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ForbesThe Bogan Way, Forbes NSW 28716583

2607 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AchesonRobert Mills25 Oct 191424 Mar 200489h/Helen & NancyeForbes NSWLawn
AchesonThomas S1892?12 Jun 192129Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AckroydGladys29 May 1926Forbes NSWNew C/E
Acret (Milthorpe)Anne22 May 19391 Mar 200161w/Bruce FrederickForbes NSW
AcretEdwin William189522 Apr 190510son/Frederick J & Elizabeth; b. Forbes, NSWForbes NSWChurch Of England
AcretElizabeth1865?25 Apr 192661dau/Charles & ElizabethForbes NSW
Acret (Barter)Margaret Louise [Maggie]1906?1 Sep 199791w/Reginald WilliamForbes NSWLawn
Acret (Smith)Pauline May1911?6 Feb 197766dau/Charles & Ann; w/Frederick HenryForbes NSWNew R/C
AcretReginald William10 Feb 19094 Jan 199181son/Frederick William & Maude (Dean); b. Forbes NSW; h/Margaret Louise (Barter)Forbes NSWLawn
AcretWilliam Henry186318 Feb 193975son/Frederick & Margaret (Collins); b. Clarence Town, NSWForbes NSWNew R/C
AdamsB. G.20 Oct 1928Forbes NSWOld C/E
AgarEliza1807?30 Jul 187669Forbes NSWChurch Of England S, 02
AinleyRobert James1862?20 Jun 193573Forbes NSWNew C/E
AitkinPeter David1883?16 Nov 195774Forbes NSWNew C/E
AlchinCatherine Jane1858?1 Nov 193981w/JohnForbes NSWNew C/E
AlchinJohn186314 Jan 194279son/John & Martha Matilda (Johnson); b. Yass, NSW; h/Catherine JaneForbes NSWNew C/E
AlchinKeith Francis1937?30 Sep 199053son/Oliver Francis Malcolm & Annie (Nugent)Forbes NSW
AlchinRonlad Oliver [Ron]2 Jul 194117 Dec 199857Forbes NSWLawn
AliNaz [Jack]1881?2 Nov 196988Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AllenAda1 Feb 191126 Jun 199483Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AllenHerbert J1937?6 Apr 198043Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AllenNeta Thelma1905?23 Jul 197671Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AllenRichard John1901?10 Mar 198079Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AmeyMary Elizabeth Anne1877?22 Sep 196588Forbes NSWNew C/E
AmorGeorge Henry1893?25 Oct 197279Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AmorSarah E May1895?3 May 198691Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AndersonAgnes1862?22 Oct 189230Forbes NSWChurch Of England N, 02
AndersonBaby11 Jul 1924Forbes NSWNew C/E
AndersonBaby11 Apr 1924Forbes NSWold C/E
AndersonBaby S/B1930?19 May 19300Forbes NSWNew C/E
AndersonBaby S/B1967?10 Feb 19670Forbes NSWNew C/E
AndersonEileen Murial1909?1 Aug 197061Forbes NSWChurch Of England
Anderson (Ruge)Elsie Flora23 Nov 18977 Oct 193032dau/Johann August & Maria Mathilda (Kubenk); b. Forbes, New South Wales, Australia, AustraliaForbes NSWNew C/E
AndersonGeorge1895?7 Nov 197075Forbes NSWNew C/E
AndersonHannah1872?16 May 194169Forbes NSWNew C/E
AndersonIsabel1864?21 Jun 187814Forbes NSWChurch Of England N, 02
AndersonJohn1828?9 Jan 190173Forbes NSWChurch Of England N, 02
AndersonJohn William1886?16 Aug 193549Forbes NSWNew Pres.
AndersonMary1886?17 Jul 196276Forbes NSWNew C/E
AndersonNoel V17 Sep 1930Forbes NSWOld C/E
AndersonPeter1842?4 Mar 192684Forbes NSWNew C/E
AndersonRobertJun 1866?14 Feb 18678mForbes NSWAng N, 02
AndersonSidney James1904?29 Aug 198379Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AndrewsAlexander Roy1912?11 Apr 196048Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AndrewsEdgar Douglas26 May 191310 Dec 199885RAAF W-020659Forbes NSWMW & Rose Garden
AndrewsEdward1900?2 May 191919Forbes NSWOld R/C
AndrewsRita Phillys14 Jun 191720 Apr 200486Forbes NSWMW & Rose Garden
AntramMary Ann27 Aug 1924Forbes NSWNew C/E
AntramWilliam1 Jan 1929Forbes NSWNew C/E
AplettJames Herbert1885?31 Aug 18905Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AplettJohn Henry George1888?3 Sep 18902Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AplettMary Jane1882?9 Sep 18908Forbes NSWChurch Of England
AraldoAntonia Rose1897?26 Jun 199396Forbes NSWLawn
AraldoErnesto [Ernie]1895?1 May 198893Forbes NSW
ArcherA23 Nov 1961Forbes NSWNew C/E
ArmitageEuice Jean1912?21 Oct 198876Forbes NSWLawn
ArmstrongJohn30 Jul 1929Forbes NSWNew Pres.
ArnoldBaby S/B1947?29 Nov 19470Forbes NSWNew C/E
AshcroftElsie Elizabeth1908?9 Oct 197668Forbes NSW
AshcroftGordon Thomas Henry189722 Nov 197477son/Albert Thomas & Ellen Louisa (Antram); b. Forbes NSW, AustraliaForbes NSWAng
AshcroftHenry C1921?22 Aug 197453h/Thea; NX 118495Forbes NSW
AshcroftLeslie190522 Mar 199388son/Albert Thomas & Ellen Louisa (Antram); b. Forbes NSW, Australia; h/Elsie Isabell (Feeney)Forbes NSWAng
AshcroftNanette [Joy]1 May 194115 Jul 199756w/JohnForbes NSWLawn
AshcroftThea Kathleen6 Feb 192626 Sep 200276w/HenryForbes NSWChurch Of England
AsheNorman Leslie1880?25 Oct 194868Forbes NSWNew C/E
AshtonL1920?24 Jan 200585spouse/ShirleyForbes NSWRose Garden
AstillBernard Patrick21 Mar 193120 Jan 199159Forbes NSWSal.
