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Kincumber Anglican (St Pauls)Avoca Drive, Kincumber NSW 2251971

963 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Irene1916?20 Apr 201296Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 11, 4
AllenEdith Maud1905?28 Sep 198984Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 2, 4
AllenHarry1898?29 Sep 197173Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 2, 3
AmphlettRichard William1916?30 Jan 199680Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 36, 3
AndersKae (Verden)1937?21 Dec 201174Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 16, 12
AndersLeopold Gerhard1936?1 Jun 201276Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 16, 11
AndrewsMathew William John1968?14 Nov 198719Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 29, 4
Annand (Watson)Emma Jane18738 Sep 195785dau/Charles & Maria (Harvey); b. Newcastle, NSW; w/John DavidKincumber Anglican NSW
AnnandGeorge David5 Sep 189326 Nov 195461son/John David & Emma Jane (Watson); b. Hexham, Newcastle NSW, Australia; h/Nellie Dorothea (Lower); 2567Kincumber Anglican NSW
AnnandJohn David1870 ?28 Aug 194373son/J.; h/Emma Jane (Watson)Kincumber Anglican NSW
Annand (Lower)Nellie Dorothea1899?2 Aug 192929dau/William Edward & Annie; b. Brghton Sussex England, UK; w/George DavidKincumber Anglican NSW
AnnandWilliam Charles (Jack)18978 Nov 197578son/John David & Emma Jane (Watson); b. Cook's Hill, Newcastle NSW, Australia; h/Alice May (Beldon); 1838Kincumber Anglican NSWCol
ArmitageElizabeth1861?11 May 192362w/CyrusKincumber Anglican NSW
AtkinsEdward1850?18 Jul 192777Kincumber Anglican NSW
Atkins (Frost)Nada Audrey Madge1905?6 Sep 199085w/PercyKincumber Anglican NSW
AtkinsPercy (Ben)1904?20 Jan 198177h/Nada Audrey MadgeKincumber Anglican NSW
AyresPeter1886?18 Mar 195266Kincumber Anglican NSW
Baddeley (Winter)Norah Elizabeth (Betty)2 Oct 192720 Aug 201082Kincumber Anglican NSW
BaigentCharles Arthur1914?16 Sep 197157Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 3, 1
BaigentVictoria May1919?17 Nov 200788Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 3, 2
BaileyLillian1904?19 Oct 197571Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 8, 10
BaldockAlfred Charles1901?19 Jul 197675Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 10, 7
BaldockSylvia Lilley1911?8 Sep 200392Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 10, 8
BarberHenry (Harry)1918?11 Jul 199779Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 38, 5
BarrEdna Merle1922?19 Jan 201088Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 19, 4
BarrettDorothy Jean1917?3 Oct 201194w/Robert HenryKincumber Anglican NSW
BarrettRichard Bigmore1904Kincumber Anglican NSW
BarrettRobert George (Bob)14 Nov 194220 Sep 201269Kincumber Anglican NSW
BarrettRobert Henry1915?20 Jun 197964Kincumber Anglican NSW
BatchelorHarry Coster1909?25 Jun 200697Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 29, 10
BatchelorLouisa Annie1911?5 Sep 198776Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 29, 9
Bates (Hall)Gwendolyn Gladys (Dodd)1924?29 Aug 201086dau/Cyril A & Charlotte ElsieKincumber Anglican NSW
BatesKeith George1928?20 Dec 201082Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 23, 6
BatesPhyllis Ileane1908?20 Sep 198375Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 23, 5
BattishallAlbert Leonard1909?22 Jan 198273son/Edward & RuthKincumber Anglican NSWCol 21, 1
BattishallPat1916?27 Jul 201397Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 21, 2
BattishallPauline Hepzibah1888?15 Sep 198294Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 2, 7
BeasleyArthur Jnr1931199665Kincumber Anglican NSW
BeasleyArthur W C1888?11 Jan 197183h/Valima GKincumber Anglican NSW
BeasleyKeith27 Jun 193315 Aug 19337wKincumber Anglican NSW
BeasleyValima G1899?20 Oct 197778spouse/Arthur W CKincumber Anglican NSW
Beattie (Ward)Agnes Elizabeth184417 Aug 188540dau/William & Catherine; b. NSW; w/Edward GeorgeKincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieAgnes Lucy187425 Sep 195076dau/Edward George & Agnes Elizabeth (Ward); b. Brisbane Water, Gosford District, NSW, AustraliaKincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieAlan1909?15 Apr 196051Kincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieAlbert George Hamilton24 May 19157 Sep 197661son/Gordon Edgar & Ruby Isobel (Beattie); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; h/Hazel Edith (Clifford)Kincumber Anglican NSW
Beattie (Davis)Alice Eliza8 May 189210 Sep 195866Kincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieAngus McGregor19 May 18684 Sep 194779son/Edward George & Agnes Elizabeth (Ward); b. Brisbane Water, NSW; h/Rachel Ann (Settree)Kincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieClarence Angus Jack11 Sep 18981 Sep 195860h/AliceKincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieClarice Agnes29 Jul 192231 May 201087dau/Clarence Angus JACK & Alice Eliza (Davis); b. NSW, AustraliaKincumber Anglican NSW
Beattie (Wilson)Daisy1912?25 Dec 200997Kincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieEdward George3 Jun 18403 Jun 191979son/John & Hannah; b. NSW, Australia; h/Agnes Elizabeth (Ward) & Elizabeth (Davis)Kincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieEdward J S1912?31 Dec 196755Kincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieEmily Ann1876?8 Feb 193660Kincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieErnest Albert1873?3 Feb 194976Kincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieEthel Italia1909?8 Aug 200495Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 41, 2
