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1 cemetery found

Rookwood Old JewishPaton Street, Rookwood NSW 21411771

1673 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AaronAlbert Harvey1853?29 Apr 189138Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
AaronCharles1818?5 Aug 190486Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
AaronSolomon4 Oct 1905Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
AaronsAaron1817?5 Mar 188265Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
AaronsColemanJul 1870Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
AaronsDavid1906Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
AaronsEleazer18 Jan 19041 Feb 19040Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 18
AaronsHenry1 Jun 1882Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
AaronsHyam1886Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 1
AaronsLewis AlbertFeb 1881?23 Aug 18865Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
AaronsMarcus1874?22 Jul 18784Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
AaronsMark1853?31 Jan 188734Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
AaronsMary1835?30 May 189459Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
AaronsMordechai1888Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
AaronsMosultaft2 Apr 1888Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
AaronsSarah8 Apr 187222 Apr 18775Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 2
AbrahamMichael1901Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
AbrahamNathan1897Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
AbrahamsS J1907Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
Abramschild1892Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
AckmanIda LillianJun 1878?27 Nov 18780Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
AckmanMark George R.21 Feb 188211 Apr 18820Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
AhonElias1904Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
AhronsohnLewis1835?28 Dec 187641Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
AhronsohnSophie1863?1 Jan 189229Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
AlbertHannah1843?15 Jun 189047Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
AlexanderBessie1856?5 Aug 192872Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
AlexanderBloom Flora1804?18 Apr 188379Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
Alexanderchild1902Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
Alexanderchild1906Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
AlexanderElias SudburyJan 1884?5 Dec 18840Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
AlexanderEmanuel Abraham1872?27 Oct 189826Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
AlexanderEmily1840?13 May 186727Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 3
AlexanderEveline1869?6 Jul 18789Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
AlexanderGodfrey1820?9 Sep 190080Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
AlexanderIsabella D27 Oct 1885Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
AlexanderLewis1806?31 Dec 187569Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
AlexanderMaurice1820?27 Jan 187454Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
AlexanderMayAug 1883?10 Jul 18840Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 6
AlexanderMiriam1834?19 Jan 191177Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
AlexanderMorris LeopoldAug 1866?7 Jun 18670Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 5
AlexanderRebecca1815?16 Jun 189580Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
AlexanderTheresa1846?190660Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
AlexanderWilliam1849?1 Jul 190253Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
AltmanHerbert Joseph1879?7 Jan 18801Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
AltmanSydney1878?5 Nov 18802Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
Andersonchild1887Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
AndersonHannah1823?5 Feb 187552Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
AndersonRachel1827?22 Dec 187750Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 3
AppelPhillip1884Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 6
ArnsteinAdolph1795?29 Sep 185661Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
ArnsteinEve1848?8 Oct 186416Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
AronsonFrieda May4 Sep 188317 Sep 18830Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
AsherBenjamin1861?10 Apr 190544Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 18
AsherFanny1869?6 Dec 18745Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 3
AsherHenry1831?12 Apr 190372Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
AsherJacob1862?11 Aug 189230Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
AsherJohn Myer1903Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
AssenheimArthur Abraham1865?13 Jan 189025Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
AssenheimEdwin S1898Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 18
AssenheimIsaac J1828?16 Jun 188759Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
AssenheimRebecca1897Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
AustinLewis1834?27 May 189157Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 2
AustinLouisa1905Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 2
BadiorAdolph1848?20 May 190658Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 16
BadiorLewis1888?29 Jan 18891Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
BadiorSophia1863?14 Aug 193269Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 16
BallinJacob H1837?17 Nov 189760Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
BallinRosa1846?3 Oct 189145Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 4
BarnardAlfred1890Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
BarnettCaroline1812?30 Jan 190694Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
BarnettCaroline1880?10 Apr 18811Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
BarnettCatherine1847?10 Apr 189649Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
BarnettCharlotte Alicia1861?187110Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
Barnettchild1895w/LewisRookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
BarnettConnie1858?9 Dec 189739Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
BarnettEsther1850?30 Sep 187525Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
BarnettIsaac1845?17 Oct 189752Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
BarnettIsadore AOct 1887?12 Feb 18880Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
BarnettJacobMar 1896?17 Jul 18960Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
BarnettJohn1805?3 Oct 188782Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 6
BarnettJoseph1878?189921Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