AtiffDavid28 Mar 1927Forbes NSWNew Pres.
Atkins (Taylor nee Newham)Sophia Elizabeth3 Jan 181113 Oct 187969dau/Richard & Mary (Burnett); b. Windsor, NSW; w/WilliamForbes NSWChurch Of England
AustenHannah Maude1885?15 Jan 194055Forbes NSWNew C/E
AustinRoy13 Oct 19264 Feb 200578h/NormaForbes NSWLawn
BaassSophie Amalie19 Feb 199811 Jun 19980Forbes NSWLawn
BaassTimothy Mark1965?24 May 199227son/John & PamForbes NSWLawn
BagnellJames8 May 1944Forbes NSWNew R/C
BaileyBaby S/B1961?27 Aug 19610Forbes NSWNew C/E
BaileyEmily1874?26 Jul 193561Forbes NSWNew R/C
BaileyGeorge H2 Oct 1923Forbes NSWOld C/E
BaileyMartha Jane1882?8 Feb 192240Forbes NSWOld C/E
BaileyOwen Leslie [Bert]15 Nov 19228 May 199168h/MargaretForbes NSWMW & Rose Garden
BakerBeatrice Mary1887?6 Mar 196376Forbes NSWNew Pres.
BakerClements Joseph Frederick [Ducky]1913?5 Oct 198976Forbes NSWLawn
BakerShirly Elizabeth [Betty]1942?7 Jul 201371Forbes NSW
BakshHarriff1911?26 Jan 193221Forbes NSWNew C/E
BaldockCatherine1837?2 Nov 189457Forbes NSWChurch Of England J, 02
BaldockChas W1856?11 Jan 187115Forbes NSWChurch Of England J, 02
BaldockHenrietta Stewart1877?22 Nov 196891Forbes NSWNew Pres.
BaldockNathan Daniel1866?1 Jun 195084Forbes NSWNew Pres.
BaldockWilliam1830?6 Nov 187949Forbes NSWChurch Of England J, 02
BalesJohn Jacob1867?26 Aug 195588Forbes NSWNew C/E
BallHerbert Mugliston1882?8 Feb 192240Forbes NSWOld C/E
BallWilliam5 Oct 1937Forbes NSWNew C/E
BalmerCatherine Ellen23 Sep 190814 Apr 197465Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BarbeBeryl Florence1908?25 Jun 197466Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BarberBaby S/B23 Apr 1971Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BarnardJack1916?17 May 199175Forbes NSWLawn
BarnesEdith Ida1905?15 Sep 199994w/FrankForbes NSWLawn
BarnesFrank1901?22 Aug 2001100Forbes NSWLawn
BarterHester Annie [Essie]1916?12 Sep 200488w/Ronald James AshleyForbes NSWLawn
BarterReginald Peter1923?28 Aug 199269h/MargaretForbes NSWLawn
BarterRonald James Ashley1913?20 Apr 199481h/Hester [Essie]Forbes NSWLawn
BartlettAlma Ruth1919?22 Nov 199576w/Frederick [Tod]Forbes NSWLawn
BartlettFrederick F [Tod]1913?7 Dec 199683h/Alma RuthForbes NSWNew R/C
BartlettFrederick William27 Aug 194530 Oct 200156h/LesleyForbes NSWLawn
BartonAmy May1911?31 Oct 199281Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BartonGordon Ivor1918?4 Oct 197557NX 96667Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BartonMary M13 May 1928Forbes NSWOld R/C
BartonPeggy Marie1924?19 Oct 19262Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BashsaJabour John7 Dec 19213 Apr 200381son/Simon & FrancesForbes NSWLawn
BassettEileen1906?10 Aug 199286Forbes NSWNew C/E
BatesNeroll Ruth1959?21 Feb 200445w/BruceForbes NSWLawn
BathgateJohn Herbert1887?12 Feb 194154Forbes NSWOld R/C
BattyeSidney J5 Aug 1935Forbes NSWNew C/E
BauertRobert Walter [Bob]1914?11 Nov 199581Forbes NSWLawn
BayleyAnnie Elizabeth1868?30 Jan 195082Forbes NSWNew C/E
BayleyRobert1870?22 Apr 193767Forbes NSWNew C/E
BayleyRuben Leneford Stanley3dForbes NSWNew R/C
BaylissJohanna H1911?3 May 197564Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BeanMartha Elizabeth1850?28 Apr 192171Forbes NSWOld C/E
BeardAlbert James18 Aug 19128 Apr 199582NI 99001Forbes NSWUniting
BeasleyBaby18 Mar 1946Forbes NSWNew C/E
BeasleyRobert S1927?14 Sep 196235Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BeasleyWilliam1863?20 Jun 194683Forbes NSW
BeckLillian1888?6 Feb 192032dau/James; b. SwedenForbes NSWOld C of E
BeckettThomas2 Sep 1936Forbes NSWNew Pres.
BeddieBaby26 May 1922Forbes NSWPresbyterian
BeechEdward Henry Randolph1864?4 May 193470Forbes NSWNew C/E
BellJohn McGregor1873?11 Oct 194976Forbes NSWNew Pres.
