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CrookwellMemory Ave, Crookwell NSW 25831428

1428 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
??Crookwell NSW
??Crookwell NSW
??Crookwell NSW
?Mary28Crookwell NSW
AffleckHerbert David1907?21 Apr 197669spouse/Ness Mitchell (Beattie)Crookwell NSW
Affleck (Beattie)Ness Mitchell1911?31 May 198170spouse/Herbert DavidCrookwell NSW
AitchisonDavid Thomas1919198768?h/JeanCrookwell NSWLawn
AlchinEdward (Ned)24 Aug 18652 Jun 194074son/Ambrose & Emma (Plumb); b. Yass, NSW; h/Sophia Jane (Smith)Crookwell NSW
AlchinElsie Alice15 Jun 18982 Oct 194244?dau/James Henry & Selina Alice (Butt); b. Crookwell, NSW; w/HoraceCrookwell NSW
AlchinElsie Joyce192119309?dau/Elsie AliceCrookwell NSW
AlchinHerbert Russell21 Dec 192419 May 200782h/Marie HannahCrookwell NSWLawn
AlchinHorace10 Jul 189626 Jun 195458?son/Edward & Sophia Jane (Smith); b. Goulburn, NSW; h/Elsie Alice (Poll) & Myra Jane (Poll); N394011Crookwell NSW
AlchinMyra Jane15 Nov 190510 Oct 198782?dau/James Henry & Selina Alice (Smith); b. Crookwell, NSW; w/HoraceCrookwell NSW
AllportFay Estelle26 Jul 193512 May 201478w/BertCrookwell NSWLawn
AllportFrancis Robert11 Oct 192319 Dec 199976h/Patricia JeanCrookwell NSWLawn
Allport (Mitchell)Mary Jane186526 Aug 190439son/Richard & Jane (Rofe); b. Picton, NSW, Australia; h/CharlesCrookwell NSWAnglican
AllportPatricia Jean21 Feb 19262 Apr 200882w/Francis RobertCrookwell NSWLawn
AllportWayne Henry Albert12 Nov 195511 Nov 200448son/Francis Robert & Patricia JeanCrookwell NSWLawn
AndersonColin Michael28 Sep 194417 Nov 200561h/Patricia NoleneCrookwell NSWLawn
AndersonElaine30 Oct 19019 Jul 199088w/CecilCrookwell NSWLawn
AndersonGeorge Henry1918?17 Nov 200486h/Rita GeraldineCrookwell NSWLawn
AndersonHenry George1916200286?h/Norma JanetCrookwell NSWLawn
Anderson (Kennedy)Ivy Josephine24 Feb 19249 Feb 200984w/Kenneth John (Kennedy)Crookwell NSWLawn
AndersonMartin D.26 Feb 193510 Feb 201377h/JacquelineCrookwell NSWLawn
AndersonMaxwell James20 Jan 193011 Sep 200676Crookwell NSWLawn
AndersonNita21 Dec 192218 Jul 200683Crookwell NSWColumbarium
AndersonNorma Janet1922199573?w/Henry GeorgeCrookwell NSWLawn
AndersonRaymond John (Ray)10 May 193617 Nov 201680h/Nola Florence (Toole)Crookwell NSW
AndersonRita Geraldeen1927?24 Oct 199770w/George HenryCrookwell NSWLawn
AndersonRonald Joseph30 Jul 193728 Aug 200770h/OlgaCrookwell NSWLawn
AndersonTherese Jill1933200370?w/BobCrookwell NSWLawn
AndrewsNora Mary1919?25 Aug 199778w/KenCrookwell NSWLawn
AndrewsRodney Arthur10 Mar 195115 Aug 201160son/Ken & NoraCrookwell NSWLawn
ArnallRaymond Charles17 Nov 192212 Sep 201087son/Arthur; b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; h/Daisy; N243398Crookwell NSWLawn
ArnoldAlice JaneCrookwell NSW
ArnoldGloria Eva1930?14 Apr 195121Crookwell NSW
ArnoldLilian Isabella1895?29 Mar 196368w/Phillip ElamCrookwell NSW
ArnoldPhillip Elam1894?21 Jun 196167h/Lilian IsabellaCrookwell NSW
BaileyJoseph1836?19 Jul 188852h/MaryCrookwell NSW
BaileyMary1829?5 Mar 189364w/JosephCrookwell NSW
BakerLydia Jessie1878?12 Apr 196486w/William JosiahCrookwell NSW
BakerWilliam Josiah1875?12 Jun 195782h/Lydia JessieCrookwell NSW
BanfieldAlice1879?23 Sep 196081w/William RashleighCrookwell NSW
BanfieldBenjamin Frederick6 May 185911 May 194687son/Samuel & Ellen Harriet (Roberts); b. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia; h/Emma (Barker) & Mary Ann Jane (Goode)Crookwell NSW
BanfieldCecil H. (Digger)24 Jun 192316 Dec 201188h/LauraCrookwell NSWLawn
BanfieldDouglas Warden29 Aug 191812 Jun 200081h/Jean CarmelCrookwell NSW
BanfieldEdwin Allan19 Mar 192111 Oct 200584son/John; b. Crookwell, NSW; h/Joyce; N243125Crookwell NSWLawn
BanfieldElizabeth Alice1889?3 Aug 197485w/John RashleighCrookwell NSW
BanfieldElla Vivienne Lamorna1922?9 Jul 200684w/Henry PercivalCrookwell NSWLawn
BanfieldEna Jane1914?4 May 198066w/Leslie JohnCrookwell NSW
BanfieldGordon John13 Dec 19163 Sep 199881h/Margaret DorothyCrookwell NSWLawn
BanfieldHenry Percival1903?13 Jul 199087h/Ella Vivienne LamornaCrookwell NSWLawn
BanfieldJean Carmel1920?30 Oct 200282w/DouglasCrookwell NSWLawn
BanfieldJoan Phyllis25 Nov 2005w/Reginald WinstonCrookwell NSW
BanfieldJohn Rashleigh1881?17 Jul 195069h/Elizabeth AliceCrookwell NSW
BanfieldLaura14 Jan 193026 Jun 201484w/Cecil H. (Digger)Crookwell NSWLawn
BanfieldLeslie John1913?30 Dec 199077h/Ena JaneCrookwell NSW
Banfield (Goode)Mary Ann Jane186525 Sep 193772?dau/Thomas & Susannah; b. Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia; w/Benjamin FrederickCrookwell NSW
BanfieldReginald Winston21 Jan 1985h/Joan PhyllisCrookwell NSW
BanfieldShirley21 Jan 194821 Jan 19480Crookwell NSW
