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1 cemetery found

Hazelgrove (Slippery Creek)Hazelgrove Rd, Hazelgrove NSW 2787230

6 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
GearonWilliam Kevin191915 Dec 195233son/William & Monica (Carlon); b. Bathurst, NSW, Australia; 433983Hazelgrove NSW
KirbyHenry James187319 Sep 194976son/John & Maria Alice (Johnson); b. Hartley, NSW, AustraliaHazelgrove NSWRC
LennonGeorge Edward11 Aug 1954Hazelgrove NSWRC
RiordanLucy Maud29 Jul 1952Hazelgrove NSW
SlatteryMichael26 Dec 187420 Mar 195176son/Thomas & Catherine (Fitzpatrick); b. Hazelgrove, NSW, Australia; h/Teresa (Gibbons)Hazelgrove NSWRC
Slattery (Gibbons)Teresa23 Mar 187414 Jul 195480dau/John & Elizabeth (Judd); b. Tarana, NSW, Australia; w/MichaelHazelgrove NSW

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