BennettWilliam10 Sep 1926Forbes NSWOld R/C
BentickBennett1851?7 Oct 193584b. Bathurst, NSW; h/ElizabethForbes NSWNew R/C
BentickBennett Bernard1882?17 Oct 195775son/Bennett & Elizabeth; b. Bourke, NSW; h/Ivy Jane (Cresswell)Forbes NSWRC
BentickGordon James [Buck]7 Mar 19225 May 199876h/PegForbes NSWLawn
Bentick (Cresswell)Ivy Jane1886?17 Jan 196377dau/Charles Christopher & Mary Jane; b. Barringun, NSW; w/Bennet BernardForbes NSWRC
BentickLaurence A7 Apr 1947Forbes NSWNew RC
BentickMaxine Kay15 May 194017 May 19402ddau/Christopher Bernard & Joyce Edna; b. Forbes, NSWForbes NSWNew R/C
BerwickMary1876?6 Mar 192145Forbes NSWOld C/E
BesgroveEmily1872?26 Apr 192250Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BesgroveJoseph1839?7 Feb 191273Forbes NSWRC J, 01
BesgroveUna1840?23 Oct 192282Forbes NSWRC
BetlandHenry Thomas1925?23 Mar 199469h/RubyForbes NSWLawn
Betland (Davis)Jane1857?30 Sep 193881dau/William & Mary Ann (Hart); w/Thomas Stephen; Forbes, NSWForbes NSWOld C/E
BettEdna May1916?21 May 198973Forbes NSWMW
BettMichael Roger Langdon [Mick]1923?16 Sep 199370Forbes NSWMW & Rose Garden
BettletonMargaret1873?26 May 193663Forbes NSWNew R/C
BettridgeLyall Royce192614 Apr 198862Forbes NSWNew R/C
BettsReginald JohnDec 1931?17 Jan 19321mForbes NSWNew C/E
BeulahNeville1927?22 May 199770Forbes NSWSal.
BeulahNoel1914?16 Jan 192713Forbes NSWPresbyterian
BeulahReginald1924?192515mForbes NSWPresbyterian
BeulahWalter1848192173Forbes NSWPresbyterian
BeulahWalter Albert [Bert]14 Dec 192127 Oct 200179Forbes NSWSal.
BevanElizabeth1862?26 Jul 191957Forbes NSWOld C/E
BindleyBetty [Bet]14 Oct 193417 Jun 200368Forbes NSWUniting
BindleyHilton John7 Apr 193027 Sep 199969h/BettyForbes NSWUniting
BindleyJean Mary1910?5 Jun 199484Forbes NSWLawn
BingNoel Robert1926?4 Jan 193913Forbes NSWNew C/E
BingRobert1887?6 Dec 193144Forbes NSWNew R/C
BingThomas1893?27 Apr 194552Forbes NSWNew R/C
BinghamEva Ann5 May 1991Forbes NSW
BinghamThomas191216 Sep 197664Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BirchEdward Cornelius1861?26 Apr 193372Forbes NSWNew C/E
BishopBaby2 Mar 1973Forbes NSWNew R/C
BishopJoseph1868?17 Jan 194880Forbes NSWNew C/E
BishopMargaret Jean1946?9 Aug 19482Forbes NSWNew Pres.
BlackClaude Henry5 May 1919Forbes NSWPresbyterian
BlackEdith Amy1885?19 Jul 18905Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BlackHilda Mary1907?22 Sep 198881Forbes NSWLawn
BlackMaude1881?27 Jun 18854Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BlackMuriel Alice1911?27 Jul 199685Forbes NSWLawn
BlackNellie Maud1890?9 Jun 18944Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BlackRoy H4 May 1927Forbes NSWNew Methodist
BlackmoreCharles1856?29 Jun 194286Forbes NSWNew Methodist
BloomfieldMyrtle [Mattie]1914?14 Jan 200490Forbes NSWLawn
BlumeGladys Maria1908?20 Jul 199284Forbes NSWMW & Rose Garden
BlumeHazel Mary19 Nov 1928Forbes NSWNew C/E
BlumeHerbert William1889?3 Jul 193647Forbes NSWNew C/E
BlumeHerbert William1917?23 Jan 198972Forbes NSWMW & Rose Garden
BlumeLionel Lennard5 Jul 19299 Jul 19294dForbes NSWNew C/E
BlumeLouisa Sophia1877?30 Dec 194366Forbes NSWNew C/E
BlumeSophia May1896?16 Jul 192933Forbes NSWNew C/E
BlundellBaby S/B1953?5 May 19530Forbes NSWNew Pres.
BlundenBrian Leslie16 Jun 195130 Dec 19516m 2wForbes NSWNew Methodist
BodeWilliam24 Apr 1924Forbes NSWNew Pres.
BodellE L30 Jun 1940Forbes NSWNew Methodist
BolamAlfred Forbes1896?5 Aug 197175Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BolamEmma1879?25 Jan 195980Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BolamJames1880?22 Nov 194969son/Thomas William & Mary (Nevin); h/Emma (Golding)Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BolamJoan Valerie12 Jul 193011 Jan 200170w/NeilForbes NSWLawn
BolamRobert Neil [Boles]1926?14 Jun 200680h/JoanForbes NSWLawn
BolamThomas J25 May 191618 Sep 199074NX 157899Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BolgerArthur Lisie1897?22 Aug 199396Forbes NSWLawn
BookerIna Clarrisa1906?29 Jun 194943Forbes NSWNew C/E
BoonRobert John1874?7 Apr 195884Forbes NSWNew C/E
BoothAlfred George1941?25 Jun 199150Forbes NSWMW & Rose Garden
BoothAlfred Steve12 Aug 1925Forbes NSWNew C/E
BoothBaby S/B1943?21 Apr 19430Forbes NSWNew C/E
BoothJames Robert1923?18 Jul 200582Forbes NSWC/E
BoothJohn21 Oct 19301 Jul 200574h/JuelForbes NSWMW & Rose Garden
BoothRonald A5 May 1922Forbes NSWPresbyterian
BoothWilliam Henry1921?3 Sep 197453Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BorehamBaby11 Aug 1937Forbes NSWNew C/E
Borger (Churchill)Lorraine [Lou]4 Oct 195411 Jan 201661dau/Roy Douglas; b. AustraliaForbes NSWR/C
BorgerPeter1950?30 Sep 201262Forbes NSWCatholic
BourcierMargurite1919?26 May 19245Forbes NSWNew R/C
BourkeAllanDec 1919?30 Mar 192115mForbes NSWPbn
BourkeJohn Richard1917?15 Apr 197457Forbes NSWAng
BourkeMargaret Joan1916?15 Sep 198468Forbes NSW
BourneHenry James1883?15 Aug 194764Forbes NSWNew Methodist
BowdenC E19 Nov 1926Forbes NSWNew R/C
BowlerElizabeth Hannah1850?24 Feb 193080Forbes NSWChurch Of England K, 01
BowlerErnest Ulysses24 Nov 18307 Aug 189666son/John & Francis M JForbes NSWChurch Of England K, 01
BownArthur Henry23 Nov 192325 Jun 200278NX 47721Forbes NSWRose Garden
BoydCaroline Ada MaudJul 1959?23 Nov 196016mForbes NSWNew R/C
BoylsonJack Wrixon1911?20 Mar 198877Forbes NSWAng.
