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1 cemetery found

Barnsley Private (Johnston Private)Taylor Ave, Barnsley NSW 227883

81 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
ArmstrongDixon Wilson23 Nov 193011 Apr 201382Barnsley Private NSW16
BallHerbert8 Jul 18885 Jun 193240h/Mary JanetBarnsley Private NSW38
BallMary Janet13 Apr 18924 Oct 197987w/HerbertBarnsley Private NSW38
BallVincent Herbert22 Dec 192222 Mar 199885son/Herbert & Mary JanetBarnsley Private NSW38
BealEdwin1854?15 Dec 193379h/MargaretBarnsley Private NSW32
Beal (Johnson)Margaret1853?5 Jul 192168dau/William & Mary; w/EdwinBarnsley Private NSW32
BealThomas1878?23 Oct 192446Barnsley Private NSW39
CainMargaret1892?22 Jun 197078w/RobertBarnsley Private NSW35
CainRobert1890?5 Jun 196777h/MargaretBarnsley Private NSW35
CainTrevor1934?15 Jan 198248son/Robert & MargaretBarnsley Private NSW36
Carlson (Johnston)Doris May24 May 19168 Mar 200386w/JohnBarnsley Private NSW1
CarlsonJohn1905?24 Feb 198277h/Doris May (Johnston)Barnsley Private NSW1
CherryRobert1909?14 Feb 197768Barnsley Private NSW3
CherryRobert Clyde (Bob)1936?3 Jun 201377Barnsley Private NSW3
CherryShirley1939?24 Jun 195516Barnsley Private NSW3
CressyBrian T26Barnsley Private NSW15
CressyNorah G1923?13 Aug 199471Barnsley Private NSW15
FallinsJames Edward29 Apr 19319 Dec 199968Barnsley Private NSW16
FallinsMargaret Mary8 Sep 193228 Oct 200169Barnsley Private NSW16
HaineyAlfred TBarnsley Private NSW16
HaineyElizabeth Ann1898?16 May 195557Barnsley Private NSW8
HaineyJames Malcolm25 Apr 1951son/Malcolm; 2/400252Barnsley Private NSW7
HaineyMalcolm4 May 1938Barnsley Private NSW7
HepburnMary Lillian1917?3 Aug 198467w/Ronald CharlesBarnsley Private NSW37
HepburnRonald Charles1917?19 Nov 196952h/Mary LillianBarnsley Private NSW37
JohnstonAda Matilda1865?30 Jul 191954dau/Robert & Elizabeth; w/JohnBarnsley Private NSW23
JohnstonAdam30 Nov 19199 Jun 198060b. Barnsley, Australia; VX138520Barnsley Private NSW6
JohnstonAdam (duplicate)19199 Jun 198060b. Barnsley; h/Joan Margaret; NX138520 (N151568)Barnsley Private NSW6
JohnstonAnn Elizabeth1887?24 Feb 196881w/David JohnBarnsley Private NSW13
JohnstonAnnie Gilchrist11 Apr 190024 Nov 199191Barnsley Private NSW12
JohnstonDavid1858?19 Sep 192971h/Mary AnnBarnsley Private NSW28
JohnstonDavid John1884?31 Aug 193652h/Ann ElizabethBarnsley Private NSW13
JohnstonEdwin1886?7 Dec 193347h/MargaretBarnsley Private NSW10
JohnstonElizabeth1 Sep 18563 Jun 193174Barnsley Private NSW12
JohnstonElizabeth Ann1873?22 Dec 195784Barnsley Private NSW2
JohnstonEllen1861?18 Dec 189332w/AlexanderBarnsley Private NSW22
JohnstonEllen1910?25 Jul 196959w/William WallaceBarnsley Private NSW25
JohnstonErnest Albert1889?14 Oct 198091h/JanetBarnsley Private NSW11
