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BembokaSnowy Mountains Highway, Bemboka NSW 255022

22 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Adrian NormanAlcockBemboka NSW
AlcockArthur Albert8 Apr 186830 Dec 194072son/Arthur & Elizabeth Jane (Hammond); b. Candelo, NSW, Australia; h/Beatrice Catherine S (Groves) & Mabel Sylvia (Groves)Bemboka NSW
Alcock (Groves)Beatrice Catherine S18835 Jul 190522dau/James Thomas & Johanna (Lonergan); b. Bombala, NSW, Australia; w/Arthur AlbertBemboka NSW
Alcock (Gorman)Bertha Jane18915 Sep 195160dau/James Joseph & Jane (Power); b. Bombala, NSW, Australia; w/JohnBemboka NSW
AlcockCharles Arnold25 Jan 18759 Apr 195883son/Arthur & Elizabeth Jane (Hammond); b. Tantawanglo, NSW, Australia; h/Mary Ann (Blyton)Bemboka NSW
AlcockDoris M21 Nov 190310 Dec 19030dau/Frederick Adolphus & Sarah (Keys); b. Bemboka, NSW, AustraliaBemboka NSW
Alcock (Blyton)Eliza Jane8 Apr 186311 Mar 194076dau/John & Catherine Elizabeth Esther (Wright); b. Boloco, NSW, Australia; w/Joseph HerbertBemboka NSW
AlcockFrederick14 Jul 18078 Aug 186962b. Redditch, Worcestershire, England; h/Mary Ann (Green)Bemboka NSW
AlcockHilary Charles10 Jan 190010 Dec 196363son/Charles Arnold & Mary Ann (Blyton); b. Nimmitabel, NSW, Australia; h/Violet Lydia (Pearson)Bemboka NSW
AlcockJoseph Herbert13 Oct 186217 Jan 194380son/Arthur & Elizabeth Jane (Hammond); b. Nimmitabel, NSW, Australia; h/Eliza Jane (Blyton)Bemboka NSW
Alcock (Blyton)Mary Ann26 Jan 187331 Mar 193158dau/William & Susan (Jackson); b. Arable, NSW, Australia; w/Charles ArnoldBemboka NSW
AlcockPhyllis M21 Nov 19032 Dec 19030dau/Frederick Adolphus & Sarah (Keys); b. Bemboka, NSW, AustraliaBemboka NSW
AlcockRuby A13 Oct 19022 Dec 19020dau/Frederick Adolphus & Sarah (Keys); b. Bemboka, NSW, AustraliaBemboka NSW
Alcock (Pearson)Violet Lydia2 Mar 190918 Dec 199687dau/John Henry & Louisa Ann (Green); b. Bemboka, NSW, Australia; w/Hilary CharlesBemboka NSW
Bodycote (Farmer)Eliza1820?14 Apr 189575?dau/Robert & Eliza (Ireland); b. Sibson, Leicestershire, England; w/JohnBemboka NSWAng
BodycoteJohn181822 Aug 189678?son/Richard & Hannah (Mansell); b. Stretton on Dunsmore, Warwickshire, England; h/Eliza (Farmer)Bemboka NSWAng
BodycoteRobert4 Apr 18685 Apr 194577son/William & Mary Ann (Rowley); b. Shellharbour, NSW; h/Elizabeth (Triggell)Bemboka NSWAng
Farrell (Alcock)Harriet25 Feb 18396 Jan 189555dau/Frederick & Mary Ann (Green); b. Webheath, Worcestershire, England; w/ChristopherBemboka NSWRoman Catholic
KeysJohn18597 Sep 194081?son/Thomas & Sarah (Henderson); b. West Dapto, Wollongong, NSW; h/Sarah (Farrell)Bemboka NSW
Keys (Henderson)Sarah183219 Oct 189765?dau/William; b. Cavan, Ireland; w/ThomasBemboka NSWPbn
PearsonJohn Henry187022 Sep 194575son/Thomas Henry & Hannah (Bodycote); b. Jamberoo, NSW, Australia; h/Louisa Ann (Green)Bemboka NSW
Pearson (Green)Louisa Ann10 Mar 186424 Sep 195591dau/James & Anna Maria (Alcock); b. Bemboka, NSW, Australia; w/John HenryBemboka NSW

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