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Bowning31 Cemetery Rd, Bowning NSW 2582170

170 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?UnknownBowning NSWPres A
AlchinGeorge1884?5 Jun 194157son/Charles & Mary; h/SusannaBowning NSWAng D
Alchin (Morgan)Susanna Elizabeth1890?29 Jun 196878w/GeorgeBowning NSWAng D
AlchinSydney9 Feb 18745 Jun 194167son/William James & Jane (Johnson); b. Yass, NSW, Australia; h/Alice Sophia (Briggs)Bowning NSW
AltJackMay 1937Bowning NSWAng
ArmourColin JamesJul 1941?31 Mar 19428mson/Colin & Amy AmeliaBowning NSWPres C
ArmourKate1872?15 Feb 190533Bowning NSWPres B
ArmourKate Anna Vera1884?18 Sep 196480Bowning NSWPres C
ArmourLinn Edwin190215 Feb 19053son/William & Mary JaneBowning NSWPres C
ArmourMary Jane1880?17 Oct 191636w/WilliamBowning NSWPres C
ArmourMilton OswinAug 1802?18 Dec 180316mson/John & CatherineBowning NSWPres B
ArmourNorris William1906?29 Oct 195044son/William & Mary JaneBowning NSWPres D
ArmourWilliam1874?4 Oct 195884h/Mary JaneBowning NSWPres C
BattenMary Elizabeth1891?3 Dec 197685dau/James & AliceBowning NSWAng C
BrothertonThomas1864?Jul 191955Bowning NSW
BrownSamuel1844?23 Apr 192379Bowning NSWAng B
BrownWilliam1855?10 Apr 193277Bowning NSW
BuckneooArchie1890?27 Jul 192131Bowning NSWRC
Bush (Stevens)Barbara Joan25 Dec 193412 Dec 199661w/LeoBowning NSWAng A
CareyBridget1858?10 Feb 194284w/PatrickBowning NSWRC G
CareyMarjorie JeanMay 1937Bowning NSWRC
CareyNora Bridget1885?10 Jul 190621Bowning NSWRC G
CareyPatrick1855?25 Feb 194186h/BridgetBowning NSWRC G
CareyStanley JosephFeb 1939?Aug 19412y 6mBowning NSW
ChinHarman Norman28 Sep 19109 Jun 19132son/Harman E & Elizabeth GBowning NSWMeth
ChuckAlice1867?19 Jun 194679w/SamuelBowning NSWAng C
ChuckSamuel James1867?14 May 195285h/AliceBowning NSWAng C
CluneyCharlotte1875?14 Jun 194671w/WilliamBowning NSWRC
ColeHenry1844?8 Aug 191975Bowning NSW
CollierLiam200120087Bowning NSWInd
Coulter (Alchin)Iris ElaineFeb?19191 Sep 194122dau/George & Susanna Elizabeth; w/James StuartBowning NSWAng D
CrawfordJoseph1885?18 Oct 192540Bowning NSW
CrispRobert White183311 Sep 190067son/William & Mary (White); b. Soham, Cambridgeshire, England; h/Sophia (Sharpe)Bowning NSW
CrossleyHarriet Louisa1842?8 Feb 191876w/RobertBowning NSWAng A
CrossleyRobert1840?3 Dec 192888h/HarrietBowning NSWAng A
CurllsJohn Joseph1895?8 Mar 191924Bowning NSWAng A
DewAlexander1873?18 Jun 191239son/Emanuel & BridgetBowning NSWGen Y
DewFrederick Ruben1897?12 Jan 192730Bowning NSWGen Y
DonohueWalter Augustine9 Mar 1947son/Patrick & TessieBowning NSWRC
DwyerJames1861?25 Feb 193574Bowning NSWRC
EcclesD'arcy Dudley6 Feb 19267 Oct 195125son/Thomas & Gladys; 2/947Bowning NSWAng B
EcclesGladys May1902?11 Oct 199391w/ThomasBowning NSWAng B
EcclesMartha1850?28 Jun 194494w/WilliamBowning NSWAng A
EcclesThomas10 May 189419 Jul 198894h/GladysBowning NSWAng B
EcclesWilliam1838?11 Nov 191779h/MarthaBowning NSWAng A
EdwardsMary Ann1862?8 Aug 190038w/ThomasBowning NSWInd
EglingtonEmma Elizabeth1844?11 Apr 191167w/FrancisBowning NSWAng B
EglingtonFrancis William1833?25 Oct 191077h/EmmaBowning NSWAng B
EglingtonJane1865?14 Mar 191449dau/Francis & Eliza JaneBowning NSWAng B
EglingtonLouisa Anne Heylen26 Jun 1932Bowning NSWAng
EllisJames Daniel1875?1 Jan 192247Bowning NSWAng D
FallonEdith Jessie1881?23 Oct 196079Bowning NSWAng C
FallonEdward1878?26 Nov 194769son/Roger & IsabellaBowning NSWRC A
FallonIsabella1857?21 Aug 192568w/RogerBowning NSWRC A
