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Jerry BaileyShoalhaven Heads NSW 253584

84 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Amatto8 Sep 18988 Sep 18980son/William & CarolineJerry Bailey NSWCem
AmattoAda1901?15 Mar 19065dau/Enoch & HelenJerry Bailey NSWCem
AmattoCatherine1895?3 Oct 18950dau/Joseph M & LillyJerry Bailey NSWCem
AmattoCatherine1902?11 Jan 19031dau/Thomas & EllenJerry Bailey NSWCem
AmattoEllen1893?31 May 18985dau/Thomas & EllenJerry Bailey NSWCem
AmattoJane1850?16 Oct 188636dau/John & LouisaJerry Bailey NSWCem
AmattoJohn1825?3 Apr 190075Jerry Bailey NSWCem
AmattoJohn1853?24 Aug 186613son/John & SusannahJerry Bailey NSWCem
AmattoJohn1885?4 Feb 18850son/Charles & MinnieJerry Bailey NSWCem
AmattoJohn T1891?31 Jan 18943son/William & CarolineJerry Bailey NSWCem
AmattoJoseph M1896?25 Aug 18960son/Joseph M & LillyJerry Bailey NSWCem
AmattoWilliam1885?9 Sep 18850son/Enoch & JaneJerry Bailey NSWCem
AntiesSusan1819?9 May 185637dau/George & SusanJerry Bailey NSWCem
ArdlerFrederick1826?7 Apr 190377Jerry Bailey NSWCem
BloxumSusan1846?9 Dec 188640dau/Thomas N & MaryJerry Bailey NSWCem
BloxumSusan1846?188640Jerry Bailey NSW
CarpenterSusan1897?21 Jun 18970dau/Henry & SusanJerry Bailey NSWCem
ChaterRichard1797?12 Jun 188386Jerry Bailey NSWCem
ChisnallEleanor A1888?3 Apr 18880dau/John & EmonaJerry Bailey NSWCem
ChisnallEllen1889?17 Oct 18967dau/John W & ElizabethJerry Bailey NSWCem
CollinsCatherine O1885?29 Jun 18850dau/Joseph & ElizabethJerry Bailey NSWCem
CollinsGeorge1880?21 Apr 190121son/George & JuliaJerry Bailey NSWCem
DavisMary J1869?4 Nov 188920dau/Robert & CarolineJerry Bailey NSWCem
DicksonAda1894?28 Mar 18951dau/John & Mary AJerry Bailey NSWCem
DicksonElizabeth1895?25 Feb 18950dau/John & MargaretJerry Bailey NSWCem
DixonAnnie1887?10 Aug 190417dau/William & EllenJerry Bailey NSWCem
DixonEmily1891?3 Apr 18921dau/Thomas & Mary AJerry Bailey NSWCem
DixonJanet1898?14 Dec 19002dau/Thomas & Mary AJerry Bailey NSWCem
DixonJohn1892?29 Nov 18931son/Thomas & Mary AJerry Bailey NSWCem
DixonWilliam1836?5 Jun 186630son/Mary AJerry Bailey NSWCem
DixonWilliam1861?14 Feb 188928son/William & Mary AJerry Bailey NSWCem
Dobson (Sullivan)Ann1828?16 Dec 188456Jerry Bailey NSWCem
EdwardsCaroline1900?27 Feb 19000dau/AnnieJerry Bailey NSWCem
FergusonWilliam1801?11 Sep 186261Jerry Bailey NSWCem
FosterDaisy J L1901?22 Jan 19010dau/Francis A & JemimaJerry Bailey NSWCem
GreerThomas1799?4 Jun 184142Jerry Bailey NSW
HawkenJohn1825?30 Jul 189570son/FrancisJerry Bailey NSWCem
HeavensJames J1811?2 Dec 188978Jerry Bailey NSWCem
HoldenAlbert H1866?5 Aug 18660son/William & JaneJerry Bailey NSWCem
JudsonEdward1874?25 Mar 18740son/John & EmilyJerry Bailey NSWCem
JudsonEsther1880?27 Oct 189818dau/John & EmilyJerry Bailey NSWCem
JudsonJohn1843?13 Feb 190865son/William & MaryJerry Bailey NSWCem
JudsonThomas1884?13 Apr 18851son/John & EmilyJerry Bailey NSWCem
