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ManlyGriffiths St, Fairlight NSW 20949110

9110 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AaronsRebecca Ann1860?12 Nov 192969Manly NSWAng K, 150
AbbotDorothy Edith1914?24 Nov 192410Manly NSWAng H, 168
AbbotEllen1915?21 May 19172Manly NSWAng D, 91
AbbottBarbara1843?18 Jul 192784Manly NSWAng H, 244
AbbottBenjamin Oliver1885?29 Dec 196176Manly NSWAng D, 91
AbbottEdgar Leonard1846?31 May 193185Manly NSWAng H, 244
AbbottHenry1853?1 May 192269Manly NSWAng D, 111
AbbottSarah1855?12 Jan 192873Manly NSWAng D, 111
AbelElizabeth May1882?24 Feb 195169dau/Robert & Elizabeth JaneManly NSWAng J, 152
AbelLouis William1876?4 Nov 193155Manly NSWAng J, 152
AberdeenAlexander6 Apr 1846Manly NSWAng B, 283
AberdeenFarquhar1815?5 Nov 184934Manly NSWAng B, 283
AberdeenMarion1835?4 Jan 191277Manly NSWAng B, 284
AberdeenMary (Morton)1800?25 Sep 188484Manly NSWAng B, 283
AberdeenWilliam25 Aug 1845Manly NSWAng B, 283
AbernethyEmmalene1871?30 Jun 195483Manly NSWMix X, 14
AbernethyJohn1867?3 Aug 192962Manly NSWMix X, 14
AbrahamClement Joel1901?26 Dec 193332Manly NSWMix Z, 840
AbreuErnest Alfred1868?12 Dec 195284Manly NSWRC N, 95
AbreuErnest Claude3 Oct 189319 Oct 194956son/Alfred Ernest & Florence Mary A (Leal); b. Redfern, New South Wales, Australia; h/Margaret Isabel (Hamester)Manly NSWRC N, 95
AbreuFlorence Sarah23 Jun 187515 Apr 191942dau/Alexander Munro & Margaret Mary (McALISTER); b. Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia; w/Alfred ErnestManly NSWRC N, 94
Abreu (Hamester)Margaret Isabell (Rita)189818 Jun 198789b. AustraliaManly NSWRC N, 95
AckerleyCatherine Josephine1869?4 Jul 191950Manly NSWRC N, 64
ActonFrancis1875?13 Sep 193560Manly NSWMix Z, 859
ActonLucy1896?12 Feb 197175Manly NSWMix Z, 859
AdairArthur A1870?26 Nov 192454Manly NSWMix Z, 575
AdairMartha Jane1877?22 Jul 195073Manly NSWMix Z, 575
AdamsAlexander1861?3 Apr 194079Manly NSWMix S, 60
AdamsEdith C E (Queeny)1887?12 Dec 190316Manly NSWAng B, 181
AdamsIsabel Jane13 Jan 1942Manly NSWAng B, 181
AdamsJohn Andrew1863?19 May 193673Manly NSWMix Z, 564
AdamsJohn E1862?24 Oct 189634Manly NSWAng B, 294
AdamsKathleen (Catherine)8 Feb 1902Manly NSWMix S, 60
AdamsMargaret1871?20 Apr 192655Manly NSWMix Z, 564
AdamsMary Jane1846?29 Dec 192276dau/James & IsabelManly NSWAng B, 183
AdamsMary Louise (Louisa)1868?12 Dec 191951Manly NSWAng B, 183
AdamsRobert Henry1831?7 Sep 191180Manly NSWAng B, 182
AdderleyLucy1876?2 Dec 190529Manly NSWAng B, 186
AdlamDaphne Rose1916?17 Dec 192812Manly NSWAng K, 102
AdlamWalter Herbert1877?Mar 193053son/Arthur J & Elizabeth E; h/Alice Rosa (Loane)Manly NSWAng K, 102
AdneyHenry1858?24 May 193375Manly NSWAng J, 90
AdneyRebecca Stuart1852?29 Nov 194189Manly NSWAng J, 90
AdrianEmma1845?23 Dec 193186dau/John & Mary Ann; w/ThomasManly NSWSection S 222
AdrianHelen1877?11 Mar 195376Manly NSWAng L, 3
AdrianIvy MargueriteMar 189213 Jun 18923mdau/John & Mabel LouiseManly NSWGEN Section S, 222
AdrianJohn1830?20 Jan 189565Manly NSWGEN Section S, 219
AdrianJohn18665 Oct 195185son/Thomas & Emma; b. New South Wales, Australia; h/Mabel LouiseManly NSWGEN Section S, 221
AdrianMabel Louise1872?6 Jul 191947dau/William & Fanny; w/JohnManly NSWGEN Section S, 221
Adrian (Smith)Marion Hamilton1883?5 Jul 194966dau/James Fraser & Mary; w/Robert EdwardManly NSWASHES Section S, 220
AdrianRobert Edward1873?5 Aug 195885son/Thomas & Emma; h/Marion Hamilton (Smith)Manly NSWGEN Section S, 220
AdrianSylvia May1896?5 Jun 18993dau/John & Mabel LouiseManly NSWGEN Section S, 222
AdrianThomas (Snr)1835?30 Aug 188449b. Ireland; h/EmmaManly NSWGEN Section S, 222
AdrianThomas Charles189322 Dec 194855son/John & Mabel Louise; b. Manly, New South Wales, AusraliaManly NSWGEN Section S, 221
AdrianThomas GordonOct 1936son/Thomas & Emma; b. AustraliaManly NSWAng L, 3
AffleckThomas (Donald)4 Mar 1904Manly NSWMix S, 248