BradyBaby S/B1940?31 Oct 19400Forbes NSWNew R/C
BrattonNatalie Anne1966?11 Jan 199226Forbes NSWLawn
BrattonNoel Thomas1912?8 Mar 200088h/FloForbes NSWMW & Rose Garden
BrayBenjamin JamesApr 1976?28 Jul 19760Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BrayDaphne12 Aug 192117 Aug 19215dForbes NSWOld C/E
BrayElsie Isabel1911?25 Jul 200392w/WilliamForbes NSWNew C/E
BrayErnest1882?7 Apr 196179Forbes NSWJ W
BrayErnest John [John]1947?30 Mar 200255Forbes NSW
BrayJohn1879?14 Mar 194465Forbes NSWMethodist
BrayLeslie Anne20 Mar 1971Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BrayRose1889?28 Jan 195566Forbes NSWJ W
BrayRuth1870?18 Aug 194474Forbes NSWOld Methodist
BrayThomas Leslie1906?27 Jul 199286Forbes NSWNew C/E
Breadenmona Lilian1908?31 Jan 198981Forbes NSWNew C/E
BridgefootArthur4 Feb 1919Forbes NSWOld C/E
BrietzmanWilliam20 Dec 1925Forbes NSWNew C/E
BriggsAdeline Alice1 Aug 19203 Aug 19202dForbes NSWOld C/E
BriggsMary Isabella1882?15 Oct 192038Forbes NSWOld C/E
BrightCoral Beulah1911?4 Jul 200392w/LeslieForbes NSWLawn
BrightLeslie John1912?17 Nov 199179h/CoralForbes NSWLawn
BrinckleyRobert1946?2 Aug 200054son/Beryl ? (Baird ?)Forbes NSWUniting
BriscoeMargaret Philamina21 May 1960Forbes NSWNew R/C
BrownAnnie1869?11 Aug 192354Forbes NSWChurch Of England N, 03
BrownDoris Leah1921?28 Apr 199372Forbes NSWLawn
BrownGwendonline1920?25 Sep 199474Forbes NSW
BrownHerbert Edgar [Bert]1901?15 May 197069Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BrownJames1872?17 Feb 194270Forbes NSWNew C/E
BrownJohn Joseph1924?12 Nov 198258Forbes NSWLawn
BrownJoseph1875?14 Dec 192449Forbes NSWNew R/C
BrownLeslie John1931?23 Dec 198857Forbes NSWLawn
BrownMary1933?26 Dec 19429Forbes NSWNew R/C
Brown (Moon)Miriam Enid13 Jan 189110 May 198796dau/Adolphus & Margaret (Williams); b. Shadforth, New South Wales, Australia; w/William Edward John (Ted)Forbes NSW
BrownNorman1915?23 Nov 199176NX 60541Forbes NSWLawn
BrownPatrick1853?27 Aug 193279Forbes NSWNew C/E
BrownRandolph22 May 1968Forbes NSWOld C/E
BrownReginald1911?4 Feb 197564Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BrownRonald Le Roy190830 Nov 197567Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BrownThelma19 Jan 19103 Jun 199080Forbes NSWMW & Rose Garden
BrownW E J [Ted]1891?12 Jun 197079Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BrowneGwendoline Freda7 Sep 192226 Jun 200178w/RandallForbes NSWLawn
BrowneKatie Maree22 Feb 2002Forbes NSW
BrowneR1924?22 May 196844spouse/GwenForbes NSWChurch Of England
BruceMarion [Lesley]1914?27 Oct 200288dau/McKenna; w/HarryForbes NSWLawn
BrussBaby S/B1944?22 Feb 19440Forbes NSWNew C/E
BuchananElsie May1923?22 Jul 196845Forbes NSWNew R/C
BuckinghamAlfred1867?10 Jan 195083Forbes NSWNew C/E
BuckleyAlice Mary13 Feb 2002w/PatrickForbes NSWLawn
BuckleyBaby?Sep 1923Forbes NSWOld R/C
BuckleyJane A1 Jul 1925Forbes NSWOld R/C
BuckleyJohn1872?11 Dec 193058Forbes NSWOld R/C
BuckleyMargaret Elsie21 Sep 191722 Jul 199880w/GeorgeForbes NSWLawn
BuckleyNora Zoe25 Nov 19178 Jul 199779Forbes NSWLawn
BuckleyPatrick John1930?18 Jun 199060h/Alice; NX 135911Forbes NSWLawn
BuckleyPeter1868?22 Oct 194072Forbes NSWNew R/C
BuckleyThomas Henry1878?17 Oct 194466Forbes NSWOld R/C
BuckleyTracey Joseph1885?19 Sep 193954Forbes NSWOld R/C
BuckmanFlorence Jean4 May 1970Forbes NSWNew RC
BullockAlma Mabel1913?23 Nov 199784Forbes NSWLawn
BurgeBaby S/B1972?29 Jan 19720Forbes NSWNew C/E
BurgersFrederick J6 Mar 1988h/Claire; NX 202866Forbes NSWNew C/E
BurleyAlfred Lawrence Australia1923?11 Oct 199067RAN S8321Forbes NSWMW & Rose Garden
BurleySadie Ann23 Sep 192427 Jul 199974w/AlfForbes NSWLawn
BurtJosephine Mary191829 Oct 199374b. NSW, AustraliaForbes NSWLawn
BurtRonald James8 Feb 19428 Mar 200159h/HelenForbes NSWLawn
BurtonBaby S/B Boy1947?16 Aug 19470Forbes NSWNew R/C
BurtonCharles Edward17 Jun 18558 Nov 193075b. Gunning, New South Wales, AustraliaForbes NSWNew C/E
BurtonDorisSep 1920?2 Apr 19217mForbes NSWOld C/E
BushEdith Kathleen1903?31 Aug 196158Forbes NSWChurch Of England
BushEdward Dowling1892?28 Aug 196775Forbes NSWNew Pres.