JudsonWilliam1814?30 Jan 190187son/WilliamJerry Bailey NSWCem
LangleyCharles18647 Sep 18640son/Charles & Emma (Shergold); b. Shoalhaven, NSWJerry Bailey NSWCem
LangleyCharles1888?18880Jerry Bailey NSW
LangleyCharles H1866?7 Feb 18660son/Charles & EmmaJerry Bailey NSWCem
LangleySarah A1862?6 Jan 18664dau/Charles & EmmaJerry Bailey NSWCem
LongbottomEllen1888?18 Jun 18880dau/James & MavisJerry Bailey NSWCem
LongbottomEsau1817?14 Aug 187962son/Joseph & SarahJerry Bailey NSWCem
LongbottomEsau9 May 185625 Dec 18960ch/George & Catherine (Lippear); b. Bolong, NSW, Australia; spouse/Mary (Russell)Jerry Bailey NSWCem
LongbottomHannah J1855?31 Dec 189338dau/William & MaryJerry Bailey NSWCem
LongbottomJames1853?19 Sep 189542son/Esau & KateJerry Bailey NSWCem
LongbottomJames1889?9 Nov 18923son/James & MariaJerry Bailey NSWCem
LongbottomJohn1873?14 Jun 18730son/John & MinnieJerry Bailey NSWCem
LongbottomJohn1882?7 Oct 18820son/George & AnnJerry Bailey NSWCem
MethvenElizabeth Isabella1897?13 Dec 19025dau/Thomas & Florence AJerry Bailey NSWCem
MooreJulia1864?28 Sep 189228dau/George & JessieJerry Bailey NSWCem
MooreMary1883?3 Mar 191229dau/Billy & NellieJerry Bailey NSWCem
MorganBridget1830Jerry Bailey NSW
MoroneyMary1828?15 Oct 190577dau/John & EllenJerry Bailey NSWCem
NippleGeorge1823?7 Feb 190885h/JessieJerry Bailey NSWCem
NippleJessie1820?10 Aug 189070dau/Jennie; w/GeorgeJerry Bailey NSWCem
NixonHarriet1811?12 Sep 187968Jerry Bailey NSWCem
PembertonHenry S1840?25 Oct 188545son/SamuelJerry Bailey NSWCem
RadnorCaroline1888?4 Jul 18880dau/John & Adeline Blanche (Williams)Jerry Bailey NSWCem
RadnorJohn1840?28 Jun 189151son/John & Mary; b. Leominster Herefordshire, England; h/Adeline Blanche (Williams)Jerry Bailey NSWCem
RadnorLloyd William188224 Jan 18907son/John & Adeline Blanche (Williams); b. Sydney NSW, AustraliaJerry Bailey NSWCem
SaundersArchibald1879?17 Feb 189819son/Prince A & ElizaJerry Bailey NSWCem
SecombeHerbert B1887?24 Jun 18881son/E & LucyJerry Bailey NSWCem
SimsAgnes1870?5 Jun 188515dau/John & LucyJerry Bailey NSWCem
SimsHenry1883?10 Oct 18830son/Henry & Mary AJerry Bailey NSWCem
SmithSarah E1863?9 Apr 189027dau/George R & Sarah EJerry Bailey NSWCem
SteeleWilliam1837?23 May 191780Jerry Bailey NSWCem
SuttonAlfred J1881?5 Jun 190524son/John & SusannahJerry Bailey NSWCem
SuttonAnnie1858?24 Mar 188830dau/John & SusannahJerry Bailey NSWCem
SuttonJohn1874?25 Apr 18751son/John & SusannahJerry Bailey NSWCem
TottonCharles1810?7 Oct 190393Jerry Bailey NSWCem
TummelAlice1857?9 Nov 188528dau/JohnJerry Bailey NSWCem
TummelPhillip1855?11 Nov 188530son/JosephJerry Bailey NSWCem
WareJohn1809?27 Feb 188576Jerry Bailey NSWCem
WattsJane1852?18530Jerry Bailey NSW
WeeksJohn1807?2 Jan 187770son/JohnJerry Bailey NSWCem
WellingtonJoseph1894?9 Jun 18940son/John & Elizabeth M AJerry Bailey NSWCem

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