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1 cemetery found

GriffithCnr Blumer Ave & Wakaden St, Griffith NSW 268081

28 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
ConlanJames11 Jun 18835 Dec 195370son/Thomas & AliceGriffith NSWAng 1
Coutts (Sutton)Stella Mary8 Aug 19032 Apr 195551dau/William Joseph & Eva Mary; b. Tumut, NSW; w/Thomas LindsayGriffith NSWAng 1
CouttsThomas Lindsay2 Nov 191218 Dec 199280son/James & Florence Barbara (Pearse); b. Hay, NSW; h/Stella Mary (Sutton); N104408Griffith NSWAng 1
DanzeyPhillip Claude1888?27 Jul 195365h/Kathleen (Kit) (Kelly); 5677Griffith NSWAng 1
DunningAlexander Neil12 Mar 191412 Sep 198874son/Walter Ruben & Elizabeth McN (Thistleton); b. Newtown, Sydney, NSW; h/Ethel (Gibson); NX7412Griffith NSWRose Gdn
EvansCraig Ivor8 Feb 195926 Sep 201556b. Griffith, NSW; h/Robyn; ?Griffith NSWMth
Kubank (Marshall)Constance (Connie)15 Dec 19117 Sep 199684dau/Harry & Maggie (Sturdy); b. Lithgow, NSW; w/Douglas JohnGriffith NSWRose Gdn
KubankDouglas John3 Jun 19167 Oct 199074son/Alfred Gustav & Winnifred Adelaide; b. Adelaide, SA; h/Constance (Connie) (Marshall); N34785Griffith NSWRose Gdn
McClureJames Colin28 May 191628 Feb 199376son/William & Helena G (Hughes); b. Broken Hill, NSW; h/Joyce (Scobie); S33697 39680Griffith NSWRose Gdn
McCuddenLaurence John7 Jul 19517 Aug 19511mson/Maxwell Lawrence & Margaret (Holt)Griffith NSWAng 1
McKernJeffrey Hessell Mogford21 Jun 19214 Apr 196644son/Alan Charles & Ada Winifred (Hamlet); b. Griffith, NSW; h/Ruth (McLean); 413232Griffith NSWRose Gdn
McWilliam (Jiggins)Elizabeth Ruth8 Dec 192828 Jul 197445w/Stuart JohnGriffith NSWRose Gdn
McWilliam (Collier)Florence Velma2 Mar 19244 Feb 201085w/Keith Douglas MalcolmGriffith NSWRose Gdn
McWilliamLaurence John Roy (Jack)26 Nov 189429 Dec 197278son/John James & Elizabeth; b. Corowa, NSW; h/Nesta M M (Jenkins)Griffith NSWRose Gdn B, 30
McWilliam (Jenkins)Nesta M M15 Aug 189831 Dec 199799w/Laurence John Roy (Jack)Griffith NSWRose Gdn
McWilliamStuart John19 Jun 19269 Nov 201589son/Laurence John Roy (Jack) & Nesta M M (Jenkins); h/Elizabeth Ruth (Jiggins)Griffith NSWRose Gdn
McWilliamWinifred Mary Elizabeth (Win)8 Jan 19211 Dec 200887dau/Laurence John Roy (Jack) & Nesta M M (Jenkins); b. Narrandera, NSWGriffith NSWRose Gdn
Miller (Rydon)Enid Mary23 May 19206 Aug 201999dau/Leonard J & Marjorie G (Robinson); b. Randwick, Sydney, NSW; w/RonaldGriffith NSWRose Gdn
MillerRonald12 Feb 192114 Sep 201089son/Alfred C & Mary M; b. West Wyalong, NSW; h/Enid Mary (Rydon); 421594Griffith NSWRose Gdn
MillsArthur Alfred27 Dec 19069 Feb 196356son/James Ebenezer & Margaretta Evelyn Louisa (Poole); b. Camden, NSW; h/Rene (Bonomi)Griffith NSWPbn
Mills (Bonomi)Rene9 Mar 191516 Nov 200994dau/Luigi & Fiorina; w/Arthur AlfredGriffith NSWPbn
NewmanEdward George D189827 Aug 196769son/John Clement & Euphemia McI (Effie) (Smith); b. Wentworth, NSW; 2724Griffith NSWAng 1
PaiceMichael Francis10 Jan 191915 Feb 195636son/Charles Herbert & Ann (McCarthy); b. Temora, NSW; h/Dorothy Moreen (Maggs); N34237 NX73320Griffith NSWAng 1
RoganWilliam Donald6 Jun 190912 Apr 195545son/William Alfred & Matilda (Law); b. Dapto, Wollongong, NSW; h/Mary Isobel (Kerr)Griffith NSWAng 1
ScottNorman Douglas Edgar28 Sep 18972 Oct 197376son/Thomas Walter & Elizabeth Anna (Bruno); b. Wandsworth, London, England; h/Olive Avenell (Elliott); 1990Griffith NSWRose Gdn
Scott (Elliott)Olive Avenell24 Sep 189918 Mar 199191dau/Henry & Fanny Matilda (East); b. Middleton Stoney, Oxfordshire, England; w/Norman Douglas EdgarGriffith NSWRose Gdn
ThorpeTrevor Robert30 Jul 191626 Oct 198973son/William Walford & Elsie (Mansfield); b. Kensington, Sydney, NSW; h/Joan Wilmott (Roughley); 411410Griffith NSWRose Gdn
WebbKayla Clare26 Dec 199026 Jan 19910dau/Gary & LynetteGriffith NSWInf Lwn

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