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1 cemetery found

West EndChurch St, Townsville QLD 48102227

855 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?JackWest End QLD
?Sr M Catherine15 Jul 1940West End QLD
?Sr M Ida22 Mar 1948West End QLD
AbbottFrances Mary30 Jul 1927dau/Robert & Elizabeth (Hackett); w/HenryWest End QLD
AbbottHenry18404 Oct 192383h/Frances MaryWest End QLD
AbrahamJulia18789 Jan 192648w/CyrilWest End QLD
AbrahamRobert184825 Feb 191163West End QLD
AckersFrederick Edward186221 Nov 192563h/Mary AnnWest End QLD
AckersMary Ann18602 Jul 191757w/Frederick EdwardWest End QLD
AdcockDaphney Hope19234 Aug 193411dau/W N & IWest End QLD
AdcockMartha Ellen18767 Mar 194973w/William StewartWest End QLD
AdcockWilliam Stewart18719 Aug 192251h/Martha EllenWest End QLD
AhernEllen185417 Dec 192773w/PatrickWest End QLD
AhernPatrick185614 Mar 193579h/EllenWest End QLD
AitkenJohn18593 May 194182son/Thomas & Margaret (Storey)West End QLD
Alexander (Comerford)Katherine187318 Aug 190431dau/Thomas & Mary; w/William RichmondWest End QLD
AlexanderWilliam Richmond3 Aug 1915h/KatherineWest End QLD
Allan (Trollope)Ivy Minnie18978 May 193740dau/Sidney & Minnie; w/ArthurWest End QLD
AlstonMary Roberta191329 Jan 194027dau/RobertWest End QLD
AlstonRobert18914 Feb 191221West End QLD
AmbroseClare (Sr M)18574 Nov 193376West End QLD
ArmourAlfred1867Dec 192255West End QLD
ArmourSamuel Donald1915Dec 193419West End QLD
ArmstrongEdith1886?6 Feb 197488w/J CWest End QLD
ArmstrongJ C18674 Jul 195083h/EdithWest End QLD
ArrowsmithMary Ann186916 Sep 192960w/Robert HenryWest End QLD
ArrowsmithRobert Henry186330 Apr 192360h/Mary AnnWest End QLD
Arscott (Hope)Annie Caroline184513 Feb 192883West End QLD
BakerM G185212 Nov 192270West End QLD
Ball (O'Reilly)Rose184223 Feb 192583w/Edward O'Neill & Andrew BallWest End QLD
BanksRobert30 Oct 1933West End QLD
BareRose18941 Feb 191117dau/Alfed & EWest End QLD
BarkerNathan188329 Jul 191936h/Elizabeth Cecily (Harris)West End QLD
BarryThomas1845?21 Nov 187833son/David & Margaret (Welsh)West End QLD
BartlamWilliam Bradford185722 Sep 191962West End QLD
BaxterEdward John (Jack)18942 Feb 197884son/William Henry & Hephzibah (Parsons)West End QLD
BaxterHephzibah186415 Feb 194581dau/John & Keteviah (Clark); w/William HenryWest End QLD
BaxterWilliam Henry186017 Aug 193272son/Edward & Elizabeth (Jones); h/HephzibahWest End QLD
BealAlfred Edward18 Apr 1986son/John HenryWest End QLD
BealJack21 Oct 1920son/John HenryWest End QLD
BealJohn Henry5 Nov 1934h/SelenaWest End QLD
BealSelena7 Feb 1950w/John HenryWest End QLD
BealeFrancis V189418 Oct 192329h/ElizabethWest End QLD
BellCharles18444 Aug 190359son/George & Elizabeth; h/Mary Ann (McCann)West End QLD
BellJames Joseph187825 Jul 191941son/Charles & Mary AnnWest End QLD
BellMary Ann1845?3 May 191974dau/Bryan & Elizabeth (McGouther); w/CharlesWest End QLD
BellMary Ann18868 Jul 195569dau/Charles & May Ann (McCann)West End QLD
BeltonJoseph183813 Oct 188244West End QLD
BeltonMary183520 Sep 190368West End QLD
BennettoFlorence M13 Sep 189614 May 192327West End QLD
Berry-PorterEthel Maud191330 Jul 19174dau/Richard & Lily (Good)West End QLD
Berry-PorterJoseph Robert188216 Jul 192139son/Richard & Selina (Noble)West End QLD
Berry-PorterLuther187624 Jun 192852son/Richard & Selina (Noble)West End QLD
Berry-PorterRichard18412 Feb 190968h/Selina JemimiahWest End QLD
Berry-PorterRichard18731 Jan 194774son/Richard & Selina (Noble)West End QLD
Berry-PorterSelina Eleanor186931 Jul 188415dau/Richard & Selina Jemimiah (Noble)West End QLD
Berry-PorterSelina Jemimah1846?11 Jul 192781dau/Thomas & Jemima; w/RichardWest End QLD
Berry-PorterSydneyJan 18894 Mar 18890son/Richard & Selina Jemimiah (Noble)West End QLD
Berry-PorterWilliam187220 Feb 194775son/Richard & Selina (Noble)West End QLD
BlackmanRachel18466 Nov 191569dau/W E V & M AWest End QLD
BlakeElizabeth1895?28 Apr 18950dau/Thomas & NoraWest End QLD
BlakeNora1857?3 Jan 192669West End QLD
BlakeThomas18886 Nov 190921son/Thomas & Nora (Inglish)West End QLD
BlythRobert Robson186122 Jul 189029West End QLD
BonifaceGeorge185029 Aug 192979h/HannahWest End QLD
BonifaceHannah18511 Sep 193281w/GeorgeWest End QLD
BoydErnest Henry18879 Jun 18936West End QLD
BradyEliza18556 Dec 192772w/JamesWest End QLD
BradyJames185630 Apr 190953h/ElizaWest End QLD
BrayJames (Rev father)25 Mar 1936West End QLD
BristolCharles Phippen18696 May 192758West End QLD
BrownFanny184812 Sep 191466dau/Harry & Charlotte (Jones); w/Thomas JamesWest End QLD
BrownThomas James18456 Apr 191368son/William & Emma (Fletcher); h/FannyWest End QLD
BryantJohn Edwin29 Oct 1935West End QLD
BryantThomas William25 Jul 1969West End QLD
BryantWilliam Henry20 Jun 1919West End QLD
BuchananArchibald1877son/D & JWest End QLD