Agnew6 Dec 19576 Dec 1957sbManly NSWAng CC
AgnewHarry Cecil1895?22 Dec 192732Manly NSWMix Z, 596
AickenRobert1888?4 Jan 191931Manly NSWAng F, 37
AikenHerbert John1873?16 Dec 192956Manly NSWAng K, 212
AikmanMabel Ada1887?30 Jul 192134Manly NSWAng E, 182
AinsworthChristina1902?30 Aug 19020Manly NSWRC P, 24
AinsworthLouisa1901?4 Apr 19010Manly NSWAng B, 584
Aird1887Manly NSWAng B, 511
AitkenEdna1897?17 May 195760Manly NSWMix Y, 28
AkhurstAdrian1869?4 May 192657Manly NSWAng H, 441
AkhurstAdrian Charles184813 Jun 192576son/William Mower & Ellen; h/Christina Kate (Mitchell)Manly NSWAng H, 359
Alcorn (Rhoderbach)Margaret1867?22 Apr 194275Manly NSWAng F, 105
AlcornRobert Alexander1880?3 Jul 191939son/RobertManly NSWAng F, 105
Alderton (Warren)Ellen1841?20 May 190766dau/James & Ellen; w/GeorgeManly NSWMix U, 42
AldertonGeorge183519 Jun 191378son/Henry Baker & Mary Anne (Hollands); h/Ellen (Warren)Manly NSWMix U, 41
AldertonHenry B1876?6 Apr 192549Manly NSWMix Z, 628
AldertonHenry Baker18754 Apr 192549son/George & Ellen (Warren); b. St Leonards, NSW; h/Gladys B (Hirsch)Manly NSWMix U, 42
AldertonRobert Steele188025 May 192646son/George & Ellen (Warren); b. St Leonards, NSW; h/Jessie May (Bryant)Manly NSWMix Z, 612
AldisAlbert Edward186526 Dec 192156son/Elijah & Elizabeth (Fendick); b. England; h/Olga Margheurita (Herrick)Manly NSWGen Z, 339
AldisMary Louisa18438 Aug 192784dau/William H & Mary A; b. New South Wales, AustraliaManly NSWAng H, 274
AldisWilliam Lennox184830 Jul 192780son/William H & Mary A; b. New South Wales, AustraliaManly NSWAng H, 251
AldridgeIsaac1848?25 Aug 192375son/Daniel & Mary; h/Lucy AnnManly NSWMix Z, 441
AldridgeLucy Ann1852?3 Oct 193381dau/Isaac; w/IsaacManly NSWMix Z, 441
AlexanderAndrew1870?26 Jul 192858Manly NSWMix Z, 459
AlexanderIvy Rose1892?1 Feb 18920Manly NSWAng B, 215
AlexanderJohn William1848?8 Mar 192476son/Joana & MariaManly NSWMix Y, 23
AlexanderLouis1856?24 Jul 192468son/Godfrey & Miriam; h/Martha (Millie) (Moore)Manly NSWMix Z, 584
AlexanderPeter C1873?24 Apr 194067Manly NSWMix Y, 152
AleyLaura E H1877?12 Jul 191942Manly NSWMix Z, 61
AlfordJoan1924?16 Apr 19317dau/John W & Edith (Naylor)Manly NSWMix S, 348
AlgarJohn1848?Oct 192173Manly NSWAng F, 77
AlgerFrederick George7 Jun 190813 Jun 19080Manly NSWAng B, 73
AlgerHazel Mary1912?6 May 19142Manly NSWAng B, 73
AllanIsabella Jane1876?28 Jul 191034Manly NSWAng B, 89
AllbonAlfred Maldon George1841?27 Nov 191978Manly NSWAng B, 444
AllbonEdithManly NSWAng B, 445
AllbonErnest Albert21 Dec 1953Manly NSWAng B, 445
AllbonGarry Richard5 Mar 1953Manly NSWAng B, 444
AllbonLucy11 Jan 1951Manly NSWAng B, 444
AllenAnnie1861?31 Oct 193473Manly NSWRC R, 135
AllenDoreen1918?7 Jan 192810Manly NSWAng H, 578
AllenDorothy1898?10 May 18991Manly NSWAng B, 617
AllenEdward1851?12 Jun 191968Manly NSWAng F, 136
AllenElizabeth1865?19 Nov 192863Manly NSWAng K, 68
AllenFlorence19 May 190820 May 19080Manly NSWRC P, 56
AllenHester Alice1854?9 Nov 192571Manly NSWAng B, 617
AllenHorace1858?3 Nov 193880Manly NSWAng CC, 26
AllenJohn Henry1882?3 Dec 193856Manly NSWAng H, 578
AllenJohn Thomas1853?7 Oct 189744Manly NSWAng B, 617
AllenJoseph Lainsbury1875?16 Oct 193358Manly NSWAng J, 154
AllenMary Anne20 Aug 1930Manly NSWMix X, 34
Allen (Abbott)Mary Jane7 Oct 184825 May 192778dau/Thomas & Eliza Jane (Mills); b. Dungog NSW; w/William Kennedy Allen (Mary Jane Abbott)Manly NSWMix Z, 772
AllenRobert B14 Aug 1916Manly NSWAng B, 618
AllenSidney1898Manly NSWMix S, 59
AllenStephen C14 Aug 1916Manly NSWAng B, 618
AllenThomas1841?8 Aug 191473Manly NSWMix U, 244
AllenWilliam Edward1887?30 Aug 195063Manly NSWAng F, 136
AllsopJames Bryce1882?23 Mar 193149Manly NSWMix Z, 738
AllumElizabeth May189514 Jul 193641dau/Charles & Eleanor Mary (Smith); b. Manly NSW, AustraliaManly NSWMix Y, 76