BeattieGordon Edgar1877?16 Dec 195174Kincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieHarry John7 Dec 192330 May 198662son/Clarence Angus Jack & Alice Eliza (Davis); b. Paddington, NSW, Australia; RAAF 134369Kincumber Anglican NSW
Beattie (Clifford)Hazel Edith8 May 191913 May 200788dau/Walter John & Ada (Denniss); b. Maclean, NSW, Australia; w/Albert George HamiltonKincumber Anglican NSW
Beattie (Settree)Rachel Ann13 Nov 187523 May 195073b. Brisbane Water, New South Wales, Australia; w/Angus McGregorKincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieRuby Isabel1882?15 Dec 195068Kincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieTrixie Ella (Ella Trixie)30 Nov 18804 May 18815m 4ddau/Edward George & Agnes Elizabeth (Ward); b. Brisbane Water, Gosford District, NSW, AustraliaKincumber Anglican NSW
BeattieWalter1870?5 May 194979Kincumber Anglican NSW
BeckinsaleSusan1940?1 Jan 198646Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 26, 3
BeechHarry Austin1896?30 Dec 197680Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 11, 5
Bergin (Beattie)Beryl Esther1921?30 Oct 199776Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 38, 6
BerginScott William1962?28 Nov 198119Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 19, 9
BerginWilliam James1921?31 Jan 200786Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 38, 7
BernauerElizabeth1967?15 Oct 200336Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 36, 5
BernauerEric Charles14 Aug 191123 Mar 199482Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 35, 5
Berriman (Barnett)Agnes187617 Dec 194973dau/George & Elizabeth Mary (Boyles); b. Somerset, England; w/WilliamKincumber Anglican NSW
BerrimanWilliam2 Nov 187512 Aug 195478son/William & Caroline; b. St Ives, Cornwall, England; h/Agnes (Barnett); 7444Kincumber Anglican NSW
BerryBeatrice Alice1916?25 Jun 198771Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 24, 9
BerryFrederick Granville1922?4 Mar 198563Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 24, 8
BerryHenry11 Sep 183220 Oct 191583b. Ballymena, IrelandKincumber Anglican NSW
BettsCharles Leslie1902?13 Apr 198179Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 18, 8
BettsEvelyn Camille1903?27 Nov 198077Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 18, 9
BickertonAlice Mabel27 Jan 1933dau/Alexander W & PhoebeKincumber Anglican NSW
BinghamAngus Ernest1924?16 Jan 200783Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 44, 10
BinghamCyril Ernest1900?17 Jan 197070Kincumber Anglican NSW
BinghamElla1901?19 Aug 198281Kincumber Anglican NSW
BlacklockLouise1 Jun 1933Kincumber Anglican NSW
BlackmoreStanley1891?24 Jun 197685Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 3, 9
BlowesAlfred Edwin1910?21 Feb 198171Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 19, 2
Blowes (Machin)Jean Elizabeth1910?1 Oct 200494Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 19, 3
BoardmanWilliam Henry1876?19 Feb 191235?b. EnglandKincumber Anglican NSWBook location A30
BorlandHilda May1895?7 Aug 195156w/Robert ClarkKincumber Anglican NSW
BorlandRobert Clark1908?3 Mar 198476h/Hilda MayKincumber Anglican NSW
BowcockAmy May1891?3 Jul 196675Kincumber Anglican NSW
BowcockDaniel F1890?30 Apr 195060Kincumber Anglican NSW
BowcockElsie M30 Oct 1970Kincumber Anglican NSW
BowcockElsie May (Biddy)1915?30 Dec 192813Kincumber Anglican NSW
BowcockJean Daphne10 Jun 192324 Nov 201390w/Keith William JamesKincumber Anglican NSW
BowcockKeith William James30 Jan 191724 Nov 199174h/Jean DaphneKincumber Anglican NSW
BowcockLeonard Robert10 Aug 191220 Jul 200593Kincumber Anglican NSW
BowcockRobert T J1888?30 Apr 193042Kincumber Anglican NSW
BowerDaisy (Pat)1906?8 Jun 200195Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 39, 10
BoytEric James1912?4 Feb 198674Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 26, 7
BoytMargaret Elizabeth Ellen (Nell)1914?12 Jan 199985Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 26, 6
BrittenGeorge W14 Apr 1978Kincumber Anglican NSW
BrittenMertle I18 Aug 1978Kincumber Anglican NSW
BrodieKeith1905199489Kincumber Anglican NSW
BrodieVerna Marlie1909?10 May 200495Kincumber Anglican NSW
BrownCarl Raymond1928?24 Feb 200880Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 44, 7
BrownLeonard Albert1916?13 Jan 200084Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 36, 12
BrownMarjorie1915?13 May 200590Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 36, 11
Brown (Davis)Patricia Rhoda1932?20 May 201381dau/Harry & Doris Sophia (Dean); w/Carl RaymondKincumber Anglican NSWCol 44, 8
BrownriggJohn Fleming1921?17 Jun 199776Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 43, 5
BruntonTopsy Euphemia Sarah1908?11 Jun 200092Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 15, 11
Buckle (Hawkins)Gweneth Mary1 Jul 192330 Nov 201289b. West Wyalong, NSW, Australia; w/Roysten CharlesKincumber Anglican NSWCol 44, 6
BuckleRoysten Charles6 Feb 192020 Mar 200787b. Sutherland, NSW, Australia; h/Gweneth Mary (Hawkins)Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 44, 5
BurrellPetrina Jane (Beans)22 Jul 195822 Aug 200850Kincumber Anglican NSWRose Gdn
Bycroft (Appleby)Charlotte1889?24 Oct 192739dau/Joseph & Henrietta (Berry); b. Lithgow, NSW, Australia; w/Walkdon (Wally)Kincumber Anglican NSW
CailMax Alfred1935?29 Jun 199964Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 11, 11
CalfElsie Anne1897?6 Oct 197477Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 7, 8
CallanColin James1927199265Kincumber Anglican NSW
CallanJames1886196983h/Winifred EKincumber Anglican NSW