BuchananElizabeth1877dau/D & JWest End QLD
Buchanan (Loudon)Jane184425 Aug 190965w/DavidWest End QLD
BuchananWilliam Samuel187210 Nov 190937son/David & JaneWest End QLD
BulleyElizabeth184822 Nov 187224West End QLD
BurnsMary18512 May 187019w/JamesWest End QLD
BuswellCharles Thomas190024 Jul 192323West End QLD
ButcherCharles18764 Aug 189620West End QLD
ButlerThomas186919 Nov 191243son/Thomas & Norah (Russell); h/Mary AWest End QLD
ByrneFrances Catherine10 Dec 190026 Sep 193128dau/Michael & Selina (O'Connell); b. Townsville, QldWest End QLD
ByrneMichael18606 Mar 190343son/Matthew & Ellen (Mannon); h/Selina (O'Connell)West End QLD
ByrneSelina Agnes28 Jul 189127 Sep 191120dau/Michael & Selina (O'Connell); b. Townsville, QldWest End QLD
CairnsAgnes18769 Jan 191943w/James MilneWest End QLD
CairnsJames Milne187013 Feb 193565h/AgnesWest End QLD
CaldwellNina Marie187818 Jul 194163West End QLD
CaldwellRubina May189816 Dec 192226w/RobertWest End QLD
CameronEllen18436 May 188542w/J CWest End QLD
CampbellAda Ross18964 Nov 198387w/Robert HaroldWest End QLD
CampbellArchibald14 Oct 184317 Sep 189552b. Oban, Arcyll, ScotlandWest End QLD
CampbellDorothy Ada19182 Jun 19202dau/Robert Harold & Ada RossWest End QLD
CampbellJames Robert191628 Jun 194731son/Robert Harold & Ada RossWest End QLD
CampbellRobert Harold18918 Jun 196170h/Ada RossWest End QLD
CampbellRonald Graves6 Jun 192211 Jan 201391West End QLD
CampbellThomas18456 Nov 188540West End QLD
CarberyJohn17983 Feb 188486b. St Helen's Lancashire, EnglandWest End QLD
CarrJames185021 Sep 191868son/Thomas & Margurate (Turley)West End QLD
CarrJohn E2 Aug 1943h/Eunice A & Mary AnnWest End QLD
CarrMary Ann9 Apr 1917w/John EWest End QLD
CarrieConstance Mary Hope19079 Jan 19103dau/Alexander Marshall & Hannah Elizabeth (Seaman)West End QLD
CarrieJessie Gertrude189824 Oct 18991dau/Alexander Marshall & Hannah (Seaman)West End QLD
CarrieVivian Arnold William189929 Dec 19089son/Alexander Marshall & Hannah Elizabeth (Seaman)West End QLD
CarrollMargaret185730 Apr 190548dau/Patrick & Margaret (Mortell)West End QLD
CaseyElizabeth18378 Sep 188649w/John BrandethWest End QLD
CaseyFrederick Clarence17 May 191820 May 19180son/L & Rose AliceWest End QLD
CaseyJohn18658 Aug 192257h/Margaret JaneWest End QLD
CaseyJohn Brandeth182810 Oct 187446son/John; h/ElizabethWest End QLD
CaseyJuliaWest End QLD
CaseyMargaret Jane18759 Mar 196287w/JohnWest End QLD
CaseyMarie189614 Mar 192832w/JosephWest End QLD
CaseyRose Alice187728 Apr 193558w/LWest End QLD
CaseyVincent191622 Apr 193721son/John & Margaret JaneWest End QLD
CaseyWalter Hurbert Bains9 Nov 1872son/John Brandeth & ElizabethWest End QLD
ChampionWilliam Alfred187329 Jan 18784son/William & Jane (Clancy)West End QLD
ChampionWilliam Charles188119 Dec 193857son/William & Catherine (Clancy); h/ClemWest End QLD
Chapman (Leighton)Alice188011 May 191939dau/Charles & Elizabeth (Hughes); w/WalterWest End QLD
ChesneyMatthew Robinson18639 Jul 189936son/Robert & Mary (Robinson)West End QLD
ChristensenRita189630 Oct 192428dau/A & HWest End QLD
ChristianCaroline Haricks24 Oct 1980w/Samuel ThomasWest End QLD
ChristianDoreen (Dorrie)18 Aug 19246 Sep 200783West End QLD
ChristianEdwin Lawrence8 Jul 1922son/Samuel Thomas & Caroline HaricksWest End QLD
ChristianSamuel Thomas23 Nov 1950h/Caroline HaricksWest End QLD
ChristieGrace190118 Nov 192220West End QLD
ClarkeCatherine184729 Jul 191164dau/David & Ellen (Sullivan)West End QLD
ClearyDaniel186725 Oct 193770West End QLD
ClementsClara ElizabethJul 188116 Mar 18820dau/James Ernest & Mary Rhoda (Lely)West End QLD
ClementsElizabeth18588 Jun 192064w/John CrossmanWest End QLD
ClementsJames Ernest NicholsAug 188612 Sep 18860son/James Ernest & Mary Rhoda (Lely)West End QLD
ClementsJames Nicholls Ernest18576 Feb 194588son/Henry & Sarah (Croskin); h/Mary RhodaWest End QLD
ClementsJohn Crossman18523 Jul 193179h/ElizabethWest End QLD
ClementsLaura Ethel18861 Mar 194256dau/William H AWest End QLD
ClementsMary Rhoda185113 Jan 193584dau/Styles Josiah & Mary Elizabeth (Dukes); w/James Nicholls ErnestWest End QLD
ClementsWilliam H A6 Jun 1956West End QLD
CliftonAmy ElizabethDec 186718 Aug 18702dau/William & ElizabethWest End QLD
CliftonWalter23 Mar 1869son/William & ElizabethWest End QLD
CloughAnn18517 Apr 193584w/SamuelWest End QLD
CloughSamuel185721 Jan 193073h/AnnWest End QLD
CockerillElizabeth184515 Aug 192176West End QLD
CollessJosephine187220 Nov 196290dau/Henry & BridgetWest End QLD
ComerfordMary184227 Sep 192785w/ThomasWest End QLD
ComerfordThomas18373 Dec 188447h/MaryWest End QLD
CondonDora181322 Jul 190592w/PatrickWest End QLD
CondonPatrick18352 Oct 191984h/DoraWest End QLD
CondonWilliam18688 Jul 192868son/Patrick & DoraWest End QLD