AllwellGeorge Henry Peter28 Jun 188429 Apr 193853son/Peter & Frances (Preston); b. Inverell NSW, Australia; h/Mary Hilda Ruth (Cracknell)Manly NSWRC R, 385
AllwellHilda Josephine1918?22 Oct 194426Manly NSWRC R, 385
AllworthLyndon Edginton1894?11 Sep 192531Manly NSWAng H, 329
Amaral (Amarel)Eveline18 Jan 191419 Jan 19140dau/Francis & Nellie M (Beattie/Beatle); b. Manly NSW, AustraliaManly NSWAng B, 517
AmaralFrancis1880?11 Mar 193959Manly NSWAng CC, 36
AmaralJessie7 Feb 1951Manly NSWMix Z, 22
AmaralKenneth AllanJun 1930?2 Sep 19300Manly NSWMix Z, 821
AmaralNellie May1886?23 Jun 195064Manly NSWAng CC, 36
AmarelAgnes1844?29 Jul 192480Manly NSWAng B, 517
AmarelJessie1874?28 Sep 189925Manly NSWAng B, 517
AmbroseAgnes May21 Aug 1969Manly NSWAng L, 45
AmodeoAlbert James1884?25 May 191430Manly NSWRC P, 96
AmosHenry1875?27 Jul 193560Manly NSWAng J, 279
AmosMargaret Elizabeth1876?21 Oct 193660Manly NSWAng J, 279
AndersenAlfred William1850?24 Nov 193888son/Anders; h/Marie (Gulbran)Manly NSWMix Z, 316
Andersen (Gulbran)Marie1849?14 Sep 192172w/AlfredManly NSWMix Z, 316
AndersonAnnie Evelyn1871?15 Jul 193261Manly NSWMix S, 340
AndersonArthur Francis1874?7 Jul 193359Manly NSWMix Z, 851
AndersonBetty Jean1926?24 Aug 19271Manly NSWMix Z, 757
AndersonCatherine B1846?11 Aug 192478Manly NSWMix Z, 582
AndersonCharles1846?7 May 192478Manly NSWAng H, 194
AndersonCharles1865?30 Aug 191651Manly NSWAng D, 34
AndersonChristian1836?3 Jun 192791Manly NSWMix Z, 761
AndersonClara1865?26 Oct 193570Manly NSWAng JJ, 191
AndersonEdith1887?6 May 193043Manly NSWMix Z, 557
AndersonElspeth (Marion)1877?29 Jun 194063Manly NSWMix Z, 757
AndersonGeorge1852?5 Jan 192472Manly NSWMix Z, 492
AndersonJack1913?13 Nov 19130Manly NSWRC P, 123
AndersonJames1878?6 Jan 192547Manly NSWAng H, 275
AndersonJames Charles Ogilvy10 Feb 1999Manly NSWRC R, 48
AndersonJames S1886?23 May 193145Manly NSWMix Z, 557
AndersonJohn1860?15 Apr 193272Manly NSWAng JJ, 191
AndersonJohn1861?24 Mar 193170Manly NSWAng B, 112
AndersonMargaretManly NSWAng B, 589
AndersonMargaret M1865?8 Apr 193570Manly NSWMix Z, 232
AndersonMarthaApr 1917?6 Aug 19170Manly NSWAng D, 98
AndersonOliver24 May 1956Manly NSWMix Z, 757
AndersonPeter J1865?17 Mar 192560Manly NSWMix Z, 471
AndersonSimon S1859?4 Dec 191960Manly NSWMix Z, 232
AndersonWilliam1852?11 Apr 193078Manly NSWAng J, 18
AndersonWilliam1870?24 Apr 193060Manly NSWMix Z, 582
AndreasHenry B1876?22 Mar 193357Manly NSWMix Z, 402
AndrewAlfred1867?15 Oct 193164Manly NSWMix S, 408
Andrews30 Sep 195730 Sep 1957sbManly NSWAng CC
AndrewsCharles1843?24 Jan 191471Manly NSWAng C, 100
AndrewsDorothy Jane1866?23 Mar 192256Manly NSWAng F, 223
AndrewsEdna Louise Miss1895?28 Jan 193237Manly NSWMix S, 392
AndrewsEllen Louise1863?6 Jul 193875Manly NSWMix S, 393
AndrewsIvy1895?11 Jul 192328Manly NSWAng H, 45
AndrewsJessie Lavinia1864?2 Jun 192460Manly NSWAng H, 164
AndrewsRose Evelyn1909?8 Dec 19101Manly NSWRC P, 110
AndrewsSamuel Joseph1863?5 Sep 193471Manly NSWMix S, 393
AndrewsWilliam25 Nov 1942Manly NSWAng H, 164
AnnanDavid1854?1 Apr 193379Manly NSWMix Z, 743
AnnettsMary CAug 1911?26 Mar 19120Manly NSWMix U, 192
AnnettsRichard1911?24 Jul 19110Manly NSWMix U, 192
AnsellEliza Jane1877?13 Mar 192649Manly NSWAng H, 401
AnsellFrancis Henry1881?28 Apr 195271Manly NSWAng H, 401
AnsleyAgnes Miriam1875?18 Jun 193762formerly Isaacs; w/Morris Emanuel (Isaacs) & Warwick DevereManly NSWRC N, 174
AntillUnnamed21 Nov 193921 Nov 19390son/Henry Colden & Dorothy Beatrice (Young); b. NSW, AustraliaManly NSWAng C, 7
AntrobusEdward Ferguson1858?15 Sep 192062son/James & Elizabeth; b. Alexandria, NSW, Australia; h/Monica (Patrick)Manly NSWMix T, 44
Antrobus (Patrick)Monica27 Jun 186211 Jul 192255formerly MacNevin; dau/John Richard & Mary Anne (Murphy); b. West Maitland, NSW, Australia; w/Richard Thomas (MacNevin) & Edward FergusonManly NSWMix T, 45
AntunovichIvan1896?25 Jan 194044Manly NSWRC N, 267