BanfieldWilliam Rashleigh1873?29 Jun 194875h/AliceCrookwell NSW
BarkerMargaret Rose (Betty)5 Apr 193527 Apr 199661Crookwell NSWLawn
BarnesArchie1874?26 Jul 191339h/AdaCrookwell NSW
BartlettElizabeth1849?24 Feb 189243Crookwell NSW
BartonPeter John1948199951?son/Phyllis Mary; h/KarenCrookwell NSWLawn
BartonPhyllis Mary19212 Aug 200180Crookwell NSWLawn
BassingthwaighteMinnie Alma1893?28 Jul 197885w/Norman EdgarCrookwell NSW
BassingthwaighteNorman Edgar1891?28 Oct 195564h/Minnie AlmaCrookwell NSW
BassingthwaighteRaymond Harold13 Oct 191910 Apr 200787Crookwell NSWColumbarium
BassingthwaighteRussel John29 Sep 193011 Sep 200372Crookwell NSWColumbarium
BaxterJohn Shipman1860?29 Mar 191555h/Mary AnnCrookwell NSW
BaxterMary Ann1865?2 Mar 194075w/John ShipmanCrookwell NSW
Baxter (Christie)Vera Ottilie Charlotte17 Feb 189013 Feb 198897dau/Alfred E.Crookwell NSW
BeattieAgnes Mackie1886?10 Sep 197387w/Edward MunroCrookwell NSW
BeattieCecil Joseph1913?4 Jun 198875Crookwell NSW
BeattieDonald Mackie29 Sep 192616 Dec 200276Crookwell NSW
BeattieEdward Munro1887?30 Jan 196275h/Agnes MackieCrookwell NSW
Beattie (Carmichael)Isabella (Peg)11 Jan 191821 Jul 201496w/WilliamCrookwell NSWColumbarium
BeattieRobert Charles1920?17 Mar 197656Crookwell NSW
BeattieWilliam1915?4 Dec 198065h/Iasbella (Peg) (Carmichael)Crookwell NSWColumbarium
BeattieWilliam Mackie TroupJan 1907?22 Jun 192215y 5mson/Edward Munro & Agnes MackieCrookwell NSW
BeckmanJohn Murray14 Jun 19373 Jul 201376h/FranceeCrookwell NSWLawn
BeherabordeMabel1 Feb 193522 Sep 201075w/Jose-PedroCrookwell NSWLawn
Belford (Croft)Julienne Elsie Etta30 May 193227 Apr 201178dau/Frank & Elsie; w/Robert BruceCrookwell NSWLawn
BennettJohn Henry1931200372?h/Edna MargaretCrookwell NSWLawn
BensleyAda Florence4Crookwell NSW
BensleyAndrew10 Jun 195611 Jun 19561dCrookwell NSW
BensleyClarinda1898Crookwell NSW
BensleyCyril Richard1902?4 Nov 197674h/Gladys VictoriaCrookwell NSW
BensleyDaphne2y 6mdau/Edward William & Jane FowlerCrookwell NSW
Bensley (Howarth)Dianne Shirley1948?14 Jun 199446w/Kerry JohnCrookwell NSWLawn
BensleyDouglas Frederick1909?26 May 199485son/Edward William & Jane FowlerCrookwell NSW
BensleyDouglas Volney1921?12 Jun 197857Crookwell NSW
BensleyEdward Charles1900?14 Apr 197575Crookwell NSW
BensleyEdward William1891?9 Jul 195261spouse/Jane FowlerCrookwell NSW
BensleyEliza1868?25 Aug 195688w/Frederick C.Crookwell NSW
BensleyElsie1903?23 Dec 195552dau/Frederick C. & ElizaCrookwell NSW
BensleyEttie Alice1884?17 Sep 193450Crookwell NSW
BensleyFrances1820?22 Mar 189272b. Norfolk, England; w/WilliamCrookwell NSW
Bensley (Bloomfield)Frances1820?22 Mar 1892dau/Robert & Elizabeth (Beals); b. Great Fransham, Norfolk, England; w/WilliamCrookwell NSW
BensleyFrederick C.1876?30 Nov 195983h/ElizaCrookwell NSW
BensleyGladys Victoria1901?4 Dec 198887w/Cyril RichardCrookwell NSW
Bensley (Howarth)Gloria Joyce1 Jan 194525 Aug 199045w/IanCrookwell NSWLawn
BensleyHenry1 Sep 184023 Jun 188241son/William & Frances (Bloomfield); b. Great Fransham, Norfolk, England; h/Elizabeth (Loiterton)Crookwell NSW
BensleyHettie May1889?18 Jul 198495w/Percy RobertCrookwell NSW
BensleyHorace Garfield1884?21 Mar 195470Crookwell NSW
BensleyHoward Raydon1953?1 Jun 199643son/Raydon William Donald & Mary ConstanceCrookwell NSWLawn
BensleyIsabel H.1907?6 Jul 199386dau/Frederick C. & ElizaCrookwell NSW
BensleyIvy1898?26 Apr 197072w/Vilney PerthCrookwell NSW
BensleyJames1848?11 Nov 192577b. Norfolk, England; h/JaneCrookwell NSW
BensleyJane1862?12 Aug 194785w/JamesCrookwell NSW
BensleyJane Fowler1871?13 Apr 192251spouse/Edward WilliamCrookwell NSW
BensleyMary Ann1866195488?w/Robert BloomfieldCrookwell NSW
BensleyMary Constance1922?4 Nov 199674w/Raydon William DonaldCrookwell NSWLawn
BensleyMary E.1862?28 Nov 192866Crookwell NSW
Bensley (Furner)Mary Harriet27 Nov 184826 Jul 189243dau/Charles & Harriet (Whiteman); b. Goulburn, NSW, Australia; w/WilliamCrookwell NSW
BensleyMary Harriette1849?26 Jul 189243w/WilliamCrookwell NSW
BensleyMichelle A.26 May 195828 Feb 201051Crookwell NSWColumbarium
BensleyPercival Clarence1882?22 Jul 190321Crookwell NSW
BensleyPercy Robert1888?10 Nov 196476h/Hettie MayCrookwell NSW
BensleyRaydon William Donald16 Aug 192224 Dec 199775son/Percy; b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; h/Mary Constance; NX127444Crookwell NSWLawn
BensleyRobert Bloomfield1857?7 Jul 193073h/Mary AnnCrookwell NSW
BensleyShirley Edith9Crookwell NSW
BensleyVolney Perth1889?2 Aug 197283spouse/IvyCrookwell NSW
BensleyWayne Edward23 Oct 196518 Dec 199328son/Alwyne & CarolCrookwell NSWLawn
BensleyWilliam1815?22 Feb 189277b. Norfolk, England; h/FrancesCrookwell NSW