Cook (Johnston)Bertha Helen189025 Mar 195868dau/Charles & MaryWest End QLD
Cooper (Cowie)Agnes187625 Jan 197094dau/John & Jean; w/JohnWest End QLD
CooperIsabella Elizabeth190622 Mar 193731dau/John & AgnesWest End QLD
CooperJohn18736 Sep 193966h/AgnesWest End QLD
CorcoranJohn1852?18 Jan 189947West End QLD
CortneyAnn184210 Jan 187230b. Tipperary, Ireland; w/JohnWest End QLD
CowieGeorge191511 Jan 19171son/Charles Calder & Agnes Richmond (Darke)West End QLD
CowieJean18438 Nov 190259w/JohnWest End QLD
CowieJohn18406 May 189454h/JeanWest End QLD
CrappNina Louisa190525 Dec 193833West End QLD
CravinoEmile Gustave184412 Nov 188743son/Alexander Xavier & Josephine A (Aneicause)West End QLD
CrawfordAlice18567 Aug 194387w/ThomasWest End QLD
CrawfordAnn12 Nov 184531 Aug 192177b. Greenock, Scotland; w/DuncanWest End QLD
CrawfordDuncan14 Mar 184330 Oct 192077b. Greenock, Scotland; h/AnnWest End QLD
CrawfordThomas18501 Mar 189646h/AliceWest End QLD
CuinaneElizabeth187317 Jun 190027West End QLD
CumminsBridget Mary185419 Jul 192066w/PatrickWest End QLD
CumminsPatrick18432 Apr 189148b. Eddenderry Kings Co, Ireland; h/Bridget MaryWest End QLD
DanielMary Frances26 Feb 197827 Feb 19780dau/Peter & Rachel (Radley)West End QLD
DanielPeter Andrew27 Aug 194127 Aug 19410son/James & Fay (Delaney)West End QLD
DannerArminius183410 Jun 192389h/MillicentWest End QLD
DannerMillicent185219 Dec 194896w/ArminiusWest End QLD
Danvers (Dillon)Frances Jane186717 Dec 195184dau/O'Brien & Margaret; w/William FrancisWest End QLD
DanversMarguerite Marie (Pearl)189629 Jun 199094dau/William Francis & Frances JaneWest End QLD
DanversWilliam Francis186517 Jul 195085h/Frances JaneWest End QLD
DaviesArthur188331 May 195471h/MargaretWest End QLD
DaviesArthur William19095 Oct 195142h/Eva AmeliaWest End QLD
DaviesEva Amelia191113 Aug 198372w/Arthur WilliamWest End QLD
DaviesMargaret18843 Aug 196783w/Arthur DaviesWest End QLD
DearnessIsabella18718 Jan 191241dau/John & MargaretWest End QLD
Dearness (Robertson)Janet188525 Jun 196176dau/Andrew & Grace (Thompson); w/Thomas DreverWest End QLD
DearnessJohn184317 Dec 193188son/William & Jane (Drever); h/MargaretWest End QLD
DearnessMargaret22 Nov 18434 Sep 191975dau/Donald & Isabella (Snoddy); w/JohnWest End QLD
DearnessThomas Drever23 Jan 190421 Jan 195368son/Thomas & Jane Swanson; h/JanetWest End QLD
DelaneyPatrick Joseph14 Nov 188416 Apr 192743son/Joseph Francis & Margaret (Madgeon); h/Jean Sophia (Thomsen)West End QLD
DennisArthur Somer20 Nov 18937 Oct 197682son/Agnes; h/Jane Lillian (Kennedy)West End QLD
Dennis (Kennedy)Jane Lillian18936 Nov 197380dau/Charles & May (Pearce); w/Arthur SomersWest End QLD
DesmondHannah Maria (Benigna (Mth M))183724 Nov 192184dau/Patrick & Esther (Jagoe)West End QLD
DesmondHenry Gerald1857?11 Jul 190159son/Patrick & Esther (Jagoe)West End QLD
Dillon (Casey)Bridget18382 Mar 192890dau/John & Johanna (Haynes); w/JohnWest End QLD
DillonJohn183411 Jan 191884son/Timothy & Margaret (Costello); h/Bridget (Casey)West End QLD
Dillon (McManemin)Margaret183528 Apr 192388dau/Matthew & Jane (Carlton); w/O'BrienWest End QLD
DillonO'Brien18369 Aug 186731son/O'Brien & Qusn Anastasia; h/MargaretWest End QLD
DoranWalter William188013 Aug 191838son/James & Elizabeth (Stokes)West End QLD
DowneyFlorence Margaret10 Sep 188010 May 18843dau/Patrick & Helen (Smith)West End QLD
DowneyJames Edward16 Nov 196814 Nov 191041son/Patrick & Ellen (Smyth)West End QLD
DowneyMichael Charles28 Apr 1921son/Patrick & Helen (Smyth)West End QLD
DuceBeatrice Mary31 May 192031 Jul 19211dau/James Andrew & Beatrice (Rayment)West End QLD
Duffy (Farrell)Catherine (Kate)185822 Jun 190850dau/John; w/MichaelWest End QLD
DuffyJoseph188724 Jun 196174son/Michael & Catherine (Kate) (Farrell)West End QLD
DuffyMichael18512 Jul 193887h/Catherine (Kate) (Farrell)West End QLD
DunnJohn Alexander187710 Oct 193053son/John & Jessie (Wright); h/Eileen Dunn (Sullivan)West End QLD
Dunne (Leyden)Bridget11 Aug 1913dau/James & Eliza (Maloney); b. Kilforna Co Clare, Ireland; w/PatrickWest End QLD
Earl (Rowe)Alice Vignette187318 Sep 194370dau/Charles Severill & Catherine (O'Brien); w/John DouglasWest End QLD
EarlDouglas Alexander Lock5 Jan 191210 Oct 199381son/John Douglas & Alice Vignette; h/Gwendoline Olive (Lissimore)West End QLD
EarlJessieMay 187629 May 18760dau/James & Marian (Campbell)West End QLD
EarlTomSep 190718 Aug 192315son/John Douglas & Alice Vignette (Rowe)West End QLD
EdwardsFerdinand Alfred Chester2 Oct 190212 Jan 19030son/David Lewis & Mary Louisa (Chester)West End QLD
Edwards (Chester)Mary Louisa187712 Apr 191033dau/John Richard & Margaret (Irwin); w/David LouisWest End QLD
EdwardsWilliam (Did)8 Jun 18873 Sep 191326son/Thomas & Amelia (Walker)West End QLD
