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1 cemetery found

JinderaDrumwood Rd, Jindera NSW 264215

15 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Bennett (Greene)Freda Zeberia1907?20 Oct 197871w/Henry BartholomewJindera NSWRC E, 5
BennettHenry Bartholemew18887 Sep 194556son/John & Mary Ann; b. Adelong, NSW, Australia; h/Freda Zeberia (Greene); V143194Jindera NSWRC E, 3
BennettWayne BartholomewJindera NSW
BennettWilliamJindera NSW
DavisFlorence1905?8 Jul 199691Jindera NSWCatholic B, 21
Keighran (Preston)Dorothy Maude17 Dec 190816 Feb 199788h/Gregory LawrenceJindera NSW
Keighran (Greene)Elizabeth22 Aug 18475 Oct 192275b. Augustown, SA, Australia; w/John Joseph MichaelJindera NSW
KeighranGregory Lawrence11 Oct 190113 Oct 197877son/John Joseph & Sarah (Falk); b. Jindera, NSW, Australia; h/Dorothy Maude (Preston)Jindera NSW
KeighranJohn Joseph Michael16 Jan 184520 May 192277son/James & Eleanor Ann (Layton); b. Narellan, NSW, Australia; h/Elizabeth (Greene)Jindera NSW
MenzMartin18247 Dec 188056son/Martin snr & Elizabeth (Forant); b. Prussia, Germany; h/Marie Dorothea (Wolter)Jindera NSWunknown
MeyerKenneth Alfred29 Dec 193222 Jan 200168son/George Alfred (Alfred) & Elsie Jane (Wood)Jindera NSWPresbyterian A, 24
MortonFrancis ArthurNov 187810 Sep 18790son/MargaretJindera NSW
MortonKathleen Minnie19 Apr 18764 May 18760dau/MargaretJindera NSW
MortonMary KathleenFeb 1880Jul 18800dau/MargaretJindera NSW
Pumpa (Menz)Maria Dorothea (Mary)26 Jun 185914 Dec 188021dau/Johann MARTIN & Maria Dorothea (Wolther); b. Bethel, SA, Australia; w/JohannJindera NSWunknown

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