BarnettJoseph1879?18 Nov 192950Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
BarnettJulia1849?2 Jan 189849Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
BarnettLeopold1855?2 Sep 193883Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
BarnettLewis1801?188180Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
BarnettMoses1816?18 Aug 188468Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
BarnettMosesAug 1891?3 Jan 18920Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 6
BarnettMrs1893Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
BarnettRebecca1818?26 Apr 188163Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
BarnettRupert A. B.Jun 1896?28 Mar 18980Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
BasserIsrael JosefJul 1889?19 May 18922Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 8
BasserLionel W1898Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 17
BauerstockLouis1847?7 Dec 187629Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 3
BaumannAaron1857?5 Sep 186912Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 16
BaumannJulia1828?4 Sept 188658Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
BearEmanuel1871?17 Oct 190635Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
BearFanny1877?13 Aug 189013Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
BearJoseph1857?7 Mar 189639Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
BebarfaldBarnet1831?29 Apr 189463Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 8
BebarfaldFanny1833?30 Sep 191279Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 8
BeerBernard1812?11 Sep 187563Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 3
BenderFanny1903Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
BendonMoses1891Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
BenjaminAaron Henry1829?9 Aug 189970Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
BenjaminAlfred1906Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
BenjaminDavid1891Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
BenjaminDavid1816?26 May 188872Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
BenjaminDavid HobartSep 1847?8 Feb 18490Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
BenjaminDudley Louis8 Jan 189314 Apr 18930Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
BenjaminFannyJun 1841?7 Jul 18410Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
BenjaminGertrude1856?6 Dec 190751Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 16
BenjaminHenry A1902Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 17
BenjaminHenry Tasman6 Jul 187414 Sep 18740Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
BenjaminJoseph1851?25 Dec 189847Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
BenjaminLewis1844?12 May 187127Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
BenjaminLewis H1826?21 Aug 189367Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
BenjaminMarcus1838?19 Jul 190668Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 16
BenjaminMary1836?16 Mar 184913Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
BenjaminMaurice Sydney1840?18 May 188545Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
BenjaminRachel1808?15 June 186254Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
BenjaminRachel1827?21 Jan 188154Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
BenjaminRachel1844?13 Nov 18495Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
BenjaminRalph1789?26 Feb 187384Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
BenjaminRose1845?21 Jul 189449Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
BenjaminSamuel1803?4 Dec 185451Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
BenjaminSarah1849?3 Oct 188031Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
BensusanAmy Viola1867?5 Jul 188215Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
BensusanGordon BeaconsfieldAug 1878?1 Apr 18790Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 6
BensusanJulia Rose1842?30 Aug 187836Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 7
BerenhardtJoseph1875?22 Nov 18783Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
BerginLucy1905Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 18
BergmanSamuel1891Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
BerlynFrederick M1888Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 7
BernbergDavid1899Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
BerndtFrederick1857?24 Nov 188629Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
BernhardtMarcus1833?9 Feb 190269Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
BernsteinAbraham1860?21 Jul 189636Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
BernsteinDavid Eleazor1855?30 Jul 189540Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
BernsteinDavid EleazorAug 1895?3 Apr 18960Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
BernsteinRachel Sarah1883?11 Jun 189411Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 8
BernsteinRebecca Birdie13 Apr 188716 May 18870Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
BerryGideon Moses1837?30 Dec 188043Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
BezzanHymanFeb 1885?1 Nov 18850Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
BjonstadtLydia1845?17 Mar 190560Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 18
BlitzAnton1833?25 Jul 190572Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
BloomDavid1827?14 Jul 191386Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
BloomKate1835?30 Aug 190166Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
BlottLewis1896Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
BlumenthalNathan1836?13 May 188751Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
BornsteinSamuel JJan 1878?25 Jul 190426Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
BornsteinSolomon1842?20 Feb 189957Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
BornsteinVigdor Nahum1874?8 May 188612Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
BrandonAmelia1854?28 Oct 189642Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
BraschHyman1860?29 Mar 188727Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
BraunBenjamin1918Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
BraunMarian1842?14 Jul 189957Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
BraunSydney Joseph1879?9 Jul 189920Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
BreuerGustav1905Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
BrockstayneGeorge1819?8 Jul 188768Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
BrockstayneLawrence1855?11 Feb 188227Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
BrodziakAbraham1836?14 Nov 191579Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
BrodziakAnnie1835?22 Feb 189459Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
BrodziakElla1808?12 Mar 186759Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 3
