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1 cemetery found

Carcoar Anglican ChurchBelubula St, Carcoar NSW 279133

33 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
CahillTimothy James Dominic (Rev Father)1957?8 Jan 202164son/Jim & Irene; b. Wellington, NSW, AustraliaCarcoar Anglican Church NSW
ClarkEric James7 Oct 1977son/James & ClemintaCarcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
ClarkMargaret Elizabeth9 Feb 19095 Mar 199889Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
ColeAlan Raymond25 Oct 193624 Apr 200467Carcoar Anglican Church NSWGdn
Cole (Smith)June25 Jun 19392 May 200464Carcoar Anglican Church NSWGdn
GodfreyRachael1819?10 Sep 185435w/EdwardCarcoar Anglican Church NSW
Heley (Moss)Hannah184521 Apr 191469dau/Samuel & Nancy (Warren); w/MauriceCarcoar Anglican Church NSW
HowarthBrian Robert29 Sep 195828 Oct 199234Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
HowarthDaphne Lorraine2 Oct 191826 Jan 199879Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
HowarthJack13 Jun 190717 Sep 198477son/James Lewis & EstherCarcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
HowarthKenneth John13 Apr 194521 Jun 1997522781884Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
HowarthNeville Clyde25 Nov 194926 Jul 201060son/Thomas Mervyn & Daphne Lorraine (Daly); b. Carcoar, NSW, AustraliaCarcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
HowarthThomas Mervyn22 Feb 191410 Aug 199581Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
HowarthWilma Joyce23 Feb 19483 Jul 200557dau/Thomas Mervyn & Daphne Lorraine (Daly); b. Carcoar, NSW, AustraliaCarcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
IsaacAnn Eliza Grace187216 Jul 190331dau/Thomas Henry & Mary Ann (Simon); b. Redfern, NSW, AustraliaCarcoar Anglican Church NSW
KeysJames27 Aug 1861son/Jonathon & Sarah; h/Mary Anne (Hillyard)Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
Kind (Niven)Amy190711 Dec 193528?dau/James Joseph & Ellen Elizabeth (Wallace); b. Hillston, NSW, Australia; w/Thomas GrahamCarcoar Anglican Church NSW
KindEmily Mariah1 Jun 18666 Jul 195286dau/Thomas & Mary (Shaw); b. Carcoar, NSW, AustraliaCarcoar Anglican Church NSW
KindJohn187012 Sep 196494son/Thomas & Mary (Shaw); b. Carcoar, NSW, Australia; h/Maria (Furner)Carcoar Anglican Church NSW
Kind (Furner)Maria15 Oct 187211 Nov 193967dau/Thomas Graham & Maria O'Hara (Walsh); b. Carcoar, NSW, Australia; w/JohnCarcoar Anglican Church NSW
Kind (Shaw)Mary183214 Jan 191683dau/James; b. County Sligo,, Ireland; w/ThomasCarcoar Anglican Church NSW
KindRichard James185522 Feb 193681son/Thomas & Mary (Shaw); b. Carcoar, NSW, AustraliaCarcoar Anglican Church NSW
KindThomasFeb 181817 Apr 190289b. Leicestershire, England; h/Mary (Shaw)Carcoar Anglican Church NSW
LawlerMark Albert18 Feb 195215 Feb 199744Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
MoadCharles Arnold31 Mar 191316 Nov 200390Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
OrrAlexander Mitchell18 Aug 19318 Apr 200371Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
PennellDavid John6 May 193718 Aug 200164Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
RobinsonJohn1840?10 Jun 185717Carcoar Anglican Church NSW
ThornberryNorma Willis13 Jul 19377 Feb 200264Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
TuckerKelso11 Mar 190816 Oct 199082Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
WilliamsAnnis Eliza23 Nov 19133 Jul 200995Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
WilliamsWilliam George20 Apr 191426 Jan 200590Carcoar Anglican Church NSWMW
WilsonEmily Jane10 Aug 1924Carcoar Anglican Church NSW

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