AntunovichJela1860?13 Dec 194080Manly NSWRC N, 267
ApjohnAnnie (Joanna M)1879?2 Mar 192243Manly NSWRC N, 114
Aplin (Morters)Blanche Ethel19 Aug 187619 Mar 193356dau/Robert John & Adelaide Louisa (Williamson); b. Coxhoe, Durham, England; w/Edwin D'OylyManly NSWAng H, 590
AplinCharles John1859?26 Apr 193879son/Robert & Betsy; h/Norah Anne (Robins)Manly NSWAng J, 233
AplinEdwin D'Oyly17 Aug 18602 Sep 192767son/Philip Henry & Jane Hanham; b. Hammersmith, London, England; h/Blanche Ethel (Morters)Manly NSWAng H, 590
Aplin (Robins)Norah Anne1868?2 Dec 193365dau/Mark C & Harriet; w/Charles JohnManly NSWAng J, 233
AppleyardMary Jane1850?31 Aug 193989Manly NSWAng K, 73
ArcherCissie1913?7 Dec 193219Manly NSWAng K, 174
ArcherScott Colin1963?19630Manly NSWRC N, 271
ArdillBrian191528 Jul 193014son/William Edward & Ethel Ward C (Pooley); b. Newtown NSW, AustraliaManly NSWAng J, 35
ArdillJames8 Feb 1958Manly NSWAng H, 358
ArdillMargaret1858?7 Nov 195698Manly NSWAng H, 358
Armit12 Aug 192413 Aug 19240Manly NSWAng H, 225
Armitage?w/GeorgeManly NSWMix S, 263
ArmitageBetty (Traill)1914?18 Dec 192410Manly NSWAng H, 131
Armitage (Murray)Florence Jane1876?21 Apr 194771dau/Angus & Elizabeth; b. Newcastle NSW, Australia; w/WalterManly NSWAng K, 169
ArmitageWalter186910 Aug 192960son/John & Mary Ann (McLean); b. Sydney NSW, Australia; h/Florence Jane (Murray)Manly NSWAng K, 170
ArmittClassie1909?7 Jun 192011Manly NSWMix Z, 292
Armstrong (O'Brien)Annie Mary184729 Jul 192477dau/Thomas & Ellen (O'Connell); b. Appin, NSW, Australia; w/William GeorgeManly NSWRC P, 237
ArmstrongGeorge1838?17 Jun 192082Manly NSWMix U, 318
ArmstrongJane1871?22 Oct 193564Manly NSWMix Z, 857
ArmstrongW M Robert1882?8 Jul 192947Manly NSWMix W, 10
ArmstrongWilliam George6 Jul 18462 Sep 191772son/Thomas & Ellen (McGonrin); b. Bungonia, NSW, Australia; h/Annie Mary (O'Brien)Manly NSWRoman Catholic P, 237
ArnoldBessie15 Sep 1931Manly NSWMix T, 38
ArnoldClive Jack1903?21 Jul 191916Manly NSWMix T, 38
ArnoldReginald Quinsey14 Sep 187531 Mar 190529son/Henry & Hannah (Walker); b. Pitt Town, Windsor District, Sydney, N.S.W., AustraliaManly NSWMix S, 287
ArnsbyAlbert9 Jun 1922Manly NSWAng C, 35
ArthurJames22 Nov 1917Manly NSWMix Z, 153
ArthurWilliam McGeorge Banks1878?13 Jul 193759Manly NSWRC N, 169
ArtlettCharles14 Mar 1888Manly NSW
Ashcroft (Sinclair)Harriett Elizabeth189623 Aug 192125dau/James & Harriett Jane (Pierce); b. Manly, NSW, Australia; w/Lewis OliverManly NSWMix Z, 229
AshmoreGeorge29 Sep 18679 Apr 192557b. Ryhope Durham, England; h/Maria Walker (Todd)Manly NSWAng H, 284
Ashton1944?1 May 19440Manly NSWAng C, 9
AshtonWilliam Phillip1854?10 Nov 193682Manly NSWMix Y, 129
AshtonWinifred1848?7 Dec 193688Manly NSWRC R, 156
AspinallEmma1880?23 Mar 192949Manly NSWAng K, 121
AspreyKevin29 Jun 19282 Jul 19280Manly NSWRC R, 2
AsquithHenry Rushworth1868?6 Nov 193769Manly NSWAng J, 371
AsserMaude Elizabeth1889?14 Apr 198192Manly NSWAng H, 385
AthertonElizabeth8 Apr 1897Manly NSWMix S, 292
AthertonHenry27 Nov 1920Manly NSWMix S, 292
AthertonThomas1851?27 May 191665Manly NSWAng D, 26
AtkinsGladys M1894Manly NSWMix S, 154
AtkinsHenry Athol6 Aug 1941Manly NSWAng F, 36
AtkinsHerbert Arthur1900?3 Jul 195656Manly NSWAng H, 111
AtkinsJoshua William20 Apr 1921Manly NSWAng E, 214
AtkinsKathleen Marie10 Jan 1919Manly NSWAng F, 36
AtkinsMary Jane1863?1 Feb 194178Manly NSWAng E, 214
AtkinsonEvelyn R26 Jun 1974Manly NSWAng E, 239
AtkinsonJonathan185911 Jan 193677son/John & Ann; b. Maitland NSW, Australia; h/Maria Ellis (Munroe)Manly NSWMix Z, 730
Atkinson (Munroe)Maria Ellis1861?18 Oct 192665dau/David & Ellis; w/JonathanManly NSWMix Z, 730
AtkinsonRuth Teresa1866?10 Jul 195185Manly NSWAng B, 625
AtkinsonWilliam Burrows2 Mar 1951Manly NSWAng B, 626
AtkinsonWilliam John21 May 1947Manly NSWAng B, 626
AubreyCharles V1847?12 Feb 191669Manly NSWMix U, 374
