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1 cemetery found

CoomaMittagang Rd, North Cooma NSW 2630335

32 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
CookAnnie1908?3 May 19101Cooma NSWAng E5, 26
CookDudley Manning1 Aug 19088 Jun 196455son/Silas & Haroldene (Robins); b. Hurstville, New South Wales, Australia; h/Mavis Lyle (Holden)Cooma NSWAng C3, 2
CookMichael11 Aug 196722 Sep 19670Cooma NSW
CroweRonald Francis1918?30 Oct 197658son/Charles Francis & Olive Etheline (Lovelock)Cooma NSWAng C9, 3
Hawkins (Eustace)Agnes1886?Jul 196983dau/William & Emma Elizabeth; w/ArthurCooma NSWAng G7, 11
HawkinsAllen Leslie1922?26 Feb 19220son/Bertie & Matilda (?)Cooma NSWAng G7, 4
Hawkins (Michell)Anne Elizabeth11 Nov 187228 Aug 195481dau/John & Harriett; w/Daniel RichardCooma NSWC3, 4
HawkinsArthur George1880?Dec 196484son/James & Jane Matilda; b. Cooma, New South Wales, Australia; h/Agnes (Eustace)Cooma NSWAng G7, 10
HawkinsDaisy Alice1895?13 Oct 198084dau/Daniel Richard & Anne Elizabeth (Michell); b. Cooma, New South Wales, AustraliaCooma NSWC3, 3
HawkinsHenry15 Apr 185715 Jul 194992son/James & Jane Matilda; h/Margaret (Slattery)Cooma NSWAng G7, 15
HawkinsJoseph James1859?13 Mar 194485son/James Joseph & Ann; h/Mary Ann (Jamieson)Cooma NSWAng G7, 2
HawkinsJoseph William3 Sep 190125 Jul 195250son/Henry & Margaret (Slattery); b. Cooma, New South Wales, AustraliaCooma NSWAng G7, 13
HawkinsLucy Phyllis1901?29 Dec 199291dau/Daniel Richard & Anne Elizabeth (Michell); b. Cooma, New South Wales, AustraliaCooma NSWC3, 2
Hawkins (Slattery)Margaret6 Jul 18686 Jun 195889dau/Patrick & Caroline (Reynolds); b. Cooma, New South Wales, Australia; w/HenryCooma NSWAng G7, 14
Hawkins (Jamieson)Mary Ann1864?11 Nov 195086dau/Robert & Nancy/Agnes; b. Cooma, NSW; w/Joseph JamesCooma NSWAng G7, 2
HawkinsRichard Dudley29 Dec 190314 Apr 198985son/Daniel Richard & Anne Elizabeth (Michell); b. Cooma NSW, Australia; h/Marjorie Callow (Dudley)Cooma NSWC2, 12
HawkinsRobert James1888?5 Feb 195466son/Joseph James & Mary Ann (Jamieson); b. Cooma, New South Wales, AustraliaCooma NSWAng G7, 3
Hickey (Higgins)Alice May1878?14 Nov 194567dau/James & Emma; w/James JosephCooma NSWD2, 1
HickeyJames Joseph1864?22 Mar 194379son/William & Katherine; h/Alice May (Higgins)Cooma NSWRC F11, 9
PetersJohn Alan1914?21 Oct 197157son/John & Elizabeth Florence; h/Joyce Ann (Kaufline)Cooma NSWRC D4, 4
Peters (Kaufline)Joyce Ann1920?20 Jun 200585w/John AlanCooma NSWRC D4, 5
Phillips (Howard)Adelaide1893?29 Mar 197784dau/George & Augusta (Cook); b. Ryde, New South Wales, Australia; w/FrederickCooma NSWRC G4, 10
PhillipsFrederick George1895?1 Jul 196166son/George & Kathleen (Dungate); b. Cooma, New South Wales, Australia; h/Adelaide (Howard)Cooma NSWRC G4, 9
PhillipsLevene19208 May 19210Cooma NSWRC G4, 12
Phillips (Simms)Mary Ann14 Jan 18479 Feb 192577dau/George & Elizabeth (Mullaly); b. Nimmitabel, NSW, Australia; w/SamuelCooma NSWAng E8, 8
Phillips (Snowden)Mary Ann1896?7 Jun 196670dau/William Charles & Mary Ann (Geraghty); b. Cooma, New South Wales, Australia; w/Reginald W.Cooma NSWRC D5, 12
PhillipsNeville19178 Apr 19181Cooma NSWRC G4, 11
PhillipsSamuel9 May 184426 Oct 192379son/Samuel & Maria (Brend); b. Appin, NSW, Australia; h/Mary (Sims)Cooma NSWAng E8, 7
PhillipsWilliam1870?5 Jan 196291son/Samuel & Mary (Sims); b. Cooma, New South Wales, AustraliaCooma NSWRC E5, 8
RaynerLeonard1875?27 Apr 193054son/William C. & Elizabeth H.Cooma NSWAng E4, 7
StuartAlbert Archibald (Archie)1901?4 Nov 196564son/Thomas & Emily; h/Caroline May (Leary)Cooma NSWRC F11, 1
Stuart (Leary)Caroline Mary1913?11 Dec 196653dau/Ernest Martin & Elizabeth Maud; w/ArchibaldCooma NSWRC F11, 2

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