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1 cemetery found

Rookwood CatholicSheehey Avenue, Rookwood NSW 2141202076

13 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Elrington (Mackay)Beaulah Maud24 Oct 190519 Jun 197465formerly Rutherford; dau/John Alexander & Alice Maud (Greer); b. Ballina NSW; w/Cecil Arthur (Rutherford) & Thomas LeslieRookwood Catholic NSWM2 14, 3976
GerkeOswald Lloyd29 Aug 190816 Feb 198172son/Conrad Bernard & Agnes (Hilton); h/Molly May (Madigan) & Mildred Annie (Manewell)Rookwood Catholic NSWLwn St Joachm 888
Greer (Hannah)Mary1856?9 Jul 190246dau/John & CatherineRookwood Catholic NSWM2 D, 432
HattonAnnie Monica13 Sep 191519 Jun 199074dau/William & Annie J; w/Clarence AustinRookwood Catholic NSWM2 18, 1095
HiltonHenry23 Jun 188819 Sep 194456son/William & Elizabeth (Patterson); b. "Maryvale", Tent Hill, NSW, Australia; h/Ivy May (Petersen)Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 18, 360
HiltonKeith5 Apr 192312 Apr 196946son/Henry & Ivy May (Petersen); b. Tent Hill NSW; h/Ellen Mary (Dunbar); NX149402Rookwood Catholic NSWLwn 3 188
LoftusEdward Michael1881?26 Dec 193251h/IsabelRookwood Catholic NSWM2 9, 6012
MouleColin Richard17 Jan 191223 Apr 196452son/William Charles & Ellen Teresa (Martin); h/Esther May (Nowland)Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 20, 4322
Scott (Hilton)Dulcie Hope21 Jul 19166 Dec 197963formerly Joseph; dau/Henry & Ivy May (Petersen); b. Tent Hill NSW; w/Neville Anthony Morton John (Joseph) & Leslie ThomasRookwood Catholic NSWLwn 5 1128
ScottLeslie Thomas24 Mar 19174 Oct 200184son/Ruby A (Scott); h/Dulcie Hope (Hilton)Rookwood Catholic NSWLwn 5 1128
Snowden (Morris)Mary1869?6 Aug 193566w/Joseph ThomasRookwood Catholic NSWM2 8, 0412
Tull (Campbell)Kate Agnes Mary6 Dec 18752 May 194671dau/Thomas & Mary Ann (Gallaghan); b. Port Stephens NSW; w/WilliamRookwood Catholic NSWM2 16, 333
TullWilliam1 Jul 186021 Aug 193980son/John Robert Jonathan & Anne Maria (Ridgeway); b. Port Stephens NSW; h/Kate Agnes Mary (Campbell)Rookwood Catholic NSWM2 16, 333

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