CallanJuanetta6 Nov 1932Kincumber Anglican NSW
CallanWinifred E1892197583w/JamesKincumber Anglican NSW
CallonCharles1919?28 Mar 199778Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 36, 8
CameronAnne Turnbull1893?15 Jul 198289Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 8, 1
CameronJohn Edwin1920?27 Nov 198565Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 27, 5
CameronMarlene Frances1941?14 Nov 198039Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 45, 9
CanetRonald1913?24 Mar 198875Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 30, 6
CardAdelaide Violet1905?16 Mar 199388Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 5, 10
CardNorman Howard1907?23 Oct 199487Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 5, 11
CarrattJohn4 Apr 1924h/MaryKincumber Anglican NSW
CarsonJames Edward1916?10 Aug 198266Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 20, 10
CarsonShirley Patricia1931?27 Nov 198352Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 20, 11
CaspersonCharles Ernest1913?30 Jun 196956Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 1, 6
CaspersonNellie Beatrice1918?2 Jun 196042Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 1, 5
ChalmersDavid1883?17 Sep 194461h/Olive GraceKincumber Anglican NSW
ChalmersOlive Grace1887?11 Nov 197184w/DavidKincumber Anglican NSW
ChambersMargaret Bendigo1926?1 Nov 198761Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 27, 10
ChantSydney D1885?13 Jun 194762Kincumber Anglican NSW
CharltonAlan Dudley1914?13 Sep 198167Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 20, 8
CharltonMarjorie Elizabeth1927?25 Oct 200780Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 20, 9
ChermontBertha3 Mar 1934Kincumber Anglican NSW
ChisholmHarold Oliver1910?5 Sep 197767Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 12, 4
ChisholmJoyce1917?10 Mar 200487Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 12, 5
ClarkGrant William1983?17 Sep 19830Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 19, 11
ClarkeAnnieKincumber Anglican NSW
ClarkeEllie28 Oct 199128 Oct 19910dau/Lance & LouiseKincumber Anglican NSW
CleghornLeeanne27 Apr 198020 Jul 198012wKincumber Anglican NSWCol 17, 9
CleghornMargaret Jean1923?12 Jan 200279Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 24, 6
CleghornThomas1923?28 Mar 198562Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 24, 5
ClyneIvy Florence1900?22 Sep 199797Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 17, 6
ClyneThomas Reginald1902?28 Jun 198078Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 17, 5
CockburnJanet Smillie1883?10 Dec 197289Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 3, 5
CockcroftAnthony John11 Oct 195222 May 200350son/Marjorie Joyce (Kirkness)Kincumber Anglican NSW
Cockcroft (Kirkness)Marjorie Joyce19 Feb 191926 May 200384w/JohnKincumber Anglican NSW
Comans (Cullerne)Eileen Dotridge Anne31 May 19261 Mar 201386dau/William Edmund & Annie May (Scaysbrook)Kincumber Anglican NSWRose Gdn
ConnollyClara Elizabeth1892?29 Aug 198088Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 13, 7
CooperMaude Elizabeth1896?28 Jun 198892Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 30, 12
CornerWilliam Wolsley1918?15 Dec 197658Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 41, 10
CottonAntheia Lynne30 Mar 19803 May 19800Kincumber Anglican NSWCol
CourtGilbert Flecknoe1875194974Kincumber Anglican NSW
CourtMabel23 May 1955Kincumber Anglican NSW
CowanMargaret Jane E27 Nov 18815 Oct 18831y 10mdau/David & Margaret Jane (Gill); b. Gosford, New South Wales, AustraliaKincumber Anglican NSW
CreechIrene Jeanette1957?26 Nov 19669dau/James Ellender & Jean Irene (Davis)Kincumber Anglican NSW
Croaker (Newman)Lois Priscilla189813 Feb 198788dau/Frederick John & Priscilla (Davis); b. Woollahra NSW; w/Henry Coles HawthorneKincumber Anglican NSW
CromwellFrederick P1878193759h/Laura AKincumber Anglican NSW
CromwellLaura A1883196582w/Frederick PKincumber Anglican NSW
CrowellIsabel Vera1896?11 Aug 197882Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 13, 5
CrowellJim Holder1899?18 Apr 198182Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 13, 6
CrowellShirley Ellen1929?4 Dec 199566Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 35, 8
CullenJan Eilzabeth1943?28 Feb 19518Kincumber Anglican NSW
CullenRedmond Francis1945?29 Oct 196520Kincumber Anglican NSW
Cullerne (Scaysbrook)Annie May11 May 189013 Sep 198292w/William EdmundKincumber Anglican NSWRose Gdn
CullerneEdmond Theophilus Alfred10 Jan 192325 Jun 200784son/William Edmund & Annie May (Scaysbrook)Kincumber Anglican NSWRose Gdn
CullerneWilliam Edmund21 Apr 18954 Mar 197276h/Annie May (Scaysbrook)Kincumber Anglican NSWRose Gdn
DabronArthur William1910?10 May 197262Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 1, 4
DabronThomas1877?18 May 195073Kincumber Anglican NSW
DakinDorothy Patricia (Pat)1924?12 Jan 201187Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 37, 2
DakinOswald Workman1921?23 Mar 199675Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 37, 1
DaleMildred Maude1901?11 Oct 198887Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 16, 9
DanksThomas Richard4 Aug 19203 May 196847son/Thomas Richard snr & Doris S (Dean); b. Waterloo, NSW, Australia; h/Enid Hunter (Morison); S5863Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavidsonDouglas23 Apr 1938Kincumber Anglican NSW
DaviesAnnie Isabella1891?12 Jul 195665Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 5, 1
DaviesCheryl Elizabeth1965?22 Apr 199025Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 32, 2
