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1 cemetery found

CootamundraOlympic Highway, Cootamundra NSW 2590870

28 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BoxsellEdward Walter Davis8 Sep 187213 Jun 195279son/James & Mary Ann; h/Minnie (Keith)Cootamundra NSW
BoxsellHenry George Faulks1867?22 Aug 194275son/James & Mary Ann; h/Sarah Alice (Kirkland)Cootamundra NSW
Boxsell (Keith)Minnie6 Mar 1962dau/Alfred George & Frances Elizabeth (Web); w/Edward Walter DavisCootamundra NSW
Boxsell (Kirkland)Sarah Alice1876?2 Dec 194569dau/James & Elizabeth Ann; w/Henry George FaulksCootamundra NSW
Collingridge (Fenning)Agnes Emily "Topsy"22 Dec 1911196755dau/Joseph & Agnes Emily (Crowe); w/James BedeCootamundra NSW
CollingridgeJames Bede19 Dec 190518 Sep 198377son/Henry & Cecilia Ann (Reid); h/Agnes Emily (Fenning)Cootamundra NSW
Crowe (Kelleher)Thelma Doris1913?24 Sep 196754dau/Dennis & Susannah (Haisell); w/Raymond AndersonCootamundra NSWMth
DoidgeDonald Victor2 May 191613 Jul 199882son/Dudley & Mildred Mary (McDermid); h/Joan Agnes (Abraham)Cootamundra NSW
Doidge (Abraham)Joan Agnes1919?16 Nov 198566w/Donald VictorCootamundra NSW
Doidge (McDermid)Mildred Mary1891?14 Jan 198796dau/Duncan & Eliza; w/DudleyCootamundra NSW
FaulksIvy Madge3 Dec 191026 Nov 199685dau/Thomas William & Sarah (Boxsell)Cootamundra NSW
Faulks (McPhee)Jessie Laurie1894?4 Jul 197480dau/Alexander Duncan & Harriet; w/Thomas George StanleyCootamundra NSW
Faulks (Boxsell)Sarah3 Apr 186320 Mar 194480dau/James & Mary Ann (Faulks); w/Thomas WilliamCootamundra NSW
FaulksThomas Alexander Ross1 Mar 192123 May 200786son/Thomas George Stanley & Jessie Laurie (McPhee); h/Veeda Pauline (Harris); N382125Cootamundra NSW
FaulksThomas George Stanley1891?21 Jul 196877son/Thomas William & Sarah (Boxsell); h/Jessie Laurie (McPhee)Cootamundra NSW
FaulksThomas William17 Mar 186227 Jun 194886son/John & Martha (Boxsell); h/Sarah (Boxsell)Cootamundra NSW
Faulks (Harris)Veeda Pauline3 Nov 191620 Jul 201295dau/Daniel George & Jessie Ann Mary (McLeod); w/Thomas Alexander RossCootamundra NSW
FenningGordon Charles5 Mar 1924195329son/Joseph & Agnes Emily; N382236Cootamundra NSWMth
FenningJames1 Mar 1956Cootamundra NSW
Freer (Atkinson)Ida Jane26 May 1879196081w/JohnCootamundra NSW
FreerJohn19 Jul 187227 Oct 197098son/Henry & Mary Ann (Grigg); h/Ida Jane (Atkinson)Cootamundra NSW
FreerJohn Leslie13 Sep 1902197673son/John & Ida Jane (Atkinson); h/Dorothy May (Winters) & Doris Irene (Fernley)Cootamundra NSW
HaleAlfred C1882?12 Jan 194361son/Harry & Anna; h/Selena Rebecca (Buckley)Cootamundra NSW
Hale (Buckley)Selena Rebecca22 Jan 189314 Oct 198794dau/William John Stuard & Sarah (Ballard); w/Alfred CCootamundra NSW
KeithAlfred George183630 Jul 192993son/Edward J & Louisa; b. NSW, Australia; h/Frances Elizabeth (Webb)Cootamundra NSW
Keith (Webb)Elizabeth Frances18398 Jan 188546dau/David & Caroline (Uridge); b. NSW, Australia; w/Alfred GeorgeCootamundra NSW
KeithFlorence Amelia1873?4 Apr 18829dau/Alfred George & Frances Elizabeth (Web)Cootamundra NSW
KeithOscar1869?31 Oct 188112son/Alfred George & Francis Elizabeth (Web)Cootamundra NSW

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