AudleyArthur1874?30 Jul 192955Manly NSWMix Z, 126
Audsley (Woods)Lucy May1883?30 Mar 192037dau/James Henry & Kate; w/Henry WilsonManly NSWAng E, 147
AugustArnold1878?3 Jun 193153Manly NSWRC PP, 191
AugustArnold (Gus)24 Dec 1929Manly NSWRC PP, 191
AugustJoseph (Arnold)1911?20 Jan 195847Manly NSWRC PP, 190
AugustMary1884?22 Jun 197490Manly NSWRC PP, 192
AuldMeggie K1887?1 May 192235Manly NSWMix Z, 374
AustinCharles Rudland1842?7 Dec 191775Manly NSWAng B, 105
AustinElizabeth (Lyon)1850?30 Jul 190353Manly NSWAng B, 104
AustinFrederick William1865?10 Feb 191954Manly NSWAng F, 43
AustinLewis Horace29 Sep 1950Manly NSWAng F, 43
AustinLillian1874?26 Nov 191339Manly NSWAng B, 104
AustinNorma JessieFeb 1926?10 Dec 19260Manly NSWRC R, 93
AustinSusan Mary1876?19 Oct 192044Manly NSWAng F, 43
AveryPatrick William1888?29 Sep 193648Manly NSWRC R, 263
AvisFelix1862?16 May 193169Manly NSWMix S, 301
AynsleyRaymondJan 1907?24 Sep 19070Manly NSWMix U, 99
BackhouseAlfred Norman1907?22 Sep 193124Manly NSWAng K, 271
BackhouseClive Norman1865?17 Sep 192863Manly NSWAng K, 271
BadamsJessie1875?29 Apr 194065Manly NSWAng K, 90
BadderleyAnnie15 Apr 190716 Apr 19070Manly NSWAng B, 118
BadhamEllen1870?16 Jan 193969Manly NSWAng KK, 348
BadiorM Nellie6 Oct 19318 Oct 19310Manly NSWMix S, 375
BadmingtonAnnie E1855?17 Nov 194590Manly NSWMix U, 280
BadmingtonEdward21 Jan 1917Manly NSWMix S, 204
BadmingtonEliza JaneJan 1882?11 Mar 18820Manly NSWMix S, 200
BadmingtonGeorge25 Oct 1957Manly NSWMix S, 200
BadmingtonGeorge1856?17 Jun 191559Manly NSWMix U, 281
BadmingtonHarriet22 Aug 1947Manly NSWMix S, 202
BadmingtonHenry Duff1895?9 Oct 191722Manly NSWMix U, 281
BadmingtonJames25 Feb 1935Manly NSWMix S, 203
BadmingtonJane11 Jul 1881Manly NSWMix S, 200
BadmingtonJane1824?12 May 189268Manly NSWMix S, 200
BadmingtonRichard Charles1889?14 Oct 191829Manly NSWMix U, 281
BaggesenJohn1887?7 Nov 192538Manly NSWAng H, 387
BagnallBertieManly NSWAng B, 368
BagnallElizabeth31 Jul 1902Manly NSWAng B, 368
BagnallWilliam John1832?27 Apr 191078Manly NSWAng B, 368
BaileffElizabeth Jane1854?2 Aug 193783dau/John Bell & Mary Ann (Graham)Manly NSWAng L, 19
BaileyAlfred26 Oct 18579 Jun 192769son/Thomas & Mary (Baker); b. Clarendon; h/Charlotte Amelia (Smith)Manly NSWAng H, 548
BaileyDaphne1917?18 Aug 197154Manly NSWMix Y, 2
BaileyHeather B5 Mar 19257 Mar 19250dau/William Thomas & Vera Lavinia (Buchanan)Manly NSWAng F, 250
Baird20 Apr 194920 Apr 1949sbManly NSWAng C, 35
BairdEdwin Harrison15 Apr 1960Manly NSWAng KK, 343
BairdElizabeth1840?2 Jun 192686Manly NSWAng H, 467
BairdElizabeth1874?27 Apr 194268Manly NSWMix Z, 474
BairdJames1872?6 Sep 192351Manly NSWMix Z, 474
BairdMary1849?7 Dec 192374Manly NSWMix Z, 489
BairdMaud Jeffrey1890?13 Aug 193848Manly NSWAng KK, 343
BairdRuby July1888?18 Dec 195365Manly NSWAng KK, 343
BairdStewart1842?25 Mar 192987Manly NSWMix Z, 489
BairstowJohn1854?27 Jan 192066Manly NSWMix Z, 250
BakeAda1879?10 Aug 193657Manly NSWMix Y, 133
BakeJoseph1874?28 Apr 194167Manly NSWMix Y, 133
BakerAlbert Edward1882?1 Apr 192745Manly NSWRC R, 12
BakerAlexander Robert1916?29 Jul 194024Manly NSWRC N, 205
BakerAlfred Edward1863?19 Mar 192057Manly NSWMix Z, 43
BakerArthur1888?31 Jul 190517Manly NSWAng B, 434
Baker (Reid)Clarinda Elizabeth20 Jan 185612 Apr 191557dau/James & Jane Clarinda (Batley); b. Sydney, NSW; w/Joseph AlexanderManly NSWAng A, 69
BakerEdward Albert1847?25 Jun 191366Manly NSWAng B, 652
BakerEdward Ernest1903?14 Jul 198380Manly NSWAng J, 55
BakerGilbert1 Apr 19202 Apr 19200Manly NSWRC N, 57
Baker (Banfield)Harriett Eleanor (Annie)185214 Sep 193786dau/Samuel & Ellen Harriet (Roberts); b. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia; w/John Charles HenryManly NSWAng J, 370
BakerHenry Harold1892?24 Sep 195159Manly NSWAng HH, 22
BakerHenry Oscar22 May 1858193981son/William Godfrey & Susannah (Twible); b. Macdonald River, NSW, Australia; h/Sarah Jane (Muddle)Manly NSWAng HH, 22
