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1 cemetery found

Wellington LawnMitchell Highway, Wellington NSW 28202204

2204 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Bronwyn Mary2 Jul 194527 May 197428Wellington Lawn NSWAng F22
a'BeckettEdith Cecilia19 Mar 189222 Aug 198593w/HastieWellington Lawn NSWAng A07
a'BeckettHastings Elwin3 Aug 189021 Aug 196979b. New South Wales; h/Edith; NX26646Wellington Lawn NSWAng A06
a'BeckettJane Hastings2 Jul 1972dau/Hastie & EdithWellington Lawn NSWAng A07
AaronsJoseph16 Oct 182123 Jun 190482son/Joseph & Rachel (Schlesinger); b. Sydney NSW, Australia; h/Mary Matilda Mileham (Kable) & Elizabeth (Hales)Wellington Lawn NSWLawn
AckermanFranciscus (Frank)1927?22 Jan 199062son/Franciscus & Catherine; h/Kathleen (Rose)Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2G25
AckermanKathleen (Rose)1921?1 Mar 199270w/Franciscus (Frank)Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2G25
AdamsDonald Bruce25 Nov 19302 Sep 198554Wellington Lawn NSWSalv A35
AdamsNelson Eli1910?14 Feb 196655h/Winifred AliceWellington Lawn NSWSalv A34
Adams (Milliss)Winifred Alice1911?27 Jan 198876w/Nelson EliWellington Lawn NSWSalv A34
Ah SeeMichael22 Oct 1986Wellington Lawn NSWAng L34
Ah-SeeAlbert John21 Dec 2003Wellington Lawn NSWAng 5L36
Ah-SeeHarold1945?4 Feb 200256Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3M04
Ah-SeeJack22 Nov 19137 Apr 199480h/LauraWellington Lawn NSWAng 3M07
Ah-SeeLaura13 Nov 191813 Mar 199677w/JackWellington Lawn NSWAng 3M07
Ah-SeeSamuel W1923?27 Jul 199572h/JeamWellington Lawn NSWAng 3M08
AhseePatricia Rose20 May 19442 May 200358Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3M02
Allport (McGuire)Fay Ann1947?25 Oct 200558Wellington Lawn NSWAng 5M26
Althofer (Smith)Alice M(arianne)1918?14 Jul 200183w/Arthur JWellington Lawn NSWAng 3L12
AlthoferAnnie Blanche1891?11 Jun 196978Wellington Lawn NSWAng A15
AlthoferArthur James22 Nov 191726 May 199274h/Alice MWellington Lawn NSWAng 3L11
AlthoferAudrey M19071994Wellington Lawn NSWPres C01
AlthoferGeorge W19031993Wellington Lawn NSWPres C01
AlthoferNorman Carl1888?2 May 197486Wellington Lawn NSWAng A14
AlthoferNorman Henry Wellesley19241995Wellington Lawn NSWGdn
AlthoferPeter McDowell15 May 19184 Oct 199173Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3L30
AmattoJosephine1942?22 Jan 200259Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3M03
AmattoKatherine Maude7 Oct 1989Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2B01
AmattoMichael1968?6 Jan 200637Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4M01
AmietTrevor Ernest14 May 192925 Feb 199464Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4K40
AndersonAmy Frances26 Oct 190113 Aug 198280Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2I13
AndersonColin Claude27 Jul 192624 Aug 200377Wellington Lawn NSWMeth C03
AndersonMaurice Llewellyn27 Jul 196418 Jun 199530son/Vic & TeresaWellington Lawn NSWAng 3M34
AndersonRichard Hilmer7 Jan 190316 Jan 197774Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2I13
AndersonVictor Allen1927?22 Dec 198154Wellington Lawn NSWMeth A33
AndrewsEric W1913?7 Jun 197966h/BarbaraWellington Lawn NSWAng F26
AndrewsMargoWellington Lawn NSWAng I30
AngellMilton Keith1919?15 Feb 200484Wellington Lawn NSWAng 5L35
Annis-BrownLeonard Francis12 Sep 194524 Aug 199347son/Percival & LillianWellington Lawn NSWRC 3E22
ApthorpeEdmund Thomas1911?27 Aug 197362h/Jean; NX200095Wellington Lawn NSWAng F36
ArmstrongDoreen Phyllis Mary1913?16 Aug 200188Wellington Lawn NSWRC A02
ArmstrongJohn1930?8 Mar 199564Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3M32
ArmstrongWalter Cameron1903?16 Dec 196865Wellington Lawn NSWRC A03
ArrowFrederick Thomas1918?16 Apr 199072Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2M20
Arrow (Allen)Minnie1883?22 Jan 197490dau/Thomas & Susan; b. Molong, NSW, Australia; w/Samuel (Peter)Wellington Lawn NSWAng G37
ArrowSamuel P1903?22 Nov 197774Wellington Lawn NSWSalv A40
AshtonGary Patrick15 Aug 194428 Jan 200156h/LorraineWellington Lawn NSWGdn
AshworthJoyce Dorothy25 Nov 192224 May 199572w/NormanWellington Lawn NSWAng 4L22
AshworthNorman29 Aug 192212 Dec 199775h/Joyce; V198106Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4L21
AshworthWilliam Norman1953?26 Jan 199945Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4L21
AsplandCatherine May1908?14 Jul 199587w/Jack S JWellington Lawn NSWAng B34
AsplandJack S J1911?1 Jun 197665h/Catherine MayWellington Lawn NSWAng B34
AstillArthur A1928?11 Jan 198051h/ConstanceWellington Lawn NSWAng I35
AstillConstance1929?6 Dec 198758w/Arthur AWellington Lawn NSWAng I35
AtkinsColin Arthur1920?29 Aug 198767NX160196Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2L23
AtkinsJ1916?1 Aug 199377Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2M05
AttwaterRobert Henry1938?11 Dec 199153Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2G40
