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1 cemetery found

Campbells Hill (West Maitland)South St, Telarah NSW 232012240

22 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
ConlinJohn "Bob"1906?11 Feb 199589h/Vida LillianCampbells Hill NSWAng B3, 4233
ConlinJohn Francis9 Aug 1943Campbells Hill NSWAng B3, 4233
ConlinRobert (Rocky)1948?18 Aug 199951son/John (Bob) & VidaCampbells Hill NSWAng B3, 4233
ConlinVida Lillian1910?24 Jan 197262w/John (Bob)Campbells Hill NSWAng B3, 4233
CushJessie Josephine1887?14 Dec 194659w/FredCampbells Hill NSWAng D7, 25-26
FieldingCecil Louis1915?18 Aug 196045Campbells Hill NSWAng D8, 6179
FieldingLettie May1893?7 Dec 196471w/Lionel LancelotCampbells Hill NSWAng D8, 6179
FieldingLionel Lancelot1890?7 Jul 198090h/Lettie MayCampbells Hill NSWAng D8, 6179
HodgesAubrey Albert22 Dec 193118 Jan 201280h/FayCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 5, 19
Hodges (Sales)Fay22 Apr 193222 Jan 199057w/Aubrey AlbertCampbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 5, 20
HowardElizabeth Mary1893?17 Apr 198087Campbells Hill NSWAng D5, 9-10
KimberAsher1843?19 Mar 191572son/Thomas & Clara; h/Maria (Wilson) & HarrietCampbells Hill NSWAng D7, 25-26
KimberHarriet1846?10 Nov 192579w/AsherCampbells Hill NSWAng D7, 25-26
ParsonsEllen1842?19 Mar 191573Campbells Hill NSW
ParsonsHarmon1842?9 Mar 191573h/EllenCampbells Hill NSWAng D7, 23-24
ParsonsViolet Grace (Vi)1916?4 Dec 200286w/William John (Bill)Campbells Hill NSWAng D7, 23
ParsonsWilliam John1910?30 Aug 200595h/Violet Grace (Vi)Campbells Hill NSWAng D7, 23
RydiardErnest1887?5 Sep 194255h/MaryCampbells Hill NSWAng BH, 48
RydiardGeorge William1871?28 Feb 193867Campbells Hill NSWAng BH, 48
RydiardJohn Fearon6 Sep 191610 Aug 194326b. Cocermouth, England; NX20865Campbells Hill NSWAng BORDER 3A
TuckerRobert John1856?9 Apr 192771h/Mary ElizabethCampbells Hill NSWAng B10, 27-29
WinneyCharles1862?8 Jul 194179h/LouisaCampbells Hill NSWAng B4

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