Eggers (McGrath)Jessie Winifred192317 Aug 194320dau/William Lindsay & Barbara Elizabeth (Bonnyface); w/Henry CharlesWest End QLD
ElliotBlanche Euphemia186917 Oct 18778dau/Gilbert William & Jane Penelope (Thomson)West End QLD
EllisFrederick (Fredie)189514 Jul 18994son/John & Mary Elizabeth (Fitspatrick)West End QLD
EllisJohn185616 Sep 191963h/Mary Elizabeth (Fitzpatrick)West End QLD
EllisJohn188416 Sep 193248son/John & Mary Elizabeth (Fitzpatrick)West End QLD
Ellis (Fitzpatrick)Mary Elizabeth185925 Jan 191152dau/John & Mary (Hendren); w/JohnWest End QLD
Enright (McGrath)Margaret186122 Feb 188523dau/James & Mary (O'Brien); w/ThomasWest End QLD
EnrightMargaret Mary Gertrude31 Jan 188523 Feb 18850dau/Thomas & Margaret (McGrath)West End QLD
FaheyThomas186224 Jul 188119son/Patrick & Mary (Hanley); b. Co Galway, IrelandWest End QLD
FalkinerDaniel Joseph184929 Jan 188031son/Daniel & Bridget (Kelly); b. Killduff Hse Co Tipperary, IrelandWest End QLD
FanningFrances Pendergast25 Mar 1923dau/Joseph & Mary (Carey)West End QLD
FanningJoseph30 Nov 185114 Apr 192574h/MaryWest End QLD
FanningMary18472 May 192174dau/Michael & Elizabeth (Plunkett); w/JosephWest End QLD
FarendenElizabeth Jane27 Sep 191519 Jun 193519dau/Francis & Matilda Amelia (Vidler)West End QLD
Fearon (Slamon (Minton))Ann18442 Nov 192783dau/Owen & Mary (Hughes); w/WilliamWest End QLD
FearonJames Thomas26 Jul 18736 Apr 18751son/Frank & Manning; h/Mary Theresa HarriettWest End QLD
FearonWilliam18302 Oct 191181son/James & Ann (Quinn); h/Ann (Slamon (Minton))West End QLD
FearonWilliam Patrick1 Sep 18791 Feb 18833son/William & Ann (Slamon (Mitton))West End QLD
FenelonMary Ursula (Sr M)18807 Feb 192545dau/Michael & Catherine (Brickley)West End QLD
FergusonAllan1 Oct 188520 Jun 194256son/Hugh Robertson & Elizabeth (Ramsay); h/ElsieWest End QLD
Ferguson (Ramsay)Elizabeth19 Jul 18617 May 192059dau/John & Agnes (Gourley); b. Wishaw, Larnarkshire, Scotland; w/Hugh RobertsonWest End QLD
FergusonHugh Robertson1 Jan 185423 Apr 193783son/Allen & Annie (Robertson); b. Hamilton, Scotland; h/Elizabeth (Ramsay)West End QLD
FergusonHugh Robertson (Hughie)12 Jan 18925 Aug 193947son/Hugh Robertson & Elizabeth (Ramsay)West End QLD
Field (Shields)Elizabeth Hutton187125 Jul 196291dau/Moses & Isabella (Hutton); w/Richard ToddWest End QLD
FieldHenry Richard21 Feb 191026 Oct 195545son/Richard Todd & Elizabeth (Hutton)West End QLD
FieldRichard Todd8 Oct 196820 Jan 191344son/Henry Atkinson & Annie Hilliard; h/Elizabeth (Hutton)West End QLD
FincherDavid George31 Jan 1956son/George & Catherine (Cartwright); h/Ellen Florence (Kennedy)West End QLD
FincherThomas20 Mar 190328 Oct 193128son/David George & Ellen Florence (Kennedy)West End QLD
FitzsimmonsElizabeth26 Jul 188319 Jun 190319dau/Thomas Hamilton & Christina (Horger)West End QLD
FitzsimmonsJohn6 May 188130 Sep 18843son/Thomas Hamilton & Christina (Horger)West End QLD
FlanaganAgnesdau/Owen & Anne (Finlay)West End QLD
FlanaganEdwardson/Owen & Anne (Finlay)West End QLD
FlanaganMary Elizabeth27 Dec 187710 Apr 18802dau/Owen & AnneWest End QLD
FlanaganMatthew Gregoryson/Owen & Anne (Finlay)West End QLD
FlanaganOwen18416 Jul 190968son/Patrick & Easey (Heffernan); h/Anne (Finlay)West End QLD
Fleming (McMaster)Anne183310 Mar 190673dau/Angus; w/RobertWest End QLD
FlemingColin15 Sep 187229 Jun 189421son/Robert & Ann (McMaster)West End QLD
FlemingMary Augustine (Sr M)189728 Oct 192730son/Robert & Mary (Ladier)West End QLD
FlemingRobert183720 Apr 192184son/Colin & Charlotte (McKie); h/Ann (McMaster)West End QLD
Foley (Caldwell)Janet9 Jul 188023 Jan 195878dau/David Wilson & Lucy Elizabeth (Elson); w/Thomas (Tom)West End QLD
FoleyThomas (Tom)18817 Dec 195372son/Thomas & Mary (Harris); h/Janet (Cardwell)West End QLD
Forno (Carson)Agnes17 May 188312 Oct 195673dau/Thomas Wyatt & Sarah Ann (Fulton); w/Dominico CharlesWest End QLD
FornoAlfed Daniel29 Jun 191216 Aug 192715son/Dominico Charles & Agnes (Carson)West End QLD
FornoDominico Charles16 Sep 187514 Oct 196893son/James & Elizabeth (Earl); b. Townsville, Queensland, Australia; h/Agnes (Carson)West End QLD
FornoGeorge Carson27 May 192114 Feb 19220son/Dominico Charles & Agnes (Carson); b. TownsvilleWest End QLD
FrancisRichard186224 Feb 192765son/Michael & Katherine (Hanley); h/Annie (Lynam)West End QLD
Gallivan (James)Florence Annie28 Jun 187427 Oct 194975dau/John Walter & Dinah (Attrill); w/JamesWest End QLD
GallivanJames18629 Nov 193977son/Edward & Margaret (Ahern); h/Florence Annie (James)West End QLD
GalvinDavid Paul Dominic21 May 18891 Mar 192333son/David Matthew Murray & Catherine (Cryan); h/JessieWest End QLD
Geaney (Walsh)Bridget185930 Jul 193980dau/James & Mary (Ready); w/MatthewWest End QLD
GeaneyBridget (Bridie)27 Jun 189717 Jun 192828dau/Matthew & Bridget (Walsh)West End QLD
