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1 cemetery found

Campbells Hill (West Maitland)South St, Telarah NSW 232012240

8 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Arkins (Henry)Catherine (Kate)1841?31 Aug 186928w/JohnCampbells Hill NSWRC C10 CENTRE, 33
ArthurEliza1822?26 Oct 186543w/JamesCampbells Hill NSWAng A3, 62
ArthurJames1817?16 Jul 190184h/ElizaCampbells Hill NSWAng A3, 62
Blanche (Arkell)Dorothy Elizabeth L1889?24 Jun 191728dau/Edmund L & Georgina M (Vercoe); w/Arthur JohnCampbells Hill NSWAng C2, 14
EveringhamJoseph Oram1878?15 Aug 190527son/Joseph & Meriah (Maria) (Rigglesford)Campbells Hill NSWAng D2, 53
HillHenry Lewis186613 Sep 194176?son/James & Frances (Powell); b. Armidale, NSW; h/Susan (McFall)Campbells Hill NSWAng C6, 3-04
Hill (Young)Hester (Esther)18454 Apr 191672dau/Edward & Sarah; b. Hexham/Newcastle Area, NSW; w/ThomasCampbells Hill NSWAng D8, 14
Hill (McFall)Susan1870?10 Jan 193667dau/Thomas; w/Henry LewisCampbells Hill NSWAng C6, 25

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