BensleyWilliam14 Sep 181522 Feb 189276son/Henry & Elizabeth (Nunn); b. Great Fransham, Norfolk, England; h/Frances (Bloomfield)Crookwell NSW
BensleyWilliam1849?5 Jun 192778h/Mary HarrietteCrookwell NSW
BensleyWilliam13 Feb 18495 Jun 192778son/Henry & Hannah (Clifton); b. Cobbitty, NSW, Australia; h/Mary Harriet (Furner) & Mary Elizabeth (Parker)Crookwell NSW
BensleyWilliam Gladstone1900?24 Jul 196262Crookwell NSW
BensleyWilliam Gladstone1900?24 Jul 196262Crookwell NSW
BentleyJohn James1920?26 Jul 199272Crookwell NSWLawn
BillinghamDoris1928?1 May 199668dau/Frederick James & Florence EvaCrookwell NSW
BillinghamFlorence Eva1891?24 Jul 195665w/Frederick JamesCrookwell NSW
BillinghamFrederick James1896?14 Oct 196165h/Florence EvaCrookwell NSW
BillinghamJean1925?2 Aug 199570dau/Frederick James & Florence EvaCrookwell NSW
BillinghamMabel1919?29 Jan 197657dau/Frederick James & Florence EvaCrookwell NSW
BinghamAmy E.1901?10 May 191716dau/William E. & MargaretCrookwell NSW
BinghamEva M.1900?19 May 191717dau/William E. & MargaretCrookwell NSW
BinghamLucy Mabel1902?9 Nov 197573Crookwell NSW
BinghamMargaret1867?6 Nov 194982w/William E.Crookwell NSW
BinghamMargaret Ann1904?22 Jul 198581Crookwell NSW
BinghamMary Ann1860?16 Nov 191454Crookwell NSW
BinghamWilliam E.1868?12 Nov 194779h/MargaretCrookwell NSW
BishopHarry18 Aug 19186 Oct 199678h/LizCrookwell NSWLawn
BishopKatie3 Dec 198112 Mar 19875dau/Harry & LizCrookwell NSWLawn
BlowesDavid John1943?6 Jul 200865h/Noreen AnneCrookwell NSWLawn
BlowesNoreen Anne1942?23 Oct 201169w/David JohnCrookwell NSWLawn
BlowesPeter Thomas29 Oct 193128 Dec 201180h/BerylCrookwell NSWLawn
BodelAllan Leslie18 Dec 19163 Jan 199881son/John & EileenCrookwell NSWLawn
BovisBlanche Olive1905?9 Jun 198277w/John ColinCrookwell NSW
BovisJohn Colin1906?20 Apr 198276h/Blanche OliveCrookwell NSW
BowkerAndrew Crawford31 May 1914son/Robert & Ann; b. Ireland; h/Kathleen (Catherine) Anne (Crowe)Crookwell NSW
Bowker (Crowe)Kathleen (Catherine) Anne19 Mar 1914dau/George Roberts & Magdalene; w/Andrew CrawfordCrookwell NSW
BownAgnes1917?5 May 200487Crookwell NSWLawn
BoydRobert Keith9 Mar 192826 Aug 200981Crookwell NSW
BradburyKenneth John23 Nov 195527 Nov 200550Crookwell NSWLawn
BradfordElizabeth1815?7 May 190489Crookwell NSW
Bradford (Spillman)Elizabeth18157 May 190489formerly Crick; dau/Jeremiah & Martha (Campen); b. Carlton, Cambridgeshire, England; w/William (Crick) & JamesCrookwell NSWWeslyan
BradleyAllan John1905?4 Jan 19138Crookwell NSW
BradleyClifford L.1910?21 Jun 198878Crookwell NSWColumbarium
BradleyJohn1860?15 Feb 192767Crookwell NSW
BradleyMarjory J.1916?22 Sep 198367Crookwell NSWColumbarium
BradleySophia Eliza1875?6 Dec 194065Crookwell NSW
BranchAlexander Innes1899?12 Nov 197071Crookwell NSW
BranchDavid Innes8 Nov 1945Crookwell NSW
BranchEdward C.Crookwell NSW
BrennanWilliam Arnold1924?16 Aug 200480h/Dorothy AnnCrookwell NSWLawn
BrettAnthony W.1948200557?Crookwell NSWColumbarium
Brewis (Kennedy)Margot Maree27 May 196027 Dec 200646w/AlanCrookwell NSWColumbarium
BroderickAnne Maria14 Nov 194617 Jul 199851dau/Reg & MaryCrookwell NSWLawn
BroderickAnnie Teresa185519 Jun 192368ydau/John & Catherine; b. New South Wales, AustraliaCrookwell NSW
BroderickCatherine1827190174b. County Galway, Ireland; w/JohnCrookwell NSW
BrownAlice May1880?15 Apr 195575w/FrankCrookwell NSW
BrownAllan Leslie1916?5 Oct 200286h/Coral JeanCrookwell NSW
BrownAnnie DoreenCrookwell NSW
BrownCoral Jean1922?30 Nov 196341w/Allan LeslieCrookwell NSW
BrownFrancis AntonCrookwell NSW
BrownFrank1881?22 Aug 196281h/Alice MayCrookwell NSW
BrownMargaret Sophia1855?6 Jul 189035w/JosephCrookwell NSW
BrownThomas Wilfred Herbert4 Apr 192222 May 200280son/Frank & Alice; b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; N243408Crookwell NSWLawn
BryantJohn28 Aug 184613 Jan 190256son/John & Elizabeth; h/Rebecca SarahCrookwell NSWAng
BryantJohn Alexander22 Nov 187422 Jul 188410?son/John & Rebecca Sarah (Jane)Crookwell NSWAng
Bryant (McDonell)Rebecca Sarah (Jane)7 May 184819 Mar 189343?w/JohnCrookwell NSWAng
BuckleyKathleen M.9 Nov 191326 Jul 198874Crookwell NSWLawn
BuggArthur B.1860?9 Nov 191959Crookwell NSW
BunkerAda Lilian1874?27 Dec 193359w/David GeorgeCrookwell NSW
BunkerDavid George1870?20 Mar 192656h/Ada LilianCrookwell NSW
BunkerEphraim1820?5 Jul 1887son/Caleb & Catherine (Bull); b. Stevington, Bedfordshire, England; h/Mary Ann (Betts)Crookwell NSWMeth
Bunker (Betts)Mary Ann1836?9 Apr 1925dau/William & Ann (Banister); b. Watford, England; w/EphraimCrookwell NSWMeth
BurbidgeBeatrice1890195262?w/ThomasCrookwell NSW
BurbidgeThomas1888191830?h/BeatriceCrookwell NSW
