w/Robert WallaceCoonabarabran NSW
HoughNoel Thomas1927?8 Sep 196942Coonabarabran NSW
HoughRobert NormanJan 1958?26 Nov 197618Coonabarabran NSW
HoughRobert Wallace1895?24 Jan 197175h/Esther AdelaideCoonabarabran NSW
HowardAugustine J (Gus)1881?10 Dec 194564h/FannyCoonabarabran NSW
Howard (Tatton)Fanny1881?30 May 196483w/GusCoonabarabran NSW
HowardFrancis1888?30 Sep 194557h/Louisa C J A; 1662Coonabarabran NSW
Howard (Bacon)Louisa Charlotte Jane Annie1893?11 Aug 198390w/FrancisCoonabarabran NSW
HowardMary Ann26 Jun 185517 Aug 193178dau/Hugh Enright & Margaret (Howard); b. Rylstone; w/John (Enright)Coonabarabran NSW
HowardMichael Kevin17 Jul 19520son/Frank & PhyllisCoonabarabran NSW
HowardPhyllis Jean1925?27 Jun 199065w/FrankCoonabarabran NSW
HubbardHilton1897?28 Feb 198183Coonabarabran NSW
HubbardMay1902?21 Jun 199694Coonabarabran NSW
Hunt (Kelly)Elizabeth1871?14 May 193564w/PatrickCoonabarabran NSW
Hunt (White)Evelyn May1889?17 Oct 195768w/Robert GeorgeCoonabarabran NSW
HuntGwendoline JoanSep 193020 Mar 19310dau/Robert & EvelynCoonabarabran NSW
HuntLoris C1906?25 Feb 196457h/MinnieCoonabarabran NSW
HuntRobert George1883?4 Nov 196077h/Evelyn MayCoonabarabran NSW
Hunter (Ferguson)Carrie Marjorie1896?3 Aug 199094w/Oswald ErnestCoonabarabran NSW
HunterOswald Ernest1891?3 Jan 196068h/Carrie MarjorieCoonabarabran NSW
HyndsLeslie Andrew3 Nov 193112 Jun 198351h/Barbara Edwards (Camac)Coonabarabran NSW
IrwinArthur Thomas1912?26 Nov 196553Coonabarabran NSW
JackJune Pamela1926?7 Oct 198559Coonabarabran NSW
JackSydney Leslie1896?4 Sep 199397Coonabarabran NSW
JacksonElsie May7 Mar 191518 Dec 199782w/DiggerCoonabarabran NSW
JacksonPhilip Charles Maurice1947?10 Nov 198336son/Gordon & Matilda; h/AnnCoonabarabran NSW
JacksonRobert James (Digger)1917?9 Nov 198669h/Elsie May; NX163911Coonabarabran NSW
JennerBert4 Nov 188212 Mar 197289h/Elizabeth MaryCoonabarabran NSW
Jenner (Smith)Elizabeth Mary1916?23 Dec 198872w/BertCoonabarabran NSW
JennerHerbie?Coonabarabran NSW
Jennings (Hennessy)Elizabeth Joan (Betty)1922?29 Oct 198260dau/Norbert & Mabel Maude; w/James Pericles (Perry) (Hennessy)Coonabarabran NSW
JenningsGeoffrey Brian1927?3 Apr 197447son/James Walter & Alma Valeria; NX205207Coonabarabran NSW
JenningsJames Pericles (Perry)22 Feb 19165 Sep 198266son/James Walter & Alma Valeria (Manusu); b. Mudgee, NSW; h/Elizabeth Joan (Betty) (Hennessy); N195940Coonabarabran NSW
JenningsJames Walter1872?2 Jan 196087son/James & Margaret; b. Goulburn, NSW; h/Alma Valeria (Manusu)Coonabarabran NSW
JenningsPeter Noel17 Oct 19640son/Noel Peter & SueCoonabarabran NSW
JesinaCatherine Philomena1909?8 Nov 199586w/HansCoonabarabran NSW
JesinaHans A1908?17 Sep 197769h/Catherine PhilomenaCoonabarabran NSW
JonesCatherine1917?18 Feb 199880Coonabarabran NSW
Jones (Stubbs)Charlotte6 Oct 183621 Nov 191680w/JohnCoonabarabran NSW
JonesCrispian Mark "Kip"31 Dec 19675 Nov 199022son/Chris & DeniseCoonabarabran NSW
JonesGeoffrey Lyle1922?19 Jul 198058Coonabarabran NSW
JonesHerbert Charles1858?18 Mar 194788son/John & CharlotteCoonabarabran NSW
Kable (McCasland)Amelia Rose188915 Sep 196475dau/William & Eliza; b. Coonabarabran,NSW, Australia; w/Edgar SydneyCoonabarabran NSWRC
KableEdgar Sydney18839 Sep 195168son/William Edgar & Ellen Margaret (Jackson); b. Cobar,NSW, Australia; h/Violet Adelaide (Selems) & Amelia Rose (McCasland)Coonabarabran NSWRC
KachelShirley MargaretMay 19385 Jan 19390dau/Anthony Reginald Clive & EuniceCoonabarabran NSW
KainWilliam1892?15 Jul 195664NX15606Coonabarabran NSW
KaskelinErnest14 Aug 1990Coonabarabran NSW
KaskelinLorrie13 May 1985Coonabarabran NSW
KeeganCarole Madge4 Jun 1972Coonabarabran NSW
KeepingAlbert John1906?29 Jun 198478Coonabarabran NSW
KellahanEdward Charles1906?14 Oct 198175h/Ila; NX166095Coonabarabran NSW
KellahanIla1910?26 Mar 198069w/RogerCoonabarabran NSW