AustinChriss Noel21 Dec 19261 Mar 200275Wellington Lawn NSWAng M36
AustinEdward Herbert1912?5 Sep 199078Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2M16
AustinFrancis T G1906?24 Aug 197064Wellington Lawn NSWAng B32
Austin (Allen)Joyce Evelyn1928?12 Jul 199971dau/Samuel (Peter) & Minnie (Allen); w/Leslie AllanWellington Lawn NSWAng 2M01
AustinLeslie Allan1914?26 Apr 199379h/Joyce EvelynWellington Lawn NSWAng 2M01
AustinMargaret Ann21 Apr 1971Wellington Lawn NSWAng A24
AustinThomas James21 Jul 19082 Feb 198677Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2K03
AvourisGeorge194012 Jun 198242b. Zante Vanato, GreeceWellington Lawn NSWAng J08
BaileyEmily Rose1 Jun 2006Wellington Lawn NSWMeth C13
BaileyJohn Oscar1904?13 May 199894h/Pearl CWellington Lawn NSWAng 2I24
BaileyKelly M6 Apr 1974Wellington Lawn NSWAng G29
BaileyKristy16 ?? ??Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3M21
BaileyLeslie William1931?5 Dec 200069Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4M10
BaileyPearl Charlotte1900?3 Mar 197776w/JackWellington Lawn NSWAng 2I24
BaileyThomas Knight1916?27 Apr 197054Wellington Lawn NSWRC B05
BakerB(enjamin) C A1894?21 Oct 198490h/ClaraWellington Lawn NSWPres C22
Baker (Cooper)Clara1899?8 Sep 199293w/BenWellington Lawn NSWPres C22
BakerJohn William11 Aug 190828 Aug 198375son/Christopher & Hilda May; b. Temora, New South Wales, AustraliaWellington Lawn NSWAng K37
BakerLance Evelyn1916?25 Oct 199579h/Lena ValerieWellington Lawn NSWMeth B28
BakerLena Valerie1920?20 Jun 199474w/LanceWellington Lawn NSWMeth B28
BakerPercy James1896?16 Sep 198185Wellington Lawn NSWPres C13
BaldwinJohn Alexander26 Nov 1969Wellington Lawn NSWAng B06
BallDoris Edna19121991w/Hubert PatrickWellington Lawn NSWAng 2M03
BallEnid Mary1912?17 Jun 198876Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2G12
BallHayden James Ronald26 Dec 199126 Dec 1991sbWellington Lawn NSWAng 3L21
BallHubert Patrick19121965h/Doris EdnaWellington Lawn NSWAng 2M03
BallJune Veronica1929?1 Jan 200171Wellington Lawn NSWAng 5K10
BarberAnnie Priscilla21 Sep 189027 Apr 198291Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2J12
BarberDouglas Leslie1935?27 Nov 200166Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3M36
BarberMichael Barry1949?4 Feb 198737Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2L21
BarberOswald Edgar1916?3 Sep 197761Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2J34
BardenCatherine Cameron1910?24 Feb 197564Wellington Lawn NSWPres B36
BardenMarjorie Cameron1913?26 Jun 200188Wellington Lawn NSWPres B36
Barker (McNamara)Alma Eileen1912?8 Jul 198169w/CharlesWellington Lawn NSWAng E07
BarkerCharles Thomas1910?1 Aug 197363h/Alma EileenWellington Lawn NSWAng E07
BarnesJames Laurence28 Dec 191120 Oct 197866Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2E09
BarrassClarence Edward1908?30 Sep 199486h/Jessie; A2599Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2I10
Barrass (Bennett)Jessie1908?15 Sep 198981w/Clarence EWellington Lawn NSWAng 2I11
BarrettCharles Thomas1887?12 Jun 197790Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2I05
BartleyChristopher ThomasNov?195711 Apr 196911Wellington Lawn NSWRC A16
BartleyEdward Charles22 Jan 1969Wellington Lawn NSWRC A08
BarwickLeonard23 Jan 20040Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2C02
BathoEsther1900?14 Jan 199291?Wellington Lawn NSWBap 2A08
BathoKenneth Thomas1930?10 Mar 198958Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2M22
BaunRobyn Margaret1944?11 May 199147Wellington Lawn NSWPres C05
BaunWilliam Ernest1909?28 Jul 198273NX152358Wellington Lawn NSWPres C04
BaxterBrian1944?1 Jan 199348Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3M23
BaxterJuanisha Anne Maree7 Sep 200318 Sep 20030Wellington Lawn NSWAng 5L24
BaxterRobert22 Jan 196924 Oct 200132son/Brian & ValdaWellington Lawn NSWAng 3L18
BaylissJohn H1907?7 Jun 197770Wellington Lawn NSWPres B25
BeggsAlexander William1918?6 Jul 198668Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2A24
BeggsDavid George1921?16 Jul 197857Wellington Lawn NSWPres C33
BeggsLionel Louis1923?27 Aug 199168h/Margaret; N352520Wellington Lawn NSWPres C30
BeggsMaurice Edward1926?18 Aug 199569Wellington Lawn NSWPres C29
BellAlbert Arthur Cecil19 Dec 19303 Jan 199160Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2G34
BellAlma Jane19 Sep 190015 Jul 196463Wellington Lawn NSWRC A07
BellAndrew Patrick1989Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F35
BellArthur James1928?18 May 200274Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2C17
BellBlanche12 Feb 19622? Dec 1984Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2G19
BellCatherine Mary30 May 1987Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F35
BellDaniel1935?18 Jan 196933Wellington Lawn NSWRC A07
BellGladys M3? Oct 1984Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F34