BurbidgeWilliam191619182?son/Thomas & BeatriceCrookwell NSW
BurnsPatrick Raymond15 Dec 19368 Jul 201477son/Frederick & AnnieCrookwell NSWLawn
ButtAlbert James29 Jan 18718 Jun 194372son/Isaac & Martha (Pollard); b. Dalton, NSW, Australia; h/Angelina (Alchin)Crookwell NSWSalvation Army
Butt (Alchin)Angelina187423 Dec 192955dau/Ambrose & Emma (Plumb); b. Dalton, NSW, Australia; w/Albert JamesCrookwell NSWSalvation Army
ButtArthur1883?28 Apr 194865Crookwell NSW
ButtBrian ArnoldApr 1931?25 Jul 19313mson/Charles Stephen & Mary Ann JuliaCrookwell NSW
ButtCecil John1887?16 Jul 197487h/Rose MayCrookwell NSW
ButtCharles1841?28 Aug 191675h/Rebecca (Moore)Crookwell NSW
ButtCharles Stephen1874?5 Aug 193258h/Mary Ann JuliaCrookwell NSW
ButtFlorence Mavis1922?8 Oct 199270Crookwell NSWLawn
ButtGeorge James1879?26 Jun 195071Crookwell NSW
ButtGeorge W.1875?17 Oct 192449Crookwell NSW
ButtHerbert1886?3 Aug 197084h/Nellie MayCrookwell NSW
ButtJesse1845?15 Oct 191772h/Mary AnnCrookwell NSW
ButtLloyd WinstonJan 1919?23 Apr 194021y 3mson/Herbert & Nellie MayCrookwell NSW
ButtMartha1815188973w/StephenCrookwell NSW
Butt (Cooke)MarthaNov 181518 Jan 188973dau/William; b. Durweston, Dorset, England; w/StephenCrookwell NSW
ButtMary Ann1851?11 May 193382w/JesseCrookwell NSW
ButtMary Ann Julia1890?4 Jun 195262w/Charles StephenCrookwell NSW
ButtMavis Joyce Lillian1919200485?w/Philip JesseCrookwell NSWLawn
ButtNellie May1887?21 Apr 195871w/HerbertCrookwell NSW
ButtPhilip Jesse1920199474?h/Mavis Joyce LillianCrookwell NSWLawn
ButtRachel1883?28 Jan 190421dau/Charles & RebeccaCrookwell NSW
Butt (Moore)Rebecca1854?17 Jul 191864w/CharlesCrookwell NSW
ButtRose May1895?22 May 199095w/Cecil JohnCrookwell NSW
ButtStephen1815190488h/MarthaCrookwell NSW
ButtStephen5 Sep 181416 Jun 190488son/John & Jane (Durnford); b. Winterborne, Strickland, Dorset, England; h/Martha (Cook)Crookwell NSW
ButtSusanna AliceJun 1925?22 Sep 19253mdau/Charles Stephen & Mary Ann JuliaCrookwell NSW
ByronHerbert Patrick13 Nov 19187 Jul 200283son/Mary; b. Bungendoor, NSW, Australia; h/Daphne; NX96707Crookwell NSWLawn
CadyArchibald Davis1913?30 Nov 199784h/Sylvia EsmaCrookwell NSW
CadyBertha25 Sep 192717 May 200779w/John WilliamCrookwell NSWLawn
CadyHannah37w/William AlexanderCrookwell NSW
CadyJohn William13 Mar 1917199477?son/William; b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; h/Bertha; NX106163 (N244109)Crookwell NSWLawn
CadySylvia Esma1918?21 Oct 199375w/Archibald DavisCrookwell NSW
CadyWilliam Alexander1881?20 Oct 195574h/HannahCrookwell NSW
CameronChristina Ann1851?2 Jan 192877w/John RossCrookwell NSW
CameronDonald1875?18 Sep 192853Crookwell NSW
CameronGeorge R. E.Oct 1896?16 Apr 19014y 6mCrookwell NSW
CameronJohn Ross1852?4 Feb 192674h/Christina AnnCrookwell NSW
CameronRobert1872?18 Sep 192149Crookwell NSW
CampbellEdward James4 Jun 189520 Oct 197277h/Queenie Gertrude Martha (Wheatley)Crookwell NSW
CampbellEric John26 Mar 19213 Aug 199877son/Edward James & Queenie Gertrude Martha (Wheatley)Crookwell NSW
CampbellGordon Albert1917?12 Nov 200285h/Ivy EdithCrookwell NSWLawn
CampbellIris Willis1918?25 Jul 199678spouse/William GeorgeCrookwell NSWLawn
CampbellIvy Edith1919?11 Jan 200384w/Gordon AlbertCrookwell NSWLawn
CampbellLeon Joseph11 Jun 194022 Nov 200262h/JenniferCrookwell NSWLawn
CampbellMark Geoffrey22 May 195718 Feb 200648son/Pierce & Helen; h/BarbaraCrookwell NSWLawn
CampbellMay Victoria1897?17 Jul 196467w/Oliver CharlesCrookwell NSW
CampbellNeil Bruce1952?20 Mar 199644h/BarbaraCrookwell NSWLawn
CampbellNorma May25 Jun 192512 Jun 200680Crookwell NSWColumbarium
CampbellOliver Charles1897?25 Mar 196467h/May VictoriaCrookwell NSW
CampbellOliver Pierce28 Mar 192811 Dec 200981h/Helen ClaireCrookwell NSWLawn
Campbell (Wheatley)Queenie Gertrude Martha19 Dec 189731 May 198385w/Eric JamesCrookwell NSW
CampbellWilliam George1910?29 Jan 199181spouse/Iris WillisCrookwell NSWLawn
CarmichaelReginald Thomas26 Jan 191516 May 200287Crookwell NSWLawn
CarneyEdwin J.1944?29 Oct 200460Crookwell NSWLawn
CarneyRonald Henry2 Mar 19439 Jul 201471h/BrendaCrookwell NSWLawn
CarringtonMavis21 Dec 19293 Jun 199767w/WalterCrookwell NSWLawn
CarruthersBoyd Andrew18 May 196528 Jun 200338son/Trevor & EnidCrookwell NSWLawn
CartledgeColin Clive1945200661?h/FayeCrookwell NSWLawn
CartwrightAnnie Kathleen1905?13 Dec 198479Crookwell NSWColumbarium
CartwrightBruce Arthur3 Feb 19308 Apr 201282h/Colleen Anne-MaryCrookwell NSWLawn
CartwrightColleen Anne-Mary5 Dec 193319 Apr 200874w/Bruce ArthurCrookwell NSWLawn
CartwrightWilliam Lorenzo28 Jan 189618 Aug 198791Crookwell NSWColumbarium
CastroBarbara Mary5 Jun 193430 Jan 200974w/JohnCrookwell NSWColumbarium