DaviesColin George1 Aug 2005h/Dorothy (Davis)Kincumber Anglican NSW
Davies (Davis)Dorothy27 Sep 19221 Aug 200582w/Colin GeorgeKincumber Anglican NSW
DaviesFrancis Newman1927?18 Mar 200881Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 32, 3
DavisAlbert G1891?11 May 194756h/Ida IlmaKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisAlbert G (Topper)3 Oct 192420 May 200479h/BonnyKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisAllen George13 Jan 190925 May 200192Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisAllen George Jnr25 Jun 194824 Nov 200153Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisAnn1854?9 Oct 193783w/William BenjaminKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisAnne1919?20 Jul 200485Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 40, 10
DavisAnnie18 Mar 191920 Jul 200485w/Benjamin BradfordKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisArthur186113 Jun 193777son/Benjamin Bradford snr & Eliza Cordelia (Weatherall /Wetherall); b. Gosford, NSW, Australia; h/Esther Margaret (Bunham)Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisArthur1900?16 Feb 196969h/Irene HenriettaKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisBenjamin Bradford15 Oct 190022 Feb 197877son/Arthur & Esther Margaret (Bunham); b. Balmain South, Sydney, NSW, Australia; h/Ellen Promeliah (Howarth) & Anne (Wetenhall)Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisCatherineOct 18607 Jan 18643y 3mdau/Rock & Mary Ann (Ward); b. Gosford, NSW, AustraliaKincumber Anglican NSW
Davis (McMaster)Catherine Mary2 Oct 186619 Oct 193266dau/Allan & Catherine (Ward); b. Peak Downs District, Queensland, Australia; w/RockKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisCharlotte BellJan 1872?22 Jul 196290y 6mw/SethKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisDoris1900?13 Jan 199191Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisEbony2002?9 May 20020Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 38, 12
DavisEdna Caroline22 Feb 19101 May 199787Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisElizabeth1863?24 Sep 194481w/William CharlesKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisElla1904?10 Dec 193228Kincumber Anglican NSW
Davis (Howarth)Ellen Promeliah5 Oct 190512 Jun 193631dau/Abraham & Sarah Jane (Jones); b. Thornleigh, NSW, Australia; w/Benjamin BradfordKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisEsther Frances Helen1899?19 Feb 197576Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 8, 6
Davis (Bunham)Esther Margaret1866?2 Nov 195185dau/John & Annie; w/ArthurKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisGarnet Edgar1907?21 Jul 197972Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 15, 9
DavisGarnet William Henry (Bill)6 Nov 192514 Jun 196640son/Garnet Edgar & Annie Bertha (Cranfield); b. Camden, NSW, Australia; h/Akiko; 21067 (NX177724)Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisGeorge1802?26 Apr 186058Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisGeorge AlfredApr 1854?9 Mar 190954y 11mson/JaneKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisGertrude Stella M1883?14 Feb 194461Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisGrace Esme1930?30 Jul 199767Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 36, 9
DavisGrace Esme12 Nov 193030 Jul 199766w/Victor ArthurKincumber Anglican NSWFlag Pole
DavisHarryOct 18969 Apr 196871son/Arthur & Esther Margaret (Bunham); b. Gosford, NSW, Australia; h/Doris Sophia (Dean); AIF 4765Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisHervyKincumber Anglican NSW
Davis (Harps)Holly Linnette Miller30 Jul 191110 Sep 198776dau/Thomas James & Mary Ada (Beatson); b. Grafton, NSW, Australia; w/William DollamoreKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisIda Ilma1894?5 Aug 196874w/Albert GKincumber Anglican NSW
Davis (Pearce)Irene Henrietta189926 Aug 195657dau/John Edward & Mary Jane (Blake); b. St Kilda, Victoria, Australia; w/ArthurKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisJane1825?27 Oct 191085Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisJohn1793?11 May 181017son/William & SarahKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisLeslie Maxwell1898?26 Jul 198385Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 8, 7
DavisMarjorie L1914?26 Aug 195339Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisMary Ann1830?8 May 185020Kincumber Anglican NSW
Davis (Ward)Mary Ann23 Nov 183723 Feb 192284dau/William & Catherine; b. nr Hardys Bay, Brisbane Water, NSW, Australia; w/RockKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisNellie Louise1899?29 Mar 196364Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisOswald Bernard1894?16 Sep 196268Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisRock2 Jul 183327 Jun 190470son/William & Sarah; b. @sea off coast Rock of Gibraltar; h/Mary Ann (Ward)Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisRock1864?23 Aug 191349Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisRock5 Mar 18926 Aug 196674Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisRock24 Sep 194713 Dec 200457Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisRock Edward4 Apr 197027 Dec 198717son/Rock & JanKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisSarah1815w/WilliamKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisSeth186718 Jul 195487son/Thomas & Susannah (Pickett); b. Brisbane Water, NSW, Australia; h/Charlotte Bell (Pointer)Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisStella Bell1890?2 Dec 196373Kincumber Anglican NSW
