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1 cemetery found

Cookardinia (Chalmers Uniting)Mahers Rd, Cookardinia NSW 26509

7 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
RossAlister21 Oct 189918 Apr 197979son/John & Emily Jane (White); b. 'Kinross', via Germanton, New South Wales, Australia; h/Alexina Bavetha Johanna (Mitchell)Cookardinia NSW
SnodgrassAlexander184031 Dec 190465son/James & Mary (Forrest); b. Cardross, ScotlandCookardinia NSWPresbyterian
Snodgrass (Ross)Elizabeth Faulkner1842?29 Nov 191876dau/Alexander & Janet (Forrest); b. Edington, Scotland; w/JamesCookardinia NSWPresbyterian
SnodgrassJames4 May 184110 Oct 192887son/James & Mary (Forrest); b. Glasgow, Scotland; h/Elizabeth Faulkner (Ross) & Rachel Elizabeth (Hunt)Cookardinia NSWPresbyterian
SnodgrassJanet Forrest186417 Oct 192056formerly Snodgrass; dau/Isaac H G & Jessie (Ross); b. Forreston, South Australia, Australia; w/John & John Wilfred (Clune)Cookardinia NSWPresbyterian
SnodgrassJohn1845?6 Aug 189954son/James & Mary (Forrest); b. Glasgow, Scotland; h/Janet Forrest (Cliff)Cookardinia NSWPresbyterian
SnodgrassUnknownCookardinia NSWPresbyterian

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