BushMaude Frances1881?26 Dec 194564Forbes NSWNew C/E
BushellPercival1884?20 Aug 195672Forbes NSWNew C/E
ButlerJohn1864?14 Aug 191955Forbes NSWOld C/E
ButlerJohn Thomas1868?23 Aug 194274Forbes NSWNew R/C
ButtrissJess1927?16 Jul 200679Forbes NSWLawn
Byrnes (Bertie E Byrns)Bertram Joseph189218 Feb 196573son/Thomas & Mary (Connelly); b. Grenfell, NSW, Australia; h/Elizabeth Blanche (Hodge); 3371 (AIF)Forbes NSWRC New Section 46, Lot 5
ByrnesLuke AndrewJul 1985?17 Oct 19853mson/Phillip William & Joy Margaret; b. Forbes, NSWForbes NSWSal
ByrnesNoaleen Therese29 Sep 19329 Feb 200168Forbes NSWLwn
ByrnesRebekah Ruth28 May 198318 Jun 19833wdau/Phillip William & Joy Margaret; b. Forbes, NSWForbes NSWSal
CabotIrene Elizabeth12 Aug 19522 Sep 19523wForbes NSWNew C/E
CadeBill1910?20 Dec 198373Forbes NSWChurch Of England
CadeDorothy1910?22 Jun 197363Forbes NSWChurch Of England
CahillBaby3 Oct 1922Forbes NSWOld R/C
CainColleen Joy26 Sep 194425 May 200257Forbes NSW
CainRichard1870?10 Oct 194979Forbes NSWNew R/C
CallaghanSandra Louise1945?20 Jul 199550w/AlbieForbes NSWLawn
CallaghanVeronica [Bub]19 Dec 193726 Sep 199860Forbes NSWLawn
CallighanFrank29 Aug 1922Forbes NSWOld R/C
Callow (McClements)Catherine Cicily30 Apr 183026 Jun 192495b. Dublin, IrelandForbes NSWChurch Of England K, 08
CallowFrances Louisa8 Dec 187414m 3wForbes NSWChurch Of England K, 08
CallowFrances/Francis Louisa16 Sep 18738 Dec 187414m 3wdau/Catherine (McClements); b. NSW, ForbesForbes NSWChurch Of England K, 08
CampbellDaphne ClareMay 1921?6 Jun 19211mForbes NSWPresbyterian
CannonAnnie16 Sep 1934Forbes NSWOld R/C
CannonBaby14 Aug 1934Forbes NSWOld R/C
CannonElizabeth Philomena1906?24 Feb 199387Forbes NSWLawn
CannonJohanna4 Nov 192022 Jun 19210dau/William Henry & Elizabeth Hanorah (Doherty); b. Forbes, New South Wales, AustraliaForbes NSWOld R/C
CannonJohn1910?6 Jan 199383Forbes NSWLawn
CannonLaurie1914?20 Jun 200288h/ShirleyForbes NSWRose Garden
CannonMargaret A16 Mar 1930Forbes NSWOld R/C
CannonPatrick [Paddy]1 Sep 191029 Mar 200089h/LaurelForbes NSWLawn
CantyPatrick1861?24 Jan 192665son/Jeremiah & JanetForbes NSWNew R/C
CapwellJohn18 Aug 1921Forbes NSWOld R/C
CareyPatrick Joseph1877?25 Dec 195275Forbes NSWNew R/C
CarrollDud1911?20 Jul 197766h/NinForbes NSW
CarrollEdward [Ned]1874?14 Oct 194470h/Ethel (West)Forbes NSWChurch Of England
CarrollEthel W1884?28 Aug 191531dau/Charles E & Frances R; w/EdwardForbes NSWChurch Of England R, 01
CarrollJames Joseph3 Jul 1960Forbes NSWNew R/C
CarrollNin1907?21 Jan 199184h/DudForbes NSW
CarterAnn11 Jul 193012 Jul 19301dForbes NSWNew C/E
CatwellEmily Jane1889?12 Apr 198192Forbes NSWLawn
ChalkerFrederick Charles1905?4 Sep 193126Forbes NSW
ChandlerGeorge1921?12 Aug 200584Forbes NSWNew C/E
ChandlerIris Elizabeth1913?9 Aug 199986Forbes NSWNew C/E
ChandlerJohn Edward1913?17 Aug 198976Forbes NSWChurch Of England
Chandler (Morrissey)Mona Gloria13 Sep 19244 Nov 200480dau/Frank & Annie Amelia (Sheehan); b. Paddington NSW, Australia; w/William Edward GeorgeForbes NSWNew C/E
ChandlerWilliam [Bill]190526 Feb 197569son/John & Anna Blanche (Burke); b. Parkes, NSWForbes NSWChurch Of England
ChaplinFlorence Olive1890?18 Jun 192434Forbes NSWOld C/E
ChappleCharles Barclay1913AIF NX41453Forbes NSW
Chapple (Elliott)Edith Isobelle1922200078Forbes NSWNew C/E
ChardJohn1869?10 Jul 195788Forbes NSWNew C/E
CharlesBaby S/B1953?11 Nov 19530Forbes NSWNew C/E
CheneyGeoffrey Lawrence26 Jun 19376 May 199355h/HelenForbes NSWLawn
ChisholmEmma1838?30 Jun 188143w/GeorgeForbes NSWChurch Of England
ChisholmGeorge1839?11 Oct 189051h/Margaret & EmmaForbes NSWChurch Of England
ChisholmMargaret1843?18 Oct 189047w/GeorgeForbes NSW
ChislettBaby6 Apr 1938Forbes NSWNew C/E
ChislettEttie1922?14 Aug 199169Forbes NSWLawn
