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1 cemetery found

Palmers OakyPalmers Oaky NSW 279567

58 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AllwoodBPalmers Oaky NSW
AllwoodBridget Murdina85Palmers Oaky NSW
AllwoodGeorge NewtonPalmers Oaky NSW
BowerGeorhe WilliamPalmers Oaky NSW
EdwardsElsie Ada1888?30 Sep 197486Palmers Oaky NSW
FergusonCharles Peet1864?23 Jul 194278Palmers Oaky NSW
FergusonDuncan1838?15 Aug 189557Palmers Oaky NSW
FergusonDuncan1863?1 Jun 193168Palmers Oaky NSW
FergusonDuncan Latham1911?30 Mar 196655Palmers Oaky NSW
FergusonEwen McColl1865?22 Apr 194378Palmers Oaky NSW
FergusonJane Virginia1848?6 Feb 190557Palmers Oaky NSW
FergusonMary McColl1795?21 Mar 188489Palmers Oaky NSW
FergusonMatilda Josephine1876?22 Feb 195983Palmers Oaky NSW
FergusonWinifred Tottie1916?21 Jul 200185Palmers Oaky NSW
FranksPalmers Oaky NSW
GabrielDoris Elsie1911?18 Jan 199281Palmers Oaky NSW
GuihotMary Ellen1890?3 May 196575Palmers Oaky NSW
GuihotStan19 Sep 1981Palmers Oaky NSW
GuihotWalter Stanley1896?21 Sep 198185Palmers Oaky NSW
HennelyPalmers Oaky NSW
HopkinsDanielPalmers Oaky NSW
HydePalmers Oaky NSW
LewisAlbertPalmers Oaky NSW
LewisAlbert HerbertPalmers Oaky NSW
LewisElsia Ada30 Sep 1974Palmers Oaky NSW
LewisEvelynPalmers Oaky NSW
LewisHenryPalmers Oaky NSW
LewisJohnPalmers Oaky NSW
LewisJohn Henry1875?14 Jan 195782Palmers Oaky NSW
MackenzieIsabellaPalmers Oaky NSW
McintyrePalmers Oaky NSW
MckinnonAlice Ann1882?28 Mar 18908Palmers Oaky NSW
MckinnonDonald Astmus1887?20 Mar 18903Palmers Oaky NSW
MckinnonDuncan1845?27 Feb 192378Palmers Oaky NSW
McleodGeorgePalmers Oaky NSW
MunroCharliePalmers Oaky NSW
MunroCharliePalmers Oaky NSW
MunroDavie DewarPalmers Oaky NSW
MunroMaryPalmers Oaky NSW
MunroPeter Archibald1874?5 Nov 193157Palmers Oaky NSW
PhillipsAda Eleanor1866?19 Dec 18704Palmers Oaky NSW
SmithAlice1877?26 Jan 190528Palmers Oaky NSW
SmithWilliam1871?17 Mar 190534Palmers Oaky NSW
SteelGeorgePalmers Oaky NSW
SteelJackPalmers Oaky NSW
TheobaldAlbert JosephPalmers Oaky NSW
TheobaldBobPalmers Oaky NSW
TheobaldEliza Jane1852?5 May 192876Palmers Oaky NSW
TheobaldHenry1839?26 Jun 190061Palmers Oaky NSW
TheobaldHenry Jnr1869?7 Oct 194879Palmers Oaky NSW
TheobaldJohn Thomas1914?20 Aug 198470Palmers Oaky NSW
TheobaldMartha Kathleen1969?17 Oct 19002mPalmers Oaky NSW
TheobaldOlive May1893?29 Jun 197481Palmers Oaky NSW
TheobaldRaymond1912?25 Aug 192715Palmers Oaky NSW
TheobaldRobert James1889?1 Nov 193142Palmers Oaky NSW
TyrrellJohn1814?25 May 189783Palmers Oaky NSW
WilkinsonWilliam JPalmers Oaky NSW
WilkinsonWilliam John1875?14 Jan 195782Palmers Oaky NSW

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