BellGladys Mary1915?23 Apr 197156Wellington Lawn NSWAng C17
BellJohn Henry2 Apr 190930 Aug 198172Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2E34
BellJune Rose1942?29 Feb 200057Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2H04
BellK J1930?21 Apr 200070Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3G25
BellKevin L3 Oct 1985Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2E35
BellMatilda29 Mar 18902 May 197181Wellington Lawn NSWRC B22
BellR W31 Jan 191331 Oct 197764Wellington Lawn NSWRC C28
BellRobert Andrew1 Jun 193612 Jul 199054Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3K37
BellUna May1899?18 Apr 198283Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F07
BellWilliam27 Feb 2004Wellington Lawn NSWAng 5L31
Bell-TobinRichardOct?19941 Dec 19951Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2G30
BendHarold Henry1914?8 Jan 197459Wellington Lawn NSWBap A05
BennettArthur William13 Aug 19263 Dec 199468h/Elizabeth MarjorieWellington Lawn NSWAng 2L31
BennettCecil John1899?23 Nov 197677Wellington Lawn NSWAng I38
BennettEdward Thomas17 Feb 1994Wellington Lawn NSWAng I22
BennettEdward Thomas1894?13 Feb 199499h/Ivy MayWellington Lawn NSWAng I23
BennettElizabeth Marjorie13 Feb 192924 Sep 198758w/Arthur WilliamWellington Lawn NSWAng 2L31
BennettHarold Mervyn1922?1 Jun 200482Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3H29
BennettHerbert Lloyd4 May 191613 Sep 199579Wellington Lawn NSWBap B19
Bennett (Windus)Ivy May1899?6 Jun 198687w/Edward ThomasWellington Lawn NSWAng I23
BennettMichael Andrew11 Oct 197631 May 198711son/Christine; b. Wellington NSW, AustraliaWellington Lawn NSWPres 2A23
BennettW J18981970Wellington Lawn NSWAng B23
BennisonBruce1930?2 Aug 198252h/DawnWellington Lawn NSWRC 2E07
BennisonDawn1937?15 Apr 199962w/BruceWellington Lawn NSWRC 2E07
BennisonNoel A1928?29 May 199264Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3E39
BennisonTony Lee1959?19 Dec 199233h/MaxineWellington Lawn NSWRC 3E40
BerryCharles26 Aug 191524 May 198771h/JoanWellington Lawn NSWPres C35
BerryJoan19 Mar 191930 Jul 198162w/CharlesWellington Lawn NSWPres C35
BickleyGraham John1942?2 Jun 200058Wellington Lawn NSWBap 2A37
BirchallEdward George1914?24 Apr 198369h/Violet ElizaWellington Lawn NSWAng E37
BirchallEthel May1902?13 Sep 197472w/Walter ErnestWellington Lawn NSWAng G30
BirchallFrancis Herbert1907?19 May 198174h/Linda MayWellington Lawn NSWAng I05
BirchallLinda May1908?5 Feb 199283w/Francis HerbertWellington Lawn NSWAng I05
Birchall (Lowe)Violet Eliza1910?19 Nov 197262w/Edward GWellington Lawn NSWAng E36
BirchallWalter Ernest1909?22 Jun 197970h/Ethel MayWellington Lawn NSWAng G30
BirdCecil13 Feb 1982Wellington Lawn NSWPres C03
BirdElsie Irene1890?7 Jan 198493Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F12
BishopArthur1900?19 Jun 199494h/Violet EllenWellington Lawn NSWBap A33
Bishop (Holmes)Dulcie Alice1907?19 Mar 199890w/Horace AlbertWellington Lawn NSWMeth B10
BishopHorace Albert1906?7 May 198680h/Dulcie AliceWellington Lawn NSWMeth B10
Bishop (Sale)Jean G1913?15 Dec 199481NF389006Wellington Lawn NSWMeth B22
BishopPhyllis M12 Nov 191918 Nov 198768Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2G20
BishopViolet Ellen1903?4 Sep 198683w/ArthurWellington Lawn NSWBap A33
BlackDawn Elizabeth1928199870Wellington Lawn NSWAng E02
BlackFrank Udale1917197254Wellington Lawn NSWAng E01
BlackLorraine1945?9 Jul 199348Wellington Lawn NSWRC H33
BlackburnEdwin Alfred1931?23 Feb 198553Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2K17
BlackburnEdwin Henry1894?24 Mar 197176h/Vera BessieWellington Lawn NSWAng C12
Blackburn (Frogley)Vera Bessie1898?13 Aug 197577w/Edwin HenryWellington Lawn NSWAng C13
BlackhallEdna May1907?13 Jul 198881Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3K25
BlackhallJanet Mary1943?5 Mar 199046Wellington Lawn NSWMeth A22
BlackhallMelva Rose1922?20 Sep 198058w/Shadrach JohnWellington Lawn NSWMeth A22
BlackhallShadrach John1922?20 Sep 198058h/Melva RoseWellington Lawn NSWMeth A22
BlandfordRonald Walter1916?23 Jul 199781Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3E19
Blandford (Whiteley)Susan?95?Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3M37
BlatchJ L (Jim)30 Dec 191417 Jun 200287h/ViWellington Lawn NSWBap A26
BlatchV S (Vi)4 Mar 19151 Apr 198873w/JimWellington Lawn NSWBap A26
BleechmoreKenneth Keith1904?22 Mar 198580h/Mary EthelWellington Lawn NSWAng 2K16
BleechmoreMary Ethel1909?6 Aug 199990w/Kenneth KeithWellington Lawn NSWAng 2K16
BlissSidney James1929?10 Jun 199768Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4L31
BloomfieldThyra1929?5 Apr 200071Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4M07
BloomfieldVere Mark1918?9 Jan 198970NX122527Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2M21
BlundenAlice May11 Oct 190914 Aug 200292w/Eric HenryWellington Lawn NSWSalv A04
