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1 cemetery found

East KangaloonKangaloon Rd, East Kangaloon NSW 257697

97 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AlcornAlan Montgomery18 Apr 19049 Mar 197065h/Lucy Isabel (Morrow)East Kangaloon NSW
AlcornAndrew Keith19 May 190621 Jan 194437son/James & Isabella Grant (Thompson); NX99119East Kangaloon NSW
AlcornEva30 Jun 18996 Mar 191919dau/James & Isabella Grant (Thompson)East Kangaloon NSW
Alcorn (Thompson)Isabella Grant8 Aug 18684 Aug 192960w/JamesEast Kangaloon NSW
AlcornJames12 Mar 184221 Nov 191876son/Robert & Margaret; h/IsabellaEast Kangaloon NSW
AlcornJames Carson19 Feb 189222 Aug 191824son/James & Isabella Grant (Thompson); 3346East Kangaloon NSW
Alcorn (Morrow)Lucy Isabel1 Mar 191229 Jul 198674dau/Francis Wesley & Sarah Louisa (Brooker); b. Bowral NSW; w/Alan MontgomeryEast Kangaloon NSW
AlcornMargaret181128 Oct 189079w/RobertEast Kangaloon NSW
AlcornRobert18097 Dec 187667h/MargaretEast Kangaloon NSW
ArmstrongMargaret1844?25 Apr 187935dau/James & Margaret; w/ThomasEast Kangaloon NSW
ArmstrongMargaret Isabella2 Nov 187323 Feb 188814dau/Thomas & MargaretEast Kangaloon NSW
ArmstrongThomas1830?28 May 191181b. Co Fermanagh, Ireland; h/MargaretEast Kangaloon NSW
AtkinsonChristopher1811?11 Oct 187867son/Samuel & Margaret (Scott); b. Killedmond, Carlow, Ireland; h/Ellen (Godkin)East Kangaloon NSW
BrenningCatherine185911 Mar 194685dau/James & Catherine; w/William FrederickEast Kangaloon NSW
BrenningGeorge Frederick1821?18 Mar 188968son/John F & Margaret; h/WilhelminaEast Kangaloon NSW
BrenningMinnie1865?23 Oct 192863dau/LouisaEast Kangaloon NSW
BrenningWilhelmina1820?12 Sep 189676dau/Jacob & Elizabeth; w/George FrederickEast Kangaloon NSW
BrenningWilliam Frederick1851?27 Nov 191665son/George F & Wilhelmina; h/CatherineEast Kangaloon NSW
BrookerEliza Jane1851?5 May 194089dau/Levi & Sarah; w/MurdoEast Kangaloon NSW
BrookerFrederick Donald23 Feb 188820 Apr 18888wson/Murdo & Eliza JaneEast Kangaloon NSW
BrookerHenrietta1859?3 Jun 195394w/JonathanEast Kangaloon NSW
BrookerHerbert Murdo1888?5 Mar 196375East Kangaloon NSW
Brooker (MacKenzie)Janet1809?4 May 190192dau/Murdo & Annie; w/JohnEast Kangaloon NSW
BrookerJohn24 Jun 18097 Dec 188680son/Jonathan & Mary (Wade); b. Windsor, New South Wales, Australia; h/Janet (MacKenzie)East Kangaloon NSW5, 12
BrookerJohn Frederick2 Dec 188114 May 18853son/Jonathan & HenriettaEast Kangaloon NSW
BrookerJohn James18 Mar 188714 Mar 190214son/Murdo & Eliza JaneEast Kangaloon NSW
BrookerJonathan1850?17 Jun 190656East Kangaloon NSW
BrookerMargaret1860?12 Apr 194686w/WilliamEast Kangaloon NSW
BrookerMary18 Dec 184820 Jul 193183dau/John & Janet (MacKenzie); b. Charcoal Creek, Wollongong, NSWEast Kangaloon NSW
BrookerMary Helen21 May 18883 Feb 18923dau/William & MargaretEast Kangaloon NSW
Brooker (Murdock Broker)Murdo13 May 185329 Jun 191360son/John & Janet (MacKenzie); b. New South Wales, Australia; h/Eliza Jane (Diggins)East Kangaloon NSW
BrookerWilliam1852?5 Apr 193583son/John & Janet; h/MargaretEast Kangaloon NSW
BurnhamJane1828?15 Jul 190375East Kangaloon NSW
BurnhamPeter1823?20 Oct 190077East Kangaloon NSW
BurnhamPeter1878?4 Jan 18712East Kangaloon NSW
CullenRebekah1808?27 Aug 187365dau/John & IsabellaEast Kangaloon NSW
CullenRobert1807?25 Jul 187669East Kangaloon NSW
DigginsFrederick18587 Sep 193476son/Frederick Levi & SarahEast Kangaloon NSW
DigginsFrederick Levi1829?19 Dec 189162h/SarahEast Kangaloon NSW
DigginsSarah1821?3 Aug 188362w/Frederick LeviEast Kangaloon NSW
Dorrough (Bogle)Martha Jane18082 Jun 186961dau/James & Martha (Hazelton); b. Strabane, Co Tyrone, Ireland; w/MatthewEast Kangaloon NSW
EmeryAnthony David Keys11 Aug 193723 May 199153son/George Edwin & Phyllis AnnieEast Kangaloon NSW
Emery (Keys)Elizabeth1867?22 Nov 190033dau/Charles & Elizabeth; w/WilliamEast Kangaloon NSW
EmeryGeorge Edwin David190010 Aug 198989h/Phyllis AnnieEast Kangaloon NSW
EmeryPhyllis Annie Blanche9 Jan 19082 Jan 200293w/George EdwinEast Kangaloon NSW
GibsonJames1875East Kangaloon NSW