GeaneyMary1 Dec 188930 Nov 193545dau/Matthew & Bridget (Walsh)West End QLD
GeaneyWilliam1 Dec 188616 Oct 192739son/Matthew & Bridget (Walsh)West End QLD
GielisBridget183521 Jan 188348w/Leopold HenryWest End QLD
GietzeltAnnie18641 Apr 191652dau/Franz & Annie (Wolfe); w/AntonWest End QLD
GietzeltAnton185328 Sep 191764son/Anton & Johanna (Richter); h/AnnieWest End QLD
GietzeltEmma14 Mar 189716 Nov 18981dau/Anton & Annie (Novak)West End QLD
GietzeltOtto (Herman)24 Apr 189110 May 18921son/Anton & Annie (Novak)West End QLD
GillJohn Stewart Mitchell18678 Jul 195891son/John & Emily Jane (Stewart); h/Margaret (Davies)West End QLD
Gill (Davies)Margaret186928 Oct 195283dau/Archibald & Margaret (Edwads); w/John Stewart MitchellWest End QLD
GillMarguerite Constance Stewart (Connie)29 Nov 189819 Apr 192122dau/John Stewart Mitchell & Margaret (Davies)West End QLD
GillinPatrick Joseph18887 Jul 192739son/Joseph & Mary Anne (Beagan); h/Amy Gillin (Sullivan)West End QLD
Gordon (Armstrong)Catherine186416 Oct 195086dau/John & Ann (Kelly); b. Cavan, Ireland; w/JamesWest End QLD
GordonDaisy22 Jan 189716 Mar 18992dau/James & Catherine (Armstrong)West End QLD
GordonJames185817 Jan 193678son/James & Jane (Phelps); h/Catherine (Armstrong)West End QLD
GordonLeslie18 Nov 190719 Aug 19080son/James & Catherine (Armstrong)West End QLD
GordonRobert Kitchener29 Dec 19006 Nov 19054son/James & Catherine (Armstrong)West End QLD
GordonWilliam184422 Mar 189646son/James & Agnes (Glenn)West End QLD
GordonWylie Norman1 Jan 18968 May 191822son/James & Catherine (Armstrong); KIAWest End QLD
GrahamCatherine18418 Oct 190160dau/Mathias & Marcella (Killian)West End QLD
GrahamEdward Power1868?4 Jan 188517son/John & Mary (Power); b. IrelandWest End QLD
GrantDaniel184422 Nov 188842son/Owen & Margaret (Fearan)West End QLD
GrantRobert Daniel23 Apr 18847 Oct 190622son/Daniel & Jane (Lloyd)West End QLD
Gray (Claussen)Louisa Matilda186314 Nov 193370dau/Tiel & Anna (Buckner)West End QLD
GunnDaniel4 Sep 184612 Mar 190155son/Alexander & Christina (McKenzie); b. Edinburgh, ScotlandWest End QLD
HackHenry183628 Sep 192084h/Janet (Kinlock)West End QLD
Hack (Kinlock)Jannet6 Mar 183925 Mar 188243dau/Alexander; w/HenryWest End QLD
HackMartin13 Nov 18719 Feb 191342son/Henry & Janet (Kinloch); h/Louisa May (Sheridan)West End QLD
HadwenThomas185811 Jun 192567son/Isaac & Elizabeth Mary (Jackson)West End QLD
Hall (Rae)Margaret Johanna23 Sep 188528 Dec 195570dau/James & Christina (Ross); w/Archibald ThomasWest End QLD
HamArthur George16 Feb 188713 Mar 194760son/Richard George & Elizabeth (Price); h/Annie Etella (Trevaskis)West End QLD
HannafordAlfred James25 Jul 188022 Jul 193858son/Charles Bernard & Emma (Searles); h/EthelWest End QLD
HannafordCharles Bernard184417 Mar 191470son/James & Ellen (Pearce); h/EmmaWest End QLD
HannafordCharles Bernard1 Apr 187721 Sep 192649son/Charles Bernard & Emma (Searles); h/Margaret Agnes (Whalley)West End QLD
HannafordDulcie Ida8 Apr 19036 Mar 192724dau/Charles Bernard & Margaret Agnes (Whalley)West End QLD
Hannaford (Searles)Emma18485 Jul 192880dau/William & Sarah (Coutt); w/Charles BernardWest End QLD
HannafordFlorence Ida7 Jun 188821 May 18890dau/Charles Bernard & Emma (Searles)West End QLD
HannafordPercy10 Nov 18825 Dec 18831son/Charles Bernard & Emma (Searles)West End QLD
HannonGertrude Elizabeth24 Nov 187918 Mar 18800dau/Thomas & Catherine (Linton)West End QLD
HansenCharles185918 Nov 192263son/Hans & Caroline; h/Elizabeth (Robertson)West End QLD
HansenChristian18676 Feb 192053son/Jacob & Boden Maria (Christensen); h/Martha (Lansky)West End QLD
Hansen (Robertson)Elizabeth187111 Sep 192958dau/James & Annie (Kane); w/CharlesWest End QLD
HansenFrederick Joseph4 Mar 190715 Jun 192316son/Christian & Martha (Lansky)West End QLD
Hansen (Lansky)Martha18703 Feb 194979dau/Thomas & Winzene (Zosobucke); w/ChristianWest End QLD
HansenRobert Stanley Norman7 Nov 189611 Feb 198588son/Christian & Martha (Lansky)West End QLD
HarrisElizabeth Cecily18881 May 195567dau/Michael & Frances (Stephens); w/NathanWest End QLD
HartleyElizabeth18525 Oct 188028West End QLD
HayesMichael John27 Apr 18935 Jan 192229son/Thomas & Susan (O'Doherty)West End QLD
Hayes (O'Doherty)Susan186716 Mar 192558dau/Patrick & Ann (O'Connell); w/ThomasWest End QLD
HayesThomas Joseph26 Jan 189220 Mar 195160son/Thomas & SusanWest End QLD
Hendle (Lovell)Elizabeth Kate Wallace187325 Jul 192249dau/George & Mary Ann (Bourke); w/Henry HerbertWest End QLD
Hendle (Swales)Ellen19 Mar 190212 Nov 192422dau/William Henry & Katherine (Byrnes); w/John HenryWest End QLD
HendleHenry Herbert14 Jan 1940son/John & Mary (Russell); h/Elizabeth Kate Wallace (Lovell)West End QLD
HendleJohn Henry Nesbit (Jack)17 Jan 190325 Jan 192623West End QLD