JohnstonFrederick Merrion28 Feb 18987 Jun 196971Barnsley Private NSW12
JohnstonIrene Pearl1888?24 Apr 196779Barnsley Private NSW11
JohnstonJames Brown1894197278Barnsley Private NSW2
JohnstonJames P1870?13 May 195484Barnsley Private NSW2
JohnstonJanet17 Nov 1919dau/Ern & JanetBarnsley Private NSW17
JohnstonJanet1892?15 Mar 192937w/Ernest AlbertBarnsley Private NSW11
JohnstonJoan Margaret1922?25 Jul 200280w/AdamBarnsley Private NSW6
JohnstonJohn1864?18 Jan 193167h/Ada MatildaBarnsley Private NSW23
JohnstonJohn Robinson14 Nov 1919son/Ed & MaggieBarnsley Private NSW17
JohnstonLavinia1880?22 Sep 196888w/William JamesBarnsley Private NSW31
JohnstonLawrence John1889?14 Jul 196677Barnsley Private NSW5
JohnstonMargaret1896?18 Jan 196165w/EdwinBarnsley Private NSW10
JohnstonMargaret1906198376Barnsley Private NSW2
JohnstonMargaret Scott1892?23 Nov 197886Barnsley Private NSW5
JohnstonMary1826?7 Jun 190882w/WilliamBarnsley Private NSW24
JohnstonMary Ann1858?17 Feb 194183w/DavidBarnsley Private NSW28
JohnstonMary May1915?14 Aug 196853w/WilliamBarnsley Private NSW31
JohnstonMay1932?15 May 195321Barnsley Private NSW9
JohnstonNancye Wylie1919?25 Feb 198061Barnsley Private NSW4
JohnstonWilliam1826?5 Mar 189064h/MaryBarnsley Private NSW24
JohnstonWilliam24 May 185615 Aug 194286Barnsley Private NSW12
JohnstonWilliam1887?31 Mar 195063Barnsley Private NSW36
JohnstonWilliam1914?10 Jan 199177h/Mary AnnBarnsley Private NSW31
JohnstonWilliam James1879?17 Aug 192142h/LaviniaBarnsley Private NSW31
JohnstonWilliam Merrion1916?8 Sep 200387Barnsley Private NSW4
JohnstonWilliam Wallace1906?28 Aug 195448h/EllenBarnsley Private NSW25
KarasiewiczKelmentyna1885?19 May 195368Barnsley Private NSW1
LeeMary9 Jan 191312 Mar 197562w/Thomas AlfredBarnsley Private NSW19
LeeThomas Alfred27 Jul 191031 Dec 197868h/MaryBarnsley Private NSW19
McLeanLaura Elizabeth1917?8 Jun 200285w/Norman AllenBarnsley Private NSW14
McLeanMargaret Ann1951?18 Jul 19598dau/Norman Allen & Laura ElizabethBarnsley Private NSW14
McLeanNorman Allen1918?1 May 196951h/Laura ElizabethBarnsley Private NSW14
MizenEdna Mary Anne1913?27 Jun 199178w/LeonardBarnsley Private NSW27
MizenLeonard1944h/Edna Mary AnneBarnsley Private NSW27
MizenNorbert David28 Oct 193920 Jul 200262h/PatBarnsley Private NSW27
NorleyFlorence May1921199271Barnsley Private NSW34
SmithMary Maria1881?11 Oct 191231w/HughBarnsley Private NSW18
SmithWilliam John8 Feb 190322 Feb 19030son/Hugh & Mary MariaBarnsley Private NSW18
SneddenGeorge1890?1 Sep 192333Barnsley Private NSW21
SneddenGeorge William5 May 191526 Oct 195742Barnsley Private NSW26
StreaterAlfred T1899?3 Jul 193334Barnsley Private NSW16
StreaterBabyMay 1929?11 May 19290Barnsley Private NSW16
StreaterMary1906199993Barnsley Private NSW16

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