GilroyElizabeth1830?29 Aug 187545East Kangaloon NSW
GilroyLouisa1875?21 Jan 189520East Kangaloon NSW
GilroyRichard1826?22 Oct 188458East Kangaloon NSW
HaleyWilliam1813?19 Feb 189784East Kangaloon NSW
HamiltonMary1853?6 Dec 192269w/RobertEast Kangaloon NSW
HardieWilliam Thomas24 Jul 187826 Feb 18867son/John & MargaretEast Kangaloon NSW
Harrigan (Thornton)Annie Amelia1838?28 Aug 188749dau/William & Harriet; w/James EdwardEast Kangaloon NSW
HarriganJames Edward28 May 183912 May 192989son/Edward & Mary A (Webber); b. New South Wales; h/Annie Amelia (Thornton) & Louise (Brenning)East Kangaloon NSW
Harrigan (Brenning)Louise1848?16 May 191769dau/George Frederick & Wilhelmina; w/James EdwardEast Kangaloon NSW
Howel (Prior)Elizabeth11 Jan 182324 May 187855dau/William & Hannah (Cooke); b. Airds (Campbelltown), NSW; w/Mark DriverEast Kangaloon NSW
Irvine (Graham)Amanda184525 Jan 187529dau/William & Isabella (Irvine); b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; w/JamesEast Kangaloon NSW
JohnstonElizabeth1832?12 Jul 187745w/JamesEast Kangaloon NSW
JohnstonJames1818?16 Oct 189880son/Edward & Ann; h/ElizabethEast Kangaloon NSW
JohnstonJohn1857?8 Oct 193982East Kangaloon NSW
JohnstonRebecca1870?12 Feb 194878w/JohnEast Kangaloon NSW
JohnstonWilliam1874?Feb 189824son/James & ElizabethEast Kangaloon NSW
KeysCharles1836?2 Jul 191579h/ElizabethEast Kangaloon NSW
KeysElizabeth1842?21 Nov 191169w/CharlesEast Kangaloon NSW
KeysMargaret25 Mar 18816 May 196079dau/Charles & ElizabethEast Kangaloon NSW
KeysWilliam1873?27 Jul 195279son/Charles & ElizabethEast Kangaloon NSW
KirklandAlexander Berrie189524 Jun 196872son/William & Janet BerrieEast Kangaloon NSW
Kirkland (Lemond)Ann25 Oct 18193 Sep 190484dau/Thomas & Elizabeth (Boyd); b. Stair, Ayrshire, Scotland; w/ArchibaldEast Kangaloon NSW
KirklandAnnie19 Oct 18822 Feb 195673East Kangaloon NSW
KirklandArchibald6 Apr 182522 Mar 190075son/Hugh & Elizabeth (Scott); b. Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland; h/Ann (Lemond)East Kangaloon NSW
KirklandArchibald2 Apr 188916 Oct 194758East Kangaloon NSW
KirklandElizabeth1892?20 Jun 192028dau/William & Janet BerrieEast Kangaloon NSW
KirklandJanet Berrie1855?25 Sep 190348East Kangaloon NSW
KirklandWilliam1857?7 Jun 193376East Kangaloon NSW
KirklandWilliam30 Dec 18848 Apr 18853mson/William & Janet BerrieEast Kangaloon NSW
LindsayAndrew1842?21 Feb 190967son/John & Lilly (Cochrane); h/Elizabeth (Smith)East Kangaloon NSW
Lindsay (Smith)Elizabeth184112 Apr 192987dau/Alfred & Esther (Millward); b. New South Wales; w/AndrewEast Kangaloon NSW
LindsayJessie Ann1859?25 Oct 190031dau/Andrew & Elizabeth (Smith)East Kangaloon NSW
LindsayJohn Henry1866?22 Aug 192761son/Andrew & Elizabeth (Smith)East Kangaloon NSW
MurrayJohn1790?14 Dec 186676East Kangaloon NSW
PorterMatthew1869?6 Jun 187910son/John & GraceEast Kangaloon NSW
RentonMatthew1861?21 Mar 189130son/Edward & MarthaEast Kangaloon NSW
SawtellAlbert13 Mar 18265 Jun 189266son/Joshua Charles & Mary Ann (Laver); b. Huish Episcop, Somerset, England; h/Mary AnnEast Kangaloon NSW
SawtellCharles W E11 May 187225 May 18722wson/Thomas & Mary AEast Kangaloon NSW
SawtellInfant11 May 187211 May 18721dson/Thomas & Mary AEast Kangaloon NSW
Sawtell (Burrell)Mary A1852?1 Jun 187220dau/Thomas & Sarah; w/ThomasEast Kangaloon NSW
Sheppard (Quinlan)Margretta30 Apr 1883East Kangaloon NSW
Shipman (Kirkland)Margaret5 Mar 188716 Mar 197184dau/William & Janet; w/Jocelyn (Jock)East Kangaloon NSW
SimpsonCatherine1837?18 Apr 187942East Kangaloon NSW
SorrellThomas180011 Nov 187272East Kangaloon NSW
ThompsonAllen1833?11 Apr 188148son/John & JaneEast Kangaloon NSW
ThompsonJames E1841?21 Apr 191675East Kangaloon NSW
ThompsonJanet1865?13 Oct 191651East Kangaloon NSW
ThompsonMary1841?24 Dec 192887East Kangaloon NSW
ThompsonRobert14 Apr 1898son/John & JaneEast Kangaloon NSW
VandenberghCharlotte1820?12 Mar 188363dau/ThomasEast Kangaloon NSW
VirtueGeorge Edward11 Sep 189025 May 18932y 8mson/Joseph & Eliza AEast Kangaloon NSW

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