Davis (Pickett)Susannah1833?1 Jan 190976w/ThomasKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisTerry G (Young Topper)7 Jan 194523 May 200762son/Albert & BonnyKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisThomas1832?13 Apr 189361h/SusannahKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisThomas George1888?9 Nov 18891son/Oliver & JaneKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisV L (Bonny)18 Oct 192715 Feb 200779spouse/AlbertKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisVictor Arthur1900?19 Aug 197777Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 36, 10
DavisVictor Arthur11 May 192019 Aug 199777son/Arthur & Margaret (O'Loughlin); b. Brisbane, Qld, Australia; h/Alice Lucy (Winter) & Grace Esme (Gawthorne); NX84489Kincumber Anglican NSWFlag Pole
DavisWilliam1816h/SarahKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisWilliam Benjamin1856?4 May 192165h/AnnKincumber Anglican NSW
DavisWilliam Charles1858?21 May 193680son/George & Jane; b. NSW, Australia; h/Elizabeth A (Hemmings)Kincumber Anglican NSW
DavisWilliam Dollamore12 Apr 19171 Jul 199376son/Oswald Bernard & Nellie Louise (Dollamore); b. Reding, England; h/Holly Linnette Miller (Harps); Sgt NX55348Kincumber Anglican NSW
De FlouEugene Henri1903?11 Sep 198582Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 24, 10
DeanLouise Amanda1874?2 Dec 194470Kincumber Anglican NSW
DeanRhoda Georgina1906?23 Oct 197670Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 10, 9
DeeringGrace1929?19 Oct 198152Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 18, 10
DexterEleanor Mary Greig1913?25 Sep 198471Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 12, 2
DexterLeslie Horton1908?26 Feb 197769Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 12, 1
DickD W11 Jul 192915 Oct 199768Kincumber Anglican NSW
DickPercy Raymond27 Apr 19197 Dec 199273Kincumber Anglican NSW
DickR W J27 Apr 18832 Jun 195168Kincumber Anglican NSW
DickerAbigal1888197385Kincumber Anglican NSW
DickerLloyd Sydney5 Dec 19183 Aug 199475Kincumber Anglican NSW
DickerPaul Victor1923?5 Jul 200683Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 43, 9
DickerWilliam V24 Dec 1953Kincumber Anglican NSW
DillonPaul AndrewApr 1968?20 Oct 196918mson/Trevor & PamKincumber Anglican NSW
DimondRobert Frederick1908?1 Apr 198981Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 31, 4
DimondRosetta Frances1913?3 Aug 200491Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 31, 5
DockseyAlfred Aubin1904?14 Feb 198884Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 30, 4
DockseyMargaret Evelyn1903?31 Jan 199592Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 30, 5
DoddJohn1914?17 Jul 198571Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 26, 2
DoddMargaret1914?25 Dec 197763Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 26, 1
DoddMax Clifton2 Dec 192824 Mar 199970Kincumber Anglican NSWRose Gdn
Doel (Settree)Betty June17 Jun 192524 Apr 200579dau/William & Olive; w/CliveKincumber Anglican NSW
DonaldsonClydeJul 1892?21 Aug 18942y 1mKincumber Anglican NSW
Donaldson (Ferguson)Jessie Nairn1866?9 Sep 196094dau/John; w/James EdwardKincumber Anglican NSW
DonovanCharles Stanley1915?24 Mar 199580Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 45, 7
DonovanNeta Clare1916?11 Jul 200993Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 45, 6
DoustJames Athol John1935?17 Feb 201277Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 46, 6
Dowel (Winter)Alice Lucy21 Sep 192013 Nov 196343Kincumber Anglican NSW
DownesTuro1856?16 Dec 194286Kincumber Anglican NSW
DrysdaleRussell1912198169Kincumber Anglican NSW
DunksWarren Albert1 Apr 197014 Dec 200737Kincumber Anglican NSW
DunlopBlanche Elizabeth1870?3 May 192050w/JohnKincumber Anglican NSW
DunlopElizabeth Sterrat1803?23 May 186562w/JohnKincumber Anglican NSW
DunlopJames31 Oct 179323 Sep 184854b. Dalry, Scotland; h/JaneKincumber Anglican NSW
DunlopJames1831?25 Mar 188554h/Sarah Jane HastingsKincumber Anglican NSW
DunlopJane1790?29 Oct 185969w/JamesKincumber Anglican NSW
DunlopJohn1797?22 Jan 188486son/John & Janet (Boyle); b. Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland; h/Elizabeth SterratKincumber Anglican NSWAng
DunlopSarah Jane Hastings1842?8 Mar 191674w/JamesKincumber Anglican NSW
DunnEvelyn Joan1925?27 Sep 198863Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 31, 7
DurdRalph A D M30 Aug 1947Kincumber Anglican NSW
EdmondsAlfred Charles1909?21 May 199081Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 32, 5
EvansEllen Emily (Nellie)1906?17 Jul 200296Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 30, 11
FarmerJean Elaine1922?30 Aug 201391Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 7, 5
FarmerKenneth James1918?10 Aug 198163Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 7, 4
FarmerViolet Agnes1889?19 May 197182Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 7, 3
FarquharsonMary H A1861?17 Sep 192766Kincumber Anglican NSW
FearnleyEdith Eveline1902?19 Dec 198987Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 23, 4
FearnsideJack George1910?12 Jun 199484Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 34, 11
Fisher (Davis)Amy Marjorie13 Jul 190331 Jan 198177Kincumber Anglican NSW
FisherGeorge Arthur7 Nov 191018 Mar 199382Kincumber Anglican NSW
FitzpatrickChristine1953?16 Sep 199744Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 38, 8
FitzpatrickMarjorie Joyce1916?5 Jun 199781Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 37, 7
FlintHarry James1869?2 Feb 193465h/Sarah AKincumber Anglican NSW
FlintStanley Oliver1909?16 Oct 193223son/H J & SKincumber Anglican NSW
