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1 cemetery found

Hobbys YardsHobbys Yards Cemetery Rd, Hobbys Yards NSW 2795176

35 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BrownFrank1936Hobbys Yards NSW
BurgessMaimie1892194957Hobbys Yards NSW
Cork (Hughes)Blanche Eliza1886?26 Jan 196680dau/Aris Robert & Selina Theresa; w/Hilton FrederickHobbys Yards NSW
CorkHilton Frederick188320 May 196783son/Robert Augustus & Lucy Ellen (Garrad); b. Dowling NSW, Australia; h/Blanche Eliza (Hughes)Hobbys Yards NSW
DartAlbert Walter8 Jan 192217 Aug 199977Hobbys Yards NSW
DartJune Hope19 Jul 192716 Apr 201587Hobbys Yards NSW
ElliottWilliam Donald1871?29 Jan 194574Hobbys Yards NSW
GoodwinHenry Gordon9 Oct 19313 Jul 200977Hobbys Yards NSW
Kable (Cork)Edna May191411 Nov 200287dau/Hilton Frederick & Blanche Eliza (Hughes); b. Blayney NSW, Australia; w/Francis VivianHobbys Yards NSWKable East Wall 1, 2
KableFrancis Vivian6 Sep 19116 Sep 199180son/Walter Francis & Caroline Margaret (Mendham); b. Blayney NSW, Australia; h/Edna May (Cork); NX140425Hobbys Yards NSWKable East Wall 1, 1
KableUla Dorothy27 Jul 19303 May 201685dau/Clive Karl & Ina Edith (Chittenden); b. Blayney NSW, AustraliaHobbys Yards NSW
KableWalter Clive1 Apr 194031 May 201979son/Clive Karl & Ina Edith (Chittenden); b. Blayney NSW, Australia; h/Austra Letve (Zideluns)Hobbys Yards NSW
Laughton (Kable)Frances Joan16 Jun 193823 Mar 201576Hobbys Yards NSW
Laughton (Busato)Luisa1962?17 Jul 199129Hobbys Yards NSW
McKellarAnnie1881?12 Nov 195574Hobbys Yards NSW
McKellarArchibald1873?30 Jul 195178Hobbys Yards NSW
McKellarHannah1876?25 Jul 195377Hobbys Yards NSW
McKellarMacdonald Maurice2 Mar 197123 Mar 19713wHobbys Yards NSW
McKellarMaurice1906?17 Sep 196963Hobbys Yards NSW
MeekIrene Della5 Mar 19139 Sep 193320Hobbys Yards NSW
MeekNorman Stevenson9 Jun 1958Hobbys Yards NSW
MorrisonClaude1872?12 Mar 194775Hobbys Yards NSW
MorrisonHubertOct 1989Hobbys Yards NSW
MorrisseyKelly Ann15 May 19714 Dec 201847Hobbys Yards NSW
NavinMichael James1900196868Hobbys Yards NSW
ParkerAthol John1906?3 May 197973Hobbys Yards NSW
ParkerHarold Stanley1910?24 Mar 198878Hobbys Yards NSW
ParkerHorace1897?30 Jun 197982Hobbys Yards NSW
ParkerNina Wallace1916?6 Jul 2018102Hobbys Yards NSW
StromPeter Arthur22 Apr 194615 Apr 200659Hobbys Yards NSW
TierneyRaye Ellen22 Jul 194116 Dec 201776Hobbys Yards NSW
WallaceFrederick William8 Jan 192829 Jul 201991Hobbys Yards NSW
WallaceNadine13 May 192917 Mar 201080Hobbys Yards NSW
WorrellJack2 Feb 191231 Dec 198169Hobbys Yards NSW
WorrellLorraine27 Jan 19145 May 200692Hobbys Yards NSW

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