HochruderLouisa Margaret (Gertrude (Sr M))15 Jun 18848 Sep 192743dau/Bernard & Augusta Margaret (Eichon)West End QLD
HochruderMargaret (Baptist (Sr M))186723 Sep 191043dau/Bernard & Augusta Margaret (Eichon)West End QLD
Hodel (Mills)Florence Beatrice5 Aug 189023 Dec 192233dau/Thomas George & Charlotte (Tucket); w/Henry VaughanWest End QLD
Hodel (Trollope)Gertrude Annie188410 Oct 190521dau/Alfred & Eliza Jane (Cundick); w/JosephWest End QLD
Hodel (Hickey)Johana18408 Jun 187636dau/William & Mary (Gray); w/JosephWest End QLD
HodelJoseph191810 Mar 19213son/Thomas & Oolive Maud (Burdell)West End QLD
HodelMary14 Mar 18744 Jun 18751dau/Joseph & Johana (Hickey)West End QLD
Hogan (MacDiarmid)Grace1 Mar 189821 Feb 192021dau/John Douglas & Louisa Theresa (Rolfe); w/WilliamWest End QLD
Hogan (Walsh)Hanora (Nora)187125 Nov 193059dau/James & Ellen (Leahy); w/RichardWest End QLD
HoganJames3 May 18984 Jul 195860son/Richard & Honora (Walsh)West End QLD
HoganMary Margaret13 Jul 190511 Jul 199286dau/Richard & Hanorah (Walsh)West End QLD
HoganRichard18659 Nov 195287son/William & Bridget (Fox)West End QLD
HoneAlbert Harold27 Sep 189019 Mar 18987son/John Henry & Emma (Pledger)West End QLD
HoneEmma186323 Jun 195188dau/Elizabeth (Pledger); w/John HenryWest End QLD
HoneJohn Henry186027 Mar 193979son/William John & Mary Ann (Walker); h/EmmaWest End QLD
HopkinsAlfreda Agnes190915 Apr 200091West End QLD
HopkinsAnna May6 Feb 190030 Nov 194646dau/William Moore & Matilda Banks (Pridmore)West End QLD
Hopkins (Pridmore)Matilda Banks187231 Jul 194270dau/William Banks & Elizabeth (Johnstone); w/William MooreWest End QLD
HopkinsWilliam John26 Nov 19036 May 195955son/William Moore & Matilda Banks (Pridmore)West End QLD
HopkinsWilliam Moore187013 Dec 195080son/John & Annie Lang (Moore); h/Matilda Banks (Pridmore)West End QLD
HughesCharles Leighton184013 Feb 191979son/Robert & Sarah (Goodwin); h/ElizabethWest End QLD
HughesCharles Robert Corfield18633 Jul 191754son/Charles Leighton & Elizabeth (Corfield); h/Jane Elizabeth (Manson)West End QLD
Hughes (Corfield)Elizabeth18433 Aug 193996dau/William & Sarah (Chandler); w/Charles LeightonWest End QLD
HughesHenry Oswald187028 Jan 194777son/Charles Leighton & Elizabeth (Corfield)West End QLD
HughesReginald Sydney1865?4 Apr 192863son/Charles Leighton & Elizabeth (Corfield)West End QLD
HughesRobert Leighton187124 Dec 195584son/Charles Leighton & Elizabeth (Corfield)West End QLD
HutchinsHoward Reynolds1853?26 Jul 187522West End QLD
Hutton-ShieldsIsabella20 Oct 1894dau/William & Eliza (Thompson)West End QLD
Ireland (Lawrence)Dorcas8 Jul 185731 Jan 192466dau/Richard & Mary (Shutter); b. Somerset, England; w/WilliamWest End QLD
IrelandWilliam185918 Jul 192061son/William & Helen (Rodgers); h/Dorcas (Lawrence)West End QLD
IrelandWilliam Bryant17 Jul 18952 Dec 194752son/William & Dorcas (Lawrence)West End QLD
IssittCyril James23 Feb 18867 Jul 192235son/Edward & Susan Ann (Laversome)West End QLD
JackAlexander18617 Dec 190039son/Alexander & Mary (Aird); h/Margaret WilsonWest End QLD
JamesJohn Warner18556 Jan 192165son/William & Esther (Thomas); h/RosannaWest End QLD
James (Peake)Rosanna18603 Oct 193377w/John WarnerWest End QLD
Jamieson (Ogden)Grace Evelyn22 Jul 189426 Sep 196975dau/Anthony & Mary Ann (Gillett); w/Alexander HamiltonWest End QLD
Jeanes (Hoare)Eliza18552 Jul 192772dau/Hugh & Margaret Jane (Neil); w/SamuelWest End QLD
JeanesSamuel184130 Dec 191574son/Samuel & Elizabeth (Dunn); h/Eliza (Hoare)West End QLD
JensenDenius18749 Aug 193864son/Neils & Sedsel; h/Sarah Wresdell (Jarvis)West End QLD
JensenNeils184922 Apr 192879son/Jens Marksen & Kirsten (Neildson); h/Sedsel (Neilson)West End QLD
Jensen (Jarvis)Sarah Wresdell187427 Feb 194975dau/William & Mary Ann (Desforges); w/DeniusWest End QLD
Jensen (Nielsen)Sedsel184912 Oct 192374dau/Neils Madsen Schlot & Line (Madsen); w/NeilsWest End QLD
JohnsonAlbert E187520 Oct 192247son/Frederic & Jane (Thompson)West End QLD
JohnsonFrederic184521 Dec 191267h/Jane (Thompson)West End QLD
Johnson (Thompson)Jane185017 Jan 187727dau/James & Jane; w/FredericWest End QLD
JohnsonPhoebe Amelia18753 Dec 190328dau/Frederic & JaneWest End QLD
JohnstonCharles18564 Mar 191862son/William & Elizabeth (Burns); h/Mary (De Coursy)West End QLD
JohnstonCharles18973 Feb 192124son/James & Charlotte (Williams)West End QLD
JohnstonJean May192111 Jun 19265dau/Tom & Elsie MayWest End QLD
Johnston (De Coursy)Mary19 Sep 1951dau/John & Annie (Mill); w/CharlesWest End QLD
JohnstonMatthew30West End QLD
JohnstonNeville LeonardJan 193428 Aug 19351son/Arthur Linford & Adelaide Edith (Marshall)West End QLD
JohnstonPercival (Percy)189921 Sep 193334son/James & Charlotte (Williams)West End QLD
JohnstonPeter William188216 Jul 192240son/Peter & Eliza (Thompson)West End QLD