BakerJohn1867?26 Mar 192356Manly NSWAng H, 52
BakerJohn Thomas1895?27 Feb 195055Manly NSWRC N, 57
BakerJohn Thomas Lionel1 Apr 19202 Apr 19200Manly NSWRC N, 57
BakerJoseph Alexander21 Jul 185431 Mar 193076son/William Richard Joseph & Mary Ann (Turnbull); b. Sydney, NSW; h/Clarinda Elizabeth (Reid)Manly NSWAng A, 69
BakerLance Ernest1917?1 Aug 193114Manly NSWAng B, 626
BakerLaurence Joseph1934?15 Mar 19406Manly NSWRC N, 288
BakerLouisa Agnes1870?26 Jun 193969Manly NSWMix YY, 47
Baker (Turnbull)Mary Ann1834?31 Dec 190572w/William Richard JosephManly NSWAng B, 436
BakerSamuel George1868?22 Aug 194173Manly NSWMix YY, 47
BakerSarah Ann1852?18 Jun 193179Manly NSWAng J, 100
BakerSarah Jane1866?3 Dec 193064Manly NSWAng J, 55
BakerTheresa Millicent10 Nov 1950Manly NSWAng B, 626
BakerWilliam2 Aug 18316 Nov 191281son/William Godfrey & Mary A (Smith); b. Pitt Town NSW, Australia; h/Susannah (Twible)Manly NSWMix U, 53
BakerWilliam George1864?7 Mar 188925Manly NSWAng B, 434
BakerWilliam Richard Joseph1826?23 May 189872b. Catham, England; h/Mary Ann (Turnbull)Manly NSWAng B, 436
BaldewegCarl A R1875?18 Oct 191742Manly NSWMix Z, 143
BaldewegRose1874?11 Nov 194369Manly NSWMix Z, 143
BaldryRonald Ernest GeorgeApr 1948?23 Feb 19490Manly NSWAng D, 37
BallAgnes Ellen1871?10 Jul 193665Manly NSWAng J, 320
BallCharles1864?8 Jul 194682Manly NSWMix Y, 126
BallJames Edwin1876?7 Jun 195276Manly NSWAng J, 320
BallMary Ann E1867?17 Mar 195386Manly NSWMix Y, 126
BallMay23 Jan 1926Manly NSWRC PP, 96
BallmentCharles William1888?5 Feb 194052Manly NSWAng H, 574
BallmentGladys May12 Mar 1972Manly NSWAng H, 574
Balmain (Hare)Annie13 Feb 184513 Sep 192782dau/Alfred; b. Blandford Forum, Dorset, England; w/Henry David Thomas MooreManly NSWAng H, 587
BalmainArthur Stewart1904?30 Dec 193329Manly NSWAng H, 587
BalnavesMary1875?25 Jul 192954Manly NSWMix Z, 201
BanaBruno1923?21 Jun 194522Manly NSWRC PP, 117
BanfieldAlice Emily1867?10 Jun 192760Manly NSWAng A, 98
BanksHarry Russell1867?27 Apr 193467Manly NSWAng C, 13
BannAda Agnes1903?13 Aug 197875Manly NSWAng B, 71
BannMary (May)1905?12 Dec 19072Manly NSWAng B, 71
BannThomas Bell15 Jun 1939Manly NSWAng B, 71
BannerMary Effie1890?29 Dec 191929Manly NSWMix U, 126
BannermanJoyce1922?5 May 19220Manly NSWAng C, 31
BannermanRonaldJul 1929?6 Feb 19300Manly NSWAng H, 669
BarberPeter Linsey21 Jun 192830 Jun 19280Manly NSWAng H, 367
BardenAlbert1828?21 Sep 191183Manly NSWAng B, 1
BardenCharles H1850?3 May 192777Manly NSWMix Z, 623
BardenFanny15 May 1943Manly NSWMix Z, 623
BarkerAlice O1914?2 Jul 19173Manly NSWMix Z, 191
BarkerFrank BernardJan 1928?20 Nov 19280Manly NSWAng K, 43
BarkerGrace Adelaide5 Dec 19129 Jan 19130Manly NSWAng B, 645
BarkerHarrie1903?31 Jan 19030Manly NSWRC P, 41
BarkerKaren A1883?25 Jun 193047Manly NSWMix Z, 191
BarkhamSusannah1817?14 Dec 188366Manly NSWMix S, 174
BarlowHenry1850?11 Nov 192676Manly NSWAng H, 485
BarnardEthel May (Mary)6 Sep 1880Manly NSWAng B, 312
BarnardJean Mary10 Apr 1917Manly NSWMix Z, 155
BarnesAnnie Maria1888?26 Jul 197486Manly NSWAng J, 349
BarnesErnest Thomas Victor1895?24 Jul 193742Manly NSWAng J, 350
BarnesJames M27 Nov 1917Manly NSWMix Z, 144
BarnesJohn W12 Nov 1920Manly NSWMix Z, 281
BarnesThomas1848?11 Sep 192577Manly NSWRC R, 115
BarnesThomas J1869?29 May 194071Manly NSWMix Z, 144
Barnett22 Oct 193822 Oct 1938sbManly NSWAng C, 21
BarnettCharles Brettall1858?31 Oct 192567Manly NSWAng H, 386
BarnettFrances1858?4 May 193981Manly NSWAng H, 386
BarnettJohn3 Apr 1919Manly NSWAng C, 32
BarnettLinden26 Apr 192330 Apr 19230Manly NSWAng H, 72
BarnettPatricia20 Nov 19228 Jan 19230Manly NSWAng H, 19
BarnierJames Gilbert BruceMar 1936?9 Jul 19360Manly NSWAng K, 299
BarrCharlotte22 Sep 1972Manly NSWAng J, 231
BarrettAnnie1864?23 Oct 193369Manly NSWAng K, 283