ChislettJohn Charles1861?20 Dec 193877Forbes NSWNew C/E
ChislettLeslie Arnold [Les]1950?29 Aug 199949Forbes NSWLawn
ChislettMalverna Jane1888?18 Sep 194052Forbes NSWNew C/E
ChivellBaby S/B1941?30 Mar 19410Forbes NSWNew C/E
ChongCharlie11 Feb 1919Forbes NSWUnknown
ChurchillArthur William Frederick9 Jul 190021 Jun 197372son/William Henry & Lillian Rebecca (Shephard); b. Goulburn; h/Lila (Jones)Forbes NSWChurch of England
ChurchillArthur William Henry (Bill)12 Oct 192225 Apr 197855son/Arthur William Frederick & Lila (Jones); h/Shelia Marie (Kinghorne)Forbes NSWChurch of England
ChurchillJohn Traveis18 Nov 19247 Apr 19251son/Arthur William Frederick & Lila (Jones); b. Forbes NSWForbes NSWChurch of England
ChurchillLaura Catherine [Infant]24 Aug 1990dau/Terry & JanetForbes NSWLawn
Churchill (Jones)Lila26 May 190325 Mar 195349dau/Travers Lionel & Edthel Maud (Nickolas?); b. Forbes NSW; w/Arthur William FrederickForbes NSWChurch of England
ChurchillRoy Douglas13 Jul 19263 Mar 201184son/Arthur William Frederick & Lila (Jones); b. Forbes NSW; h/Edith Merle (Spackman)Forbes NSWChurch Of England
Churchill (Kinghorne)Sheila Marie21 Nov 193228 May 201279w/Arthur William HenryForbes NSWChurch of England
ClaneyHorace Augustus Loftus1887?12 Jul 192841Forbes NSWPresbyterian
ClaneyJohn Bothwell1880?19 Sep 192747Forbes NSWPresbyterian
ClaneyRichard Lloyd1919?5 May 198768VX36371Forbes NSWLawn
ClarkFreda Ethel1917?6 Jun 200285Forbes NSWNew C/E
ClarkNoel Leslie24 Jul 19476 Jun 199951h/HeatherForbes NSWLawn
ClarkWilliam Alfred1879?3 Jul 196485Forbes NSWNew Methodist
ClarkeAdelaide Florence1916?17 Jul 198973w/Ambrose JosephForbes NSWLawn
ClarkeAngus Mercer1912?8 Jul 199482h/Grace; NX 136375Forbes NSWLawn
ClarkeBabies2 May 1926Forbes NSWNew R/C
ClarkeBaby S/B1937?18 Dec 19370Forbes NSWNew C/E
ClarkeEdward21 Jun 19215986Forbes NSWChurch Of England
ClarkeErnest Albert1873?15 Jun 195279Forbes NSWNew C/E
ClarkeJean Cecily21 Dec 192328 Nov 200177w/KevinForbes NSWLawn
ClarkeLouisa CeceliaJan 188211 Sep 190624y 8mdau/William & Janet Louisa (McKay); b. Cooma Nsw, Australia; w/DavidForbes NSWChurch Of England
ClarkeRonald12 Jan 195313 Jan 19531dForbes NSWNew C/E
CliffJohn T2 Aug 1923Forbes NSWOld C/E
CliffordBaby1934?21 Jan 19340Forbes NSWNew C/E
CliffordCecil Stanley30 Jul 192928 May 200171Forbes NSWLawn
CliffordFrank1912?26 Aug 197361NX 20404Forbes NSWChurch Of England
CliffordJoan4 Nov 1921Forbes NSWOld R/C
CliffordJohn Wiliam [Baby]3 Mar 19464 Mar 19461dForbes NSWOld R/C
CliffordNellie1914?16 Jul 200591Forbes NSWChurch Of England
CliftonBetty Heather1914?1 Jan 200490Forbes NSWNM
CliftonGeorge Ernest17 Jun 190531 Aug 199388h/PhyllisForbes NSWLawn
CliftonPhyllis Hannah11 Sep 190321 Dec 199491w/George ErnestForbes NSWLawn
ClothierAlfred1890?24 Oct 195464son/John Henry & Mary Ann (Polly) (Stanford); h/Rodena AnnieForbes NSWNew C/E
ClothierBaby S/B1944?25 Oct 19440Forbes NSWNew C/E
ClothierBaby S/B18 Nov 194618 Nov 19460son/Stanley Keith & Norma Jessica (Mitchell)Forbes NSWNew C/E
ClothierCharles Hilton189429 Jun 196876son/John Henry & Mary Ann (Stanford); b. Forbes, NSWForbes NSWNew C/E
ClothierDoris Daphne191810 Mar 19190dau/John Thomas & Millicent Gertrude (West); b. Forbes, NSWForbes NSWOld C/E
ClothierDudley John (Dud)191716 Jul 197459son/John Thomas & Millicient Gertrude (West); b. Forbes, NSW; h/Neta Constance Marjory (Mollay)Forbes NSWChurch Of England
ClothierElizabeth Eleana [Queenie]12 Aug 190520 Apr 200094w/Ernest Herbert [Dec]Forbes NSWLawn
Clothier (Dunford)Gladys Muriel190221 Dec 199088dau/Joseph & Elizabeth (Kirkman); b. Bathurst, NSW; w/Robert LaurenceForbes NSWNew C/E
Clothier (Kirkman)Gwendoline1880?26 Dec 192141dau/William T & Ellen; w/Robert LaurenceForbes NSWChurch Of England