FallonRoger1854?2 Jan 192066h/IsabellaBowning NSWRC A
FraserPeter21 Jun 1927Bowning NSW
FriendCassandra (Biddy)1966?20 May 201549Bowning NSWAng D
GloverHannah1829?26 May 191485w/ThomasBowning NSWAng A
GloverJohn1858?7 Oct 193678Bowning NSWAng A
GloverThomas1839?28 Aug 190465h/HannahBowning NSWAng A
GloverThomas1868?26 May 194678Bowning NSWAng A
GurnettCharles1835?27 Sep 189964h/ElizabethBowning NSWAng A
GurnettElizabeth1835?19 Jun 190065w/CharlesBowning NSWAng A
HarringtonI E1975Bowning NSWAng A
HarringtonT A1899199091Bowning NSWAng A
HendersonAlexander Henry8 May 1915son/James H & FrancesBowning NSW
KellyJames1862?23 Jun 193270b. BangoBowning NSWRC
KellyJoanna1863?6 May 194178w/John JosephBowning NSWRC B
KellyJohn Joseph1863?9 Feb 191350h/JoannaBowning NSWRC B
KellyJohn Robert1904?22 Nov 194137Bowning NSWRC
KellyMargaret1842?30 Jul 190563w/WilliamBowning NSWRC A
KellyMargaret Mary1896?9 Nov 191317Bowning NSWRC C
KellyThomas Bernard1899?29 Jan 194748son/ThomasBowning NSWRC
KellyWilliam1833?20 Oct 192188h/MargaretBowning NSWRC A
KershawRonald1903?12 Jul 191916son/Samuel Thomas & Julia BBowning NSWAng
KershawSamuel Thomas186611 Jul 191953son/Samuel & CatherineBowning NSWAng
LoitertonJames Henry25 Jan 18917 Aug 194655Bowning NSWAng D
MarlanMary Ellen1862?21 Aug 194583w/ThomasBowning NSWRC A
MarlanThomas1851?29 May 191766h/Mary EllenBowning NSWRC A
MartinJoseph Francis1939?27 Apr 19467Bowning NSWRC F
Masters (Chapple)Ada Betsy1863?24 Sep 192562w/SpencerBowning NSWAng B
MastersEdward Henry1860?25 Jun 193171Bowning NSW
MastersRobert1838?24 Nov 192385Bowning NSW
MastersSpencer James1866?21 Jul 193569son/Robert; h/AdaBowning NSWAng B
McIvorAngus1878?28 Jun 195476son/Finley; h/MargaretBowning NSW
McPhersonKenneth JohnSep 1930?11 Jun 19321y 9mson/Allen & MargaretBowning NSWRC D
MillerEdward John1863?13 Sep 192461Bowning NSWAng D
MorganAlice Anna1879?21 Aug 193455w/WalterBowning NSWAng B
MorganEmma1866?30 Oct 194680dau/William & Martha; w/LewisBowning NSWAng B
MorganLewis1864?12 Mar 193571h/EmmaBowning NSWAng B
MorganPamela1830?25 Jul 191484w/JohnBowning NSWAng B
MorganVictor Lloyd5 Dec 19055 Dec 19061son/Lewis & EmmaBowning NSWAng B
MorganWalter John1869?24 Feb 195485son/Robert & Elizabeth; h/AliceBowning NSWAng B
MulliganEdward James1900?18 Aug 191818Bowning NSWRC A
PattendenVera Myrtle1907?12 May 199386w/WilliamBowning NSWAng C
PattendenWilliam James1906?10 Jun 196155h/VeraBowning NSWAng C
PayneIan John16 Mar 195512 Jan 19569mson/Ron & PatriciaBowning NSWRC D
PayneJohn RaymondMar 1935?2 Jun 193615mBowning NSW
PayneNorman1934?8 Feb 195521son/ArthurBowning NSW
PayneRobert Arnold7 Jan 195314 Jan 19531wson/ArthurBowning NSW
PegremDavid1864?10 Aug 194682h/EllenBowning NSWRC B
PegremEllen1867?8 Oct 194679w/DavidBowning NSWRC B
PegremSarah1836?18 May 191377Bowning NSWRC B
PrivettAnthony (Tony)1900?21 Oct 193636Bowning NSWPres
PrivettEdward (senior)1844?11 Mar 192783h/Margaret JaneBowning NSWPres A
Privett (Eccles)Katherine1875?14 Jan 190328dau/William; w/EdwardBowning NSWAng A
PrivettLydia May1882?5 Oct 193755Bowning NSWPres A
PrivettMargaret Jane1847?4 Aug 190356w/EdwardBowning NSWPres A
RichardsElsie MayFeb 1892?14 Dec 18931y 10mBowning NSWRC F
RichardsJohn1858?7 Aug 192163h/MargaretBowning NSWRC F
RichardsJohn Henry1886?12 Feb 194054son/John & MargaretBowning NSWRC F
RichardsMargaret1860?9 Aug 194282w/JohnBowning NSWRC F
RichardsMargaret Agnes1875?23 Mar 192045Bowning NSWRC F