BarrettCharles1858?23 Oct 193375Manly NSWAng J, 1
Barrett (Hildebrand)Charlotte Mary18471 Jul 193893formerly Stanton; dau/Thomas & Elizabeth (Kennedy); b. Picton, NSW, Australia; w/Patrick (Stanton) & John FitzallenManly NSWMix Z, 639
BarrettErnest Josiah1859?28 Aug 193576Manly NSWAng H, 598
BarrettFrank Isaac1891?13 Oct 193645Manly NSWAng J, 312
BarrettJohn Fitzallen1843?26 Oct 192582son/John & Theresa; b. London, England; h/Charlotte Mary (Hildebrand)Manly NSWMix Z, 639
BarrettLouisa Miss1854?5 Dec 193379Manly NSWMix U, 363
BarrettMarjory J23 Mar 192925 Mar 19290Manly NSWMix Z, 307
BarrettNeville Arnold1920?18 Jan 19211Manly NSWAng F, 55
BarrettRebecca27 Jan 1954Manly NSWAng H, 598
BarrettStanley Gordon16 Feb 1903Manly NSWMix S, 330
BarrettWalter1863?14 Jun 194380Manly NSWAng K, 284
BarrettWalter1876?3 Feb 191438Manly NSWAng A, 10
BarronMary Gertrude1885?Sep 193449Manly NSWRC R, 457
BarryElizabeth1858?1 Jul 194991Manly NSWMix Z, 225
BarryEstelle Mynold1901?27 May 192625Manly NSWAng A, 88
BarryGeorge Thomas1912?5 Jul 193927Manly NSWMix Y, 179
BarryHazel Nellie3 Jun 1971Manly NSWAng D, 70
BarryKitty Cicely1888?15 Aug 197991Manly NSWAng H, 580
BarryRob29 Apr 1932Manly NSWMix S, 375
BarryRobert Henry19 Apr 1961Manly NSWAng D, 70
BarryThomas E29 Sep 1923Manly NSWMix Z, 225
BartonCecil RobertSep 1937?26 Mar 19380Manly NSWAng J, 367
BartonGladys17 Nov 1915Manly NSWMix U, 313
BartonJohn1889?12 Feb 193142Manly NSWMix U, 313
BartonRobert Leo1875?18 Feb 193257Manly NSWRC R, 408
BartonRonaldApr 1920?8 Mar 19210Manly NSWMix U, 313
BarwickEmily Josephine1883?26 Apr 193249Manly NSWAng JJ, 183
BascheCarl1855?6 Sep 193378Manly NSWAng H, 147
BascheEmelie Ellen1853?24 Dec 192370Manly NSWAng H, 147
BasfordCharles Thomas1881?4 Aug 193756Manly NSWAng G, 23
BasfordEthel May1895?5 Dec 192227Manly NSWAng G, 35
BasfordMinnie1885?27 Jul 192237Manly NSWAng G, 23
BassAlfred George1866?16 Oct 193367Manly NSWMix Z, 845
BassArthur William1923?26 Aug 193310Manly NSWAng K, 56
BassElizabeth Jane (Jennie)1871?16 Jul 192049Manly NSWMix T, 42
BassHenry Stephen1921?12 Jul 194120Manly NSWAng K, 56
BassHenry William (Harry)1861?14 Apr 193473Manly NSWMix T, 42
BassRuth Eva1896?20 Sep 196165Manly NSWAng K, 56
BassWilliam1892?21 Aug 196169Manly NSWAng K, 56
BassettGeorge Washington2 Jan 19224 Jan 19220Manly NSWRC N, 115
BateHenry Frank1866?19 May 193468son/Harry & Elizabeth H; h/Julia Ethel (Mance)Manly NSWAng K, 287
Bate (Mance)Julia Ethel1868?1 Jul 194678dau/Charles & Julia; w/Henry FrankManly NSWAng K, 287
BatemanArthur Albert1886?20 Sep 195266Manly NSWAng H, 283
BatesAnn1867?3 Mar 192255Manly NSWMix Z, 365
BathgateAda Josephine2 Jan 1909Manly NSWAng B, 63
BathgateAlexander1843?14 May 192077son/James & Martha; h/Hannah (Greenhalche)Manly NSWAng F, 192
BathgateAlfred James1873?18 Nov 194471Manly NSWAng B, 63
BathgateAnnie1875?19 Feb 194469dau/William & JaneManly NSWAng B, 62
Bathgate (Greenhalche)Hannah1841?2 Jun 192079dau/Isaac & Elizabeth; w/AlexanderManly NSWAng F, 191
BathgateJosephine1938?1 Apr 19380Manly NSWAng C, 35
BattersonEliza1871?20 Oct 193160Manly NSWMix S, 410
BattersonFrederick Augustus1881?17 Nov 195271Manly NSWMix S, 410
BattistellaBenvenuto (George)1866?27 Jan 192054Manly NSWRC N, 59
BattleyThomas (Cade)1837?6 Jun 191477Manly NSWAng B, 653
BattyJames Lawrence1871?1 Apr 193867Manly NSWRC N, 248
BattyMary1869?15 Sep 194374Manly NSWRC N, 248
BattyWallace Walter1907?15 Jan 192720Manly NSWAng H, 490
BaughAlice9 May 1914Manly NSWAng A, 49
BawdenDavid1832?1 Jun 191785Manly NSWMix Z, 158
Baxter1901?7 Dec 19010Manly NSWMix S, 281
BaxterAnnie Millicent1879?26 Oct 189213Manly NSWAng B, 451
BaxterArthur J2 Mar 19173 Mar 19170Manly NSWMix U, 68
BaxterBella21 Dec 1970Manly NSWAng H, 67
BaxterCharles William24 Feb 1912Manly NSWAng B, 487
BaxterDorothy EdnaJul 1916?10 Feb 19170Manly NSWAng D, 68
BaxterHelen1881?30 Mar 193554Manly NSWRC R, 418