ClothierJohn Thomas188519 Sep 196990?son/John Henry & Mary Ann (Polly) (Stanford); b. Forbes, NSW; h/Millicent Gertrude (West)Forbes NSWChurch Of England
ClothierKevin JohnMay 1934?22 Apr 193511mson/Reginald Arthur & Alice Rose (Field)Forbes NSWNew C/E
Clothier (West)Millicent Gertrude18897 Mar 194758dau/Charles Joseph & Frances Rose (Newnham); b. Forbes, NSW; w/John ThomasForbes NSWChurch Of England
ClothierRodena Annie1903?22 Jan 195249dau/Robert Herman & Ada Elizabeth; w/AlfredForbes NSWNew C/E
CobleLaurence16 May 19188 Feb 200485h/HelenForbes NSWLawn
CodyDennis12 Apr 1959Forbes NSWNew R/C
CodyFrank1896?27 Oct 195054Forbes NSWNew R/C
CoffeyLeo James1887?11 Feb 195164Forbes NSWNew R/C
CohenRobert William [Bob]1935?3 Sep 199156h/WendyForbes NSW
CokerDwayne GeorgeFeb 1966?2 Feb 196610hForbes NSWNew C/E
ColeDianne1948?6 Dec 200456dau/Gordon & NellieForbes NSWLawn
ColemanErnest1915?1 Dec 196954Forbes NSWChurch Of England
ColesElsie May1914?20 Nov 199076w/ReginaldForbes NSWLawn
ColesFrancis Imogen [Gene]2 May 1995Forbes NSWNew C/E
ColesGuy Elkington1894?18 Mar 197278Forbes NSWChurch Of England
ColesMary1897?25 May 198184Forbes NSWChurch Of England
ColesMuriel May1902?29 Jan 198886Forbes NSWLawn
ColesNoreen1906?31 Aug 199185Forbes NSWLawn
ColesReginald1912?11 Apr 200391h/Elsie MayForbes NSWLawn
ColesRita May1912?13 Jan 200088Forbes NSWNew C/E
ColesStanley Allen1913?12 Nov 198168Forbes NSWNew C/E
CollierBaby S/B1956?19 Nov 19560Forbes NSWNew Methodist
CollinsStephen29 Oct 19234 Jan 200480Forbes NSWLawn
CollitsArthur Stanley [Mick]8 Mar 190923 Mar 199384h/LeilaForbes NSWLawn
CollitsHarold Ernest [Jim]1915?19 Mar 199378h/PegForbes NSWLawn
CollitsHenry Harold [Harry]15 Dec 190313 Oct 199490Forbes NSWMW & Rose Garden
CollitsJoyce [Beau]21 Aug 192231 Mar 200279w/SidneyForbes NSWLawn
CollitsLeslie16 Aug 190010 Jul 199695son/Arthur John & Betty Ann (Hoswell); b. Forbes, NSW, AustraliaForbes NSWNM
Collits (Gulley)Martha11 Mar 18159 Jul 188264formerly Haynes; dau/Thomas & Martha (Causer); b. Penrith, Sydney Town, New South Wales, New Holland; w/James (Haynes) & JosephForbes NSWChurch Of England
CollitsSidney [Sid]21 Aug 191228 Oct 200391h/Joyce [dec]Forbes NSWLawn
ColmanKathrine1919?27 Aug 198768Forbes NSWChurch Of England
CondonBaby S/B Girl1950?1 Feb 19500Forbes NSWNew R/C
CondonHughJun 1924?14 Oct 19244mForbes NSWNew R/C
ConnaughtonFrancis James1871?23 Nov 192554Forbes NSWNew R/C
ConnellJohn1868?9 Nov 194476Forbes NSWNew R/C
ConnellyJohn22 May 1928Forbes NSWNew C/E
ConnellyMary30 May 1935Forbes NSWOld R/C
ConnerDonald22 Aug 1931Forbes NSWNew Pres.
ConnersTerrance1868?24 Jan 194779Forbes NSWNew R/C
ConnollyRichard Peter1863?12 Aug 192764Forbes NSWNew R/C
ConquitCatherine1870?26 May 195282Forbes NSWNew R/C
ConroyPatricia MaryOct 1917?2 Feb 19224y 4mForbes NSWOld R/C
ConroyStanley Joseph [Twin]Aug 1920?8 Feb 192218mForbes NSWOld R/C
ConroyThelma [Twin]Aug 1920?1 Feb 192218mForbes NSWOld R/C
ConstableBaby S/B1941?15 May 19410Forbes NSWNew R/C
CookCharles Thomas1889?16 Jun 194556Forbes NSWRC
CookGrace18 Dec 1969Forbes NSWNew R/C
CookHazel M3 May 1927Forbes NSWNew R/C
CoombsClem William George1932?21 Aug 199664h/EthelForbes NSWLawn
CooneyCarmen Maureen1923?28 Aug 199269w/KevinForbes NSWLawn
CooperThomas1859?25 Mar 193071Forbes NSWNew C/E
CooteAlan Oscar27 Mar 193719 Oct 200265Forbes NSWLawn
CorbetGeorge22 May 1919Forbes NSWOld R/C
CorbettGeorge Washington1862?9 Aug 194381Forbes NSWNew C/E
CornerJustin JohnJun 1988?6 Feb 19898mForbes NSWund
CornerRobert S/B1980?25 Dec 19800Forbes NSWUnd
CornishJoseph Harvey1879?14 Jul 195475Forbes NSWNew C/E
CosgroveJames1869?19 Jan 195788Forbes NSWNew R/C
CostelloMary C3 Sep 1928Forbes NSWOld R/C
CouttsBarry1948?10 Jan 198941Forbes NSWSal.