RichardsRobert Spellacy1890?28 Feb 196575Bowning NSWRC F
RichardsWilliam Francis8 Apr 1965Bowning NSWRC F
RileyJohn1884?12 Oct 190723son/James & AnnBowning NSWGen Z
RoachEdward1819?22 Jul 189980h/JaneBowning NSWAng A
RoachJane1812?3 Oct 190896w/EdwardBowning NSWAng A
SaundersonEdna1914?6 Dec 199985w/JackBowning NSWAng C
SaundersonJames E1887?8 Jun 192033Bowning NSWAng C
SaundersonJohn William (Jack)1914?10 Mar 196450h/EdnaBowning NSWAng C
SaundersonL E Les1916?1 Aug 199276Bowning NSWAng C
SearyAnnie1843?11 Jan 190764Bowning NSWRC E
SimpsonMichael William Linton1937?16 Mar 199760Bowning NSWAng D
SlaterWilliam1 Sep 184629 Jul 193285Bowning NSWAng
SmithBeulah May1918?25 Aug 194325w/AlfredBowning NSWPres A
Smith (Flower)Ethel Jane1878?9 Jan 194567w/MonteithBowning NSWPres B
SmithGeoffery ArthurNov 1935?15 May 19382y 6mBowning NSW
SmithJames1868?15 Feb 194476son/WilliamBowning NSWPres
Smith (Scanes)Jessie1835?25 Jul 191984w/WilliamBowning NSWPres
SmithMonteith Charles1872?6 Jul 195381son/William; h/EthelBowning NSW
SmithNoel CharlesNov 1926?4 Apr 19275mson/Charles & MargaretBowning NSWPres A
Smith (Morgan)Susannah E30 May 1931dau/John & PamelaBowning NSWAng B
SmithWilliam1835?16 Aug 191277son/Alexander & Rebecca; h/JessieBowning NSWPres A
StadtmillerLouisa26 Sep 1936w/MichaelBowning NSWRC B
StadtmillerMichael Jacob1880?20 Jul 195070h/LouisaBowning NSWRC B
StearClarence Edgbert1888?6 Oct 190820son/Richard & PhoebeBowning NSWMeth
StearHerbert Henry1878?6 May 190123son/Richard & PhoebeBowning NSWMeth
StevensArthur Willamore1908?30 Nov 195951h/KitBowning NSWAng A
StevensEllen1873?18 Jun 194269w/WilliamBowning NSWAng A
StevensErnest Henry1902?8 Oct 197270h/JeannieBowning NSWAng A
StevensGeorge21 Jun 191229 Jan 199885h/LilBowning NSWAng A
StevensHannah Applin1904?15 Jul 192218Bowning NSWAng A
StevensJeannie1912?3 Mar 199987w/ErnestBowning NSWAng A
StevensJohn William9 Jun 1939h/Olive MayBowning NSWAng A
StevensK R (Kit)1910?23 Feb 199181w/ArthurBowning NSWAng A
StevensLil (ie)3 Nov 191620 Nov 200286w/GeorgeBowning NSWAng A
StevensOlive May13 Jul 1972w/John WilliamBowning NSWAng A
StevensWilliam1872?26 Apr 194270h/EllenBowning NSWAng A
StreeterAmbrose William1859?25 Aug 191152son/Ambrose William; h/Ellen (Brotherton)Bowning NSWAng AA
StylesGeorge A1865?19 Apr 190742Bowning NSWAng AA
ThomasWilliam D1880?21 Feb 191333Bowning NSWPres B
TurtonFrank George1902?23 Mar 192725Bowning NSWAng C
TurtonHelen Letitia1860?23 Oct 192161w/JohnBowning NSWAng C
TurtonHerbertBowning NSWAng C
TurtonJames24 Nov 1938Bowning NSWAng
TurtonJohn Fletcher1863?6 Mar 192461h/HelenBowning NSWAng C
WadeJames1859?7 Nov 190142son/JosephBowning NSWAng A
WadeJoseph1812?26 Dec 189583Bowning NSWAng A
WeekesBartholemew1856?17 Apr 194387h/Mary AnnBowning NSWRC D
WeekesJoseph2 Aug 1950Bowning NSWRC
WeekesMary Ann1868?15 May 193062w/BartholemewBowning NSWRC D
WilliamsNath Andrew7 Nov 192313 Jun 198965h/JuneBowning NSWAng A
WinterCharles Edmund1886?17 May 194559Bowning NSWRC D
WinterCharles Robert1842?22 Aug 191876h/MagdaleneBowning NSWRC D
WinterDora Grace5 May 191921 Nov 19212y 6mdau/Charles & NorahBowning NSWRC D
WinterGertrude Ann1907?3 Oct 19125Bowning NSW
WinterHonorah M1887?13 Mar 195164Bowning NSWRC E
WinterMagdalene1846?2 Aug 192680w/CharlesBowning NSWRC D
WinterRobert Joseph1870?22 Jan 192050son/Charles & MagdaleneBowning NSWRC D

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