BlundenCraig George1977?15 Mar 199921Wellington Lawn NSWSalv A03
BlundenCyril Spencer1905?1 Jan 199286Wellington Lawn NSWAng J16
BlundenEric Henry31 Oct 190810 Oct 199788h/Alice MayWellington Lawn NSWSalv A04
BlundenOlga Marie83Wellington Lawn NSWPres C12
BlundenRaymond John1905?11 Jun 199388Wellington Lawn NSWAng J15
BoardmanOswald John1893?23 Oct 197481h/Rose (Johnson); 1151Wellington Lawn NSWAng F25
BoehmeElsie Isabel1923?29 Jun 199168Wellington Lawn NSWAng I04
BolandAlice Emily1882?13 Sep 197391Wellington Lawn NSWRC C15
BolandBaby5 Aug 1974Wellington Lawn NSWAng F06
BolandGeorge11 May 19066 Feb 200295h/MabelWellington Lawn NSWSalv A15
BolandGeorge1940?5 Jun 198949Wellington Lawn NSWSalv A29
BolandJenny Janine8 Jan 196913 Apr 19690Wellington Lawn NSWRC A06
BolandMabel12 Oct 19159 Jul 200286w/GeorgeWellington Lawn NSWSalv A15
BolandMabel Mary1917?11 Oct 199982w/Wilfrid HenryWellington Lawn NSWAng J27
BolandRaymond Henry7 Mar 197226 Oct 199624son/Cecil & LindaWellington Lawn NSWRC 3E24
BolandWilfrid Henry1911?12 Jul 198170h/MabelWellington Lawn NSWAng J29
BoltonWilliam6 Sep 19326 Aug 198754Wellington Lawn NSWBap A30
BoogSandra Jane30 Jun 196310 Oct 199633w/GeraldWellington Lawn NSWAng 4K37
BoothroydKenneth Sharland1907?15 Sep 198275h/KathWellington Lawn NSWAng 2J07
BossCatherine Elizabeth27 Nov 189525 Jul 199296Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3E05
BourkeDonald James3 Aug 19378 Apr 200264Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4M25
BourkeJosephine Mary1916?9 Apr 198872w/William JosephWellington Lawn NSWRC B31
BourkeMary Madge1920?25 Oct 198767Wellington Lawn NSWRC G02
BourkeRichard John (Jack)1901?29 Jun 198988Wellington Lawn NSWRC G24
BourkeRoy John1915?11 Jun 198974Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2G03
BourkeSusan (Lorna)19 Nov 191926 Jul 199777Wellington Lawn NSWRC G24
BourkeWilliam Joseph1902?25 May 197270h/Josephine MaryWellington Lawn NSWRC B31
BowenMary1919?9 Jun 199273w/JackWellington Lawn NSWSalv A09
BowerAda Elizabeth1898?14 Sep 197981w/William George HenryWellington Lawn NSWMeth A27
BowerWilliam George Henry1904?15 Nov 198682h/Ada ElizabethWellington Lawn NSWMeth A27
BoydEdith Joan1917?3 Oct 200184Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3G29
BoydRodrick William1967?4 Apr 200235Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4M04
BrackenCatherine Phyllis12 Feb 1978w/John PhilipWellington Lawn NSWRC D24
BrackenEthel Ann1891?5 Mar 197482dau/Daniel & Lizzie; w/Henry HerbertWellington Lawn NSWAng A21
BrackenHenry Herbert1889?6 May 196980h/Ann EthelWellington Lawn NSWAng A21
BrackenJohn Philip21 Apr 1976h/CatherineWellington Lawn NSWRC D24
BrackenLeila M1914?7 Aug 198268Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F03
BrackenWilliam Francis1907?8 Jul 198578Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F03
BraithwaiteWalter1923?16 Aug 200279Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3G14
BrasingtonAlma Elsie1906?9 Dec 197569w/Ernest SeymourWellington Lawn NSWAng H30
BrasingtonErnest Seymour1904?10 Dec 198581h/Alma ElsieWellington Lawn NSWAng H30
BrennanAmbrose H1892?24 Jun 197886Wellington Lawn NSWRC D21
BrennanMaude L1899?15 Mar 198787Wellington Lawn NSWRC D21
BrewArthur Herbert3 Dec 18992 Jul 197373Wellington Lawn NSWAng E31
BridgeElla May1914?21 Aug 199682dau/Earl & MayWellington Lawn NSWRC H04
BrienClarinda M29 Nov 190320 Mar 198783w/Inglis KWellington Lawn NSWAng J18
BrienInglis K11 Feb 189716 Feb 198386h/Clarinda MWellington Lawn NSWAng J18
BrienKeith Athelstone12 Mar 189318 Jul 198895Wellington Lawn NSWAng L10
Brigg?Colin10 ?? 1985Wellington Lawn NSWBap A37
BriggsE J22 Dec 1982Wellington Lawn NSWAng K38
BriggsFrederick T H13 Apr 1971Wellington Lawn NSWAng C16
BristerFrances Alexandra15 Apr 197224 Jan 200027Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3G10
BroadheadBaby24 Jul 1974Wellington Lawn NSWAng E15
BroomfieldLaura Elizabeth2 Mar 192712 Aug 199669Wellington Lawn NSWGdn
BroomfieldW S1919?30 May 198263NX81863Wellington Lawn NSWAng J06
BrownAnthony Isaac18 Jan 20030Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4M22
BrownElizabeth1876?3 Aug 197397w/SamuelWellington Lawn NSWRC B30
BrownMargorie Alexa Lille3 Feb 190825 May 198274Wellington Lawn NSWMeth A21
BrownMatthew Charles9 Jul 19709 Jul 19700Wellington Lawn NSWRC B09
BrownMick15 Jan 1997Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3K32
BrownRenea Ann1978?28 Sep 200224Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3M09
BrownSamuel1894?27 Feb 197378h/ElizabethWellington Lawn NSWRC B30
BrownWilliam Henry Joseph13 Jul 192018 Feb 198867Wellington Lawn NSWRC G25
BrutonRonald Patrick26 Sep 192629 Jul 199669h/FayWellington Lawn NSWRC 3F09
BryantJacob Ashley16 Sep 1992Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3E10
BryantJade Louise5 Aug 19900Wellington Lawn NSWMeth B12