FosterJoyce Ellen Florence1913?18 Jul 197865Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 8, 3
FosterRonald1911?6 Feb 197564Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 8, 2
FranckeDavid Andrew14 Dec 192312 Jul 199672son/Samuel Charles & Elsie May (Shields); Army N286428Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 33, 9
Francke (Shields)Elsie May27 Apr 18839 Jan 196884dau/Thomas & Harriett (Sonter); b. Pennant Hills, NSW; w/Samuel Charles QuinnKincumber Anglican NSWK, 35
FranckeSamuel Charles Quinn16 Jul 187423 Dec 194672b. Gulgong, NSW; h/Elsie May (Shields)Kincumber Anglican NSWK, 35
FraserAndrew Alexander1927?31 Jul 199871Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 18, 11
FraserCharles John Clifford1915?27 Aug 199580Kincumber Anglican NSW
FraserChristina Frances Sharp1919?20 Feb 199273Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 12, 7
Fraser (Leamon)Doris Margaret7 Oct 191212 Jun 199582dau/Ernest Strachan; w/Louis HenryKincumber Anglican NSW
FraserJames Wilson1908?18 Apr 2008100Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 12, 6
FraserMartha Jane1 Jul 1953Kincumber Anglican NSW
FraserThomas11 Mar 1956Kincumber Anglican NSW
FreckletonEdith May1907?20 May 198982Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 31, 8
FreckletonRobert English1905?26 Oct 199186Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 31, 8
FreemanCatherine Jane1880?14 Sep 196888w/James ArthurKincumber Anglican NSW
FreemanJames Arthur1883?18 Mar 192946h/Catherine JaneKincumber Anglican NSW
FrenchF1922?1 Dec 198765VX134040Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 26, 9
FrostAlfred Ernest1871?19 Sep 194069Kincumber Anglican NSW
FrostBeryl Grace1912?6 Mar 198270Kincumber Anglican NSW
FrostClaude Hamilton1880?31 Mar 193757Kincumber Anglican NSW
FrostCordelia May1888?19 May 196678Kincumber Anglican NSW
FrostDoris Adela1901?15 Apr 197271w/Leslie VictorKincumber Anglican NSW
FrostGeoffrey Mervyn1915?29 Apr 200388Kincumber Anglican NSW
FrostGeorge1842?1 Sep 190664h/Margaret ElizabethKincumber Anglican NSW
FrostGrace Annie1902?28 Aug 198482Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 22, 3
FrostJean Margaret1928?1 Jul 200274Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 21, 9
FrostJimmy1869?25 Nov 195081Kincumber Anglican NSW
FrostJohn W1877?3 Mar 194467Kincumber Anglican NSW
FrostJosephine1926?19 Jul 200579Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 18, 3
FrostLance Ronald1913?3 Aug 198067Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 18, 2
FrostLeslie Victor1898?24 Sep 196466h/Doris AdelaKincumber Anglican NSW
FrostManasseh1874?16 Feb 195682spouse/MaudKincumber Anglican NSW
FrostMargaret Elizabeth1844?15 Oct 193793w/GeorgeKincumber Anglican NSW
FrostMaud1882?7 Dec 192846w/ManassehKincumber Anglican NSW
FrostNoeleen1913?12 Jul 19163Kincumber Anglican NSW
FrostPriscilla1890?18 Mar 191727Kincumber Anglican NSW
FrostThomas Vincent1901?22 Sep 198281Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 22, 2
FrostWilliam David1885?22 Aug 195772Kincumber Anglican NSW
FrostWilliam Roy1922?3 Aug 198260Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 21, 8
GaleJohn1919?18 Apr 199374h/MaryKincumber Anglican NSW
GaleMary1920?5 Apr 198565w/JohnKincumber Anglican NSW
GeakeGarnet Victor Rowley1906?9 Aug 197771Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 11, 9
GeorgelA A1864?12 Feb 195288Kincumber Anglican NSW
GibsonJoy18 Jun 1929Kincumber Anglican NSW
GillamDaphne Melba1912?26 Mar 198775dau/William Luke & CharlotteKincumber Anglican NSWCol 28, 5
GillamEleanor Sarah Ann1904?6 Apr 198985dau/Henry & Harriet; w/GeorgeKincumber Anglican NSWCol 31, 3
GillamGeoffrey Chufu1911?31 Mar 199382Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 28, 6
GillespieAgnes Sanders1883?20 Jun 197087Kincumber Anglican NSW
GillespieJames Morgan1878?10 Nov 194567N102447Kincumber Anglican NSW
GillespieJames Morgan Jnr6 Sep 192415 Nov 19846088353Kincumber Anglican NSW
GillespieMargaret Morgan1912?8 Dec 192917dau/James MorganKincumber Anglican NSW
GillespieMorgan Sanders1920?12 Sep 194424son/James Morgan; NX59824Kincumber Anglican NSW
GillespieTom Morgan1911?12 Sep 194433son/James Morgan; NX50824Kincumber Anglican NSW
GlassElizabeth1867?14 Aug 195083w/Nicol McIntyreKincumber Anglican NSW
GlassNicol McIntyre1869?5 Jun 193566h/ElizabethKincumber Anglican NSW
GlassonClyde Gordon1936?23 Jul 198347son/Jack & EnidKincumber Anglican NSW
GoertnerBeryl Blanche1917?25 Nov 198164Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 12, 12
GoodeCharles (Michael)1916?4 Oct 200993Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 35, 3
GoodeGwendoline Catherine Anne1920?6 Mar 200686Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 35, 4
GoodmanArthur8 Nov 19118 Oct 199078h/Elsie Pearl (Francke)Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 33, 3
Goodman (Francke)Elsie Pearl1912?27 Feb 200492dau/Samuel Charles Quinn & Elsie May (Shields); b. Randwick, NSW; w/Arthur (Goodwin)Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 33, 4
GormanOlga Patricia1924?6 Sep 200581Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 5, 2
GormanStanley James (Ted)1921?1 Aug 199675Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 5, 3
GosperMrsKincumber Anglican NSW
GowingJanet Catherine1915?23 Feb 198974Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 8, 12
GowingJohn Preston1913?24 Oct 197562Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 8, 9
GrayEthel May1905?7 May 195449Kincumber Anglican NSW
GrayFrederick Charles John1902?29 Nov 197573Kincumber Anglican NSW
GrayGladys C1914?19 Sep 195945Kincumber Anglican NSW