BrodziakHannah1844?3 Jan 190561Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
BrodziakIsaac1810?14 Jan 186555Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
BrodziakIsadora23 Oct 1904Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
BrodziakLewis1822?29 Aug 188462Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
BrodziakLilian Mabel1882?28 Mar 18875Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 7
BrogelJacob1858?16 Oct 189335Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
Brown1899Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
BrownFrances1831?11 Oct 188655Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
BrownGabriel1860?10 Dec 190444Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
BrownSamuel1814?8 Jan 188470Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
BrownSylvester1859?11 May 191051Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
BrukarzPhilip BernardJan 1887?23 Aug 18870Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
BrukarzRuby1888?14 May 190113Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
BrullJoseph1856?9 Feb 190145Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
BuchAbraham1830?15 Feb 188050Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
BuchholzSolomon1857?24 Jan 188427Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
BuckinghamEsther8 Aug 1899Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
BuckinghamJacob IsraelJan 1870?7 May 188515Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
BurnsteinAlfred1899Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
BurschLouis1826?1 Aug 189771Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
CantorB1896Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
CantorHyam1840?17 Mar 190363Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
CantorJacob1860?20 Aug 188727Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
CantorJacob Joseph1826?20 Sep 191387Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 5
CantorRachel1827?15 Sep 190679Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 5
CantorSamuel1836?27 Apr 187943Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
CapornCatherine Sarah1840?16 Feb 189252Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 5
CaroArthur1881?22 Dec 189817Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
CaroJulius1832?11 May 190977Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
CasperRobert1823?187249Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
CasperTheresa1834?13 Jan 190066Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
CasselAaron5 Jan 187816 Mar 18780Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
CassellHenry Joseph2 Oct 1883Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
CassellMorris JJul 1881?3 Nov 18810Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
CassellRachel10 Jan 187921 Mar 18790Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
Cohen1899Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
Cohen16 Nov 186916 Nov 1869sbRookwood Old Jewish NSWA 16
CohenAbigail AdelaideMar 1892?31 Mar 18920Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 7
CohenAbraham1812?23 Jan 187462Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
CohenAbraham1828?18 Mar 189466Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 7
CohenAbraham1832?27 Feb 190674Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
CohenAbraham1883?29 Nov 189916Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
CohenAdolphus JohnJan 1864?2 Apr 18650Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
CohenAlbertMar 1876?18 Sep 18770Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
CohenAlice1869?30 May 195586Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
CohenAmy1864?25 Sep 188521Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
CohenAmy Louise1865?20 Dec 18716Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 16
CohenAnnie1833?24 Mar 189562Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 7
CohenBarnett Solomon1856?21 Oct 190549Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
CohenBenjamin Hyam1824?18 Oct 188965Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
CohenBessie1906Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 5
CohenCharlotte1842?3 Feb 190361Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
Cohenchild1891Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 5
Cohenchild1892ch/SaulRookwood Old Jewish NSWB 7
Cohenchild1898Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 17
Cohenchild1899Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
Cohenchild1900Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
CohenClara1833?2 Jun 191784Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
CohenConstance J1898?3 Oct 18991Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
CohenDavid1840?10 Sep 188646Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
CohenDeborah1853?20 Feb 194289Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 6
CohenDeborah1857?10 Nov 192063Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
CohenDoris1891?8 Jul 190110Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
CohenEileen HopeJul 1901?8 Oct 19010Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
CohenElias1843?10 May 191067Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
CohenEliot Tamworth1883?6 Oct 197188Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 7
CohenElizabeth1792?13 Feb 186674Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 2
CohenElizabeth1830?9 May 189767Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
CohenElizabeth1844?20 Jan 191167Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
CohenEmanuel1874?14 Dec 18839Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
CohenEnid1893?12 May 18941Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
CohenEnoch1835?2 Mar 190570Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
CohenEsther1846?16 Dec 188034Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 6
CohenEveJun 1870?1 Sep 18700Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 4
CohenFrank1886Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
CohenFrederick Sydney1838?17 Jan 191880Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
CohenGeorge1841?27 May 190160Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
CohenGeorge Judah22 Jan 1937Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
CohenHannah1847?21 Dec 189043Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
CohenHarriet1836?2 Jul 192185Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
CohenHenry1884Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 6
CohenHenry1786?1 Aug 186781Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 3
CohenHenryMay 1887?7 Dec 18870Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
CohenHenry Benjamin1860?13 Nov 189939Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
CohenHenry David1860?30 Dec 193878Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
