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1 cemetery found

CharleyongCharleyong NSW 262251

51 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AndersonJames Henry1841?13 Jun 190261son/John K & Mary ACharleyong NSW
BowlandCecelia186619 Sep 187812dau/William J & Harriett (Fairley); b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
BowlandGeorge1798?2 Jan 187880son/William & CeliaCharleyong NSW
BowlandWilliam James187325 Sep 188310son/William J & Harriett (Fairley); b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
BryantThomas15 May 187027 May 187012dson/Frederick & MargaretCharleyong NSW
ChaplinWilliam1800?14 May 187878son/WilliamCharleyong NSW
ClarkeMary Ann1861?8 Oct 18709dau/James & Sarah (Burgess); b. Goulburn, NSWCharleyong NSW
DanhawkEmilyJul 1872?12 May 187422mdau/James & Ann; b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
FosdykeJamesOct 1876?23 Jan 18773mson/William & Elizabeth (Pugh); b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
GoodsellEmily18662 Dec 18683dau/Joseph & Mary Susannah (Thistleton); b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
GwanAlexander1831?2 Jul 190069Charleyong NSW
HartJulinda24?May 18735 Jul 18736wdau/Frederick William (Leach Tetley) & Julinda Thitchenor (Anderson); b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
Hart (Anderson)Julinda Thitchenor184927 May 187324dau/John K & Maryann; w/Frederick William (Leach Tetley)Charleyong NSW
HushCharles ThomasMar?188218 Dec 18829mson/Joseph John & Mary Ann (Pugh); b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
HushMartha1847?14 Jun 186821dau/William & ElizaCharleyong NSW
Hush (Tetley)Mary Ann18581 Aug 189637dau/William M L & Elizabeth; b. Braidwood, NSW; w/Thomas WilliamCharleyong NSW
HushThomas William184725 Mar 190457son/Joseph & Emma (Cocking); h/Mary Ann (Tetley)Charleyong NSW
HushWilliam Joseph1894?17 Apr 18995son/Thomas William & Mary Ann (Tetley)Charleyong NSW
McCormack (Chinnery)Mary18655 Aug 189125dau/John & Sarah; b. Queanbeyan, NSW; w/James J PCharleyong NSW
McCormackSylvester Michael John M18894 Aug 18912son/James J P & Mary; b. Argyle, NSWCharleyong NSW
MeldrumJohn1862?26 May 187412son/Henry & ElizabethCharleyong NSW
MiltonWilliam1809?3 Mar 187162Charleyong NSW
NewburyDaniel1816?26 Oct 187357Charleyong NSW
OmanJames Peebles1813?26 Oct 188269son/JamesCharleyong NSW
Owen (Young)Charlotte Anne1815?20 Sep 188166formerly English; dau/James; w/Michael (English) & RobertCharleyong NSW
OwenRobert Henry1837?30 Jan 187235son/Robert & Charlotte Anne (Young)Charleyong NSW
ScottWilliam1840?19 Mar 187030Charleyong NSW
SmithGeorgeNov?18734 May 187518mson/Jeremiah & Catherine; b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
TaylorAlfred1835?5 Nov 187237son/William & SarahCharleyong NSW
TaylorAlfred JosephOct?186220 Feb 186416mson/William Thomas & Anne Elizabeth; b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
Taylor (Bloomfield)Eliza1810?27 Aug 188575dau/Amos & Mary Ann; b. Saxted, Suffolk, England; w/WilliamCharleyong NSW
TaylorHenry JamesJan?186813 Apr 18683mson/William & Elizabeth; b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
TaylorSarah ElizabethMay?18663 Aug 186715mdau/Henry & Sarah J (Boland); b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
TaylorSarah Jane1838?5 Jun 187739dau/George & SarahCharleyong NSW
TaylorWilliam1808?24 Oct 189284son/William; b. Worlingworth, Suffolk, England; h/Eliza (Bloomfield)Charleyong NSW
TempletonJoseph Savage30 Jan 181621 Mar 186450son/James; b. St Olave, Southwalk, England; h/Mary Ann (Croker)Charleyong NSW
TetleyElizabethSep?18789 Jun 188021mdau/John & Mary ACharleyong NSW
TetleyEllen Eliza25 Mar 18696 Apr 186912ddau/Charles & Ann I; b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
TetleyJohn1845?26 Nov 189045son/William & ElizabethCharleyong NSW
TetleyMary Ann1860?27 Apr 188828dau/John W & Mary ACharleyong NSW
Thistleton (Taylor)Caroline18 Jun 184121 Jan 190158dau/William & Eliza (Bloomfield); b. Worlingworth, Suffolk, England; w/GeorgeCharleyong NSW
ThistletonEdithMar?188413 Oct 18847mdau/George & Caroline (Taylor); b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
ThistletonGeorge1842?4 Jan 190058son/William & Eleanor; h/Caroline (Taylor)Charleyong NSW
Travers?29 Nov 187410 Jan 18756wdau/Joseph & Elizabeth (Harrington); b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
TraversEdward Mortimor1810?22 Sep 187666son/Hugh W & ElizabethCharleyong NSW
TraversEliza Mortimor1811?13 Jun 188776Charleyong NSW
TraversMabel Elise Lowers187623 Mar 18848dau/Joseph & Elizabeth (Harrington); b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
WeatherstoneCatherine J186025 Jan 18699dau/John & Lucy (Dixon); b. Goulburn, NSWCharleyong NSW
WhittakerThomas1840?19 Dec 187333son/Richard & Jane; h/Mary Ann (Hardy)Charleyong NSW
WilloughbyElizabeth Jane18621 Jan 187412dau/John & Mary A; b. Braidwood, NSWCharleyong NSW
WilloughbyJohn1831?24 Jul 188857son/John & MaryCharleyong NSW

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