BryantPhyllis May3 Dec 1984w/Walter DouglasWellington Lawn NSWAng 2J23
BryantWalter Douglas1907?18 Nov 197871h/Phyllis MayWellington Lawn NSWAng 2J23
BucklarEthel Lorna1917?3 Jul 199982w/Albert EdwardWellington Lawn NSWAng 2M38
BullmanFlorence Edna1911?23 May 199483w/Reginald PhelixWellington Lawn NSWAng K12
BullmanHarold Eric190824 Jun 198980b. Cootamundra, NSW; h/Marion Alice (Broomfield); NX161109Wellington Lawn NSWAng B37
BullmanJames Merven20 Aug 1980Wellington Lawn NSWAng I12
BullmanJohn Harold1948?21 Jul 197022son/Harold & Marion (Broomfield); 2794031Wellington Lawn NSWAng B38
Bullman (Broomfield)Marion Alice191115 Jun 199887dau/Samuel & Martha (Mara); b. Wellington, NSW; w/Harold EricWellington Lawn NSWAng B37
BullmanReginald Phelix1910?4 Oct 198373h/Florence EdnaWellington Lawn NSWAng K12
BullockAda Jane1899?12 Aug 198889w/EricWellington Lawn NSWBap A06
BullockEric1897?7 Nov 197780h/Ada; 673Wellington Lawn NSWBap A06
BullockJenny1951?6 May 199948Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3F31
BullockLloyd George1917?22 Aug 200285h/Vera IreneWellington Lawn NSWAng D28
BullockLuke Hart1915?26 Jan 198367Wellington Lawn NSWBap A15
Bullock (Osborne)Vera Irene1919?15 Apr 197253w/Lloyd GeorgeWellington Lawn NSWAng D28
BurnsSteven James AnthonyFeb 200021 Aug 20000Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3G01
BurrowsErnest15 Feb 19215 Nov 199978h/BessWellington Lawn NSWAng 4M01
BurtonDulcie Mary7 Aug 1987Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F10
ButtonAlbertWellington Lawn NSWRC 2E33
ButtonDaniel Leon1939?7 Feb 200363Wellington Lawn NSWRC B23
ButtonJeanette11 Jun 1971Wellington Lawn NSWRC B23
ButtonLloyd1960?10 Dec 200343Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2E33
ButtonOIga J18?Jun 1992Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F34
ByfieldDouglas Vincent1923?24 Mar 198763son/Alexander John & Bertha Grace; h/Dulcie May (Adams) & Florence Helen (Griffin); NX196139Wellington Lawn NSWRC F30
Byrne (Boehme)Edna Joan (Katie)1918200284?dau/Ernest James & Henrietta Florence Sylvene (Gallagher); b. Wellington, NSW; w/Patrick JosephWellington Lawn NSWGdn
ByrneJohn Vincent20 Aug 192521 Dec 200075h/DorothyWellington Lawn NSWRC 3E34
ByrneMargaret Laurie23 Oct 1988Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2B35
ByrnePatrick Joseph29 Mar 1918199172?son/Joseph V & Sarah J; b. Lismore, NSW; h/Edna Joan (Boehme); NX37232Wellington Lawn NSWGdn
ByrnesNoel Lawrence2 Jan 193215 Aug 200169h/BonnieWellington Lawn NSWRC 3H20
ByrnesStanley John1923?13 Mar 199369N353092Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3E35
CahillJames Benedict1924?18 Jun 200177N153143Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3G02
CalderRobert Valton1917?25 Feb 199880Wellington Lawn NSWBap 2A39
CalverThomas C1 Nov 1974Wellington Lawn NSWAng G03
CameronColin Hugh1897?5 Oct 197174Wellington Lawn NSWPres A07
CameronIda Jane1897?3 Oct 197073Wellington Lawn NSWAng C18
CameronNorman19 Jul 1974Wellington Lawn NSWPres B38
CameronWilliam Wallace17 Nov 1975Wellington Lawn NSWAng G09
CampbellEdward1908?8 Nov 199284Wellington Lawn NSWMeth B16
CampbellEileen Olive1902?11 Aug 199492Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2B11
CampbellGlory Beatrice Hall19 Nov 1971Wellington Lawn NSWAng C38
CampbellHector Douglas1905?5 Jul 199388Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2B10
CampbellJack William12 Aug 191227 Nov 199482Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2B19
CampbellLorna Catherine1913?20 Dec 198875Wellington Lawn NSWMeth B15
CampbellMarie Agnes1904?24 Sep 198278Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2E26
CannonSarah Jane1886?5 Jun 197589Wellington Lawn NSWRC D12
CareyHarold James1918?7 Nov 199678Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2B13
CarlowEva May1904?16 Mar 198782Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2A20
CarmanBeryl Eileen22 Jul 192814 Jul 199970w/Hadley AlbertWellington Lawn NSWAng 3L20
CarmanHadley Albert1919?17 Jan 199272h/Beryl Eileen; NX58084Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3L20
CarrAlbertWellington Lawn NSWAng D19
CarrAlishia Lea1981?18 Sep 200221Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4M12
CarrArthur Norman1922?9 Aug 198866Wellington Lawn NSWAng L11
CarrColin Cyril1949?2 Jun 198233Wellington Lawn NSWAng J07
CarrCyril Bruce5 May 1986Wellington Lawn NSWAng L22
CarrEdward8 Jun 2004Wellington Lawn NSWAng J07
CarrGlenis Anne1958?23 Dec 198224Wellington Lawn NSWAng K32
CarrJessie Sarah1927?30 Jun 199972Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3M17
CarrThelma May1902?2 Jul 197270w/William EdwardWellington Lawn NSWAng D05
CarrTracey Lee5 Feb 1987Wellington Lawn NSWAng L23
CarrWilliam Edward1883?18 Jan 197389h/Thelma MayWellington Lawn NSWAng D05
CarrattArthur Thomas1924?25 Aug 197652h/HelenWellington Lawn NSWMeth B02