CohenHenry Joseph1808?25 Apr 187971Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
CohenHenry Lipman1842?22 Nov 189351Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 8
CohenHenry S1889Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
CohenHilda May1888?24 Mar 18935Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
CohenHyam Angel1873?31 Aug 18741Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
CohenHyman1851?22 Mar 191564Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
CohenIda Constance1878?8 Jun 190123Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
CohenIsaac1825?14 Nov 187954Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
CohenIvy Priscilla1891?29 Apr 190312Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
CohenJane1889?21 Apr 190516Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 18
CohenJen1871?30 Jul 191241Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
CohenJoseph1891Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
CohenJoseph1905Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 18
CohenJoseph1826?9 Jun 189367Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
CohenKate1894Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
CohenKathleen Valerie DeborahFeb 1898?27 Jan 18990Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
CohenLeah1837?5 Apr 186932Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 8
CohenLewis1903Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
CohenLewis1840?14 Apr 190464Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
CohenLizzie1870?16 Aug 18744Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
CohenLouis1856?31 Mar 18571Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 2
CohenMary1836?3 Mar 188751Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 16
CohenMaude1862?31 Dec 193270Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
CohenMichael1807?27 Jan 186558Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 2
CohenMichael1858?31 May 189941Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
CohenMichael Alexander1882?29 Nov 18831Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 7
CohenMorris1858?27 Aug 188729Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
CohenMorris31 May 188126 Jul 18810Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
CohenMoses1904Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
CohenNathan1842?16 Aug 191068Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 6
CohenNathanOct 1851?24 Dec 18520Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
CohenPercy Brighton1871?16 Mar 195483Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
CohenPhilip1825?6 Feb 189873Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
CohenPhoebe1848?30 Jan 187729Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
CohenPriscilla1824?21 Aug 188359Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
CohenPriscilla1842?18 Dec 188745Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
CohenRachael1890?17 Nov 18933Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
CohenRachel18 Oct 1901Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
CohenRe13 Apr 1933Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
CohenRebecca1836?3 Mar 189256Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 6
CohenRonald Gordon MayerMar 1903?2 Jan 19050Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 18
CohenRosetta1840?8 Aug 190363Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
CohenSamuel1812?4 Nov 186149Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
CohenSara1847?9 Sep 190457Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
CohenSarah1898Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 17
CohenSarah1840?12 Jan 189555Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
CohenSarah1867?5 Jun 188013Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
CohenSarah Rebecca1849?4 Dec 187324Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
CohenSarah Rebecca1854?7 Feb 190248Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
CohenSidney1841?20 Apr 190463Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
CohenSiegmund1831?21 Feb 190372Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
CohenSierlah1856?16 Oct 189842Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
CohenSimeon Joseph1809?18 Mar 188778Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
CohenSimon1857?26 May 190144Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
CohenSophia1816?26 Dec 188266Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
CohenSophia1843?26 May 188946Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
CohenSydney1900Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
CohenVivian S1888Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
CohenWilliam1832?2 Oct 187139Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
CohenWolf1826?6 Feb 190579Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
CohenWolff1807?7 Aug 190295Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
CohenWoolf1906Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
CohenWoolf1862?6 Jan 189432Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
CohenZara1895?28 Jul 19016Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
CohnTheophilus1808?11 Nov 187062Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
ColemanValda1903?15 Mar 19030Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
CollierBeatrice Estelle1870?3 Apr 189727Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
CollinsAbraham1823?4 Jun 188461Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 7
CollinsCharles1850?15 Apr 189848Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
CollinsHannah1822?3 May 188967Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
CollinsJoseph1821?7 Sep 190281Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
CollinsJoseph1831?13 Aug 188453Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
CollinsPriscilla1841?6 Dec 192281Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
CollinsSamuel1826?26 Feb 189165Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
CollinsSolomon1901Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
CollinsSolomon1832?3 Dec 187644Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 3
CollinsWoolf1844?13 Nov 189147Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 5
CollissCatherine1820?6 May 188161Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
Conway8 Jan 18698 Jan 1869sbRookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 4
Conway18701870sbRookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 4
ConwayFanny1837?23 Mar 189053Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
ConwayHilda SarahJul 1888?14 Aug 18891Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
ConwayLouis Jacob1828?3 May 189163Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 2
CopplesonDavid1900?26 Mar 19022Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
