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Brownsville Anglican Church35-37 Prince Edward Dr, Brownsville NSW 25301076

17 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
ChippindallAlbert Bolaro1 Jan 185326 Sep 190348son/Thomas Rushton & Mary Ann (Herbert); b. Monaro District, Australia; h/Alice (Armstrong)Brownsville Anglican Church NSWCem I, 62
Swan (Wheatley)Harriet (Hettie)186124 Apr 190947dau/James & Eliza (Holgate); b. Yass, NSW, Australia; w/William HenryBrownsville Anglican Church NSW
ArmstrongEdward23 Oct 185614 Mar 192063son/John Edward & Marian Louise (Pike); b. Appin, NSW, AustraliaBrownsville Anglican Church NSW
FowlerGeorge6 Jan 185016 Jan 192777son/Henry & Ann Elizabeth (Gaggin); b. Dapto, NSW, AustraliaBrownsville Anglican Church NSWCem L, 71
FowlerElizabeth2 Mar 184615 Jan 192882dau/Henry & Ann Elizabeth (Gaggin); b. Sydney, NSWBrownsville Anglican Church NSWCem L, 71a
Chippindall (Armstrong)Alice Frances22 Mar 185814 Feb 193677dau/John Edward & Marion Louise (Pike); b. Appin, NSW, Australia; w/Albert BolaroBrownsville Anglican Church NSWCem I, 62a
Oyston (Mann)Martha1858?1 Sep 193779w/GeorgeBrownsville Anglican Church NSW
OystonGeorge22 Feb 18542 Jun 193985son/George & Mary Clarkson (Lee); b. Crook, Durham, England; h/Louisa (Adamson) & Martha (Mann)Brownsville Anglican Church NSW
McPaulGeorge21 Apr 186418 May 194662son/Robert & Margaret (Adams); b. Berkley, NSW, Australia; h/Ada (Brittain)Brownsville Anglican Church NSW
AndersonJohn Robert10 Sep 187014 Oct 194777son/Thomas & Jane (McBarron); b. Berrima, NSW, Australia; h/Lilly Mary (Wright)Brownsville Anglican Church NSWCem O, 21
FowlerJames18 Nov 186527 Sep 195488son/Henry & Ann Elizabeth (Gaggin); b. Albion Park, NSW, Australia; h/Amelia Hannah (Rogan)Brownsville Anglican Church NSWCem N, 66
McPaul (Brittain)Ada13 Sep 187724 Apr 195677dau/William & Eleanor (Clarke); b. Numbugga, near Bega, NSW; w/GeorgeBrownsville Anglican Church NSW
Anderson (Wright)Lilly Mary21 Mar 18759 Sep 195783dau/Thomas & Adelaide (Hukins); b. Jamberoo, NSW, Australia; w/John RobertBrownsville Anglican Church NSWCem O, 21a
Harris (Sidman)Honor Stephens1 Sep 187722 May 195779dau/William & Honor Elizabeth (Dickinson); b. Hull, Yorkshire, England; w/Walter ThomasBrownsville Anglican Church NSWCem Z, 01
Fowler (Rogan)Amelia Hannah7 Aug 187717 Sep 196790dau/John Neil & Maria (Swan); b. "Farmborough", West Dapto, NSW, Australia; w/JamesBrownsville Anglican Church NSWCem N, 66a
Lindsay (Chippindall)Lorna De Lisle189016 Aug 198898dau/Albert Bolaro & Alice Frances (Armstrong); b. St Leonards, NSW; w/Ernest AustinBrownsville Anglican Church NSWCol WE, 16
FranklinFrederick Ronald24 Jun 191231 Dec 199583son/Jean & Ada May (Burgess); b. Wollongong, NSW, Australia; h/Hazel May (Shumack) & Martha (Murray)Brownsville Anglican Church NSWCem F, 19a

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