CarterDelma Maude1950?17 Mar 200049Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3G21
CarterEdward James1929?2 Sep 200374Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2C27
CarterEuphemia1919?2 Feb 200484w/William RobertWellington Lawn NSWAng I24
CarterIda Jeanette1907?5 Feb 198375w/James MatthewWellington Lawn NSWMeth A37
CarterJames Matthew1902?29 Aug 197674h/Ida JeanetteWellington Lawn NSWMeth A37
CarterWilliam Robert190824 Nov 197971son/Benjamin & Martha (Price); b. Narrabri, NSW, Australia; h/Euphemia (Effie) (Arrow)Wellington Lawn NSWAng I24
CarvethRobert Edwin1917?31 Aug 200285Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2K15
CashelAlbert E D1885?4 May 197085Wellington Lawn NSWRC A14
CashelBland Hillier2 May 1995h/BethWellington Lawn NSWAng I19
CashelKate May1891?18 Nov 198190Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2J09
Cashel (Cannon)Kathleen Mary1916?17 Apr 199680w/VinceWellington Lawn NSWRC D11
CashelLeo Keith1909?20 Jun 199586h/Lucy; NX86198Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2H25
CashelLionel Gordon1913?20 Aug 200188Wellington Lawn NSWAng 5K32
CashelTerence Peter22 Jan 19543 Feb 199743Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3F21
CashelThomas Vincent1913?9 Aug 197461h/Kathleen; QX16940Wellington Lawn NSWRC D10
CavanaghEdwin Percy1900?31 Jan 198786h/Eliza LillianWellington Lawn NSWAng L38
CavanaghEliza Lillian19081992w/Edwin PercyWellington Lawn NSWAng L38
CavanaghRon1934?12 Aug 198854Wellington Lawn NSWAng M38
ChalkerHerbert Howard John (Jack)19103 Jul 198473son/Michael J & Charlotte Elsie (Richards); b. Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia; h/Pamela Mary (Lang)Wellington Lawn NSWRC F24
ChalkerMaple John4 Jul 19423 Oct 200361Wellington Lawn NSWRC F24
ChandlerLloyd G1920?5 May 198464Wellington Lawn NSWMeth B05
ChandlerSamuel Keith8 Dec 194519 Oct 200559Wellington Lawn NSWMeth C06
ChapmanPercival10 Jul 1986Wellington Lawn NSWMeth B11
Charlton (Newton)Audrey Adele6 Jun 190324 Apr 198480dau/Jesse Henry & Mabel Gertrude (Smith); b. Wellington NSW, Australia; w/James WilliamWellington Lawn NSWPres 2A37
CharltonFaith1907?29 May 198376w/JohnWellington Lawn NSWAng D04
CharltonJames William23 Nov 190016 Mar 198887son/William & Ann L (Lee); b. Wellington NSW, Australia; h/Audrey Adele (Newton)Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2A37
CharltonJohn1898?27 Jun 197274h/FaithWellington Lawn NSWAng D03
CharmanRoslyn May1947?5 Aug 198437Wellington Lawn NSWPres D09
ChatfieldAnthony Griag12 Jul 1995Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3L22
ChatfieldMaxwell27 Jun 194010 Jul 200363son/Sid & DollyWellington Lawn NSWAng 5K37
ChatfieldMay Gladys20 Jul 1990Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3L22
CheneyCecil George1914?3 Sep 197965Wellington Lawn NSWAng J38
CheneyMarjorie Eva1913?4 Nov 200087Wellington Lawn NSWAng J38
ChorltonKenneth Frederick1924?13 May 198662Wellington Lawn NSWPres D12
ChownErnest Harold1926?1 Dec 199569Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4K04
ChristieDaphne24 Jul 19311 Mar 199765Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2A17
Christie (Gibbs)Mavis Lurline19 Mar 191930 Sep 200586w/Norman LindsayWellington Lawn NSWMeth C26
ChristieNorman Lindsay18 Mar 19169 Jul 200589h/Mavis LurlineWellington Lawn NSWMeth C27
ClareEnid Eileen1903?17 Aug 198279w/James wifeWellington Lawn NSWAng 2J40
ClareIda May18 Jun 1990w/JimmyWellington Lawn NSWAng 2K22
ClareJames W1892?5 May 197785h/Enid EileenWellington Lawn NSWAng 2J40
ClareJimmy28 Apr 1986h/Ida MayWellington Lawn NSWAng 2K22
ClarkAlan Bernard1919?5 Apr 200081Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3G23
ClarkPearl Florence1912?13 May 198472Wellington Lawn NSWAng K31
CleaverEdward1897?24 Feb 198688Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2K02
ClementA W Fraser1940?8 Dec 198848h/Helen; 216239Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2B33
CobbDoris Thelma1916?15 Mar 197053Wellington Lawn NSWAng A16
CobbJohn Henry William1921?31 Oct 197453Wellington Lawn NSWAng A17
CobbKathleen Mary16 May 1981Wellington Lawn NSWRC B33
CobbReginald Charles29 May 1972Wellington Lawn NSWRC B33
Codner (Charlton)Lillian Maude1895?29 Jun 196974w/William SWellington Lawn NSWAng A12
CodnerWilliam Samuel1883?29 May 197087h/Lillian MaudeWellington Lawn NSWAng A13
CohenRita Marie1921?6 Nov 197655Wellington Lawn NSWAng H09
Cole (Chalker)Pamella Mary13 Dec 19202 Aug 199069w/Ronald AllanWellington Lawn NSWRC F23
ColeRonald Allanh/Pamella MaryWellington Lawn NSWRC F23
ColeValda Mary1922?11 Jun 200280Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2H09
ColemanWilma Grace1928?3 Dec 200274Wellington Lawn NSWMeth B20
CollinsAilsa Kate1894?18 Dec 196975Wellington Lawn NSWRC A35
CollinsBarney26 Feb 191928 Feb 199879h/IreneWellington Lawn NSWRC 2F08
CollinsIrene F24 May 192418 Jan 198358w/BarneyWellington Lawn NSWRC 2F08