CopplesonOlga PearlMar 1897?25 Oct 18970Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
CoronelJohn Senor1854?11 Nov 189642Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
CorperJohn1896Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
CostaIsaac Alexander25 Jul 189310 Aug 18930Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
CowanJoseph1895Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
CowanSamuel1822?12 Oct 187149Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
CrabbDavid1835?22 Dec 189661Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
CrabbEmanuel1790?22 Mar 187888Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
CribbSimpson Otto1878?24 Jul 190123Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
CurottaJacob1857?10 Oct 190447Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
DaleRachel1904Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
DareFrances1866?12 Jul 192862Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
DareLouis1861?28 Aug 190645Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
DavidIsabellaJun 1897?4 Mar 18980Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 17
DavidMoses1828?22 May 190678Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
DavidsonAmelia1825?17 Jul 191893Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 2
DavidsonIsaac1830?25 Oct 189060Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 2
DaviesCatherine1793?19 Aug 188996Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
DaviesJohn1802?29 Jul 187472Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
DaviesMichael John1788?27 Dec 187385Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
Davis1885Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
Davis1891Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 4
Davis1892w/LouisRookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
Davis1906w/SolomonRookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
DavisAlexander Barnard1828?16 Dec 191385Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 8
DavisAmelia1845?5 Sep 188540Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
DavisBlanche Annie1832?6 Jun 189260Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 8
DavisCatherine1791?27 Aug 187786Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
DavisCharles1890Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
Davischild1886Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 7
Davischild1896Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 17
Davischild1902Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
Davischild1903ch/JosephRookwood Old Jewish NSWB 18
Davischild1906Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
DavisColeman1822?28 Oct 190482Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
DavisDavid1821?4 Jan 189776Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
DavisDavid1830?22 Jun 188050Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
DavisDavid1842?21 Apr 189856Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
DavisDavid Phillip Henry1869?17 May 189122Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 2
DavisElias Isaac1843?17 Dec 187633Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 3
DavisElias MendelsohnApr 1877?19 Feb 18791Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
DavisElizabeth1798?6 Aug 187678Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
DavisElizabeth AnneDec 1873?21 Jul 18751Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 3
DavisFrances1823?20 Jan 188865Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 7
DavisGeorge Henry1855?23 Aug 191156Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
DavisIsaac1810?28 Jul 187666Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
DavisJeanetta1835?21 Aug 189964Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
DavisJohn1841?30 Nov 190261Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
DavisJohn1845?13 Jun 189348Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
DavisJohn Jacob1851?20 May 189544Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
DavisJoseph1849?17 Nov 190152Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
DavisMark1793?6 Dec 186976Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
DavisMaurice A B1869?25 Aug 189930Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 17
DavisMiriam Julia1875?21 Apr 190126Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
DavisNormanAug 1891?30 May 18920Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 8
DavisPhyllis1892?14 Jan 190513Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 9
DavisRosina1827?25 Oct 185427Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 2
DavisSamuel1812?26 Dec 189280Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
DavisSamuel1828?10 Aug 190375Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
DavisSamuel1829?16 Nov 190273Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
DavisSarah1827?4 Nov 187548Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
DavisSarah1830?27 Jan 190676Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
DavisSolomon1833?7 Jun 187542Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
DavisSolomon1867?188922Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
De FriesAnnie1843?4 Oct 188946Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
De FriesJonas Calvert Stuart1870?4 Dec 18722Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
De GroenFannyOct 1867?9 Jun 18680Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 1
De GroenSampson1839?5 Sep 188243Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
De LissaArthur Feb 18540Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
De LissaBaron Benjamin1842?16 Apr 189856Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
De LissaBenjamin1838?12 Dec 189860Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 17
De LissaClifford DudleyJan 1884?30 Apr 18840Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
De LissaJoseph24 Jan 1854Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
De LissaRosetta1817?15 Feb 185437Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
De LissaSolomon A1805?12 Jul 188075Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
De MetzHester1811?20 Dec 188776Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
De MetzJulia1815?28 Oct 189984Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
De PassB. J. Aaron1903Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
De PassDavid1850?10 Oct 189343Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
De SaxeGeorge1827?31 May 188760Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 6
DefriesSamuel1835?20 Nov 190671Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
DenbowGeorge1864?18 Oct 189127Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 4
DiamondBasha Hinda1839?16 Dec 191172Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
DiamondHyman1839?12 Jul 189960Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
