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1 cemetery found

Goobang (Parkes Old)Wellington Rd, Goobang NSW 287041

41 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AtkinsonBertha Beatrice1876?2 May 18782dau/Charles I & AnneGoobang NSW
AtkinsonHarriett Elizabeth1872?2 Jun 18786dau/Charles I & AnneGoobang NSW
AtkinsonWilliam Woodland1860?1 Aug 187919son/Charles I & AnneGoobang NSW
BanksEdward1830?3 Dec 190171h/Margaret AnnGoobang NSW
BanksMargaret Ann1838?8 Jun 187335w/EdwardGoobang NSW
CookeGertrude Emily1875dau/Henry H & Mary AGoobang NSW
CookeHenry Harry1 Jan 184022 Jun 190364son/Thomas & Jane; b. St Martins, Cornwall, England; h/Mary Ann Isabel (Peacock)Goobang NSW
Cooke (Peacock)Mary Ann Isabel1845190661b. New Zealand; w/Henry HarryGoobang NSW
CrawMarion187418773dau/William & Margaret (Hogan); b. Parkes, AustraliaGoobang NSW
DavisCharles Henry25 Aug 187819 Mar 18812son/George Charles & Helena Agnes (Truscott); b. Comandra, New South Wales, AustraliaGoobang NSWAnglican
DavisEmily Sarah9 Jul 187620 May 18781dau/George Charles & Helena Agnes (Truscott); b. Comandra, New South Wales, AustraliaGoobang NSWAnglican
EvansEliza1867?24 Oct 189528Goobang NSW
GreenAnn1843?7 Sep 190966dau/William & ElizabethGoobang NSW
Green?Francis14 Sep 18777 Jan 18780Goobang NSW
HarwoodGerald1856?14 Jul 187519son/Edward & MaryGoobang NSW
HennessyMaria1834?29 Oct 187945b. IrelandGoobang NSW
HennessyPatrick1836?24 Mar 191377son/Patrick; b. Kilkenny, IrelandGoobang NSW
JacksonFrank 15 Feb 194672son/Thomas & LucyGoobang NSW
JobElizabeth Jane1849?22 Dec 192172dau/James & CarolineGoobang NSW
JobJohn10 Jun 183815 Aug 190769son/John & Eliza JGoobang NSW ,
JobRichard13 Sep 183624 May 191376son/John & Eliza JGoobang NSW
JobThomas4 May 184524 Sep 191267son/John & Eliza JGoobang NSW ,
NichollsAlbert John William1874?3 May 195076son/Francis & Matilda Ann Marzetta; h/Jessie MarciaGoobang NSW
NichollsBert Belgian1916?16 Jan 19160son/Albert John William & Jessie MarciaGoobang NSW
NichollsCharles1864?2 Aug 191147son/Francis & Matilda MGoobang NSW
NichollsFrancis Bovey182518 Oct 190075son/Francis & Mary; h/MatildaGoobang NSW
Nicholls (Prior)Jessie Marcia1874?8 Mar 194268dau/Henry & Elizabeth Arnold (White); b. Parkes, NSW, Australia; w/Albert John WilliamGoobang NSW
NichollsWilfred Albert1907?14 Mar 192013son/Albert John William & LilyGoobang NSW
Nielsen (Smith)Annie185917 Oct 188526dau/George & Hannah (Annie) (Johnston); b. Australia; w/Pender/PeterGoobang NSW
PeacockEdward A1817?188669Goobang NSW
PriorElizabeth1839?9 Feb 191576dau/Edwin & LucyGoobang NSW
PriorHenry1841?11 Jan 191675son/Henry & ElizaGoobang NSW
Reed (Farnsworth)Mary Ann18375 Nov 187841dau/David F & Martha; b. Staffordshire, England; w/ThomasGoobang NSW
ReedThomas19 Nov 183310 Oct 191581son/Jonathon & Ann; b. Cornwell, England; h/Mary Ann (Farnsworth)Goobang NSW
ReedThomas22 Oct 185521 Jul 193276son/Thomas & Mary Ann; b. Avoca; h/Katherine (Connelly)Goobang NSW
RoartyColumb1839?28 Feb 187233b. Donegal, IrelandGoobang NSW
SmithSamuel Henry 15 Dec 191184son/Robert & Elizabeth; b. Devonshire, EnglandGoobang NSW
SmithWinifred May 28 Oct 194060dau/Samuel Henry & Amelia Selwin; b. ParkesGoobang NSW
UnknownGoobang NSW
WalleyWilliam1848?31 Oct 187325Goobang NSW
WebbHannah1846?5 Apr 187630dau/James W & Mary; w/Richard HenryGoobang NSW

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