ColreavyMarie Gwendoline1930?10 May 198555Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F29
ColreavyMavis Elizabeth1921?22 Jun 200079Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F29
ConnAilsa June1929?22 Jan 200676Wellington Lawn NSWMeth B37
ConnBaden Victor1900?7 Nov 197575h/Ethel GrahamWellington Lawn NSWMeth A19
ConnElwin Stanley1899?7 Aug 197879h/Kathleen OliveWellington Lawn NSWMeth A29
ConnEthel Graham1900?25 Mar 197574w/Baden VictorWellington Lawn NSWMeth A19
ConnKathleen Olive1903?8 Oct 197976w/Elwin StanleyWellington Lawn NSWMeth A28
ConnLorraine Elizabeth1953?22 Mar 197521Wellington Lawn NSWMeth A10
ConnellJackson Lloyd22 Jul 19940Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3E11
ConnellJames William4 Sep 195721 Sep 199538son/Don & BabeWellington Lawn NSWRC 3E12
CookNathan Arthur1906?22 Sep 199084Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3K10
CookTerrence Hugh1910?16 Nov 199383Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3F20
CookW J AWellington Lawn NSWAng I07
CookeMarjorie Elizabeth20 Nov 191428 Dec 198369w/Noel RichmondWellington Lawn NSWRC 2F40
CookeNoel Richmond18 Jan 191328 Jan 199077h/Marjorie Elizabeth; NX112412Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F40
Coomber (Oates)Vera1902?6 Feb 197774dau/Charles & Hannah (Lane); b. Narromine NSW; w/Wallace FWellington Lawn NSWAng 2I17
CooperJack26 Jul 1982Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2E30
Cooper?Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F28
CopelinJames A1911?30 Aug 199786h/Myra IWellington Lawn NSWPres 2A34
CopelinMyra I1910?8 Mar 198675w/James AWellington Lawn NSWPres 2A34
CorbyEric James1 Feb 192524 Jan 199266Wellington Lawn NSWAng J22
CorbyGladys Ivy25 May 190527 May 198277Wellington Lawn NSWAng J22
CorbySarah Jane1902?21 May 197169w/Vincent EmmettWellington Lawn NSWRC B37
CorbyVincent Emmett1899?9 Oct 197778h/Sarah JaneWellington Lawn NSWRC B38
CorcoranKathleen Patricia1919?30 Sep 199576w/VicWellington Lawn NSWRC 3F12
CorcoranPhyllis Matilda1919?1 Feb 198060Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2E16
CorcoranThomas William22 Dec 1968Wellington Lawn NSWAng A38
CorcoranVictor John1915?23 Sep 199782h/KathWellington Lawn NSWRC 3F12
CorkeryElsie Ada Alice1892?20 Oct 198795Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3K21
CornishCarla Jane26 Jan 19770dau/Noel & KathyWellington Lawn NSWAng H28
Cornish (Downey)Ruth Phyllis17 Jun 19121 Dec 199280dau/James & Beatrice Mary (Smith); w/Sidney JohnWellington Lawn NSWAng H29
CornishSidney John1909?17 Dec 198172h/Ruth PhyllisWellington Lawn NSWAng H29
CosierKeith Gilsenan1921?21 Oct 198968Wellington Lawn NSWMeth B18
CosierReginald Charles1901?7 Nov 199594h/EdenWellington Lawn NSWMeth A26
CosierStanley Ernest1907?1 Jun 199184Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3K13
CosierVivian Arnold1929?25 Feb 198151Wellington Lawn NSWRC E12
CostinBetsy Jean1938?6 May 199153w/JackWellington Lawn NSWPres 2B04
CouplandReginald1896?10 Apr 197276Wellington Lawn NSWAng D29
CousinsMabel Annie1895?9 Mar 198084Wellington Lawn NSWAng J37
CousinsWilliam Melbourne1892?20 Oct 198593488Wellington Lawn NSWAng J37
CowanAnn1916?3 Aug 197357Wellington Lawn NSWAng E14
CowanGerald1912?7 Feb 197764Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2I22
CowanJames D1905?4 Jan 197569Wellington Lawn NSWRC D36
CowanJoseph I1896?2 Mar 197174Wellington Lawn NSWRC B17
CoxDaphne May1913?13 Mar 198672Wellington Lawn NSWRC F31
CoxHarold C1895?14 Jun 197176h/Ruby EllenWellington Lawn NSWRC B25
CoxMaxwell Francis2 Mar 19308 Feb 199463Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3F01
CoxRuby Ellen23 Apr 1987w/Harold CWellington Lawn NSWRC B25
Cox (Fenton)Violet Dorothy1907?25 Mar 199890Wellington Lawn NSWRC B26
CoxWilliam F1905?12 Mar 197266Wellington Lawn NSWRC B26
CoxsedgeJoyce19 Nov 19338 Jun 199763w/RonWellington Lawn NSWPres 2C32
CoxsedgeRonald George20 Aug 19246 Aug 199974h/JoyceWellington Lawn NSWPres 2C32
CrafterElla Doris1897?26 Jun 197073Wellington Lawn NSWAng B03
CrafterFrederick Charles1901?27 Nov 197978Wellington Lawn NSWAng B04
CrafterRonald Charles29 Jul 192514 Dec 200277Wellington Lawn NSWSalv A20
CrawleyEthel P1895?14 Aug 197580Wellington Lawn NSWRC D33
Crawley (Zell)Lillian May5 Jul 19112 Sep 198877Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3K29
CrazeBarry1946?25 Feb 200053Wellington Lawn NSWBap B05
CreanClarence George1903?30 Nov 198279Wellington Lawn NSWSalv A38
CreanClifton1899?9 Jan 197575h/MatildaWellington Lawn NSWRC D31
CreanIda Merle1910?12 Sep 199585Wellington Lawn NSWSalv A38
CreanJeremey NeilJun 199010 Oct 19900Wellington Lawn NSWPres D01
CreanKevin J1935?28 Dec 199459Wellington Lawn NSWSalv A10
Crean (Zaia)Matilda1903?8 Apr 199289w/CliftonWellington Lawn NSWRC D31
Crean-HardingZ L31 Dec 1994Wellington Lawn NSWAng K38
CreswellJean Kay1946?6 Aug 197226Wellington Lawn NSWRC C02