BaxterMary Annie Usher1844?8 Mar 189450Manly NSWAng B, 452
BaxterRachael1852?25 Aug 191765Manly NSWAng B, 489
BaxterTrevor LeslieMar 1923?21 May 19230Manly NSWAng H, 67
BaxterWilliam18 Aug 1887Manly NSWAng B, 451
BayHans Charles1860?16 Jan 193070Manly NSWAng H, 661
BayleyHenry Eric8 Jun 1914Manly NSWAng B, 545
BaylisEdward Edget1833?8 Nov 191380h/IsabellaManly NSWMix U, 247
BaylisElizabeth Agnes1860?17 Jun 192161Manly NSWMix U, 248
Baylis (Woodend)Isabella1837?2 Jan 191376dau/Isaac & Agnes; w/Edward EdgetManly NSWMix U, 248
BaylyFrances Martha27 Dec 1915Manly NSWMix U, 363
BaylyGertrude7 Aug 1948Manly NSWAng B, 545
BaylyMary Eleanor1858?1 Oct 193072Manly NSWAng J, 47
BaylyPaget N1849?28 Sep 192576Manly NSWMix U, 364
BaynesHerbert Morton3 Sep 1928Manly NSWAng K, 10
BeachamValma Heather Shirley18 May 192419 May 19240Manly NSWAng H, 103
BealOlga Viola10 Jul 2007Manly NSWAng B, 634
BealeJames Henry1848?27 Oct 192476Manly NSWMix Z, 216
BealeMargaret1851?14 Jan 192069Manly NSWMix Z, 217
BeattieAgnes1857?13 Oct 193881Manly NSWMix T, 6
BeattieDorothy1898?18 Jul 193032Manly NSWMix W, 31
BeattieElizabeth1849?3 Mar 192475Manly NSWMix Z, 243
BeattieGeorge28 May 1935Manly NSWMix Y, 58
BeattieGeorge H1900?13 Nov 193535Manly NSWMix Y, 108
BeattieGeorge M1 May 1930Manly NSWMix Z, 819
BeattieJames Joseph1896?1 Jul 198690Manly NSWMix T, 6
BeattieJohn N1842?4 May 192078Manly NSWMix Z, 243
BeattieMargaret28 Nov 1949Manly NSWMix Y, 58
BeattieSarah1876?18 Mar 194064Manly NSWRC N, 289
BeattieWilliam James1859?27 May 193980Manly NSWMix T, 5
BeattieWilliam John1892Manly NSWMix S, 30
BeattyAlice Moreau1883?13 May 193754Manly NSWAng K, 315
BeattySusan G1884?7 Jun 192440Manly NSWMix Z, 532
BeauchampWalter Lassetter1863?1 May 193370Manly NSWAng JJ, 204
BeaverGeorge Edward1869?7 Aug 193465Manly NSWMix X, 52
BeaverLouisa1873?17 Aug 194370Manly NSWMix X, 52
BeckRonald13 Aug 192024 Sep 19200Manly NSWAng F, 33
BeckeCharles A1843?11 Dec 192380Manly NSWMix Z, 490
BeckeWilliam Vernon25 Aug 1933Manly NSWAng J, 153
BeckerNorma Valeria13 Feb 193226 Mar 19320Manly NSWAng JJ, 190
BeckettCathleen Anne31 Jul 1995Manly NSWAng H, 655
BeckmanAnnie Stewart1862?15 May 194886Manly NSWAng H, 374
BeckmanFrancis Herman9 Sep 1918Manly NSWAng F, 11
BeckmanJohn August1841?6 Mar 192685Manly NSWAng H, 374
BedfordJohn Henderson1836?7 Jan 192084Manly NSWAng E, 155
BeebyEdward Augustus1903?24 Nov 193835Manly NSWMix ZZ, 31
BeedAlbert George1918?10 Mar 19213Manly NSWAng F, 44
BeedGloria M V1918?14 Oct 19191Manly NSWAng F, 44
BeemanFrancis Joseph1869?29 Dec 193465Manly NSWAng H, 207
BeemanMabel Sarah1879?22 May 196889Manly NSWAng H, 207
BeemanNancy C Miss1924?22 Mar 194016Manly NSWMix Y, 171
BeerBenjamin1833?13 Sep 191683Manly NSWMix T, 20
BeerKeith Grainger1896?20 Dec 191721Manly NSWAng D, 100
BeerSarah Ann1849?9 Nov 193687Manly NSWMix T, 20
BeesleyManly NSWMix S, 193
BeesleyIsabella (Jane)1865?19 Apr 188823Manly NSWMix S, 192
BeezleyJack?1919?26 Mar 19190Manly NSWMix S, 309
Belbin10 Sep 195810 Sep 1958sbManly NSWAng CC
BelcherMarjorie1926?31 May 193610Manly NSWAng J, 294
Bell23 Oct 193423 Oct 1934sbManly NSWAng K, 270
Bell11 Jul 193611 Jul 1936sbManly NSWAng K, 270
BellAugusta Louisa1844?23 Feb 192581Manly NSWAng H, 231
BellCharles John17 Feb 1900Manly NSWAng B, 582
BellEdmund John Want1877?24 Jul 192043Manly NSWAng F, 170
BellFrancis7 Dec 192211 Dec 19220Manly NSWAng H, 21
BellFrancis John Graham1884?31 Dec 192339Manly NSWAng H, 118
BellGeorge1872?23 Oct 193563Manly NSWMix Z, 620
BellGeorgina W1881?19 Oct 191736Manly NSWMix Z, 142
BellJames T19 Apr 1919Manly NSWMix Z, 142
BellMary Elizabeth1873?28 Oct 193764Manly NSWAng E, 244
BellNorman Stamfordham1858?19 Sep 192163Manly NSWAng E, 244
BellOverton B30 Oct 1923Manly NSWMix Z, 480
BellWilliam1856?3 Jun 193074Manly NSWMix Z, 807

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