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1 cemetery found

Kemps Creek Catholic (Sydney Natural Burial Park)230-260 Western Road, Kemps Creek NSW 21785443

13 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BakerCharles Thomas12 Aug 190324 Jun 198278son/Thomas & Easter (Allatt); b. Tumut, NSW, Australia; h/Isabella Margaret Jane (Dowell)Kemps Creek Catholic NSW
Baker (Dowell)Isabella Margaret Jane27 Dec 190723 Aug 199890dau/John Edwin & Isabella (Harlow); b. Tumut, NSW, Australia; w/Charles ThomasKemps Creek Catholic NSW
BecquetAlfred Henry18998 Sep 196667b. Yass, NSW, Australia; h/Ivy Grace (Whittaker)Kemps Creek Catholic NSWGabriel 203, 2
Becquet (Whittaker)Ivy Grace19002 Sep 198181b. Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia; w/Albert HenryKemps Creek Catholic NSWGabriel 203, 2
Dowel (Townsend)Matilda Bridget6 Aug 189214 Mar 197581dau/Henry & Matilda (McGarry); b. Mudgee, NSW, Australia; w/Frederick GeorgeKemps Creek Catholic NSWChristo 19, 8
DowellFrederick George8 Oct 189513 Nov 198792son/William Arthur & Lily McLeod (Urquhart); b. Mudgee, NSW; h/Matilda Bridget (Townsend)Kemps Creek Catholic NSWChristo 19, 8
HiggsMaria Carmela1916?Jan 200791w/WalterKemps Creek Catholic NSWChristo 109, 3
HiggsWalter11 Jun 19124 Nov 197866son/William Somerset & Nora (Crowther); b. St Pancras, London, England; h/Maria Carmela; 6912303Kemps Creek Catholic NSWChristo 109, 3
JonesLeopold Anthony19036 Jul 197470son/William Charles & Mary (Conroy); b. Newtown, NSW, AustraliaKemps Creek Catholic NSWChristo 115, 6
RixonFrancis Bernard15 Sep 190425 Aug 197772son/William Henry & Theresa Sarah (Meredith); b. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia; h/Nellie Theresa (Kulmar); NX72929Kemps Creek Catholic NSWSt Mary 80, 3
RixonJohn Edward17 Jan 19347 Aug 197339son/George William & Elsie May (Jarvis); b. Minto, NSW, Australia; h/Stella Mary (Bousfield)Kemps Creek Catholic NSWGabriel 164, 2
Rixon (Kulmar)Nellie Theresa1906?10 Jun 198275dau/Albert James & Martha (Sutton); b. Redfern, NSW, Australia; w/Francis BernardKemps Creek Catholic NSWSt Mary 80, 3
Rixon (Bousfield)Stella Mary1928?23 Sep 200173w/John EdwardKemps Creek Catholic NSWGabriel 164, 2

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