GrayJohn Charlton1938?30 Oct 19457Kincumber Anglican NSW
GreenwoodDr28 Jan 1933Kincumber Anglican NSW
GuerkeCharlotte16 Feb 19044 Apr 198884Kincumber Anglican NSWCol
GuerkeKuno15 Feb 190217 Jan 197673Kincumber Anglican NSWCol
GuestMargaret Ellen (Madge)1906?11 Feb 199589Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 4, 4
GuestPeter1908?6 Feb 197365Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 4, 3
GurtnerEugene John1920?11 Jun 197454Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 6, 8
Haddon (Harrison)Fanny Alice13 Mar 190814 Aug 198274dau/Arthur William & Fanny Jane (Barlow); b. Sth Granville, NSW, Australia; w/Frank MervynKincumber Anglican NSWCol 22, 5
HaddonFrank Mervyn1906?13 Jun 197973Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 22, 4
HallCharlotte Elsie1895?4 May 197580w/Cyril AKincumber Anglican NSW
HallCyril A1887?30 Apr 197285h/Charlotte ElsieKincumber Anglican NSW
HallidayBeatrice Alice1925?6 Dec 201186Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 16, 4
HallidaySamuel1924?26 Aug 197955Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 16, 3
HammondDavid John1956?31 Mar 197216Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 40, 6
HammondJerome Richard1918?20 May 199981Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 40, 5
Hancock (James)Edna May1920?14 Jun 200989w/George RobertKincumber Anglican NSW
HancockGeorge Robert1916?7 Nov 198266h/Edna May (James)Kincumber Anglican NSW
HankinAnn Jane1869?23 May 194071Kincumber Anglican NSW
HardyMary1823?7 Jul 189673w/RobertKincumber Anglican NSW
HarperJeanetteMar 1946?7 Sep 19482y 6mKincumber Anglican NSW
Harper (Frost)Thelma Rose30 May 191015 Jan 200089Kincumber Anglican NSW
HarrisJohn Rees1893?28 Jul 197582Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 9, 8
Hastings (Davis)Alice Eliza24 May 187022 Apr 193161dau/Benjamin & Eliza (Weatherall); b. Brisbane Water, NSW, Australia; w/WilliamKincumber Anglican NSWG
HastingsAnastasia1829?7 Apr 187849w/JamesKincumber Anglican NSW
HastingsJames1831?26 Mar 190877h/AnastasiaKincumber Anglican NSW
HastingsJohnJan 1866?12 Apr 18671y 3mson/James & AnastasiaKincumber Anglican NSW
HastingsWilliam11 May 186413 Oct 194177b. Brisbane Water, New South Wales, Australia; h/Alice Eliza (Davis)Kincumber Anglican NSWG
HattonJohn1902?26 Nov 198078Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 14, 9
HattonMuriel Ivy Sutherland1905?1 Oct 198277Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 14, 10
HawkerClarence Erskine1888?28 Nov 197284Kincumber Anglican NSW
HawkerEffie1897?8 Jul 197679Kincumber Anglican NSW
Haynes-LovellAnthony Edward22 Feb 194028 Feb 200363Kincumber Anglican NSW
Haynes-LovellCharles Kevin1931?25 Feb 200776Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 29, 2
HayterFrank Helm1892?21 Apr 198593h/Lily FrancesKincumber Anglican NSW
HayterLily Frances1893?7 Jan 194552w/Frank HelmKincumber Anglican NSW
HemmingsGeorge1858?5 Jan 193678Kincumber Anglican NSW
HendersonJohn1829?31 Jul 192293Kincumber Anglican NSW
HendersonRobert1835?25 Apr 191782Kincumber Anglican NSW
Heuston (Dunlop)Alice Mary (Mollie)6 Feb 192312 Jul 199673w/Keith JohnKincumber Anglican NSW
HeustonKeith John21 Apr 19189 Apr 199778h/Alice MaryKincumber Anglican NSW
HillGeorge S21 Jun 18472 Feb 192880h/MaryKincumber Anglican NSW
HillMary1856?15 May 194589w/George SKincumber Anglican NSW
HimburyMaisie Rose1915?1 Oct 199075Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 34, 12
HincksArthur18 Oct 1935Kincumber Anglican NSW
HincksRosalind1873?18 May 196491Kincumber Anglican NSW
HirstBetty Margaret1923?24 May 200683Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 38, 9
HopkinsNeville James11 Feb 19431 Feb 200965son/Colleen (Smith)Kincumber Anglican NSW
HoreRaymond Charles Henry1924?2 Jun 198662Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 26, 5
HornEileen Amy1912?6 Feb 198371Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 22, 8
HornFrank Leslie1907?9 Jan 199386Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 22, 9
HornbyGeorge Gardiner1912?31 Jul 200088Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 3, 4
HornbyMerle Evered1917?18 May 197255Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 3, 3
HorneBeatrice Maud1897?11 Jun 1999102Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 36, 1
HounsellBessie1870?18 Apr 193969Kincumber Anglican NSW
HounsellWilliam1868?19 Oct 194577Kincumber Anglican NSW
HowarthAbraham4 May 186411 Dec 193470son/Abraham & Elizabeth (Taylor); b. Cook's River Road, St Peters, Sydney, NSW, Australia; h/Sarah Jane (Jones)Kincumber Anglican NSW
HowarthMarjorie Merle1911?17 Dec 199887Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 30, 10
Howarth (Jones)Sarah Jane186926 Jun 194272dau/Thomas & Sarah (Sales); b. Kent, England; w/AbrahamKincumber Anglican NSW
HowellEdith Beatrice Rose1909?11 Apr 197566Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 9, 6
HowellJoseph Ernest1910?16 May 198777Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 9, 7
HoyleCharles1900?18 Apr 198585Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 25, 4
HubbardRoy Robert George1920?23 Mar 199373Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 34, 9
HughesEmlyn1916?3 Aug 197761b. North WalesKincumber Anglican NSW
HulmeDaphne Mary1895?3 Mar 198388Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 3, 10
HuntDorothy Palmer1901?4 Jun 199493Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 4, 6
HuntJames Henry1900?9 Dec 197272Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 4, 5
HusseyBertie4 Mar 1930Kincumber Anglican NSW