Cemetery (Bradbury)Ryansvale22 Sep 18712 Sep 190938formerly Howlett, McKenzie; dau/William Henry & Johanna (Ross); b. Goulburn, New South Wales,, Australia; w/George Robert (McKenzie) & Samuel (Howlett) & Samuel (Howlett Jnr)Crookwell NSW
ChalkerDoris May28 Oct 191616 Jun 200487w/Lloyd GeorgeCrookwell NSWLawn
ChalkerLloyd George7 Dec 191712 Dec 200487b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; h/Doris May; 74147Crookwell NSWLawn
ChapmanMargaret Mitchell1965?23 Nov 201146spouse/Jeff LeesCrookwell NSW
CharnockAva Grace3 Sep 20073 Sep 20070dau/Todd & JodieCrookwell NSWLawn
CharnockFlorence Jessie Irene191020 Sep 196454ydau/Isaac & Caroline; b. Picton, NSW, Australia; w/George BenjaminCrookwell NSW
CharnockGeorge Benjamin189615 Aug 197173yson/George Edward; b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; h/Florence J I (Pearce)Crookwell NSW
CherikoffVictor V.1907?20 Apr 199184Crookwell NSWLawn
ChesneyFrank Rawdon31 Oct 187621 Jul 193861son/John McClure & Charlotte (McCaughey); b. Ballymena Antrum, Ireland; h/Katherine (Smith (Fraser))Crookwell NSW
ChestertonBaby10 Dec 191919 Dec 19199dCrookwell NSW
ChevalierWiana Chandrayanti2 Dec 194613 Aug 200255spouse/DolfCrookwell NSWLawn
ChisholmBradley James2 Aug 19967 Sep 201216son/JulieCrookwell NSWLawn
ChownMinnie F.1907?10 Dec 199689Crookwell NSWLawn
ChristieAlfred E.1859?29 Jul 190647Crookwell NSW
ChristieHannah M.1869194172?Crookwell NSW
ChristieHarriet1834?26 Feb 191379Crookwell NSW
Christie (Balgowan)Janet31 Oct 184023 Apr 191372dau/William Cuthbert & Janet (Shand); b. At Sea; w/WilliamCrookwell NSW
ChristieJessie1841?23 Apr 191372w/WilliamCrookwell NSW
ChristieWilliam1840?20 Nov 190969h/JessieCrookwell NSW
ChristieWilliam15 Feb 184120 Nov 190968son/James & Margaret Dunbar (Bailey); b. Bungonia, NSW, Australia; h/Janet (Balgowan)Crookwell NSW
ChudleighErnest George1896?1 Nov 196670h/Esther GladysCrookwell NSW
ChudleighEsther Gladys19 Oct 190824 Mar 199385w/Ernest GeorgeCrookwell NSW
ChudleighRonald Joseph1905?21 Aug 194641Crookwell NSW
ChurchillAlexander Ben30 Aug 200830 Aug 20080son/Ben & KellyCrookwell NSWLawn
ChurchillAlma Doris1908?4 Jan 198274w/William GordonCrookwell NSW
ChurchillBarry N.1941?28 Mar 198948son/Harold Winston & Thelma MayCrookwell NSWLawn
Churchill (Wray)Dorothy Jane27 Aug 191528 Jun 200185dau/Joseph John Thomas & Frances Ruby Alice (Plumb); b. Crookwell, NSW; w/Kenelm RichmondCrookwell NSWMethodist
ChurchillEmma1856?21 Jan 193175w/JacobCrookwell NSW
ChurchillEthel1920?8 Aug 198060w/Percival J.Crookwell NSW
ChurchillEthel May1879?16 May 195778w/WilliamCrookwell NSW
ChurchillGeorge1866?7 Feb 194983h/Margaret MaryCrookwell NSW
ChurchillHarold Winston1913?22 Jul 199683h/Thelma MayCrookwell NSWLawn
ChurchillIan Clive1953?2 Dec 197219Crookwell NSW
ChurchillIda B.1884?30 Apr 196480w/NathanielCrookwell NSW
ChurchillJacob1854?22 Mar 191763h/EmmaCrookwell NSW
ChurchillKenelm Richmond8 Dec 19108 Dec 198272son/George & Margaret Mary (Gray); b. Lismore, NSW; h/Dorothy Jane (Wray); N459669Crookwell NSWMethodist
ChurchillKenneth Frederic9 Apr 193116 Jun 200170h/Norma Mary GilbyCrookwell NSW
ChurchillMargaret Mary1872?25 Oct 193765w/GeorgeCrookwell NSW
ChurchillNathaniel1878?11 Jul 194567h/Ida B.Crookwell NSW
ChurchillNorma Mary Gilby5 Dec 193019 Apr 200574w/Kenneth FredericCrookwell NSW
ChurchillPatricia AnnOct 1940?13 Aug 194110mCrookwell NSW
ChurchillPercival J.1908?14 Mar 197567h/EthelCrookwell NSW
ChurchillThelma May1915?14 Mar 201499w/Harold WinstonCrookwell NSWLawn
ChurchillWilliam1872?28 Mar 194876h/Ethel MayCrookwell NSW
ChurchillWilliam Gordon1904?20 Dec 198278h/Alma DorisCrookwell NSW
ClarkeAllan James1912199583?h/Madge F.Crookwell NSWLawn
ClarkeJames8 Aug 193726 May 199658son/Allan & MadgeCrookwell NSWLawn
ClarkeMadge F.14 Aug 191225 Nov 198674w/Allan JamesCrookwell NSWLawn
ClarkeOliver1944200359?son/Allan & MadgeCrookwell NSWLawn
ClearyGregory Roy24 Apr 19507 Oct 201363h/AnneCrookwell NSWLawn
ClementsAlbert Gordon29 Oct 190612 May 196053son/William Henry & Angelina (Cooper); b. Goulburn, New South Wales; h/Mary Eleanor (Weir)Crookwell NSW
ClementsAngelina1869?25 May 195586w/William HenryCrookwell NSW
ClementsCecilia Gertrude1901?5 Apr 198483w/Ernest GeorgeCrookwell NSW
ClementsColin William1915?19 Nov 196752Crookwell NSW
ClementsEric CharlesJul 1908?13 Oct 19083mson/Christie & EmmaCrookwell NSW
ClementsErnest George1900?1 May 198989h/Cecilia GertrudeCrookwell NSW
ClementsIris June1929?3 Mar 198657Crookwell NSW
ClementsJill Edith1935?31 Aug 199964w/Kenneth GeorgeCrookwell NSW
ClementsKenneth George1925?29 Oct 197550h/Jill EdithCrookwell NSW
