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1 cemetery found

KyogleKyogle Road, Kyogle NSW 24743839

29 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AitkenWilliam Marshall2 Apr 19193 Jul 194526NX28880Kyogle NSW
CardwellEnos1914?6 Sep 193420Kyogle NSW
CusackWilliam Clive1896son/James; 6929Kyogle NSW
DavieDonald James12 Dec 19182 Jul 194324423666Kyogle NSW
EllemEdna Vivieene2 Sep 19124 Jan 197966Kyogle NSW
GibsonErnest Douglas30 May 191510 Jul 194126NX46800Kyogle NSW
GreenWilliam8 Oct 19081 Jan 194334QX28060Kyogle NSW
HarleyAlfred1878?10 Apr 194062Kyogle NSW
HarleyLena188117 Apr 193654Kyogle NSW
HattonKate Horrocks1852?7 Feb 193583Kyogle NSW
HaywardAlbert Geoffery1944?14 Sep 19462Kyogle NSW
HaywardGeorge1855?1 Apr 193580Kyogle NSW
HendersonMelba Elizabeth1906?25 Feb 193529Kyogle NSW
HerdBruce3 Nov 192112 Jul 194523son/Moncrieff & Olivia; NX42238Kyogle NSW
Johnston (Smith)Millicent Mabel3 Jun 1934Kyogle NSW
McintoshDonald Robert10 Sep 191315 Jan 194531son/Donald & Jean; 426234Kyogle NSW
NoonanDennis James20 Apr 1896son/Joseph; 50377Kyogle NSW
PowellWilliam R.1889?4 Aug 1941525986Kyogle NSW
ReevesArthur Henry18893078Kyogle NSW
RichardsJohn Wayne1960?2 Jul 197919A124467Kyogle NSW
RogersHerbert Charles2 Aug 191924 Nov 194223NX47910Kyogle NSW
Rogers (Rodgers)William188328 Aug 193350son/George Robert; h/Tranette (Rabbitts); 3121Kyogle NSW
ShearmanStanley George8 Aug 1920194524NX72692Kyogle NSW
SimpsonColin Raymond20 Feb 192016 Feb 194221NX37192Kyogle NSW
StandfieldCharles Walter31 Jan 1921194322NX48055Kyogle NSW
WalkerMarion Margaret1934?21 Nov 19362Kyogle NSW
WalmsleyGeorge Hubert10 Sep 191910 May 194525NX47838Kyogle NSW
WalmsleyWilliam Burns17 Nov 190418 Dec 194238NX107065Kyogle NSW
WilliamsArthur Cecil George7 Mar 191820 Jun 200991son/Ernest G. & Elizabeth (Godfrey); b. Casino, NSW; NX113026Kyogle NSW

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