HuttonFaith Cecelia1913?6 Jul 197966Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 15, 10
HyslopArthur James1915?12 Jul 200287Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 20, 2
HyslopEthel Gladys1921?30 Apr 200483Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 20, 3
ImrayRichard Ferrars Courtney Shipton1906?13 Sep 197367Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 4, 7
ImraySylvia Verona1907?16 Jun 199285Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 4, 8
IncollJason Reginald1 Apr 19813 Apr 19812dKincumber Anglican NSWCol
JacksonDorothy Alice1913?9 Sep 198471Kincumber Anglican NSW
JacksonEdith1877?26 Feb 192750Kincumber Anglican NSW
JacksonLeslie (Pete)1910?12 Mar 198272son/William & EdithKincumber Anglican NSW
JacksonRobert1877?6 Feb 196184Kincumber Anglican NSW
JamesCharles Arthur1912?24 Sep 200795Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 44, 2
JamesEdward Richard1878?21 Dec 196385h/Elsie Camelia (Frost)Kincumber Anglican NSW
James (Frost)Elsie Camelia1882?8 Aug 197189w/Edward RichardKincumber Anglican NSW
JamesHerbert5 Apr 191716 Jun 199881son/Edward Richard & Elsie Camelia (Frost)Kincumber Anglican NSW
JamesJoan Millicent1918?20 Jul 200789Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 44, 1
JamesJohn Henry1924?17 Mar 198056Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 17, 10
JamesPatricia1924?2 Apr 201187Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 13, 11
JamesRonald Allan3 Dec1y 10mKincumber Anglican NSW
JamesThelma Elsie1913?17 Sep 200390Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 22, 7
JamesWilliam Richard1910?1 Sep 199181Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 22, 6
JanesHilda Grace1897?12 Mar 197982Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 15, 1
JanesMercy1892?2 Mar 198391Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 15, 2
JefferiesElaine Gladys1931?24 Apr 200271Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 40, 8
JefferiesHarmony Jane11 Apr 19772 May 19773wKincumber Anglican NSW
JefferiesHenry1906?11 Sep 198680h/MargaretKincumber Anglican NSW
JefferiesLeslie (Beau)1940?7 Oct 200464Kincumber Anglican NSW
JefferiesMargaret1912?9 Jul 198674w/HenryKincumber Anglican NSW
JefferiesPatricia Margaret1933?18 Jan 195017dau/Henry & MargaretKincumber Anglican NSW
JeffersonEunice Lurline30 Jul 191414 May 200893w/RobertKincumber Anglican NSW
JeffersonRobert1913?5 Jul 198774h/Eunice LurlineKincumber Anglican NSW
JenkinsGiles24 Aug 1931Kincumber Anglican NSW
JenkinsJohn Lloyd1937?21 Feb 200972Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 47, 3
JidgeJanette E Knight1937?5 Jul 201376Kincumber Anglican NSW
Johansson (Davis)Enid May14 Aug 19121 May 199784Kincumber Anglican NSW
JohnsonJohn Edward (Ted)11 Sep 192226 May 200683h/JeanKincumber Anglican NSWRose Gdn
JohnstonCharles10 Jun 182017 Aug 190989h/ElizabethKincumber Anglican NSW
JohnstonElizabeth1828?3 Nov 186638w/CharlesKincumber Anglican NSW
JohnstonNorman George1917?13 Jul 198164Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 20, 6
Johnston (Davis)Ruth Dorothy1897?4 Apr 198285dau/Seth & Charlotte BellKincumber Anglican NSW
JonesArchie30 May 19252 Sep 198762h/Rosemary ElizabethKincumber Anglican NSWRose Gdn
JonesBetty Marion1942?18 Mar 198846Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 31, 6
JonesJohn Malcolm1935?29 Sep 197843Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 14, 7
JonesRosemary Elizabeth16 Nov 19278 Jan 200577w/ArchieKincumber Anglican NSWRose Gdn
JonesW M19 Dec 1921Kincumber Anglican NSW
JoynerClara1890?17 Apr 198696Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 2, 9
JoynerFrederick1886?28 Aug 197387Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 2, 8
JoynerJoyce Enid29 Oct 191616 Oct 201093Kincumber Anglican NSWRose Gdn
JudgeKeith Donald1935?3 Jul 199661Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 24, 12
JudgeKeith Terrence1954?12 Jan 198733Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 24, 11
KavanaghPhyillis Mary1908?11 Nov 199587Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 35, 7
KayAlfred1915?26 Jun 200691Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 30, 2
KayBeryl Edith Emily1913?24 Jul 198875Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 30, 3
KayBridget1861?31 Jan 192362w/JohnKincumber Anglican NSW
KayClara AmeliaAug 1872?15 Jul 187311mdau/James Mann & EmmaKincumber Anglican NSW
KayEmma1834?28 Mar 187945w/James MannKincumber Anglican NSW
KayJames Mann1827?6 Jul 187245h/EmmaKincumber Anglican NSW
KayJanet Mosman1921?2 Nov 199372Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 37, 10
KayJohn1856?25 Dec 190246h/BridgetKincumber Anglican NSW
KayRaymond Robert1918?10 Aug 199476Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 37, 11
KayeLorraine1922?27 Mar 201290Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 36, 2
KeenAlexander John20 Sep 1988Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 10, 11
KeenDanae1905?9 Aug 199388Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 10, 12
KempClaude1919?23 Apr 199677Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 21, 3
KempDaphne Scott1911?17 Jun 200392Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 33, 11
KempHaddon Reginald1907?4 Apr 199891Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 33, 10
KempMarjorie May1920?27 May 200989Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 21, 4
KempValerie Jean1919?18 Jun 200889Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 30, 9
KempWilliam Creswell1915?8 Oct 198772Kincumber Anglican NSWCol 30, 8

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