Clements (Weir)Mary Eleanor12 Feb 190322 May 198986dau/Robert & Mary Ann (Hadlow); b. Queanbeyan, New South Wales; w/Albert GordonCrookwell NSW
ClementsReginald Charles12 Feb 190311 Feb 198278Crookwell NSW
ClementsWilliam Henry1868?9 Dec 193769h/AngelinaCrookwell NSW
CliftonAlbert James1870?22 Oct 194878h/Edith MaudeCrookwell NSW
CliftonCharles Thomas1873?10 Dec 193865h/Elizabeth BlancheCrookwell NSW
CliftonDoris May24 Aug 1952Crookwell NSW
CliftonEdith Maude1872?18 Jul 194775w/Albert JamesCrookwell NSW
CliftonElizabeth Blanche1874?28 Nov 194470w/Charles ThomasCrookwell NSW
CliftonEthel MargaretJul 1910Apr 199382Crookwell NSWColumbarium
CliftonJames Christie1939200667?Crookwell NSWColumbarium
CliftonJohn England1903198178?Crookwell NSWColumbarium
CliftonKathleen JoyceMar 1906Jul 200296Crookwell NSWColumbarium
CliftonLillian Mary H.1903198178?Crookwell NSWColumbarium
CluneGregory Joseph21 Mar 194223 Jul 200866Crookwell NSWLawn
CluneJeanette Theresa19 Nov 194328 May 199753Crookwell NSWLawn
CollinsPeter John12 Oct 193510 Apr 201377Crookwell NSWLawn
CollinsVida Beatrice1910?16 Oct 197565w/Walter JohnCrookwell NSW
CollinsWalter John1902?16 Jul 196462h/Vida BeatriceCrookwell NSW
CondieEmily Netta1925200681?Crookwell NSWLawn
ConnellyStephen5 Apr 193914 Jun 201374son/John S. & Flora (McGregor)Crookwell NSWLawn
ConstanceLeila May1919?8 Jun 199778w/RoyCrookwell NSWLawn
ConstanceRoy19 Oct 191721 Aug 199981b. Annandale, Sydney, NSW, Australia; h/Lelia May; NX55841Crookwell NSWLawn
CookPhilip1857?10 Jun 191760spouse/Susanna ArnoldCrookwell NSW
CookSusanna Arnold1865?1 Aug 193166spouse/PhilipCrookwell NSW
CookeAmelia Beatrice1908?11 Sep 199789w/Raymond ThomasCrookwell NSWLawn
Cooke (Allport)Phyllis Mary26 Oct 192623 Dec 197448formerly Skerry; dau/Charles & Christina Jane (Moon); b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; w/Edward Joseph (Skerry) & Frank RichardCrookwell NSW
CookeRaymond Thomash/Nola & Amelia Beatrice & RitaCrookwell NSWLawn
CooperDudley Francis1903198784?h/Ethel MaudeCrookwell NSWLawn
CooperEthel Maude1916201296?w/Dudley FrancisCrookwell NSWLawn
CooperMaxwell D.1926?19 Apr 199569Crookwell NSWColumbarium
CooperMurray19 Nov 192516 Mar 199165h/FlorenceCrookwell NSWLawn
CooperPhillip John1962?9 Dec 19642Crookwell NSW
CooperThomas1909199283?h/MerleCrookwell NSWColumbarium
CooperWilliam Richard1883?15 Feb 196986Crookwell NSW
CorbettJeremiahJun 1841?14 Jun 192382yson/Michael & Margaret; h/Margaret (Hayden)Crookwell NSW
Corbett (Hayden)MargaretOct 1842?21 Oct 190765ydau/Patrick & Catherine; w/JeremiahCrookwell NSW
CorbyJean Yvette1920200484?w/Francis M. (Corby B.E.M.)Crookwell NSWLawn
CorbyMaxwell Reuben26 Sep 194027 Jun 201776h/SueCrookwell NSW
CorbyMichael Alan4 Jul 197625 Apr 201033son/Paul & HelenCrookwell NSWLawn
Corby B.E.M.Francis M.1909198677?h/Jean YvetteCrookwell NSWLawn
CosgroveErrol Cleve28 Oct 194816 Feb 200354h/LaurelCrookwell NSWLawn
Cosgrove (Alderson)Marie Joan1931?9 Jul 200271ch/George & Vera; spouse/Vivian JamesCrookwell NSWLawn
CosgroveVivian James1926?1 Sep 201488ch/Sylvester & Vera; spouse/Marie Joan (Alderson)Crookwell NSWLawn
CraigAlexander McKay1896?22 Nov 195458son/Shouldan; b. Taralga, NSW, Australia; h/Grace Frances; 2827Crookwell NSW
CraigGrace Frances1899?25 Jan 193536w/Alexander McKayCrookwell NSW
CrampAlbert Clifford1900?26 Nov 197979h/Marian ZenaCrookwell NSW
CrampFlorence Mary1906?28 Aug 199589w/JamesCrookwell NSW
CrampJames1893?6 Feb 197380h/Florence MaryCrookwell NSW
CrampMarian Zena1908?22 Oct 199587w/Albert CliffordCrookwell NSW
CrokeMalcolm James29 May 193521 Mar 200670h/MargaretCrookwell NSWLawn
CrokerGertrude Alice5 Mar 193418 Apr 201177w/Mervyn JohnCrookwell NSWLawn
CrokerGreg1927200679?h/BettyCrookwell NSWLawn
CrokerJasper Herbert1884?29 Jun 197187h/MaryCrookwell NSW
CrokerMary1902?25 Oct 196462w/Jasper HerbertCrookwell NSW
CrokerMervyn John2 Dec 193126 Sep 200068h/Gertrude AliceCrookwell NSWLawn
Croker (Cosgrove)Pamela M.13 Apr 19477 Jan 199749Crookwell NSWColumbarium
CrokerWallace R.6 May 19202 Oct 201090h/FredaCrookwell NSWColumbarium
CroweMagdalene1826?9 Jan 190478dau/Andrew & Magdalene; w/George RobertsCrookwell NSW
CulhaneJohn Michael1936?24 Jan 200670h/Janet AnneCrookwell NSWLawn
CullenHeather May6 Oct 192625 Jun 201386w/Oliver StanleyCrookwell NSWLawn
CullenOliver Stanley6 Jan 19267 Mar 200680son/Oliver; b. Temora, NSW, Australia; h/Heather May; NX178443 (N466776)Crookwell NSWLawn
CullenStanley M. A.3 Jan 19117 Dec 200594h/Stephanie E. M.Crookwell NSWLawn
CullenStephanie E. M.16 Jul 19151 Jul 200488w/Stanley M. A.Crookwell NSWLawn
CulleyFrances Beattie27 Aug 19023 Jun 199491w/John AlfredCrookwell NSWLawn
CulleyJohn Alfred23 Aug 190130 May 198684h/Frances BeattieCrookwell NSWLawn
