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1 cemetery found

Cadow PrivateLachlan Valley Way, Cadow NSW 287123

23 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
JonesAlfred Herbert AlfredMay 1862?11 Apr 186311mCadow Private NSW
YeoCaroline HannahSep 1856?7 Mar 18603y 6mdau/Elizabeth JaneCadow Private NSW
McDonaldChristina1859?12 Jun 189738w/B H (Grooms)Cadow Private NSW
JonesEdward William1831?22 Nov 191281h/Elizabeth (Scott) & Georgina (Breathour)Cadow Private NSW4, 4C & 4D
JonesEdward William1851?29 Apr 186312Cadow Private NSW
Jones (Scott)Elizabeth1824?18 Mar 186339formerly Strickland; dau/Micheal & Sarah (Collits); w/John (Strickland) & Edward WilliamCadow Private NSW3, A & B
SwanElizabeth1851?24 Jul 189544w/HughCadow Private NSW
YeoElizabeth Jane1834?11 Dec 187339Cadow Private NSW
ElliottFrancis B1850?21 Oct 189848Cadow Private NSW
WellsGeorge1854?21 Aug 190349Cadow Private NSW
Jones (Breathour)Georgina1833?28 Apr 191683dau/James & Annie (Coyne); w/Edward WilliamCadow Private NSW4, C & B
SwanGertrude May1890?6 Apr 18977Cadow Private NSW
JonesHorace Arnold28 Jun 187723 Sep 190225son/Edward William & Georgina (Breathour)Cadow Private NSW4, A
SwanHugh1843?24 Dec 190764Cadow Private NSW
JonesJames Arthur1861?18 May 191453Cadow Private NSW
CattanachJessie1887?7 Mar 191427Cadow Private NSW
RoberstonJohn1897?191518son/L. A.Cadow Private NSW
SwanRoderick Henry1879?13 Aug 189617Cadow Private NSW
KennedySarah23 Jun 1878Cadow Private NSW
WellsSarah1860?18 May 191555Cadow Private NSW
JonesSidney1866?6 Mar 191448Cadow Private NSW
FitzsimonThomas18385 Jul 187941b. Dublin Swords, Ireland; h/Flora (Kennedy) & Jessie (McCallum)Cadow Private NSW
ScottWilliam183112 Feb 186334b. Penrith, Sydney Town, New South Wales, Australia; h/Esther (Mitchell)Cadow Private NSW

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