KellyBaby1 Nov 19580son/Bill & JoyceCoonabarabran NSW
KellyGeorge Jeroud183112 Jun 191281son/Richard & Elizabeth (Green); b. Sackville Reach,NSW; h/SusannaCoonabarabran NSW
KellyJessie Rachael13 Feb 190022 Apr 197878w/WilliamCoonabarabran NSW
KellySusanna1835?17 May 189762w/George JCoonabarabran NSW
KellyWilliam21 Jan 189919 Apr 198081h/Jessie RachaelCoonabarabran NSW
KennaJosephene Mary1908?23 Nov 192315dau/John & RebeccaCoonabarabran NSW
KerinAndrew Thomas24 Aug 19148 May 197358son/James Joseph & Bridget Cecilia (O'Neill); NX154246Coonabarabran NSW
KerrJeanette Eva1948?6 Apr 198335Coonabarabran NSW
KerrTonyMay?194824 Feb 196819Coonabarabran NSW
KerrWilliam18437 Sep 187026b. Dumfriesshire, ScotlandCoonabarabran NSW
KevanEdward Martin1891?25 Oct 198190Coonabarabran NSW
KevanEdward PierceDec 1854?23 Jun 193176Coonabarabran NSW
Kevan (Bullock)Florence Veronica1895?6 May 196267w/Thomas PierceCoonabarabran NSW
KevanMartha Jane10 Aug 1952Coonabarabran NSW
KevanPhillip1884?28 Dec 194258Coonabarabran NSW
KevanThomas Pierce1889?20 Jul 198798h/Florence VeronicaCoonabarabran NSW
KinselaGilbert Roderick19018 Dec 197372son/John Martin & Hope Amelia; b. Tamworth NSW; h/Hazel Maude (Fairall)Coonabarabran NSW
Kinsela (Fairall)Hazel Maude190821 Jun 198779dau/John & Maud; b. Bathurst, NSW; w/Gilbert RoderickCoonabarabran NSW
KinselaMichael Thomas Joseph1943?9 Dec 197128son/Lester Jack & Rita Magdaline (Porter)Coonabarabran NSW
KirkWalter Alexander John29 Feb 1969Coonabarabran NSW
KnightBruce William11 Feb 191220 Jul 197260son/Arthur Glanville & AliceCoonabarabran NSW
KnightDavid3 Feb 193424 Sep 200571Coonabarabran NSW
KnightDorothea Mary "Thea"1914?14 Aug 199480dau/Stanley William & Elsie HildaCoonabarabran NSW
Knight (Davis)Elsie Hilda1886?8 May 195367w/Stanley WilliamCoonabarabran NSW
KnightEva Jane Beatrice1891?2 Jan 194654w/Thomas AlfredCoonabarabran NSW
KnightGeoff2 Sep 190728 Aug 198577son/Alfred & Louisa; h/AliceCoonabarabran NSW
KnightJill25 Apr 193724 Sep 200568Coonabarabran NSW
KnightN R1928?18 Aug 195830VX501026Coonabarabran NSW
KnightNeville George1913?17 Jun 198976h/Patricia MaryCoonabarabran NSW
Knight (Rohr)Patricia Mary1913?26 Mar 196753w/Neville GeorgeCoonabarabran NSW
KnightPatrick William1920?26 Aug 199878Coonabarabran NSW
KnightStanley William1883?27 Jan 195975h/Elsie HildaCoonabarabran NSW
KnightThomas Alfred1890?2 Jan 194655h/Eva Jane BeatriceCoonabarabran NSW
KubskiStefan16 Apr 19194 Oct 197152Coonabarabran NSW
LaingArthur Lindsay1914?30 Jul 196753VX36340Coonabarabran NSW
LaingGordonh/Rose MayCoonabarabran NSW
Laing (Young)Rose May16 Aug 1955w/GordonCoonabarabran NSW
LambertCarly Maree14 May 198031 Oct 19877Coonabarabran NSW
LambertChristopher6 Jan 195931 Oct 198728Coonabarabran NSW
LambertRowena Maria29 Aug 195731 Oct 198730Coonabarabran NSW
LangfordEllen Jane3 Aug?19111 May 1980Coonabarabran NSW
Law (McDonald)Ilene Ethel1915?28 Oct 195742w/James PercivalCoonabarabran NSW
LawJames Percival (Mac)1907?30 Dec 198073h/Ilene EthelCoonabarabran NSW
Le Maire (Field)Adaw/Augustus JCoonabarabran NSW
Leatham (Harding)Ethel Hannah1889?26 Mar 194858dau/James & Ann; w/William PatrickCoonabarabran NSW
LeeRuby31 Jul 1954Coonabarabran NSW
LeederMarguerite Millicent28 Jul 190723 Jan 199587Coonabarabran NSW
LeesWilliam Smith1881?6 Oct 192039Coonabarabran NSW
LemonCharles Robert1875?28 Mar 195276h/Frances MaryCoonabarabran NSW
LemonEvaNov?189825 Sep 191112dau/Charles Robert & Frances MaryCoonabarabran NSW
Lemon (Wright)Frances Mary1880?27 Sep 197292w/Charles RobertCoonabarabran NSW
LighezzoloEster Canderle1908?9 Jul 193628w/ACoonabarabran NSW
LindsayJames1862?27 Oct 194179Coonabarabran NSW
LindsayWilliam Harold1906?31 Jul 194842Coonabarabran NSW
LooneyMartha1842?30 Mar 192279Coonabarabran NSW

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