CummingsBaby John27 May 193927 May 19390Crookwell NSW
CumminsKen15 Sep 19357 Nov 201277son/Tom & SadieCrookwell NSWLawn
CumminsLeslie Joseph11 Apr 192325 Aug 199976son/Joseph; b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; h/Mona; NX151773 (N243410)Crookwell NSWLawn
CumminsMona1925?8 May 200277w/Leslie JosephCrookwell NSWLawn
CumminsPhillip A.13 Jul 196411 May 200338son/Ray & Jenny; h/TraceyCrookwell NSWLawn
CumminsSamuel Thomas Schliebs19 Feb 198711 Jun 200619son/Phillip & JodieCrookwell NSWLawn
CumminsTrevor James18 Apr 196112 Mar 198624h/JulieCrookwell NSWLawn
D'Elboux (Cummins)Rita Marjorie23 Aug 193015 Jan 201180w/AllanCrookwell NSWLawn
DaviesSydney John11 Jun 193031 Dec 201080h/DellCrookwell NSWLawn
DaviesSydney Reginald28 Mar 195928 Mar 19590Crookwell NSW
DavisAlfred Thomas1856?3 Jul 190650Crookwell NSW
DelaneyColin Michael16 Sep 195927 Mar 201454son/Colin & CarmelCrookwell NSWLawn
DenningAlbert Arthur1869?8 Sep 195687h/Grace RashleighCrookwell NSW
DenningConstance May1917?24 Oct 200083w/Thomas BanfieldCrookwell NSW
DenningGrace Rashleigh1872?19 Jul 194775w/Albert ArthurCrookwell NSW
DenningOlive Dorothy1900?12 Aug 198282Crookwell NSW
DenningThomas Banfield1913?18 Mar 197562h/Constance MayCrookwell NSW
DennisRowena June3 Jun 19359 Sep 201479Crookwell NSWLawn
DerrettElizabeth1800?26 Feb 188686w/JosephCrookwell NSW
DerrettJoseph1810?15 Apr 188676h/ElizabethCrookwell NSW
DickPaul Geoffrey16 Oct 2000son/Keith & MerleCrookwell NSWLawn
DillionMargaretdau/Maurice & MaryCrookwell NSWColumbarium
DingwallRichard Wesley1953200552?h/LynCrookwell NSWLawn
DittonE. A. (Ted)29 Sep 1963Crookwell NSW
DooleyColin Patrick16 Apr 194518 Jun 201873son/Lindsay Leslie & Cora Christina (Gay); b. New South Wales,, Australia; h/Janice Lorraine (Rabjohns)Crookwell NSW
DorsettFrances May1922?23 Mar 199876w/Gordon JamesCrookwell NSWLawn
DorsettGordon James1913?8 Aug 199380h/Merle & Frances MayCrookwell NSWLawn
DorsettMerle25 Aug 1959w/Gordon JamesCrookwell NSWLawn
DowneyStephen John12 Apr 197422 Jun 200632son/GloriaCrookwell NSWLawn
DoyleJohn A.29 May 194329 Jun 201269Crookwell NSWColumbarium
DruettAnthony Joshua17 Jan 197729 Aug 201235son/Philip & Shirley; h/EliseCrookwell NSWLawn
DruettJoan Margaret1929200778?h/LeoCrookwell NSWLawn
DruettLeo1922199674?h/Joan Margaret; NZ135975Crookwell NSWLawn
Druett (Gibbs)Marie Ruth1 Mar 19226 Aug 200886son/Charles; b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; h/Jack; NFX149070 (N446073, NX149070)Crookwell NSWLawn
DruettWalter Francis8 Aug 192328 Aug 201390son/Alexander; b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; h/Mary; NX155961 (N244428)Crookwell NSWLawn
DunnAdela1878?12 Aug 197092w/John ThomasCrookwell NSW
DunnJohn Thomas1875?25 May 195075h/AdelaCrookwell NSW
DunningMavis22 Oct 19166 Feb 199780Crookwell NSWLawn
Earl (Pearman)Aileen June19 May 193511 Aug 201479dau/Errol James & Ivy CatherineCrookwell NSW
EddyGwendolene Edith1920200484?spouse/Lionel JohnCrookwell NSWLawn
EddyLionel John1914199884?h/Gwendolene EdithCrookwell NSWLawn
EdwardCorby Ernest27 Sep 191917 Aug 200282Crookwell NSWColumbarium
ElderingFrederick O. George30 Jan 19248 Jun 200682son/Henry; b. Mosman, NSW, Australia; NX164824 (N164797)Crookwell NSWLawn
EldridgeArthur Frederick G17 Jan 18896 Feb 195667son/William & Elizabeth (Weavers); b. Taralga, New South WalesCrookwell NSW
Eldridge (Cummings)Edith188024 Dec 192242dau/William & Jane (Frazer); b. Goulburn, New South Wales; w/Walter CharlesCrookwell NSW
EldridgeEdna May1917?31 Jul 197457w/Herbert StanleyCrookwell NSW
Eldridge (Weavers)Elizabeth1858?20 Dec 193173dau/Thomas & Mary A (Brownlow); w/WilliamCrookwell NSWAng
EldridgeHerbert Stanley1915?17 Jan 200691h/Edna MayCrookwell NSW
EldridgeKathleen Ada1889?15 Dec 196475w/Reuben JosiahCrookwell NSW
EldridgeNeville Frank18 Dec 192220 Dec 19220son/Walter Charles & Edith (Cummings); b. Crookwell, New South WalesCrookwell NSW
EldridgeReuben Josiah1885?15 Oct 196277h/Kathleen AdaCrookwell NSW
EldridgeWalter Charles187020 Dec 192252?son/James J & Matilda S (Payne); b. Goulburn, New South Wales; h/Edith (Cummings)Crookwell NSW
EllisGarry1897?3 May 191720son/James & Emily; b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; 2956Crookwell NSW
EllisWilliam Henry2 Apr 192216 Jun 201391son/Annie; b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; h/Francis Alison; NX118512 (N244359)Crookwell NSW
ElvinsAlma May1916200892?w/Henry GeorgeCrookwell NSWLawn
ElvinsHenry George1915199075?h/Alma MayCrookwell NSWLawn
EvansBeryl May24 Jan 194319 Dec 201067w/John GeorgeCrookwell NSWLawn
EvansC. William (Bill)1909?23 Jun 200192spouse/H. BerylCrookwell NSWColumbarium
