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1 cemetery found

CootamundraOlympic Highway, Cootamundra NSW 2590822

11 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Haisell (Harris)Ethel Rose Hannah11 Jun 188110 Aug 193857dau/John Daniel & Sophia (Freer); b. Cullinga NSW, Australia; w/John EdwardCootamundra NSWAng
HaisellFrederick James1 Apr 189319 May 195562son/Edward & Celia Mary Ann (Oliver); b. Coolac NSW, Australia; h/Hilda May (Frauenfelder)Cootamundra NSW
HaisellJohn Edward4 Jan 18754 Jan 193863son/Edward & Celia Mary Ann (Oliver); b. Gundagai NSW, Australia; h/Ethel Rose Hannah (Harris)Cootamundra NSWAng
HaisellSivia190817 May 197566son/Elizabeth Louisa (Haisell); b. Cootamundra NSW, Australia; h/Laurel Joyce (Beddoe)Cootamundra NSW
KelleherDennis8 Dec 18753 Jan 194266son/Peter & Eliza (Gumbleton); b. Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia; h/Susannah (Haisell)Cootamundra NSW
Kelleher (Haisell)Susannah12 Jun 18789 May 195172dau/Edward & Celia Mary Ann (Oliver); b. Gundagai NSW, Australia; w/DennisCootamundra NSW
Story (Haisell)Elizabeth Louisa22 Apr 18895 Sep 196475son/Edward & Celia Mary Ann (Oliver); b. Gundagai NSW, Australia; h/JoeCootamundra NSW
StoryJoseph (Joe)188917 Nov 194556son/Thomas & May; b. Cumberland, England; h/Elizabeth Louisa (Haisell)Cootamundra NSW
Taber (Sheedy)Elsie Mary22 Feb 190510 May 197166dau/Henry Charles & Minnie Alice (Burnett); b. Harden, NSW, Australia; w/James CharlesCootamundra NSW
TaberJames Charles23 Apr 190420 Feb 197671son/Charles Henry & Annie Sophia (Nicholls); b. Coolac, NSW, Australia; h/Elsie May (Sheedy)Cootamundra NSW
Washer (McFarland)Sarah Jane185726 Sep 189841dau/William & Mary (Nixon); b. Tyrone, Ireland; w/William JamesCootamundra NSW

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