DickopfJacob Levy1814?21 Feb 189783Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
DittmarBertha1866?190539Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
DoodewardAbraham1839?17 Oct 190061Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
EdwardsAmelia1863?6 Sep 189835Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
EdwardsEsther1905Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
EdwardsRachelSep 1900?13 May 19010Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
EizenbergIsidor I1902Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
EliasAbraham1788?18 Aug 185668Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
EliasHyam1798?29 Jan 185658Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
ElkanRichard1835?11 Dec 188550Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
EllisAlexander29 Jan 18872 Apr 18870Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
Ellischild1889Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 6
EllisLouisApr 1887?7 Dec 18870Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
EllisLucretia1850?27 Jul 188939Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
EllisMorrisJan 1882?1 Nov 18831Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
EllisPhillipJul 1884?8 Feb 18850Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
EllisSolomon1898Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 17
EllisonRubin1870?4 Apr 190636Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
EmanuelCaroline1826?5 Dec 185529Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
EmanuelCatherine1838?30 May 188345Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
EmanuelClarence RupertJan 1886?30 Sep 18860Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
EmanuelDinah1810?18 Feb 187868Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 4
EmanuelFlorence Marion1869?27 Apr 188415Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
EmanuelHenry1904Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 16
EmanuelJohn1816?6 Jul 188266Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 10
EmanuelLouis1853?31 Jul 189441Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
EmanuelMoses1772?23 Oct 185886Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 4
EmanuelSamuel1803?11 Jul 186865Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 4
EmanuelSara Myer1841?12 Sep 192483Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
EmanuelSarah1854?30 Jul 192268Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
EmanuelSolomon1833?4 Oct 189562Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 11
EmanuelSydney Levy1837?9 May 186326Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
EpsteinJacob1865?10 Nov 189732Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
EpsteinRose1905Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 18
EssermanLouis1905Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 18
EssermanSamuel L1900Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 17
FalckJulius1828?8 Nov 188456Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
FalckeElijah1904Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
FalkPhillip DavidJan 1889?24 Mar 18890Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 2
FalkSimon1895Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 15
FarmerHenry1814?22 Jan 187662Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
FeinbergBarnett H1890Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 8
Feinbergchild1893Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
Feinbergchild1897Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 17
FeinbergZachariah Judah21 Sep 189212 Jan 18930Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
FeldheimIsadore1897Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 12
FerberPeter G1892Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 7
FernandezAnnie1895Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 14
FernandezCharlotte1850?2 Sep 188636Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 11
FernandezDavid1812?31 Oct 190391Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
FernandezJacob28 Dec 18787 Jan 18790Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
FernandezJohn Jacob1825?14 Jul 188156Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
FernandezJohn Jacob1825?14 Jul 188156Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
FernandezSarah1834?22 Jul 190672Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
FisherMark1840?12 May 186828Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 3
FlescherJoseph5 Feb 1872Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 4
FlohmEsther1844?4 Nov 193086Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 5
FlohmJoseph Hyman1835?17 Nov 189257Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
FlohmStella EmeraldJul 1884?2 Nov 18862Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 7
FolkAmelia1796?26 Jun 188084Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
FolkLewis1833?31 Jul 187037Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
FolkSamuel1798?25 Jun 186062Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
ForbesMontague Levy9 Aug 1907Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area G
FrancisBenjamin1795?18 May 187378Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
FranckEdward Siegfried1866?8 Oct 18704Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 16
FrankelArthur Sydney1874?29 Apr 18784Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15
FrankelBertie SydneyJul 1883?25 Aug 18852Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
FrankelEdgar Frederick21 Jan 187028 Nov 18722Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 12
FrankelSarah1800?18 Aug 184747Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
Freeman1902Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 13
FreemanHarris1901Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 17
FreidmanAbraham1833?4 Dec 190168Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
FreidmanAlice1841?14 May 191877Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 10
FreidmanFanny12 Sep 1881Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 2
FreidmanHenry Angel1872?10 Jun 18742Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA Area 3
FreidmanJane1864?27 Nov 18684Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 1
FreidmanRoseMay 1866?15 Jan 18670Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 1
Friedlanderchild1891Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 14
FriedlanderLesser1888Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 7
FriedlanderMorrisJan 1887?30 Jun 18870Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 9
FriedmanAlice IndaDec 1873?26 Apr 18740Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 13
FriedmanAngelina Maria1854?29 Mar 189440Rookwood Old Jewish NSWB 8
FriedmanRachel1887Rookwood Old Jewish NSWA 15

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