EvansDouglas Alexander19 Sep 1918200485?b. Crookwell, NSW; h/Annie Maria; NX177948 (N244429)Crookwell NSWLawn
EvansElizabeth K.1905?17 Jun 198681Crookwell NSWLawn
EvansErnie1916198872?h/MarieCrookwell NSWLawn
EvansGladys Jean1916?19 Mar 198569w/Reginald SylvesterCrookwell NSW
EvansH. Beryl1906?13 Feb 198680spouse/C. WilliamCrookwell NSWColumbarium
EvansHazel Joy20 Sep 194028 Sep 201373Crookwell NSWLawn
EvansMarie1910198777?w/ErnieCrookwell NSWLawn
EvansReginald Sylvester1913?24 Feb 198168h/Gladys JeanCrookwell NSW
EvansRussell Maxwell4 Sep 19246 Jun 200883son/Sidney; b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; h/Shirley; 74161Crookwell NSWLawn
EvansThomas Noel23 Dec 19161 Mar 199275b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; N243431Crookwell NSWLawn
FaheyJohn Thomas24 Dec 191518 Feb 200286Crookwell NSWLawn
Fenwick (Bishop)Jenny18 Nov 195831 Jan 201051dau/Harry & LizCrookwell NSWLawn
Ferguson (McDonald)Hyaline May30 Aug 190231 Aug 198684dau/Walter Sidney & Ethel Susanna (McDonald); b. Fullerton NSW, Australia; w/Archibald ClarenceCrookwell NSWAng
FerrisLeslie Kitchener8 Jun 191630 Mar 198669b. Tamworth, NSW, Australia; h/Mary Eileen Beryl; NX38559Crookwell NSWLawn
FerrisMary Eileen Beryl1922?27 Nov 201391w/Leslie KitchenerCrookwell NSWLawn
FerrisTroy22 Sep 197628 Sep 19766dCrookwell NSW
FisherAubrey Ernest1910199383?spouse/Edith MaryCrookwell NSWLawn
FisherEdith Mary1914200793?w/Aubrey ErnestCrookwell NSWLawn
FitzpatrickChristine M.1951?2 Sep 200352Crookwell NSWLawn
Flanagan (Carter)Agnes Houston19 Feb 19178 Feb 199173spouse/Kevin RobertCrookwell NSWLawn
FlanaganKevin Robert1927?25 Nov 199164h/Agnes Houston (Carter); NX501299Crookwell NSWLawn
FordBob1941?26 Oct 199958Crookwell NSWLawn
FountainScott Daniel16 May 197811 Nov 199719son/Norman & Judith; h/KerrieCrookwell NSWLawn
FoxtonClive Noel24 Mar 192429 Jan 199166son/Norman Clifford & Fanny Evelyn AnnCrookwell NSW
FoxtonFanny Evelyn Ann1902?23 Feb 197573w/Norman CliffordCrookwell NSW
FoxtonHarriett Ann1871?9 Apr 194271w/Robert John LouisCrookwell NSWSalvation Army
FoxtonNorman Clifford1899?17 Jul 196869h/Fanny Evelyn AnnCrookwell NSW
FoxtonRobert John Louis1859?25 Apr 194586h/Harriett AnnCrookwell NSWSalvation Army
FrancisElsie Elizabeth1922199270?w/Kelvin JosephCrookwell NSWLawn
FrancisJohn Emmett15 Aug 19202 Apr 199069son/Clifford; b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; h/Ruby Estella; N243434Crookwell NSWLawn
FrancisKelvin Joseph1921199978?h/Elsie ElizabethCrookwell NSWLawn
FrancisMichael William1951?4 Apr 199342son/Kelvin & ElsieCrookwell NSWLawn
FrancisRuby Estella1921?1 Sep 201291w/John EmmettCrookwell NSWLawn
FreelandAlexander1854?28 Oct 193480Crookwell NSW
FreelandEva Jane1888?3 Aug 194759w/Henry W. N.Crookwell NSW
FreelandHenry W. N.1888?197587h/Eva JaneCrookwell NSW
FreemanJosephine Mary19 Apr 192223 Aug 199472Crookwell NSWLawn
FryerLeonard George3 Dec 190826 Feb 198677b. London, England; h/Ruth LouiseCrookwell NSW
FryerRuth Louise22 Jul 191530 Jun 201296b. Little River, New Zealand; w/Leonard GeorgeCrookwell NSW
GaltMarguerite McFarlane Daisy1911?27 Oct 199483Crookwell NSWLawn
GayAlicia JoySep 1983?11 Feb 19845mCrookwell NSW
GayEdgar William21 Jun 192312 Dec 199370son/William; b. Crookwell, NSW, Australia; h/AnnCrookwell NSWLawn
GayFlorence MabelJun 1902?11 Mar 19063y 9mdau/John & SarahCrookwell NSW
GayFrancis Alison8 Nov 192629 Apr 198558spouse/William HenryCrookwell NSW
GayGladys Fenella1889?16 Jul 191223w/MatthewCrookwell NSW
GayHenrietta1876?8 Dec 196286w/WilliamCrookwell NSW
GayHenry John26 May 19071 Aug 200497h/RhonddaCrookwell NSWLawn
GayIda A.1901?27 Mar 197776w/Walter FrederickCrookwell NSW
GayJane18451 Jun 191065w/ThomasCrookwell NSW
GayJohn1873?12 Jun 195885Crookwell NSW
GayLouis Allen1914?4 Oct 195339h/Amy RosalieCrookwell NSW
GayRobert Matthew5 Jul 193123 Apr 201482h/BessieCrookwell NSWLawn
GayThomas183314 Apr 190676h/JaneCrookwell NSW
GayWalter Frederick1894?13 Nov 196470h/Ida A.Crookwell NSW
GayWilliam1867?9 Mar 195689h/HenriettaCrookwell NSW
GeggClifford Thomas (Cliff)4 Apr 192821 Feb 200475son/Thomas Joseph Rose & Daisy Susan Elizabeth (Latham); b. Goulburn, NSW, Australia; h/Dorothy Ethel (Croker)Crookwell NSWColumbarium
Gegg (Croker)Dorothy Ethel9 Aug 192214 Dec 201189b. NSW, Australia; w/Clifford ThomasCrookwell NSWColumbarium
GeorgeAlfred Russell5 May 1998Crookwell NSWLawn
GeorgeChloe Isabella9 Jul 198721 Jul 198712ddau/Mark & KarenCrookwell NSWLawn
GeorgeColin Aubrey14 Oct 193711 Feb 200668h/DonnaCrookwell NSWLawn
GeorgeHilda May27 Jul 192112 Mar 200886w/Thomas WilliamCrookwell NSWLawn

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