JohnstonWalter Richard189812 Dec 195759son/Charles & Mary (De Coursy)West End QLD
Johnstone (Powell)Mary18429 Jul 188240dau/Patrick & Mary (Tobin); w/HughWest End QLD
JonesDavid18115 Jan 187665son/William & Catherine (Thomas); b. Cardigan, Wales; h/Elizabeth (Medham)West End QLD
JonesEdmund185314 Aug 192269b. Co Tipparary, Ireland; h/Ellen Jones (Fahey)West End QLD
JonesEdward Patrick189023 Apr 192934son/Edmund & Ellen (Fahey)West End QLD
Jones (Medlam)Elizabeth180723 Dec 188881dau/Robert; b. Somerset, England; w/DavidWest End QLD
Jones (Fahey)Ellen186017 Mar 192666dau/Patrick & Mary (Hanley); b. Co Galway, Ireland; w/EdmundWest End QLD
JonesSamuel20 Dec 188822 Aug 18913son/Edmund & Ellen (Fahey)West End QLD
JorgensenAgnes187321 Jan 191037dau/Alexander & Martha Alice (Thorpe); w/FrederickWest End QLD
JorgensenEleanor Ann26 Jun 1974dau/Richard & Selina Jemima (Noble); w/Frederick JohnWest End QLD
JorgensenFrederick185822 Oct 191355son/Jorgen & Maren (Hansdatter); h/AgnesWest End QLD
JorgensenFrederick John18907 Jan 194454son/Frederick John & Matilda (O'Doherty); h/Eleanor AnnWest End QLD
JorgensenWilliam189823 Jan 18991son/Frederick & Agnes (Dennis)West End QLD
JoyceJohn185924 Nov 193879son/John & Ellen (Burke); h/Winniefred (Moloney)West End QLD
Joyce (Moloney)Winniefred186321 Nov 193875dau/John & Sarah (Kelly); w/JohnWest End QLD
KeatingBernard184515 Mar 188237West End QLD
KeenanBartholemew (Bartley)186525 Nov 193065h/Mary Josephine (Schmid)West End QLD
Keenan (Schmid)Mary Josephine29 Mar 186715 Dec 194779dau/John & Anne Mary (Suter); w/Bartholomew (Bartley)West End QLD
Keir (Simpson)Annie18462 Mar 187024dau/Alexander & Annie (Menigan); w/JamesWest End QLD
KeirCatherine18744 Oct 189420dau/James & Sarah Ann (Barnes)West End QLD
KeirJames184131 Jul 191473son/Walter & Catherine (McIntyre); h/Jean & Annie & Sarah AnnWest End QLD
KeirJames Talford18795 Aug 18867son/James & Sarah Ann (Barnes)West End QLD
Keir (Stephenson)Jean184614 Sep 186525dau/Robert & Jennie (Gammell); w/JamesWest End QLD
KeirJean GemmellFeb 18654 Mar 18650dau/James & Jean (Stephenson)West End QLD
KeirMargaretJan 18768 Mar 18771dau/James & Sarah Ann (Barnes)West End QLD
Keir (Barnes)Sarah Ann184230 Jun 191775dau/Isaac & Elizabeth; w/JamesWest End QLD
KeirSarah AnnJan 187710 Feb 18781dau/James & Sarah Ann (Barmes)West End QLD
KekwickLouis St.John18659 Jul 190035son/Daniel & Caroline (Jackson)West End QLD
KellyLilly5 Jan 1915dau/Robert James & Hannah Elizabeth (Bulley)West End QLD
KennedyHenry9 Jul 18779 Jul 18770son/Thomas & Mary Ann (Lyons)West End QLD
KennedyHenry9 Jul 18779 Jul 18770son/Thomas & Mary AnnWest End QLD
Kennedy (Lyons)Mabel188528 Dec 18927dau/Thomas & Mary Ann (Lyons)West End QLD
Kennedy (Lyons)Mary Ann184317 Sep 189552dau/James; w/ThomasWest End QLD
KennedySarah Maud6 Jun 187817 Aug 18780dau/Thomas & Mary Ann (Lyons)West End QLD
KennedyThomas183329 Mar 191279h/Mary Ann (Lyons)West End QLD
KennedyThomas James22 Jan 18738 Aug 18730son/Thomas & Mary Ann (Lyons)West End QLD
KidnerJames18445 May 190864son/John & Sarah Anne (Manly); b. Michael, Taunton, Somerset, England; h/Elizabeth (Aitken)West End QLD
Kidner (Thomsen)Louisa Catherine188827 Oct 194860dau/Hans Hobortus & Jane (Green); w/Joseph HenryWest End QLD
King (Jeanes)Bridget Maria18708 Nov 195983dau/Thomas & Eliza (Hoare)West End QLD
KingRobert John18703 May 18766son/John & Ann Maria (Nicolls)West End QLD
KingThomas18468 Dec 188034son/Thomas & Bridget (Horan)West End QLD
KingThomas188030 Jan 195878son/Thomas & Eliza (Hoare); h/MariaWest End QLD
KinghornAnderson188431 Jan 192440son/Edward & Jean (Armour)West End QLD
KingsberryDorothy Sophia186627 Jul 195690w/GeorgeWest End QLD
KingsberryGeorge18659 Apr 192156h/Dorothy SophiaWest End QLD
KingstonBridget18489 Jan 192476w/WilliamWest End QLD
KingstonWilliam18513 Apr 192675h/BridgetWest End QLD
KinselTheodore189910 Jun 196263West End QLD
KneathAndrew Cameron189815 Oct 191719West End QLD
KuhlDorothy Lucy189729 Nov 194750w/AWest End QLD
KuhlMarjorie May191814 Sep 19224dau/A & DorothyWest End QLD
LaffinMary186230 Jan 188523dau/Thomas & Margaret (Tobin); b. Co Kilkenny, IrelandWest End QLD
LaidlowWilliam183619 Jul 192387West End QLD
LancasterBeatrice Maud188910 Jun 192233w/Charles HenryWest End QLD
LancasterCharles Henry18918 Jul 193544h/BeatriceWest End QLD
LandersBridget184519 Jan 191065dau/James; w/PhilipWest End QLD
LandersElizabeth18628 Apr 194179dau/Patrick & Mary (Breen); w/MichaelWest End QLD
LandersJames190430 Oct 19106son/Michael & Elizabeth (O'Sullivan)West End QLD
LandersMichael18599 Apr 193172son/Philip & Bridget (Carey); h/ElizabethWest End QLD
LandersPhilip183211 Nov 189765son/Michael; h/BridgetWest End QLD
LangdownJohn186214 Jun 189836b. Tyneham, Dorset, EnglandWest End QLD
