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Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BeetsonAndrew1854?4 Feb 193884Gongolgon NSW
BeetsonAnn Bridget1867?27 Jun 193467Gongolgon NSW
Beetson (Sullivan)Elsie Pearl V190410 Apr 194035dau/Francis W & Mary C (Shaw); b. Nyngan, NSW; w/Edward RGongolgon NSW
BrooksLillianJan 1879?29 Jun 18795mdau/William & JaneGongolgon NSW
BrownEliza1809?11 Sep 1909100Gongolgon NSW
CheeTong1840?20 Sep 189454Gongolgon NSW
ClarkMargaret1846?21 Jul 192377Gongolgon NSW
ClarkThomas1844?29 Jul 192480Gongolgon NSW
ClarkWilliam1843?28 May 189754Gongolgon NSW
CookEliza Margaret1870?18 Oct 189525Gongolgon NSW
CullenJoseph1851?2 Jan 192675Gongolgon NSW
CulshawCharles1849?23 Jul 189546Gongolgon NSW
De VriesRoelof1862?Dec 190240Gongolgon NSW
DelloroCharles1839?190869Gongolgon NSW
DenningWalter1 Dec 1925Gongolgon NSW
FosterJoseph1834?17 Apr 188450Gongolgon NSW
GlazierCharles1869?17 Feb 18690Gongolgon NSW
GoochJohn1803?15 Oct 187370Gongolgon NSW
GoodeJohn1864?17 Jun 18640Gongolgon NSW
HarperUnnamed1868?14 Jan 18680Gongolgon NSW
HartnettWilliam1842?18 Jul 187735Gongolgon NSW
HarveyNorman1913?21 Oct 193118Gongolgon NSW
HayesGeorge1866?21 Oct 192155Gongolgon NSW
JonesJohn1857?5 May 190750Gongolgon NSW
JonesLewis1874?10 Jan 18740son/Thomas & ElizabethGongolgon NSW
KettsGerrit (Garrett)1872?3 Dec 190230Gongolgon NSW
KingHenry1833?Feb 188047Gongolgon NSW
KingJaney1863?25 Apr 192360Gongolgon NSW
LouieJohn Ah1853?2 Mar 192370Gongolgon NSW
MaxwellFrances Prudence1885?4 Nov 18883Gongolgon NSW
McLeodJohn1849?11 Dec 187728Gongolgon NSW
MitchellRose1855?4 May 191560Gongolgon NSW
MonaghanThomas1847?19 Feb 190760Gongolgon NSW
MurphyDaniel Reed1879?18812Gongolgon NSW
MurphyNora Mary1853?18 Feb 188532Gongolgon NSW
PearceFrances Myra1908?28 Mar 19091Gongolgon NSW
PhillipsLarry1856?2 Dec 192973Gongolgon NSW
PictonThomas1892?26 Aug 192735Gongolgon NSW
RaneyJanet1870?29 Jul 190939Gongolgon NSW
ReidJohn1889?21 Jan 18890Gongolgon NSW
RobbEliza Eva189230 Mar 18931dau/James A & Harriett (Baker); b. Brewarrina, NSWGongolgon NSW
RobertsJohn1847?14 Jan 188740Gongolgon NSW
RowPercy Gordon1892?4 Mar 18920son/Percy E & Maggie WGongolgon NSW
SelfOscar George Julian18824 Feb 18820Gongolgon NSW
ShawFrancis1815?31 May 187762Gongolgon NSW
ShepherdHarold Charles Robert1928?1 Jun 19280son/Patrick & KateGongolgon NSW
SinclairWilliam1824?10 Dec 188258Gongolgon NSW
SmithWilliam1820?6 Dec 187050Gongolgon NSW
StevensWilliam1892?11 Jul 192735Gongolgon NSW
SullivanAugustus Francis47Gongolgon NSW
SullivanMary1839?15 Apr 188445Gongolgon NSW
SullivanMary Catherine1881?31 Oct 193150Gongolgon NSW
SullivanWilliam Albert1891?9 Mar 18965Gongolgon NSW
TobinCatherine1839?2 Nov 188950Gongolgon NSW
WellsElizabeth1846?13 Dec 188943Gongolgon NSW
WhyeFrederick1868?4 Jan 18680Gongolgon NSW
WhyeJoseph1835?6 May 187742son/William & Hannah (Johnson); b. Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, England; h/Prudence (Reed)Gongolgon NSW
WhyeJoseph Hedland11 Jan 187721 Mar 187814m 10dGongolgon NSW
WhyeKate1873?14 Jul 18785Gongolgon NSW
WillockCatherine1841?18 Sep 191170Gongolgon NSW
WrightJohn Thomas186027 Feb 192161son/William & Mary (Sloey?); b. Orange, NSW, Australia; h/Charlotte (Brady)Gongolgon NSW
WrightPeter JamesFeb 1907?5 May 19073mGongolgon NSW

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