CowanHenry Howard [Harry]11 Nov 192610 Feb 199669Forbes NSWUniting
CowelJohn [Jack]14 Oct 2001421007Forbes NSWLawn
CowellCecil Claude1911?12 Oct 193423Forbes NSWChurch Of England
CowellHarold Arthur1925?11 Dec 197146Forbes NSWChurch Of England
CoxAdeline Mabel Annie1876?23 Mar 190428w/Allaster EForbes NSWChurch Of England
CoxAlexander1871?16 Sep 193463Forbes NSWNew C/E
CoxRichard Maurice Innes23 Aug 193531 Mar 197640Forbes NSWund
CraneJohn H11 Dec 1932Forbes NSWNew C/E
CreightonCarly M J9 Feb 1991Forbes NSWNew C/E
CreightonJoseph [Joe]1889?9 Apr 197990Forbes NSWJ W
CriagAlbert1901?5 Oct 197069Forbes NSWNew Pres.
CrippenAnn S/B1934?20 Apr 19340Forbes NSWNew Pres.
CrippinJames7 Jul 1953Forbes NSWChurch Of England
CrispKitchener Anthony [Kitch]1915?11 Dec 198772Forbes NSWLawn
CrispThea1921?10 Aug 199978Forbes NSWLawn
CrottyAndrew James [Jim]26 Aug 192911 Jul 199060son/William Robert John & Nina Gertrude (Strickland); h/Joan Estell (Kelly)Forbes NSWLawn
Crotty (Strickland)Nina Gertrude189626 Oct 196973dau/John & Catherine Sophia (Higgins); b. Forbes, NSW; w/William Robert JohnForbes NSWChurch Of England
CrottyWilliam Robert John189420 Feb 198085son/William John & Katherine T Mary E (Perry); b. Forbes, NSW; h/Nina Gertrude (Strickland); 2314Forbes NSWChurch Of England
CrouchPeter John4 Aug 19495 May 200353Forbes NSWLawn
CrouchThomas Henry1882?11 Mar 193654Forbes NSWNew R/C
CroucherHarold1875?31 Aug 195378Forbes NSWNew R/C
CroweColin James30 Dec 1928Forbes NSWOld R/C
CroweHarold JamesMar 1938?2 Mar 193815hForbes NSWNew C/E
CroweIgnatius Orlando1900?22 Jun 193030Forbes NSWNew R/C
CroweMargaret Alice1857?22 Mar 193679Forbes NSWNew R/C
CrowtherBaby S/B1939?5 Mar 19390Forbes NSWNew C/E
CullenChristopher James23 Jan 1919Forbes NSWOld C/E
CunninghamOwenJul 1922?12 Feb 19237mForbes NSWPresbyterian
CurreyCecily1929?21 Aug 199162Forbes NSWChurch Of England
CurreyEarle Everton1922?8 Oct 197250NX 142321Forbes NSWChurch Of England
CurreyEsther Mildred1 Mar 1927Forbes NSWNew Methodist
CurreyEupphemia12 Apr 1920Forbes NSWPresbyterian
CurtisEdna Joyce1917?19 May 19214Forbes NSWOld C/E
CutlerBaby S/B1942?14 Apr 19420Forbes NSWNew C/E
CutlerMargaret2 Jul 1963Forbes NSWNew C/E
D'AmarioBenita Marjorie1938?20 Jan 199254Forbes NSWLawn
D'AmarioGeorge1931?28 Jan 199059Forbes NSWLawn
D'arcyBaby S/B1942?4 Jul 19420Forbes NSWNew R/C
DaganJohn3 Apr 1922Forbes NSWOld R/C
DaltonGeorge William John1883?23 Jun 194259Forbes NSWNew R/C
DalyChrisopher Patrick29 Mar 19681 Apr 19683dForbes NSW
DalyJohn Patrick31 Oct 196412 Dec 19646wForbes NSWNew R/C
DalyMaureen MargaretJun 1962?6 Sep 19623mForbes NSWNew R/C
DarcyAlan Pyle1913?9 Jan 198976Forbes NSWLawn
DarcyDorothy23 Jan 1937Forbes NSWNew R/C
DarcyRichard John [Dick]1938?9 Mar 199658Forbes NSWLawn
DaveyBarbaraMar 1946?9 Mar 19466hForbes NSWNew C/E
DavidsonJames1861?19 May 194685Forbes NSWNew Pres.
DavieDaisy1900?1 Dec 199393Forbes NSWNew C/E
DavieJeanette1936?19 Aug 199963w/JimForbes NSWLawn
DaviesAlfred Frederick1886?27 Jun 195973Forbes NSWSal.
DaviesBaby S/B1942?23 Aug 19420Forbes NSWSal.
DaviesGeorge Wilcom1874?29 Oct 192450Forbes NSWNew R/C
DaviesJohn Charles1807?2 Jul 188174Forbes NSWChurch Of England
DaviesWilliam Gordon1923?14 Feb 198966h/JeanForbes NSWLawn

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