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Greendale Uniting ChurchLot 58 Carnells Ln, Dalton NSW 255045

44 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BunfieldHenry JamesDec 1951son/Henry & Phoebe Esther; h/Theresa (Dowling)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
Bunfield (Dowling)Theresa1867?2 Jun 194174dau/Robert; w/Henry JamesGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushAbraham1853?14 Jun 192269son/Abraham & Emily Frances (Pollard)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
BushAlfred186612 Mar 194578son/John & Hephzibah (Bush); b. Yass, NSW, AustraliaGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushAlice1908?13 Dec 19080dau/JosephGreendale Uniting Church NSW
Bush (Kew)Amelia17 Aug 18285 Jan 190879dau/James & Jessie; b. Lewisham, Middlesex, England; w/ArthurGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushArthur1852?20 Mar 193886son/John & HephzibahGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushArthur1854?28 Sep 193985son/ArthurGreendale Uniting Church NSW
Bush (Holgate)Caroline26 Jan 186210 Jun 195593dau/James & Sarah (Brown); b. Dalton, NSW, Australia; w/George ArthurGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushCharles Richard Peter187130 Jun 192452son/Abraham & Emily Frances (Pollard); b. Yass, NSW, Australia; h/Clara Jane Bell (Suffix)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
Bush (Suffix)Clara Jane1876?16 Nov 190933dau/John & JanetGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushDavid William20 Sep 186418 Sep 194581son/Abraham & Emily Frances (Pollard); b. Dalton, NSW, Australia; h/Susannah (Randall)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
BushDennisJan 19503 Apr 19511son/Joseph Elijah & Hilda Doris (Nash)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
Bush (Pitches)Emma1863?8 Sep 194986dau/George & Helen; w/HenryGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushGeorge Arthur8 Apr 186930 Dec 195181son/Abraham & Emily Frances (Pollard); b. Yass, NSW, Australia; h/Blanch (Davis) & Caroline (Holgate)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
BushGeorge Stephen1935?22 Jan 19449son/Arthur James Holgate & ChristinaGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushGraceMar 1951dau/Thomas & Mary AnnGreendale Uniting Church NSWAng
BushHenry185719 Nov 192871son/Abraham & Emily Frances (Pollard); b. Yass, NSW, Australia; h/Emma (Pitches)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
BushJacob185517 Nov 190954son/Abraham & Emily Frances (Pollard)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
BushJeremiah13 Nov 1906son/Abraham & Emily Frances (Pollard)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
BushJohn1828?27 Jul 190880son/Jeremiah & MaryGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushJohn10 Oct 182920 Aug 191081son/Arthur & Maria (Humphry); b. Swaffham, Norfolk, EnglandGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushJohn1863?30 Apr 195188son/ArthurGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushLindsay Ross1925?5 Mar 194217son/ThomasGreendale Uniting Church NSW
Bush (Heat)Mary Janette1884?15 Jul 195066b. Jerrawa, NSW, Australia; w/ThomasGreendale Uniting Church NSW
Bush (Sant)Mary May1867?16 Aug 195083dau/Isaac & Emma; w/William ThomasGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushMaude1919?10 Mar 19267dau/Joseph & AngelinaGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushSarah Jane1863?Jul 194885dau/Lewis ChristianGreendale Uniting Church NSW
Bush (Randall)Susannah1866?9 Dec 194377b. Dalton, NSW, Australia; w/David WilliamGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushThomas1865?27 Mar 194277son/Abraham & Emily Frances (Pollard)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
BushWilliam1858?1 Mar 190648son/JohnGreendale Uniting Church NSW
BushWilliam James1873?4 Jan 193562son/Arthur & Amelia; b. Jerrawa, NSW, AustraliaGreendale Uniting Church NSW
CarterEdwin Arthur1854?31 Oct 193884son/Edward & Mary A; b. Goulburn, NSW, AustraliaGreendale Uniting Church NSW
DaweEdward1869?6 Oct 195485son/FrederickGreendale Uniting Church NSW
HazelH HJan 1939Greendale Uniting Church NSW
Hillier (Bush)Christina186831 Jul 193769dau/Arthur & Amelia; b. Yass, NSW, Australia; w/CharlesGreendale Uniting Church NSW
HowardArthur William1897?16 Feb 195457son/Thomas Rowland & Camellia (Bush); h/Nancy Jean (Alchin)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
Howard (Bush)Camilla1873?20 Nov 194976w/Thomas RolandGreendale Uniting Church NSW
HowardThomas Roland1871?11 Jun 195483son/William; h/Camellia (Bush)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
OffleyRobert1864?29 May 193470son/William & MatildaGreendale Uniting Church NSW
OffleyRobert190627 Sep 19071son/Robert & Mary A; b. Gunning, NSW, AustraliaGreendale Uniting Church NSW
OffleyWilliam16 Jan 183010 Nov 190473son/Robert; b. Huntingdonshire, England; h/Matilda (Roffe)Greendale Uniting Church NSW
RalphSylvia27 Apr 1951w/Louis HenryGreendale Uniting Church NSW
RyanWilliam1862?18 Mar 193876son/Michael & MargaretGreendale Uniting Church NSW

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