LangtonJohn182520 May 191085h/VignetteWest End QLD
LangtonRebecca186521 Mar 18716dau/John & MaryWest End QLD
LangtonVicnette183524 Jun 190873w/JohnWest End QLD
LauferFrederick WilliamJul 189510 May 191721son/William & EWest End QLD
LauferSydney FrederickMar 192124 Apr 19221son/V & CWest End QLD
LauferWilliam Jacob187121 Aug 195079h/EWest End QLD
LawlorMary187521 Sep 191742dau/Edward & Bridget (Caulfield); w/MartinWest End QLD
LawrenceJames186512 May 192257West End QLD
LawsonArthur William190011 Jan 19066son/William & JaneWest End QLD
LearGeorge188115 Jul 196584son/Thomas & Sarah (Andrews); h/Martha LouisaWest End QLD
LearMartha4 Dec 183517 Sep 192589dau/Thomas & Alice (Hill); b. St Helens Lancashire, EnglandWest End QLD
LearMartha Louisa188125 Aug 195069dau/Charles William & Caroline (Rauchle); w/GeorgeWest End QLD
LearSarah10 Jan 185131 Aug 192473dau/Abraham; b. Bath, Somersetshire, EnglandWest End QLD
LeeArthur Stewart191825 Jan 19201son/W & BWest End QLD
LeuJacob186212 Aug 192159West End QLD
LewisAlbert1914?12 Nov 19140son/A & EWest End QLD
LewisGustave6 Apr 1922son/A & EWest End QLD
LintonKate18519 Jan 187221West End QLD
LongJames188427 May 18850son/Richard & M AWest End QLD
LongRichard184113 Jul 189049h/M AWest End QLD
LoudonSamuel18194 Apr 189677West End QLD
LovellEdith Maud188421 Aug 192137w/W JWest End QLD
LubyDenis Richard18868 May 190317son/Patrick & Ellen (McCarthy)West End QLD
LubyEllen (Helena)188813 Jan 18957dau/Patrick & Ellen (McCarthy)West End QLD
LubyJohanna18894 Mar 18934dau/Patrick & Ellen (McCarthy)West End QLD
LubyJohn18973 Jul 19025son/Patrick & Ellen (McCarthy)West End QLD
LubyPatrick186231 Jan 189836son/Patrick & Bridget (Cahal); h/Ellen (McCarthy)West End QLD
LubyThomas189324 Oct 191825son/Patrick & Ellen (McCarthy)West End QLD
LynamBessie189815 May 19013dau/Matthew & ElizabethWest End QLD
LynamJoseph186630 Jul 190438son/Matthew & ElizabethWest End QLD
LynamLizzie187214 Oct 188311dau/Matthew & ElizabethWest End QLD
LynamMatthew1830190373b. Kings Co, Ireland; h/ElizabethWest End QLD
MacleanThomas RossJan 188922 Oct 190920West End QLD
MadiganBerchmans (Sr M)185518 Oct 190722West End QLD
MadiganEvangelist (Sr M)187325 Jun 193966West End QLD
MartinAnnie MaryWest End QLD
MartinJohn Bartly194010 May 19455West End QLD
MartinLily KeenanWest End QLD
McAdamCatherine184912 May 188334w/WilliamWest End QLD
McAlisterMary184116 Oct 187837w/ColinWest End QLD
McAlisterMary Ellen18898 Mar 192031dau/Thomas Wyatt & Sarah Ann (Sutton); w/D MWest End QLD
McAllisterAngus18517 Nov 191564h/Euphemia & LizzieWest End QLD
McAllisterEffie Isabel19012 Nov 195150dau/Angus & LizzieWest End QLD
McAllisterEuphemia185314 Aug 189744w/AngusWest End QLD
McAllisterGeorge Angus19151 Jun 193823son/Angus & LizzieWest End QLD
McAllisterGertrude Lizzie190912 Nov 19123dau/Angus & LizzieWest End QLD
McAllisterGwendoline Lizzie190710 Apr 19092dau/Angus & LizzieWest End QLD
McAllisterJoseph190022 Jun 19011son/Angus & LizzieWest End QLD
McAllisterMabel Agnes19043 Oct 192016dau/Angus & LizzieWest End QLD
McCarthyClare (Mth M)18607 Sep 193777West End QLD
McCormackCyril Aubrey Roy David (Cush)13 Nov 19113 May 193119son/Michael & Frances Maria (Riley)West End QLD
McCormack (Riley)Francis Maria18803 Dec 196484dau/John & Sarah (Julian); w/MichaelWest End QLD
McCormackMichael187523 Jan 192752son/Thomas & Johanna (Luby); h/Francis MariaWest End QLD
McDonnellEdward185523 Apr 191560h/Rose AnnWest End QLD
McDonnellRose Ann184312 Aug 189552w/EdwardWest End QLD
McDonoughEdward John18853 Aug 18861son/Edward & JuliaWest End QLD
McDonoughFrancis Michael190112 May 191514son/Edward & Julia (Graham)West End QLD
McDowall1933?19 Jun 19330West End QLD
McDowallMary Marshall Bathgate25 Dec 191122 Apr 200493w/WilliamWest End QLD
McDowallWilliam Fred15 Oct 190915 Mar 200697h/MaryWest End QLD
McFeatJames18549 Sep 189743h/MargaretWest End QLD
McFeatMargaret185511 Jul 192772w/JamesWest End QLD
McGrathAnn Mary10 Aug 1941dau/Thomas & Anne (Bennett)West End QLD
McGrathAnne1841?17 Dec 191271dau/William & Ann (Carrick)West End QLD
McGrathDaniel Dennis18575 Apr 188629son/James & Mary (O'Brien); h/Mary AgnesWest End QLD
McGrathJames18308 Feb 187848son/Patrick; h/MaryWest End QLD
McGrathMary Agnes18619 Jan 192059dau/James & Bridget (Hastings); w/Daniel DennisWest End QLD
McGrathPatrick Joseph19 Nov 1922West End QLD
McGrathThomas183614 Mar 191478son/Patrick & Honoria (Ryan)West End QLD
McIldowieJanet185120 Dec 189645b. Annan, Dumfrieshire, Scotland; w/Daniel (McKerracher)West End QLD
McKerracherDaniel18444 Apr 190561b. St Ninians Stirlingshire, England; h/JanetWest End QLD
McLachlanAlexander McLean186220 Dec 189735son/DonaldWest End QLD

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