CrickAlma Grace27 Jun 1976w/Thomas FrancisWellington Lawn NSWRC 2D02
CrickAnne Veronica1898?28 Nov 198284w/Patrick DavidWellington Lawn NSWRC 2E05
CrickPatrick David1903?5 Nov 198077h/Anne VeronicaWellington Lawn NSWRC 2E05
CrickThomas Francis6 Apr 1982h/Alma GraceWellington Lawn NSWRC 2D02
Crockett (Palmer)Alma Emily1901?4 Feb 198381w/William FWellington Lawn NSWAng C33
CrockettCaroline Clara2 Oct 190127 Nov 199190Wellington Lawn NSWAng 3L14
CrockettElaine1929?27 Nov 197647Wellington Lawn NSWAng C33
CrockettRobert Bruce1878?10 Oct 197395Wellington Lawn NSWPres A19
CrockettWilliam Francis1897?19 Dec 197174h/Alma EmilyWellington Lawn NSWAng C34
CrosslandJ E A1911?4 Feb 197563h/JoyceWellington Lawn NSWRC D18
CrosslandJoyce1914?16 Nov 198874w/ErnieWellington Lawn NSWRC D18
CrossleyThomas16 Jul 1969Wellington Lawn NSWRC A22
CroweFrancis Leslie1910?4 Jul 199181NX152355Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2A12
CroweIsabelle Margaret1915?5 Sep 199782Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2A11
CroweLancelot Eugene1918?16 Aug 199678h/Edna; NX26423Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3F11
CullenHarold John1940?12 May 197131h/JeanetteWellington Lawn NSWAng C20
CummingsArthur18 Dec 1968Wellington Lawn NSWRC A04
CummingsJacob James6 Mar 200110 Mar 20010Wellington Lawn NSWBap B27
CummingsJoseph Francis1915?15 Dec 197661Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2D14
CummingsMaude Kathleen21 Feb 192011 Sep 200181Wellington Lawn NSWAng 4M16
CummingsSarah20 Apr 1991Wellington Lawn NSWRC H14
CunninghamAnthony Gerard (Tony)14 Aug 19621 Mar 200542Wellington Lawn NSWRC 4E20
CunninghamEllen Jane1902?1 Aug 198785Wellington Lawn NSWAng L02
CunninghamJohn James27 Jul 192812 Aug 199567Wellington Lawn NSWRC 3E07
CunynghameMalcolm1921?28 Dec 198059h/Thelma JoanWellington Lawn NSWAng I13
CunynghameMarcia Anne1956?21 Feb 199235Wellington Lawn NSWRC H21
CunynghameThelma Joan1930?25 Feb 200271w/MalcolmWellington Lawn NSWAng I13
CurlHenry Almar7 Apr 1983Wellington Lawn NSWAng J03
Curr (Austin)Jessie Evelyn May6 May 191616 May 200286w/Sidney William HenryWellington Lawn NSWAng E38
CurrSidney William Henry14 Jun 190921 Sep 197263b. London, England; h/Jessie Evelyn MayWellington Lawn NSWAng E38
CurreyMaxwell1950?24 May 198131Wellington Lawn NSWPres B01
Curtis (Taylor)LindaWellington Lawn NSWAng C19
DaleyElizabeth Ann1907?21 Jun 198780Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F31
DaleyMartha Matilda1 Jun 1969Wellington Lawn NSWAng A01
DaleyMichael1 Aug 192420 Feb 198459Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2F23
DaleyStewart1943?29 Dec 197128Wellington Lawn NSWRC B16
DalyMaurice Anthony1920?3 Apr 200080NX82426Wellington Lawn NSWPres 2C28
DarneyC E7 Dec 191224 Sep 198774Wellington Lawn NSWAng L15
DarneyFlorence Ruth1893?21 May 198390Wellington Lawn NSWAng K20
DarneyRose Christina4 Apr 192623 Jun 198356dau/James William John & Christina Maud (Chiddy); b. Tahmoor, NSW, Australia; w/Wilfred RonaldWellington Lawn NSWPres D18
Darney-ShawEmily Marjorie1911?4 Oct 199483Wellington Lawn NSWPres D20
DaveyAllan Charles1910?20 Dec 199787h/Nellie EileenWellington Lawn NSWAng 4L27
DaveyNellie Eileen1908?14 Feb 200192w/Allan CharlesWellington Lawn NSWAng 4L26
DavidsonFrank Alexander1900?9 Jan 196968Wellington Lawn NSWAng A34
DavidsonKathleen Alice1917?14 Apr 198972w/WilliamWellington Lawn NSWRC C13
DavidsonWilliam1907?6 Jun 197366h/Kathleen AWellington Lawn NSWRC C13
DavisCecil Herbert1900?14 Apr 198282h/ElizabethWellington Lawn NSWRC D04
DavisDonald Cecil1924?29 Apr 198662N445239Wellington Lawn NSWRC F35
DavisElizabeth1900?19 Dec 197373w/Cecil HerbertWellington Lawn NSWRC D04
DavisHenry Oswald25 Jun 1985Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2J02
DavisMabel Irene1902?22 Nov 198684Wellington Lawn NSWAng L28
DavisMervyn James1908?14 Jan 198071Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2E15
DavisSamuel George10 Jun 1988son/David & EdithWellington Lawn NSWSalv A33
DavisValmond L1914?8 Jan 198873Wellington Lawn NSWRC 2G16
DawsonDaphne Edna1933?22 Feb 198753Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2L22
DawsonMargaret Ann1884?21 Mar 196984Wellington Lawn NSWRC A12
DawsonRose I1900?3 Dec 197676Wellington Lawn NSWRC A30
DawsonThomas J J1887?7 Feb 197082Wellington Lawn NSWRC A29
DeanFlora Amelia1892?19 Jan 197784w/Sidney GrahamWellington Lawn NSWAng G21
DempseyHilda I(sabel)1900?18 Jun 198585w/JohnWellington Lawn NSWAng K23
DempseyJohn1902?15 Dec 198381h/Hilda IsabelWellington Lawn NSWAng K22
Denham (Wright)Leila Lillian7 Mar 191027 Jul 197868dau/Amelia AnnWellington Lawn NSWAng 2J29
DenhamThomas1906?29 Dec 197973Wellington Lawn NSWAng 2J29
DenleyPeggy1924?8 Dec 200379Wellington Lawn NSWAng 5L14
DennisPamela Denise23 Oct 194713 Dec 199548Wellington Lawn NSWGdn

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